How to choose a binocular suitable for your needs

Despite the presence of a large number of digital devices and their huge popularity among outdoor enthusiasts, traditional binoculars have not lost their relevance to this day. This device is used quite widely, the binoculars acquired huge popularity among hunters, fishers and lovers various types of outdoor activities, as well as among those who are fond of paintball and airsoft. And in order to choose the most a suitable model that will be fully consistent customer requirements, it is necessary to determine the specific characteristics, as well as the purpose for which he will apply.

How to choose a binocular

We determine the range of tasks. What are binoculars?

It is this factor that must be taken into account in the most first of all. Having decided on the specific tasks that will be assigned to this device, the buyer will succeed substantially narrow the circle of potentially promising models.

Amateur binoculars

Amateur binoculars

As a rule, compact models that are lightweight and dimensions. Widely used in everyday life, they are taken with you on hikes, with their help, they monitor various sports and cultural events. Differ quite simple construction, 4-5x magnification and mounted lenses with a diameter of the order of 18-25 millimeters.


  • Compact size;

  • A wide variety of colors and shades;

  • Minimum weight;

  • Low cost;


  • Low mechanical strength and resistance of lenses to scratch;

  • Not suitable for use in low light;

Highly specialized professional models

professional binoculars

Such binoculars cannot be called everyday – they are used they are mainly used in all kinds of work hunters, fishers and employees of the Ministry of Emergencies. Great technical characteristics and provide a great picture at any degree of approximation. At the height and quality of workmanship – shockproof cases, lenses, resistant to scratches, and There are also a great many other options – all this you will find here.


  • High functionality;

  • High aperture for operation in any conditions;

  • Allow operation on a tripod;

  • Excellent zoom, crisp and clear picture;

  • Resistance to mechanical damage, impact and scratches;

  • High-quality assembly;


  • High price;

  • Large dimensions and weight;

What to look for when choosing binoculars?

Criterias of choice

Having decided on the type of specific device, as well as with the budget that you are willing to spend on a device like that class, you need to study the technical points more carefully.

The magnification of the binoculars and the angle of view

The multiplicity of the device reflects its approximate ability and the ability to get a clear, detailed picture. So, traditional household appliances as well as children’s models possess the possibility of approaching from 3 to 7 times – this is quite enough to solve most everyday tasks. Professional models are distinguished by a greater approximation, as well as the ability to provide clear and contrasting picture in any conditions. The approximation of such models can reach 20-25 times. It should be noted that the higher binoculars approximate ability – the more tired your eyes are from prolonged observation;

The angle of view indicates peripheral coverage that is capable of reflect the binoculars during operation. The dependence is as follows – than binoculars provide a closer approach – the smaller the angle review. This feature should be remembered when choosing a device for specific goals. So, binoculars with a narrow angle of view are unlikely suitable for observing all kinds of sports competition, but it will be the best option for observations of the stars;


Depending on the type of prism, two main types are distinguished. binoculars:

  1. Porro. It is characterized by a fairly wide lens spacing. relative to a friend and a special broken design, as a result whose light hits the lens at an angle of about 45 degrees. This design is typical for most inexpensive binoculars and mid-range models, it is perfect for daily exploitation, hunting and fishing;

  2. Roof. A special type involving close to each other the location of the lenses, their special design, as well as long and narrow binocular tubes This design makes it possible to obtain colorful image in almost any environment, but because binoculars of this design are optimal for the process of observing by anything;

Diameters of lenses and aperture

The diameter of the lens has a direct effect on the degree of perception of the picture by the human eye. Available for sale to meet models whose lens diameter varies from 20-25 and up to 100-120 millimeters. The pattern here is as follows: the larger the diameter, the more light hits the lens and the a brighter, more natural and detailed picture is obtained. Besides Moreover, the high aperture of the binoculars allows you to use it in low light conditions. Of course, the more the diameter of the installed lenses – the more expensive the particular device, and therefore, for normal everyday operation is quite enough models with lenses from 40 to 60 millimeters in diameter;

Distance marks

Models designed for professional hunters as well as outdoor enthusiasts are often equipped with special markings applied directly to the optics of the binoculars. Based on it, you can easily determine the specific distance to the item you are interested in.

Binocular weight

Not everyone likes to carry heavy and bulky equipment, but in some situations there is no other choice. Especially this concerns professional hunters and all kinds of employees special services, for the duration of activities forced to use highly functional models. The higher the functionality of the binoculars, the it is equipped with better optics and the more it has all sorts of “chips” – the higher its weight.

The best manufacturing companies

The release of high-quality binoculars is a very responsible task, which not everyone is able to do. Indisputably compact household binoculars with mediocre functionality can buy relatively inexpensive, not paying much attention to manufacturing company. However, in order to get into your disposal professional model, preference is necessary give exclusively products of world famous concerns, engaged in the production of optical devices:

  1. Carl Zeiss;

  2. Pentax

  3. Olympus

  4. Kodak;

  5. Canon

  6. Nikon

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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