How to choose a bike for triathlon

Among lovers of an active lifestyle and sports triathlon takes a special, honorable place. This discipline is an all-around event in which competitors are forced to show yourself in various exercises – running, swimming, and also riding a bike. The latter is characterized by maximum entertainment, not inferior by this criterion to the world-famous racing ala Tour de France. “During competitions, riders are able to achieve speed up to 100 kilometers per hour, and therefore to the bike used for data “pokatushek” presented special, very specific requirements because far from every bike is capable withstand such loads with maximum efficiency.

How to choose a bike for triathlon

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Which triathlon bicycles should I prefer? Top manufacturers

Since the triathlon cycle stage almost always involves trips at maximum speed, the choice of “iron horse” for such goals require a special approach. Most suitable class vehicles for these purposes are road bikes – only they allow you to develop the necessary speed. It’s for this reason the best bike manufacturers for triathlon are:

  1. Scott;

  2. Cube

  3. Trek;

  4. Merida;

  5. Giant

In the product range of each of the above manufacturers there are models positioned exclusively for the triathlon. it highly specialized bikes, the destiny of which is sports events similar sense, and for everyday use they are practically unsuitable.

Main selection criteria

Criterias of choice

When choosing a bike for triathlon, you need to remember the main the requirement that is presented to him is the ability to develop maximum speed and maintain it for a long time. This is achieved only when the bike It has a light and weightless frame, large and rolling wheels, as well as an advanced transmission that maximizes the rotation moment transmitted to the rear wheel. The second characteristic is braking performance: considering extremely high speeds, the athlete must be able to stop the bike when necessary, while avoiding injuries and even death.

  1. The bike frame should have maximum rigidity and durability with minimal weight. Classic steel frames for such goals are not used, frames made from titanium or carbon fiber. Some kind of budget alternative the above materials are aviation aluminum – durable and light metal capable of withstanding significant dynamic load;

  2. The steering wheel has a classic form for all “roadsiders” and represents the so-called “lamb horns” providing maximum aerodynamics;

  3. Of great importance in driving efficiency are the wheels. The most suitable triathlon bikes are equipped with lightweight aerodynamic wheels made of titanium or carbon fiber, and tires mounted on them have a tread and similar parameters with those used on racing cars;

  4. An important triathlon bike design is the so-called “loungers” – special structural elements designed for convenient placement of the rider on a bicycle. Sunbeds must have ergonomic shape and have a wide range of adjustments;

  5. The pedal assembly has a special design and involves rigid fixation of pedals to bicycle boots. Some manufacturers went even further: for their models they produce bike boots with integrated pedal mounts – essentially pedals and shoes in this case are a single whole;

  6. Brake system, given the high speed athlete has a special design. Used in triathlon the brakes have not a disc, but a rim structure. In high speeds and almost complete absence of adverse factors, this design shows maximum efficiency and able to stop the bike fast enough regardless of its initial speed.

  7. The saddle of such bicycles has a special, rigid and short construction. Unlike all other models, in this case, the saddle is not the only support point of the body (there is still sunbeds), but you need to pay him the most careful Attention. There is no point advising anything here for a reason the individual anatomy of each of us. Best advice that give experienced athletes – go to the store and choose the most the model that suits you from the whole variety of assortment.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose adult bike, the secrets of choosing a bike for the city and features of the choice of a bicycle by height.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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