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Specifications Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones

main parameters

Device type Bluetooth earphones with microphone
IPhone support there is
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A type dynamic
Active noise reduction system there is
Number of microphones 2
Frequency Response Range 20 – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity 115 dB
Impedance 32 ohm
Weight 310 g


Type of mount headband
Cable type detachable
Cable connection one-sided
Indication Light-emitting diode

Wireless connection

Profile Support A2DP, AVRCP, Hands free, Headset
NFC Support there is
Radius of action 10 m


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
Headphone Jack Shape straight
USB cable included there is
Length of cable 1.2 m


Charging time 3 h


Multipoint there is
Voice dialing there is
Call Waiting / Hold there is
Answer / end conversation there is
Repeat last number there is
Auto pairing there is


Volume control there is
Case / Case Included there is
Dimensions 170x180x81 mm
Additional Information shutdown timer; management using the Bose app Connect music sharing function (between certain models headphone)

Reviews on Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones

Advantages: 1) Excellent noise reduction. Great for hearing protection from external noise. At the same time, the useful part is missed. external sounds: announcements, car signals. 2) Amazing long working hours 3) Very comfortable ear cushions: do not put pressure on ears, after a while you stop feeling that something is on your ears. 4) High-quality plastic: retains good appearance, poorly scratched. Other materials are also on top. 5) Convenient control the volume and move forward and backward through the playlist. At first it’s unusual, then you don’t notice. 6) Pleases the opportunity listen to bluetooth music from one source, and receive calls from of another. In this case, automatically music or YouTube is placed on a pause.
Minuses: 1) The sound quality is mediocre – not comparable with at the price. 2) There is no equalizer in these headphones. Compensate distortion of the frequency response is not possible. 3) In my opinion too accentuated high-frequency sounds, and the bass and middle are not enough. If a compare with the speakers, the feeling as if the squeaker is interrupting medium and low frequency range. Perhaps this is a consequence of the work noise reduction systems. 4) Cannot be used as a headset with significant external noise, such as an old subway train or in a noisy bar, i.e. noise reduction for a microphone in mode Headsets do not work well. At the same time, the smartphone copes with such external noise.
Minuses: After a few months of use, my opinion on These ears have changed a bit. Although the sound quality of these headphones does not reach the usual quality of wired to me, this drawback offset by other beneficial qualities of this product. Used to ride them in the subway. In peregrine falcons, in an airplane, in a train, they are good sleeps. I often wear it even without music. The metro without them sounds deafening. At the same time, all announcements are perfectly audible. Especially save in the old subway trains. Helps at work when you need to focus on task and cut off interfering sounds. Comfortable ear pads do not put pressure on the ear conch – ears are fully placed inside. Over time the feeling that something is dressed on the ears disappears. There is a feeling calm – “like in a tank.” In cold windy weather – ears in warmer. From the feeling of “security” and heat after some time drawn to sleep. I slept a couple of times my stop.

Syapovy Byak

Pluses: you can turn off noise reduction! after update headphones. sit on the head unsurpassed. deep and wide cups Ideal for long wear. the sound is juicy, bass clean, connecting two devices without problems and plugs, noise reduction cool for the metro, with the jbl everest elite 700 not comparable in any from points. lovely hard case with two capacious pockets. headphone song
Disadvantages: bought for 17,600 – are worth every ruble in the background competitors, but it’s unfortunate that decent headphones are so expensive are standing. it’s strange to keep the headphones twice as expensive as smartphone.
Disadvantages: before that there were jbl everest elite 700, wildly pressed on head if more than half an hour in them and by noise reduction specifically added distortion in the middle range removing the low-frequency rumble. two devices They are connected without tambourines and do not fall off as on the previous ones. headphones recently updated with an update for the opportunity adjust and disable the noise reduction. for street with constant wind The inclusion of a “weak” noise reduction is just perfect. boseworks on all bugs and constantly updates software security. very nice. These are exactly what I was looking for spending hours in stores and choosing a decent model

Biryukov Mikhail

Advantages: Very comfortable, can be worn endlessly without getting tired, good sound, powerful noise reduction – in the subway you can listen to music on minimum volume.
Minuses: When connected to a computer as a headset (whistle ASUS USB-BT400) constant wheezing regardless of mutual headphone and bluetooth adapter locations When operating at maximum headphone battery life 12 hours do not speak in Russian(
Minuses: Quality materials, comfortable to hold in your hands, very comfortable on the head. Suddenly compact when folded fit in a jacket pocket.

Dorofeev Sergey

Advantages: What can be said about them. Compare naturally with Sonya (WH-1000XM2), and of the virtues of bose – convenience, my huge ears in them are not very tired, when in Sonya friend feel a little inconvenience Also pleased build quality – pleasant tactile sensations, many times already fell (once even on purpose, heh).
Minuses: Sound. Well, there’s a strange sound. Bass then maybe in normal, but the top is horror. Tops passing into the middle are too screaming If you look at the comparison of the frequency response, you can generally fall. After home I don’t want to listen to the 650s, honest pioneer. Probably will to people who have never heard the sound of good wired even in lower price range. According to the noise – according to the feelings of Sonya it’s better. By features – too, in qc35 their very minimum, understandable a business.
Minuses: In general, to summarize, you need headphones, which you will wear everywhere for days? You are not particularly Do you focus on the sound and listen to music on the machine? Take qc35. I took them for everyday wear and gagging cars, metro, sort of satisfied. Small ears – take Sonya. Need to good sound – you’re definitely in a different place. I hope someone helped.

Reality regret

Pluses: Excellent noise reduction Good sound Comfortable fit on the head and do not crush Lungs Fold
Minuses: Sound from the built-in microphone is muffled
Minuses: Excellent headphones. Before Bose, there were many different bluetooth headphones in the price range up to 15000r. All were heavy, bulky and pressed on the head or ears. Bose sit on the head is wonderful. The sound is great. True, I am not a music lover and I can’t comment on some sound details. Noise reduction is the best of everything that I met before. On the plane chopping off the buzz and voices of people completely. Of course, individual sounds are heard, but in such a residual form absolutely do not interfere. I often use bose as a headset. The interlocutors hear well, but a little deafly. This is the only the flaw that I came across.

Severin Alexander

Pluses: Well done, work, there is a noise reduction. Battery holds for a long time.
Minuses: It’s a little complicated to connect (you need an app) and bulky to carry with you always.
Minuses: You can take

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Excellent sound insulation. Can listen to music and podcasts even in old subway cars.
Minuses: Not noticed. Perhaps a little expensive

Symanovich Maxim

Pluses: Great sound. Runtime. Comfortable fit.
Minuses: The microphone is not even protected from the calm – all the noise time

Krotov Andrey

Pluses: Good noise reduction. But still not perfect. Without music, almost nothing is muffled. If a turn on the music at medium volume, then external noise almost inaudible.
Minuses: Personally, I have active noise reduction unpleasant feeling after an hour of listening. Unfortunately it turned out that you can not turn off noise reduction and turn on bluetooth. Very strange design decision.
Disadvantages: Headphones are generally good. The sound is not bad, but stars with there is not enough sky. Before buying, I recommend testing with acquaintances or in the store active noise reduction. It is possible that it will cause a headache.

Yantimirov Shamil

Pluses: For me, these headphones turned out to be just good. I can’t single out a single frankly weak side. Little more details. 1. The sound. Just good. No more, no less. The detail is undoubtedly higher than my old MEElectonics AF52, но вау-эффекта, как, например, у B&W PX, не присутствует. At PX the sound is cleaner and brighter, or something. 2. Ergonomics of wearing. The ears completely immersed in cups, ear cushions are soft, comfortable in them, ears do not sweat. Headphones easily fold into three doom, after which are placed in the case (included), which will go into a small bag. 3. Noise reduction. It’s fun to wear on the street, even compared to gags. Let the surrounding monotonous noise audible, but somehow velvet and from afar. In the subway, they drown out the noise of trains at the same time, announcements are heard well and if not playing loudly music, then people around. In a quiet office, perhaps I would like to hear less. 4. Work for quite some time. Enough for about three days of active use (7-8 hours). 5. Support. Thanks this aspect, which Bose did not stint on attention, can it’s easy to avoid such an unpleasant thing as buying counterfeit goods products. There is an application that sees the headphones immediately after conjugation, the site has a page with checking the serial from the box. Something does not grow together – we immediately refuse the purchase. 6. Materials Frankly speaking, headphones don’t sparkle with material refinements, like metal connecting arms, like PX, or rubberized cups like the Sony 1000XM2, but the plastic is great – not scratched, not blurred. The assembly does not play, it looks, and most importantly, feels reliable. 7. Physical management. The buttons are located in the most convenient place on the right cup, where first of all the thumb of the right hand falls when presented. Touch solutions for such devices are still not very perfect. Management on 1000XM2 frankly unsuccessful – when trying on gestures were constantly confused, switching the volume on them is a real nightmare. Physical buttons are mine a choice.
Disadvantages: As I wrote in the advantages, frankly weak I didn’t reveal any sides on the technical side. In fact, the main The disadvantage of these headphones is the price. For 20-25 thousand you expect something more enthralling. 1. I would definitely like a better sound. 2. General headphone ergonomics are good, but if you’re a bespectacled man (like me), after 5 hours wearing ears caught in a sandwich between the arches and ear pads, start to fall off frankly. Sighted discrimination 🙂 They are also stifled a little if removed and hung around the neck. 3. Very VERY lacking physical buttons for switching tracks 🙁 two clicks for the next track and three clicks for the previous one – not the level of usability that you dream of for the money. Dreaming about updating in subsequent firmware, which would allow switch tracks by holding the volume keys.
Disadvantages: Unfortunately, the market is expensive (from 20k and more) I didn’t offer wireless headphones at the date of recall (01/16/18) absolutely perfect models. In any one unpleasant flaw, but always present. Like many, I chose между B&W PX, QC35 и Sony 1000XM2. Glad I managed to protest all models. PX have the best sound from this trinity as well some additional buns (like a pause when removing or hibernating, if you put the headphones on the table), but so ruthlessly press on the ears, that it feels as if in an hour your ears will definitely be strong to be ill. Also, in numerous reviews I saw that the headband is not the most successful – begins to cause discomfort after some time. Sony is perhaps the middle ground between convenience, sound quality and noise reduction. But Sony ruined the whole excellent model of a poorly implemented touch system management. Instead of changing the volume, you can switch or stop the track. The desire to increase the volume on my headphones dropped due to the number of required swipes. It’s really easier do on the phone. Anyone can understand that physical buttons in such situations are more suitable. I’m sure there are those who are used to, but I don’t I wanted to get used to it. If, like me, you value the convenience of long-term use (at work I am in them for 7-8 hours), then I recommend to buy Bose. I do not regret buying because the headphones really good and lack the most critical for me disadvantages of competitors. In the end I would like to warn against shopping for Chinese fakes. Without even opening the box, you can break through serial from her on the Internet. If it’s genuine, you will see a model, color and characteristics of the device. Also, the Chinese do not see Original application (from AppStore and Play Market). Script it is determined immediately if conjugation is carried out. No additional dances with tambourines are not needed. When you turn on the original Announces the remaining battery power. I hope the review will be helpful. Good to all 🙂

Leonov Pavel

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