Headphones Bose In-Ear

Headphones Bose In-Ear

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Features Bose In-Ear Headphones

main parameters

Device type headphones
View plug-in (plugs)
A type dynamic
Weight 18.1 g


Type of mount without fastening
Cable type symmetric


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm


Features interchangeable ear pads
The number of pairs of interchangeable ear pads included 3
Case / Case Included there is

Reviews on Bose In-Ear Headphones

Pluses: Great, clear sound, soft, comfortable
Minuses: It breaks very quickly, the wire is interrupted in place connection with a plug. For the money, the quality of the wire / plug should be better. Therefore, I put 4.
Minuses: Great headphones, great sound, no annoying, no fatigue. Convenient nozzles. But they can fly off and get lost. I bought this model 2 times. Each one year and a half broke – due to the fact that the wire was torn or the contact was lost at the junction of the wire with plug. As I understand it – this is due to the design of the plug – because that it is directed to the side and slightly up, the wire is constantly it bends, stretches up and, due to this, breaks over time. IN first – one earphone failed after 1.5 years. When I started to touch a wire next to the plug – the sound either disappeared or appeared. Later completely disappeared. Secondly, 2 headphones stopped playing right away, somewhere in a year. All on the same issue.

Kotenko Vladimir

Pluses: Conveniently located in the ear, there are various interchangeable plugs, the surrounding world is heard (as far as I remember, this characteristic is the advantage and advantage of this model, walking around the city you do not risk being hit by a car, but it’s difficult in the subway). Good bass and midrange.
Minuses: The standard disease of many headphones is interrupted wire at the plug, repaired 4 times, I use 7 years. Over time (a 7 years have passed) silicone liners soften, everything turns yellow (even places that do not touch the ear). No treble, straight it was a shame at the beginning, the equalizer on the iPod softened the situation a bit, but it’s a shame anyway. By the seventh year, plastic began to fall apart, softens, easy to damage. But still work.

Potapov Ilya

Pluses: Without conditional it is Pure sound !!! If you are listening different music from classical to rap, and don’t like your brain ate the bass then these headphones are just for you.
Minuses: Of the shortcomings I want to say that under my structure the ear is not quite comfortable, and a little lacking bass. But for trance ideally

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Advantages: 1. Great sound, clear, not overloaded with bass. You can listen to any music: from classical to d’n’b. 2. Convenient Beautiful leather case. You can carefully rewind everything, put it in a case together with the player and get without untangling the sea knot 3. Reliable. Over 1.5 years of operation, not a single gripe 4. Thick durable wire, which does not dub over time. There were before these headphones, they have a wire became tough and over time just broke. These even hint There were no 5. Earphones are not inserted firmly into the ear. First it annoying, they can fall out. BUT over time you start to appreciate this is. This is done so that a person does not become deaf and does not lose connection with the outside world. 6. They look very cool. And the wire itself the ears. Over time, the appearance does not change 7. Silicone liners fasten to the case well. 3 pieces in different sizes. BUT still have the ability to fly. Then you have to buy new
Disadvantages: 1. After 2 years of active use at the place the input of the wire into the headphone insulation has collapsed. At first it looks like bubbles, then these bubbles burst. The sound from this does not deteriorate, but the headphones can already fall off the wires 2. Due to the high The sound resistance may be quieter than with cheap headphones. BUT but the quality is orders of magnitude higher
Minuses: I do not regret a single penny for these headphones. At first I was upset, but then appreciated. To my huge Unfortunately I lost them (((And I could still use it very long. If someone likes the bass to squeeze the brain, then You can search for other headphones. In these, everything is perfectly balanced. Regarding comparison with Apple headphones. Apple’s though they sound nothing, but their quality is not so hot, and the view becomes terrible time, and the sound is worse. What they don’t give to listen in the store – everything is correct. Otherwise, they would violate hygiene standards. Does anyone have what’s going on in the ears. Apple devays are just awful an equalizer that only spoils everything. Maybe that’s why the headphones could not like

Danilushkin Vladimir

Advantages: Compared to conventional headphones, Ipone does not Isolating ambient sound, well, it’s like someone. I like to listen classics by the river hearing and wind and water splash and classic works. Comfortable silicone earbuds (for wife and for me) a case so that you don’t lose all the gadgets. Sound beyond praise is not it doesn’t hammer, but it sounds purely all the same Bose !
Minuses: Silicone pads when not skillfully cleaned, torn! It seems adapted for i but there is no decrease or increase in sound, yet joke if in iphone then when you turn the plug increases or sound decreases
Disadvantages: love the clear sound and the feeling that there are no headphones and hear what is happening around! This is your choice!

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Pluses: These were the only gags that I fit: 1) Comfortable ear tips. When some are lost another size is completely fit 2) Do not isolate communication with the outside world (this is my personal addiction) 3) The wire was very convenient at first 4) Look transcript
Minuses: 1) Sound. The apparent lack of high, which is why the plates (and not only) stall, depriving the music of transparency. Despite excellent bass and a less dense lower middle, I immediately I had to twist the equalizer (I usually don’t use it). Otherwise even audio books listen worse due to a chattering voice. 2) A year later, the left earphone is broken wire, and the wire itself is something sticky got dirty over the entire length. I decided to wipe them with alcohol, after which the material generally lost its properties, cracked somewhere, and somewhere torn so alas ears are no longer usable, except at home with caution (no need, especially sound ..) 3) Price. Even though I snatched them for 3300 (at that moment they were already 4000), anyway it disgusting. I didn’t know that for such money there are serious sound problems.

Shebashov Andrey

Pluses: Beautiful, the auricles do not hurt, sit comfortably, leather case, name, very clear sound.
Minuses: For this price, I think it’s worth buying other headphones for example senheiser. The bass does not shake, the noise of cars is heard in the subway sometimes it muffles music at all (when the window is open in the car). In general, the insulation is useless. I don’t know how anyone, but I’m very disappointed and there was no opportunity to listen to how they play Headphones upon purchase.
Minuses: And if you take bose, then only in the Audi a8 d 6 liter complete set.

Ivanov Ivan

Pluses: no
Minuses: Distort the sound, the bottoms are hypertrophied, littered with top full porridge, money thrown away !!!
Minuses: I regretted that I bought it, my money is not worth it, play worse than native Epelic plus disgusting quality making wire. Cattle sellers in eplstore do not give open ears before the sale, as I understand it, otherwise no one is hiding nonsense will buy.


Pluses: Comfortable, stylish, high-quality sound in style BOSE
Minuses: Handled carefully, but a year later began to depart contacts in the plug area, and then the sound completely disappeared.
Minuses: I advise you to be very careful and enjoy!

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Pluses: Sound, design, equipment, quality
Minuses: No
Disadvantages: A leather case comes with the headphones, no contacts and stuff didn’t break or break. I think everyone previous “commentators” are just really careless with them addressed …

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