Diapers Huggies Elite Soft 3 (5-9 kg) 80 PCS.

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Specifications Huggies diapers Elite Soft 3 (5-9 kg) 80 PCS.

General characteristics

A type diapers
Floor for boys and girls
Child weight 5 – 9 kg
Filling indicator there is
Reusable Velcro there is
Number of pieces per pack 80
Additional Information absorbent soft pads: absorb loose stools in seconds, helping to keep skin clean and protected; elastic inner pocket for better protection against leakage along the back; elastic the belt provides an excellent fit to the back of the baby for the greatest comfort; high sides around the legs help hold loose stools for better protection against leakage; indicator moisture will tell when it comes time to change the diaper; design from Disney © with Winnie the Pooh

Reviews about Huggies Diapers Elite Soft 3 (5-9 kg) 80 PCS.

Advantages: Very soft, well absorb, do not leak, the quality is excellent!
Minuses: no
Minuses: I take from the very birth of a son. Really like it! The baby is comfortable. A little expensive, but worth it.

Tsvetkova Ekaterina

Advantages: very soft, rubber bands do not press on the tummy and legs, well absorb, do not leak, can be used on night
Minuses: no
Minuses: Great diaper panties. Better for a child than haggis elite software has not yet been found. The price is high, but it worth it!

Belova Tonya

Pluses: Appearance, soft, absorb well, odorless not!
Disadvantages: cost
Minuses: Almost all firms have tried, because we like these diapers but the price does not suit, but we return every time to him, because others do not suit us.

Yurchenko Vitalina

Pluses: Great diapers, soft.

Chulu Olga

Advantages: perfectly absorb, do not leak, there is an indication fullness of the diaper.
Minuses: no defects found
Minuses: We used different diapers, but these comfortable. And if you buy them on stocks, which are often in children’s stores, they are also profitable.

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Pluses: absorbs loose stools …. delicate and thin
Disadvantages: like them and not
Minuses: of all diapers Libero diapers guun and merris they turned out to be the best

Morozova Victoria

Advantages: Contain cotton, absorb well and loose stool Separated from the skin using special pads.
Disadvantages: High price of goods.
Disadvantages: We tried different companies, although these are high in price, but they do an excellent job with their function and do not fly off unlike cheaper

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Pluses: Perfectly cope with their function – then beige absorb moisture.
Minuses: expensive
Minuses: Excellent diapers, but expensive, however choose not necessary, because the best quality is not found! It’s dry inside like outside even after three hours of active use. not leaking is protection. The elastic bands of Velcro are wide, soft. Themselves Velcro fasten well. In general, I was satisfied with the purchase. Very I advise.

Port Catherine

Pluses: Breathes. It absorbs quickly, there are pockets from leakage. Cones on the inner surface of diaper rash. Not had allergies.
Minuses: Odor. The size
Minuses: Appearance has changed compared to the past purchase / lot. Now the diaper is covered in small pore holes outside. Inside on the places of absorption there are two furrows in which there are no palpable filler. Compare the old three and the new three – the new one is bigger, as if not by 5–9, but by weight they are calculated. AND By the way, there was a smell in this batch, aired for 24 hours. It wasn’t before. I did not like the changes, I liked the past C grade. But choose something will not work. Most surprised exactly the size.

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Advantages: Absorb and hold well, indication, solid rubber, good material inside
Minuses: no
Minuses: Have tried almost everything from the cheapest to the most expensive, from Russian to Japanese. These are average in price, but the most best in quality.

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