Biryusa 8

Biryusa 8

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Biryusa characteristics 8

General characteristics

Freezer from above
Color / Coating Material white / plastic
Control electromechanical
Energy consumption class A (146 kWh / year)
N umber of compressors 1
Refrigerant R600a (isobutane)
Number of cameras 1
Number of doors 1
Dimensions (WxDxH) 58x60x85 cm


Defrosting the freezer manual
Defrosting the refrigerator drip system
Minimum temperature in the freezer -12 ° C


Overall volume 150 l
Volume of the refrigerator 116 l
Freezer volume 34 l

Other functions and features

Ice maker is absent
Shelf Material metal
The ability to outweigh the door there is
Noise level up to 42 dB
Climate class N
Weight 36 kg

Reviews about Biryusa 8

Pluses: Compact, yet roomy. Quiet. Chills good so far.
Minuses: the one who is designing the door hanging mechanism hates his customers. It would be worth a little change the loop and you can it would outweigh the doors in 15 minutes instead of two actually hours spent. When outweighing the freezer door, the feeling such that the freezer falls off entirely, is it really difficult Was there an extra penny to put emphasis? And so the freezer the camera hangs only on the door frame.

Chinaev Aydar

Pluses: Wide, economical, can be hidden under countertop, LED backlight
Disadvantages: disgusting manufacture, poor instruction, incorrect characteristics on sites, sometimes noise
Minuses: I needed a small refrigerator with a capacious freezer. Chose by description on the Internet. It says freezer 34 liter! Metal shelves. The brought refrigerator unpacked strictly according to the manual. That is, I put the refrigerator on the back wall and tried to unscrew the bolts that screwed the base to the bottom from the boards. The instruction recommends using the “13” key. For some reason, those issuing Biryusa are sure that the key “13” is in every house. After (on laid on the back wall, according to the instructions, the refrigerator) the last bolt is unscrewed, the refrigerator falls from the frame, crashing down onto the engine and metal tubes coming out of it). Unfortunately, he falls on the floor, not on the head of the person who wrote the unpacking instructions. Behind the boards turned out to be a bottom, on one side decorated with solid an influx of foam that has leaked from some gap in the body. Good though when the refrigerator is standing, it is not visible. In the refrigerator is required screw in and adjust the legs. All the same instructions are recommended in in case of difficulty, use the “27” key. Two legs categorically did not want to screw in their hands. By busting everything but managed to screw three legs out of four. I don’t have a “27” key was, but the multitool pliers didn’t open at that size, because instead of the fourth leg I had to temporarily use earlier removed boards. Now for the characteristics. The figure is 34 liters, indicated in all reviews, to the Biryusa 8 freezer no has no relation. Its capacity is 14 liters! Shelves are glass, not metal. In the corner of the freezer, there’s a gap on one side (or both necessary?) Turns on (in my opinion) too often, sometimes working with some creak. The only plus identified – the refrigerator is very economical. Maybe due to the fact that the temperature in the freezer is 12 degrees, and not – 18, as in many other refrigerators.

Makarov Andrey

Pluses: The most capacious of ALL similar low refrigerators !!!! The largest fruit compartment! Availability backlight! The most compact backlight (LED), does not eat up space in the refrigerator (like Liebher’s)! Quiet motor! It cools quickly and well! You can buy additional shelves !!!! reasonable price!
Disadvantages: The door is difficult to outweigh. I had to specifically call the master on the fridges.
Minuses: I chose a model for a long time, I needed a low one, to get under the countertop and as voluminous as possible. Re-read a lot of reviews and fortunately our refrigerator was the winner in to all categories !!!! Some refrigerators have a very small compartment for fruits, for others – lights on the floor of the refrigerator, for others – NO backlight, the fourth is very noisy, and so on … For some – there is no freezer, but Biryusa is good for everyone !!! So I advise you to complete understanding of the matter !!!!

Filatova Maria

Advantages: Price-quality! A +. Quiet. Light backlight!
Minuses: Does not purchase the products itself …
Minuses: I was looking for an economical refrigerator in the country, as 220not. I have a 100-watt solar battery, a 75 Ah battery and 1 kW inverter. The fridge works great !!! I was afraid not the battery capacity will be enough, but everything is fine! Economical, temperature +4 in the refrigerator, in the freezer is not measured.

Bragin Anton

Advantages: Price. Low – can be integrated under the countertop. Wide unlike most imported counterparts. Outweighed door and freezer door. Cools and freezes perfectly.
Minuses: Buying our brand, I thought that I support Russian manufacturer, and the compressor was Chinese! It is problematic to outweigh the door – not a word about it in the instructions. The backlight is very deep in the housing and the light does not scatter along the entire volume of the refrigerator.
Disadvantages: Noise during compressor operation is moderate, and when turning on and off, a click of a mechanical relay is heard. If needed outweigh the door, then do not rush to put the refrigerator in place – when he is pushed against the wall, this cannot be done. Lower the loop is outweighed without problems. But to outweigh the top the loop needs to be removed the top panel (plywood sheet). For this dismantle the back upper plastic overlay and shift plywood sheet back. Get access to the bolts of the side pads – their also dismantled. Now you can outweigh the top loop. Door freezers are also outweighed. She takes off with the frame. On the there are internal side walls of the refrigerator under the freezer two pins with a rectangular hat – they need to be pulled out and you can remove the frame brackets from the side walls. Axis on which the door is held, removed through the top.

Vegas Sergey

Pluses: Low power consumption, runs quietly, on it you can put something. For one person is enough. Easy in rearrangements, transportation from place to place.
Disadvantages: The volume of the refrigerator compartment turned out to be 33 less liters (instead of 136 only 103 liters).
Disadvantages: Who does not make cans, who has a refrigerator almost always empty – this is ideal.

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