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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Ice cream is a favorite treat from childhood. Modern manufacturers offer a huge assortment of this delicious dessert for every taste, but find a real ice cream without preservatives really difficult: manufacturers often replace dairy products on vegetable, and berries and fruit fillers on flavorings. For those who believe that “it used to be better and tastier “, there is a solution – a personal household ice cream maker. She prepare a favorite treat to taste from products that are on the kitchen. The device opens up opportunities for imagination and expansion. taste experience.

Ice cream makers can be divided into 2 groups: manual (mechanical) and semi-automatic / automatic. The first is now not popular use, because in order to prepare a portion of dessert in them, you need intensively rotate the handle of the mechanism for more than half an hour. Today Automatic devices are in demand. Experts carefully examined consumer demand for ice cream makers and rated 5 the best models in the categories of inexpensive and premium devices.

Rating of the best ice cream makers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best premium ice cream makers with automatic management 1 NEMOX TALENT GELATO&SORBET 35 000 rub.
2 BORK E801 35 300 rub.
The best inexpensive ice cream makers 1 NEMOX DOLCE VITA 1.5 7 200 rub.
2 Clatronic ICM 3650 3 279 rub.
3 Steba IC20 3 861 rub.

Best premium ice cream makers with automatic management

Premium devices work fully in automatic mode. With their help, you can cook a lot types of ice cream and sorbets with an ideal consistency of natural products.


Rating: 4.9


The first model of ice cream makers from the Italian brand NEMOX TALENT GELATO&SORBET. Its owners may not enjoy not just regular ice cream, but also delicious Italian gelato, all kinds of fruit sorbets, healthy yogurt ice cream, granite desserts of various tastes.

For ease of use, the manufacturer has equipped ice cream maker with two containers for cooking – fixed for kneading dessert at once and a portable bucket in which you can store whipped frozen treat. By the way, it can be prepared before 1.4 kg or 900 ml at a time in just 25 … 30 minutes, which is enough, to treat the company to 10 people.

The double system of rotation of the blades and cooling the tank allows receive ice cream with a perfectly smooth consistency without ice lumps. An interesting feature is automatic regulation. whipping speeds with the addition of new ingredients. Disadvantages we attribute the need for long-term freezing of the bowl in the freezer chamber – up to 18 hours at a temperature of -180C.


  • Reliable compressor;

  • The ideal consistency of the finished product;

  • Short cooking time up to 30 minutes

  • Book of recipes;

  • 2 large beating bowls of 1.5 liters;

  • Extended warranty from the manufacturer for 2 years;

  • Moderate power consumption of 150 watts.


  • High price from 35 000 rubles;

  • Prolonged freezing of the bowl in the freezer.


Rating: 4.8


The second place in the rating was awarded to the BORK E801 ice cream maker. The device allows you to prepare 4 types of frozen desserts (ice cream, yogurt, gelato and any sorbets) on average in one hour.

The ice cream maker automatically prepares the bowl, after what you can download products for kneading. The advantage of the model is the ability to save the cooked dessert for 3 hours.

The complete set provides a single bowl with a volume of 1350 ml, it is enough to prepare 1 kg of goodies.

Users note the attractive appearance of the case from metal as well as an intuitive control interface with display, further helps to navigate competent instruction.


  • Preparation of several varieties of ice cream;

  • A capacious glass for ice cream with a volume of 1,350 ml.

  • Spatula to release the container in the kit;

  • Saving ice cream up to 3 hours;


  • High price – from 35 800 rubles.

The best inexpensive ice cream makers

Inexpensive ice-cream makers combine a basic set of functions – preparation of 1-2 types of ice cream in a small amount. They are in high demand due to the relatively low price and optimal quality indicators of the finished product.


Rating: 4.8


The first in the ranking of inexpensive ice cream maker, again from Italian brand NEMOX, compact model DOLCE VITA 1.5. It is unique device that can be used as a device for making desserts, and as a container for lowering the temperature bottled drinks, which is possible thanks to automatic container cooling system.

The exterior of the ice cream maker is another advantage. The housing is made in black or more expensive chrome finish with glossy, almost a mirror surface. The device can be used to serving and presenting the cooked dessert. Especially since it is easy to carry – the total mass of the unit does not exceed 2.8 kg

The device is suitable for 30 … 40-minute kneading of ice cream and sorbets total volume up to 1400 ml or 900 g – the optimal portion for company up to 10 people. The rotation of the blades is stable and uniform, the delicacy is obtained with a delicate texture completely without ice lumps.


  • Aesthetic exterior of the device in black and chrome performance;

  • The optimal price is 8000 rubles;

  • Collection of recipes included;

  • A large bowl of 1.5 liters for cooking 900 gr. goodies;

  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty (Italy);

  • Functions for making ice cream and cooling bottles;


  • The bowl needs to be frozen for 16-18 hours at a temperature of -180C;

  • The glossy case is easily soiled, but easily cleaned with a napkin.

Clatronic ICM 3650

Rating: 4.7

Clatronic ICM 3650

The second place in the ranking of inexpensive ice-cream makers gets a model German brand Clatronic ICM 3650. This device requires preparation of two servings of ice cream at a time of 250 g. in two containers of 0.5 liters. Before using them you must to freeze.

Management of an ice cream maker is extremely simple: the bowls are laid products, turn the dial to set the timer to 45 minutes (actually enough 15-30 minutes), during this time the blades actively mix the ingredients. No buttons and screens not.

A unique feature and advantage of the device is the ability making two different types of ice cream at the same time. Besides In addition, the model Clatronic ICM 3650 has the lowest price in the ranking – about 3400 rubles, which makes it possible to acquire it practically For everyone.


  • Two half-liter double-walled storage tanks cold;

  • Low price from 3400 rubles;

  • Rubberized legs for stability of the unit;

  • Convenient mechanical control;

  • Short kneading time – 15-30 minutes;

  • Cooking two types of ice cream at the same time;

  • Handles on cups;


  • All-plastic case.

Steba IC20

Rating: 4.7

Steba IC20

The ice cream maker from the German brand of Korean assembly closes the rating Steba IC20. This is a solid device with an ergonomic, but spacious bowl with a volume of 1.5 liters is suitable for cooking servings of dessert weighing up to 900 grams in just 30 minutes – time set by a mechanical timer. The container is completed with two lids: transparent for adding products when mixing ice cream and additional, thanks to which the delicacy can be stored in freezer. Ball forming spoon allows beautifully serve dessert before serving.

The advantage of an ice cream maker is a fully collapsible design, for which is easy to care for. In addition, despite the Korean assembly, There are no complaints about the quality of the device. Steba IC20gets third place among budget ice cream makers due to modest functionality, while not the lowest price – from 5000 rubles.


  • Capacious bowl with a volume of 1.5 liters;

  • Fully collapsible design;

  • Compact body with a low weight of only 2.9 kg;

  • Lid for storage and a spoon for balls in the kit;

  • Short dessert cooking time;

  • Good quality plastic;


  • Minimum 1 year warranty.

Criteria for choosing an ice cream maker

If you are faced with the choice of an ice cream maker, we recommend that you rely on on 2 factors: price and functionality.

  1. Expensive compressor models like BORK E801 are ready to work in any time – they even cool the cup on their own. Those in which the bowl needs to be pre-frozen, also good – you can make any kind of ice cream in the mood in a large quantity. It is a reliable tool for festive events and unexpected visits by guests.

  2. Budget ice-cream makers are inferior to expensive ones functionality – they are designed for cooking 1-2 types dessert, and in a short time. Managing them basically mechanical, but very understandable. Inexpensive models do not have temperature preservation function, they are designed primarily for single use.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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