Best Canon Cameras – From Compact Cameras to professional DSLRs

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Japanese company Canon designs, manufactures and markets cameras for many decades. Use such devices even now, when, it would seem, smartphones began to give out excellent picture. Moreover, Canon does not make its choice in favor of cameras only professionals seeking to get the perfect shots, but also ordinary consumers. That is why we decided to talk about the best cameras from one of the most famous Japanese manufacturers. It will be about both compacts and models with interchangeable optics.

Rating of the best Canon cameras

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Canon Compact Cameras 1 Canon PowerShot G1 W Mark II 38,490 RUB.
2 Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II 26,290 RUB.
The best amateur-class Canon SLR cameras 1 Canon EOS 70D 46 360 RUB.
2 Canon EOS 60D 44 100 RUB.
3 Canon EOS 750D 31 900 RUB.
The best Canon ultrasounds 1 Canon PowerShot SX540 HS 18 490 RUB.
2 Canon PowerShot SX60 HS 22 970 RUB.
3 Canon PowerShot SX420 IS 16 900 RUB.
Best Canon Professional SLRs 1 Canon EOS 1D X Mark II 307 620 RUB.
2 Canon EOS 5D Mark III 133 500 RUB.
3 Canon EOS 5DS R 148 660 RUB.
Canon’s best mirrorless interchangeable lenses 1 Canon EOS M5 48 700 rub.

Best Canon Compact Cameras

Canon PowerShot G1 W Mark II

Rating: 4.8

Canon PowerShot G1 W Mark II

Inside this baby is a matrix measuring 18.7 x 14 mm (crop factor 1.85). The resolution of the sensor is 12.8 megapixels, which can not be called a particularly high result. However, this enough to get enough detailed shots, suitable for printing in any format.

Unlike even more advanced compacts, this camera provides at least 5x optical zoom. This allows shoot not only portraits and, for example, landscapes, but also some individual objects located not too close. Another camera capable of boasting f / 2 aperture – it is up to this value that it disclosed at a minimum focal length. Do I need to say that with such a wide aperture it blurs very well the background?

The camera also got into our rating due to the presence of optical stabilizer. We liked the set of interfaces – on the case You can find both USB and HDMI, and even a remote control connector. Last, However, it is not useful, because the camera can be controlled via Wi-Fi. In a word, you can talk about this device for a very long time. However, not everyone will decide to buy it – the price will scare away many, reaching 42-43 thousand rubles.


  • Miniature sizes;

  • There is an optical zoom;

  • Decent rate of fire (5.2 frames / s);

  • There is an optical stabilizer;

  • Installation of an electronic viewfinder is possible;

  • A large number of connectors;

  • Good swivel LCD;

  • High quality pictures.


  • Video is recorded at 30 frames / s;

  • Cost cannot be called any low;

  • Weight reaches 558 g;

  • Not very high resolution.

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II

Rating: 4.7

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II

One of the most popular compact cameras at the moment. Success is explained by a price tag not exceeding 29 thousand rubles. – many flagship smartphones are now much more expensive. Reasonable the cost of the Japanese managed through the use of a miniature matrix – it belongs to crop factor 2.7. At the same time, the manufacturer decided increase the resolution to 20.1 megapixels. Of course, it’s lost because of this the ability to shoot at high ISO, but photos get very detailed.

The camera has an optical image stabilizer and powerful processor. The latter provides serial shooting with 8.2 frames per second. As expected, photos can be saved in RAW format, then to edit absolutely all their aspects. Also included in our device rating are wireless Wi-Fi, NFC and even Bluetooth modules.

Does this camera have any simplifications compared to more advanced option? Unfortunately, there is. In particular, the screen device is not equipped with a rotary mechanism. Also will not surprise you lens. Its aperture is also capable of expanding to f / 2, but optical zoom is only used three times. Amazing that for all that, the camera learned to shoot video in Full resolution HD at 60 frames / s. It is because of this that this camera is popular among some video bloggers.


  • High-quality video shooting is possible;

  • A large number of wireless modules;

  • Weight does not exceed 206 g;

  • High speed shooting in serial mode;

  • There is an optical image stabilizer;

  • High resolution inch matrix.


  • Only threex optical zoom is available;

  • The physical dimensions of the matrix are poor;

  • LCD screen does not have a swivel mechanism;

  • Low battery capacity.

The best amateur-class Canon SLR cameras

Canon EOS 70D

Rating: 4.9

Canon EOS 70D

One of the most advanced DSLRs designed for lovers. This device has everything you need for easy and high-quality shooting. For example, the camera includes a CMOS matrix with a resolution of 20.2 megapixels and a crop factor of 1.6. The device also has million-pixel swivel LCD located on a three-inch platform. What is not less important, this screen rotates sideways – this allows you to see it when shooting yourself with a tripod. However, such tricks may not you’ll need to, because you can control the camera from a smartphone, using a connection via wifi. Another undoubted advantage Canon EOS 70D is a rate of fire – the camera can shoot up to 7 frames / s. In this case, the series can last 65 frames, if saving occurs in jpeg format. If the choice is made in favor of RAW, then The series will be limited to 16 shots.

Of course, the camera also has a typical amateur DSLR flaws. Fortunately, they can be counted on the fingers. one hand, otherwise this model would not be in our rating. In particular, a small number of points can be noted. focusing, even if they are all cross. Mirror the viewfinder has a 98% field of view – you also need to get used to it. Able to raise questions and a price tag – they ask for a camera without a lens about 48 thousand rubles.


  • From a single charge, you can create up to 920 photos;

  • Not the biggest weight for a DSLR (755 g);

  • Reliable metal case;

  • A decent amount of connectors;

  • Wi-Fi supported;

  • Shutter speed available 1/8000 s;

  • High rate of fire;

  • Decent matrix resolution.


  • 60 fps video only at resolution 720p

  • Not many focus points;

  • Not all lovers will like the cost;

  • At high ISOs, shooting is almost impossible.

Canon EOS 60D

Rating: 4.8

Canon EOS 60D

A slightly more modest in terms of features camera. Yes and outwardly, it is not unusual. But then the product has a waterproof housing, due to which the camera and hit this rating.

The camera has only phase detection autofocus, which does not work too fast. Typical for Canon sensor with a crop factor of 1.6 and a resolution of 18 megapixels. High photosensitivity values ​​are present, but shoot on them almost impossible. Simplification was received and the serial shooting mode, in which 5.3 frames / s are generated. You can also note the absence here Wi-Fi, which makes the camera unable to sync with a smartphone.

Interestingly, on the top panel of the Canon EOS 60D, like of the previous model, there is a second screen. He allows see the main shooting parameters without turning on the main LCD consuming a lot of power. This together with the above simplifications allows you to do from one charge to 1100 photos. An impressive result! Only they can beat him professional models. Cost Canon EOS 60D in the version without a lens about 42 thousand rubles. If we consider the option with the standard “glass”, then it will cost 60 thousand rubles.


  • Burst speed cannot be called slow;

  • Fairly high resolution matrix;

  • Good swivel LCD;

  • Excellent metal case with protection against moisture and dust;

  • Long battery life.


  • The viewfinder field of view is 96%;

  • Slow autofocus

  • Shooting video at 60 frames / s only at HD resolution;

  • High ISO values ​​are meaningless.

Canon EOS 750D

Rating: 4.7

Canon EOS 750D

At the time of this writing, this is one of the few amateur Canon DSLRs with a matrix whose effective resolution reaches 24.2 megapixels At the same time, the processor copes quite well with processing such a detailed picture. Proof of that Serial mode is used, in which 5 frames / s are created. At saving JPEG images a series may last in fact, eternity – up to 940 photographs. But in RAW problems are observed – when using this format after 8 The camera will need a break.

The device is equipped with a simple mirror viewfinder, field whose vision does not exceed 95%. You can also crop Use a three inch swivel LCD. System the focus here consists of 19 points, all of which are cross. The DSLR camera also includes a module Wi-Fi, which allows you to control the device from a smartphone.

Of course, not without typical simplifications. Firstly, the camera can shoot video with a high frame rate only when 720p resolution. Secondly, the product comes with a modest a battery with a full charge of about 440 photos. Thirdly, the shutter of the camera does not shine with speed – maximum user exposure is 1/4000 s. Nevertheless, the device has earned its place in the ranking, because its cost in complete with a whale lens does not exceed 43 thousand rubles.


  • High resolution matrix;

  • Relatively good rate of fire;

  • Solid LCD display with a swivel mechanism;

  • There is Wi-Fi;

  • Optimal cost;

  • Weight with battery does not exceed 555 g.


  • The viewfinder field of view is 95%;

  • The second screen is missing;

  • Not the largest number of focus points;

  • Serious limitations in terms of video;

  • Battery life could be longer.

The best Canon ultrasounds

Canon PowerShot SX540 HS

Rating: 4.8

Canon PowerShot SX540 HS

One of the few cameras that provides user 50x optical zoom. Not even every binocular able to boast of such a parameter! Of course, take pictures something at maximum magnification is impossible without optical stabilizer. Fortunately, here he is – in his capacity acts movable element in the lens.

To achieve such a giant zoom, the manufacturer had to use the standard matrix for budget compacts, belonging to the crop factor of 5.62. It is made using BSI technology. CMOS, and its resolution reaches 20.3 megapixels. Shoot at high ISO is not recommended unless you want to get frame with a lot of digital noise.

The rest is a typical compact camera. Aperture here with a minimum focal length is disclosed only up to f / 3.4. On the back of the device is the simplest LCD display, consisting of 461 thousand pixels. Autofocus performed by contrast type, it consists of only nine points. I’m glad that the manufacturer has at least forgot about Wi-Fi and NFC.


  • There is an optical stabilizer;
  • There is a 50x zoom;
  • The composition contains aspherical and low dispersion lenses;

  • Rate of fire reaches 5.9 frames / s;

  • Manual aperture and shutter speed settings are available;

  • There is NFC and Wi-Fi;

  • Shooting Full HD video at 60 frames / s.


  • Short battery life;

  • Not the most advanced autofocus;

  • Modest LCD display;

  • High ISO values ​​are inoperative;

  • The cost reaches 20 thousand rubles.

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

Rating: 4.7

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

A compact camera that got into our rating thanks to the fact that he breaks all records in the range of focal lengths. The device provides 65x optical zoom! Such a parameter come in handy when shooting flying planes that are far away wild animals and more. Of course, at such moments it will be use an optical stabilizer, without which, with adequate The shutter speed would be blurry.

Such a massive lens could not but affect the weight of a compact cameras. Together with the battery, the device weighs 650 g, due to than it is unlikely to be used on an ongoing basis. Happy that the manufacturer did not save on the battery – its capacity is enough to create about 340 photos. It also has a solid three-inch display, consisting of 922 thousand pixels and supplemented rotary mechanism. In sunny weather you can exercise crop using the electronic viewfinder, which in recently found in compacts is extremely rare.

Of course, the camera is not ideal. With a price tag reaching 28 thousand rubles, the device offers a standard BSI CMOS matrix, size which is 1 / 2.3 inches. The mode also raises questions. video shooting in which when choosing a resolution Full HD frequency reduced to 30 frames / s. It’s amazing that with this device got a mic input.


  • There is a Wi-Fi module;

  • Almost maximum optical zoom;

  • There is a microphone input on the case;

  • Good swivel LCD;

  • Built-in electronic viewfinder;

  • The optical stabilizer is actively operated;

  • Decent battery life;

  • In serial mode, 6.4 frames / s are generated.


  • Very high cost;

  • Heavy weight;

  • Most often, pictures receive a high level of digital noise;

  • Very slow shooting in RAW.

Canon PowerShot SX420 IS

Rating: 4.5

Canon PowerShot SX420 IS

Many ultrasounds have only a traditional black body colors. But the above model is an exception to the rule – in shops can be found not only black but also red. TO Unfortunately, this is the only distinguishing feature of the camera. The rest is a typical compact, not equipped with the most fast glass and a very modest processor. To serial shooting is not worth hoping for frame processing is spent here about two seconds. I’m glad that at least from the optical the manufacturer did not get rid of the stabilizer, without it Correct shooting at 42x zoom would not be possible.

Buying this camera is only in case of special savings. Yes, the device can be purchased for just 13 thousand rubles. But for the money you will get an outdated model whose matrix is ​​created by CCD technology – you don’t have any impressive result receive. Nevertheless, this camera was not in vain in our rating. Despite its outdated features, it allows use modern technology. For example, manage device can be through a smartphone, using Wi-Fi and NFC. Also, the buyer will enjoy a weight not exceeding 325 g.


  • Dimensions and weight can not be called particularly large;

  • The lens contains low dispersion and aspherical lenses;

  • A decent 42x zoom;

  • There is an optical stabilizer;

  • A version of the camera with a red case is available;

  • There are NFC and Wi-Fi modules;

  • Low cost.


  • No manual settings for shutter speed and aperture;

  • A CCD matrix is ​​used;

  • Video shooting – only in HD-resolution with a frequency of 30 frames / s;

  • The serial mode is practically absent;

  • High level of digital noise.

Best Canon Professional SLRs

Canon EOS 1D X Mark II

Rating: 5.0

Canon EOS 1D X Mark II

Great SLR camera in our ranking for many reasons. Like other professional models, he has a full-frame matrix – that is, its size is 35.9 x 23.9 mm. The manufacturer did not increase the resolution much – it is 20.2 megapixels. Every pixel here has huge sizes (especially when compared with compact matrices cameras), causing photosensitivity untrained user’s imagination. Using this you can easily take photos of nature at night, you just need corresponding lens.

There is a very powerful processor inside the device. to complain about the mechanism of raising the mirror. Maximum device produces 14 frames / s. In this series can last 170 shots – this the result is for RAW format! Everything is fine here and with Mirror viewfinder with 100% field of view. Not the manufacturer also stinted on a high-quality LCD display, with 3.2-inch diagonal consisting of 1.62 million points.

You can talk about this camera for ages. This is one of few models that can shoot 4K video at 60 frames / s. It can boast of a long battery life work – a full charge lasts at least 1210 photos. The metal case of the device has full water protection. Not forgotten here is the GPS chip, with the help of which geotags are recorded. And such features of the camera – a carriage and a small cart! For good reason they ask for 286 thousand rubles.


  • Ideal for movie shooting;

  • There is GPS;

  • A large number of connectors;

  • Great hybrid auto focus;

  • Optimal resolution for full-frame image sensor;

  • In serial mode makes 14 frames / s;

  • Wonderful LCD touch screen;

  • Long battery life;

  • There is moisture protection.


  • Large size, and weight reaches 1530 g;

  • Very high cost;

  • No wifi.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Rating: 4.9

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

One of the most famous creations of Canon, which could not get into our rating. Many professional photographers begin from this camera. First, they like its value, not exceeding 130 thousand rubles. for the “carcass” (and on sales it can be buy and cheaper). Secondly, they are quite happy with the weight, 950 g (excluding battery and lens). Thirdly, This professional camera is protected against moisture and dust, as well as It has high reliability – you can use it for many years.

Nevertheless, this DSLR cannot be called ideal. She was announced, scary to say, back in 2012. Concerning some of its characteristics are already outdated. In particular, it is not the best option for shooting movies, because when you select Full resolution HD frequency is reduced to 30 frames / s. Also missing here wireless modules – there is no GPS, no Wi-Fi, nor, of course, NFC. It’s possible that not everyone will be happy with the speed of burst shooting, component of 6 frames / s. Otherwise, the camera is gorgeous! It has a full-frame matrix with a resolution of 22.3 megapixels. Also, the user can access from 30 to 1/8000 s. Nothing bad can not be said about the incredible autofocus fast. It consists of 61 points, 41 of which are cross.


  • Decent work time from a full charge;

  • Great mirror viewfinder;

  • High-quality LCD display;

  • Good phase detection autofocus;

  • Built-in full-frame CMOS-matrix;

  • The metal case with protection against dust and moisture;

  • Not the largest sizes and weight.


  • Not the best opportunities in terms of video;

  • No wireless modules;

  • High ISOs are not quite working.

Canon EOS 5DS R

Rating: 4.8

Canon EOS 5DS R

Modern technologies can significantly increase resolution matrices without prejudice to the “purity” of the picture. Proof of that serves as a camera Canon EOS 5DS R. Inside it is located full-frame sensor whose resolution reaches incredible 50.6 megapixels! That is, photos have a resolution of 8688 x 5792 pixels – the detail of such images is amazing! Wherein there is no digital noise unless sensitivity is increased to sufficiently high values. Of course, the rate of fire here cannot be a record – for processing images with such resolution requires very high power. As a result in burst mode creates only 5 frames / s. This makes the SLR not The best choice for sequential shooting. But with her help Great portraits and landscapes are created. Photographer must like fast and accurate autofocus, as he says nothing bad and about the weight of the device.

If you need a SLR camera for video shooting, then the Canon 5DS R still not recommended for purchase. Despite the cost, reaching 140 thousand rubles, and a very high resolution matrix, maximum 60 frames / s are achieved only in movie mode 720p


  • Weight without a lens does not exceed 930 g;

  • Reliable metal case;

  • Extremely high resolution full-frame sensor;

  • The level of digital noise cannot be called prohibitive;

  • The viewfinder has a 100 percent field of view;

  • The case has a USB 3.0 connector and a microphone input;

  • High-quality autofocus.


  • Not a record battery life;

  • Not the fastest shooting;

  • Not the best choice for shooting videos.

Canon’s best mirrorless interchangeable lenses

Canon EOS M5

Rating: 4.8

Canon EOS M5

Japanese company Canon is not too actively promoting its mirrorless cameras. However, in its assortment you can find a camera called Canon EOS M5, without which our rating just could not do. This is a very decent camera, inside which is the APS-C matrix – exactly the same is implemented in amateur DSLRs. Its resolution is 24.2 megapixels, which allows you to get very detailed pictures.

The lack of a mirror helped the manufacturer increase rate of fire up to 7 frames / s. Crop is carried out at using an LCD display with a rotary mechanism and a touch layer. You can also use the electronic viewfinder, consisting of 2.36 million pixels. Nothing bad can be said about the system. focusing – it consists of 49 points, 9 of which are cross.

Overall, this is Canon’s best mirrorless camera. Here there is a large number of wireless modules, video is being recorded with a frequency of 60 FPS, and the weight of the camera (excluding the lens and battery) does not exceed 427 g. You can only report working time – a full charge lasts about 295 photos.


  • Video is recorded at a high frame rate;

  • There is a microphone input;

  • The camera has built-in Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi;

  • High resolution matrix;

  • Good speed in serial shooting mode;

  • High resolution LCD and viewfinder;

  • Decent autofocus;

  • Relatively light weight.


  • The cost (54 thousand rubles) will not appeal to everyone;

  • Not the widest fleet of lenses;

  • In Auto ISO, values ​​are selected in large increments.


The Japanese company Canon is famous for high-quality photographic equipment. The online magazine has tried to introduce you to the best products. this manufacturer. Any of the presented cameras is for you will please. It remains only to determine the purpose of the device and the amount you are willing to spend.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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