9 most interesting sights Sochi

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Sochi resorts give tourists the opportunity to choose a vacation in according to your budget and preferences. This city has A large number of fascinating attractions. It goes about architectural, recreational, religious, natural and cultural and historical sites.

We have prepared a list of 8 interesting places that are sure to will appeal to all vacationers in Sochi. Before heading to an excursion to a particular place, you should get acquainted with its rules, prices, location and features.

Rating of the most interesting sights of Sochi

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Rating of the most interesting sights of Sochi 1 Sochi Olympic Park 5.0
2 Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel 4.9
3 Sochi Art Museum 4.8
4 House-Museum of Stalin’s Cottage 4.7
5 Sochi Arboretum 4.6
6 Observation tower (Mount Akhun) 4.5
7 Tea Plantation in Dagomys 4.4
8 Park “Riviera 4.3
9 Vorontsov caves 4.2

Sochi Olympic Park

Attraction Rating: 5.0


Opens the rating of the world famous place where Olympic Games in 2014. For several weeks, it became the heart. Of Russia. Today it is one of the most visited attractions. in Sochi. The territory of the park includes many attractions, museums, Big Fisht Stadium. Tourists can u see a huge Illuminated fountain dancing to the beat of music. In the middle Olympic Park settled robotic dinosaurs. Visitors delighted with the museums of automotive technology and Leonardo Yes Vinci.

One of the most convenient options to get here is considered train. The train usually runs along the sea and opens up stunning kinds. You can get here from Sochi in 40 minutes. From the railway station walks bus number 125, which leaves every 15 minutes.

Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel

Attraction Rating: 4.9


Further in the ranking is the oldest temple in the North Caucasus. Its dome is visible from the sea coast. The building was built in 1864 in honor of the victory after the Caucasian war. Architecturally, the temple is a classic cross with four sides above which the drum with narrow windows rises. Its interior is elegantly painted in gold. Facade and all communications have been updated after restoration.

The main pride of the cathedral is the icon of the Archangel Michael. In front of the temple the chapel of the Mother of God is located. From her column go cranes with holy water. Sunday school rebuilt, Orthodox work library. Every believer must visit this place. person. Address: Sochi, Moskvina street, 12. You can get here at buses 103, 105, 120, 125. Stop “Cinema Stereo”.

Sochi Art Museum

Attraction Rating: 4.8


One of Sochi’s most popular cultural attractions is an art museum that invites tourists admire the work of famous masters. His activities It consists in the formation of collections and events. The museum was officially opened in 1988. Its area is more than 2600 sq. m. Here are collected expositions of ancient times, valuable species and samples. 100 thousand people visit the museum annually visitors. The institution offers permanent exposure on the themes of Russian art, graphics, edged weapons.

This place will appeal to those who are interested in Old Russian icons, paintings and ancient household items. Museum Tours will be interesting to both adults and children. The building is located at Kurortny prospekt, 51. You can get to it by buses No. 1, 3, 8, 17 and 23 to the stop. “Hotel Sochi”.

House-Museum of Stalin’s Cottage

Attraction Rating: 4.7


Almost every vacationer in Sochi visited a personal residence the leader who was built in 1937. Today it’s a museum, preserving Stalin’s furniture, items and accessories. Cottage is located in the Green Grove and is considered one of the most visited excursion places, despite various disputes around the personality of the political figure. This place is worth visiting for those who want to plunge into atmosphere of the Soviet Union of the 30s. Inside, everything is trimmed with wood, there is a leather sofa, on the leader’s desktop you can see silver appliances donated by Chinese leader Zedong.

You can visit Stalin’s dacha only with a guide. Very small children here may not be interested. Museum staff carefully make sure that tourists do not touch anything and do not moved. Address: 120/1 Kurortny Ave. You can get here at any public transport going towards the city center. You need to get out at the Green Grove stop.

Sochi Arboretum

Attraction Rating: 4.6


The arboretum was created at the end of the 19th century. He is one of The main attractions of the resort town. Visitors admire the beauty of the landscape and the architectural forms, sunny glades and green flora surrounded by sculptures, fountains and reservoirs. Judging by the reviews, there is surprisingly fresh air, filled with aromas of flowers and needles.

The entrance ticket will cost adults 250 rubles, children – at 170 rubles. Preschoolers attend the arboretum for free. At during the tour you can visit the family house-museum Hudekovs, grotto and waterfall, an exhibition of butterflies. Get to the place by cable car. This is another reason to enjoy the magnificence. nature aerial view. With wheelchairs, you should not go here. Address: Resort prospect, 74K 1A. Buses go to the arboretum 1, 23, 105, 125. Stop “Circus” or “Arboretum”.

Observation tower (Mount Akhun)

Attraction Rating: 4.5


The next line of the rating belongs to one of the highest mountains in Sochi. Its length is 5 km, and the height reaches 663 m. At the top there is an observation tower, which was built along Stalin’s order. It is built of white limestone. Krona trees do not interfere with the review. Entrance here is paid for adults. Externally the place resembles an ancient fortress. Tourists admire the splendor of the tower and landscapes that open from the observation deck platforms.

It is worth considering that there are usually a lot of people. Take a picture one will be difficult. On the site they offer binoculars for a separate fee. You can visit this magnificent place on your own or along with the guide. To get to the mountain, you need to get there. by car to the Sputnik DOL. People come here by buses No. 125, 105, 110, 2, 112.

Tea Plantation in Dagomys

Attraction Rating: 4.4


Tea plantation is located high above the sea and introduces guests with the traditions of national tea drinking. Tourists are waiting for sweets treats, delicious drinks, folklore concerts. The houses themselves are very comfortable, inside them there is a fireplace with firewood. This is the best place to taste wonderful tea from a samovar and relax your soul. It will appeal to those who wish to enjoy the beautiful views of the plantation and plunge into Soviet times.

The cost of the tour is 450 rubles for an adult and 225 rubles for preschoolers. Address: Zaporizhzhya, 302. Get here can be on bus number 143. Stop “Tea”.

Park “Riviera

Attraction Rating: 4.3


Next in the ranking is the park, which is sure to enjoy to children. It was founded in the late 19th century and is famous for its famous pink alleys. On the territory you can find a huge number of different types of roses. At all times, this place was considered the best park for romantic meetings.

The good news is that the entrance to the Riviera is free. Usually always here many vacationers. Children are delighted with various attractions. On the extreme cabins, quiet carousels, rollercoaster, steam locomotives. In the Riviera there is a dolphinarium, where live whales, sea lions and dolphins. Address: Sochi, Egorova, 1. You can get here by buses No. 11, 13, 14, 19 to the stop “Riviera bridge”.

Vorontsov caves

Attraction Rating: 4.2


Completing our rating is a real miracle, located underground. Vorontsov caves were created by nature itself hundreds of centuries ago. They attract a huge number of tourists who during the tour they study only a small part of them. The length of the route reaches 400 meters. The time for exploring the caves is usually 30-40 minutes. The temperature under the ground barely reaches 13-14 degrees of heat, therefore It will not be superfluous to take warm clothes with you.

This place will appeal to those who want to touch the life of the ancients people. The price for an adult is 350 rubles. Children up 7 years pass for free. Get here by bus number 127 from bus station in Khost.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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