9 best wired phones

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Many of us have long since abandoned wired phone. Why is it needed if calls on a mobile phone are such cheap? However, in some cases, a landline telephone is quite able to come in handy. Firstly, his number will be shorter – if necessary, your relatives and colleagues can remember it. Secondly, without such a phone, offices and large organization. Thirdly, on a wired phone, they will definitely get through if Your mobile phone is dead. In a word, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the best phones connecting to the city network.

Rating of the best wired phones

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best wired phones 1 Paliha P-750 8 760 rub.
2 Panasonic KX-TS2570 3 390 rub.
3 Panasonic KX-TS2365 2 351 rub.
4 REBELL Russia 28 3 200 rub.
5 Gigaset DA610 2 253 rub.
6 Siemens Euroset 5020
7 Panasonic KX-TS2356 1 690 rub.
8 Ritmix rt-570 1 018 rub.
9 teXet TX-259 910 rub

Paliha P-750

Rating: 4.9


Very interesting “tube” of Russian production. Her The plastic case is painted silver. Most the top panel is occupied by buttons. To dial, use the ones that have a gray color. Above them are other keys, colored already in black – they are used to call various functions and Go to a phonebook entry. Also exactly there are buttons responsible for receiving and hanging up a call.

This phone differs from cheaper analogues record a conversation. Moreover, here it can be reproduced – The buttons located to the right of the display are responsible for this. And if so Speaking about the screen, it should be noted that it is gorgeous! All information is displayed in orange characters, while the background is completely black. To confirm or cancel answer and end buttons are used – it is not for nothing that they are depicted on them green checkmark and red cross mark.

The conversation tube is attached using the usual twisted cable. There is no wireless usage here, which imposes some restrictions on the phone – this is exactly the option for the office, at home, you want more convenience.

This device includes a multifunctional Caller ID. You can also easily record a message, which will then be used as an answering machine. there is here is a transcoder for parallel phones with CID. The ability to connect the device to to the computer. Including it may be necessary for quick filling in the phone book.

Interestingly, this model is quite enough of that electricity, which is distributed over analog telephone lines. IN the kit does not have a power supply, it is simply not needed! returning to functions of the device, it is impossible not to note the presence of “night rest.” Switching to this mode helps to turn off the sound signal. The above answering machine is also not as simple as it can to appear. You can bind specific messages to specific number. You can also use this function to listening to the room where the phone is installed – this is necessary for checking whether an unauthorized person entered the office. In a word the manufacturer has implemented a kind of remote control.

Perhaps this is one of the best wired phones today day. It has the broadest functionality. In his phone book 500 rooms are placed. The answering machine allows you to write up to 120 minutes of the interlocutor’s speech. It’s only a shame that to synchronize with the computer needs the Teleport-Palih adapter, which is sold separately. And it costs – very expensive. The rest is fault absolutely nothing.


  • Great display;
  • A large number of buttons;
  • Perhaps a change in the tone of voice;
  • There is a quality caller ID;
  • Sophisticated answering machine;
  • It is possible to work without a power supply;
  • Wide functionality;
  • The keyboard has a backlight;
  • Remote control of an answering machine is possible.


  • A hard reset erases the entire contents of the memory;
  • To connect to a PC, you need an expensive module Teleport
  • In some cases, power is still required;
  • The price tag may seem overpriced.

Panasonic KX-TS2570

Rating: 4.8

Panasonic KX-TS2570

Japanese company Panasonic has long left the market smartphones. But wired phones are still being produced by her. Two such models even fell into our rating, they are so good! IN In particular, many buyers will definitely like the device for The name Panasonic KX-TS2570. This device may be painted either white or black. Please note the color It differs not only in the case, but also in the buttons. By the way, here There is not only the usual numeric keypad. Additionally the device received many other buttons needed to move around menu and call all sorts of functions.

Of course, the device received an automatic caller ID. Also, the software can remember the numbers entered – the last twenty of them can be quickly selected using the buttons directions. I must say that the display here is as simple as possible. It displays only three lines of characters. However, this does not interfere. use the phone book, as well as quickly find out the date and time.

This model provides an answering machine function. By itself, he doesn’t need any tapes – all messages and answers of interlocutors stored in the internal memory. The caller’s voice comes from a speaker located somewhere under the body. This function, of course You can also disable it. Also, no one bothers to raise at any time pick up the phone. By the way, the handset has a wired mount. Therefore, this is not a DECT-phone, and therefore home its use seems pointless. Interesting to you can connect an additional headset to the device – for this there is a corresponding connector.

Has this phone and many other features that may come in handy, say, to the secretary. For example, this can be said about auto redial. Or about the programmable Flash button. Complain It is possible only if there is no function to change the voice timbre. But to us it seems that it needs a minimum number of buyers, so we did not even begin to add this item to the list of shortcomings.

It’s nice that the buttons are not only on the base station, but also on handset – here is the volume control. There is and the ability to change the speakerphone volume, even in wider limits.


  • There is a port for additional equipment;
  • There is a headset jack;
  • Not very high cost;
  • One-touch dialing of three numbers is possible;
  • There is a flash function;
  • Separate volume control of the speaker in the handset and speakerphone;
  • There is a digital answering machine;
  • A fairly wide functionality of the phone.


  • Phonebook memory is designed for 50 numbers;
  • Maximum written only 15 minutes of voice;
  • No synchronization with PC;
  • The display may fail quickly enough (explicit marriage);
  • There is no backlight.

Panasonic KX-TS2365

Rating: 4.7

Panasonic KX-TS2365

This representative of our rating is different from the previous one. just some simplifications. Outwardly, it’s almost the same landline phone. It can also be purchased in two color options. The buttons and display of the device also do not have a backlight, which some buyers are almost annoying most. Over the numeric keypad contains a unit with additional buttons. The display received the most serious simplification – it became single line. You can forget about any menu; the screen displays only basic information. For example, caller number or current time (date no longer fits here).

For the sake of cost reduction, the manufacturer decided as much as possible reduce memory footprint. And don’t even remember that now memory is one of the cheapest components. Development this wired telephone was still in the mid 2000s, when the situation was completely different. As a result, the Japanese manufacturer he was only generous with the tiny volume, thanks to which the telephone the book contains only 30 numbers. Interestingly, 20 of them can dial in a one-button way.

Fortunately, some features from this wired phone still not resolved. For example, the device received speed dialing. Call restriction is also available here. Do not go anywhere and separate volume controls in the speakerphone and handset. By the way, the speakerphone works without any complaints, by default it’s on sound is output to him if the person did not want to pick up the phone. If a at some point you need to discuss confidential information then you can turn off the microphone – this is done by pressing just one buttons. There is also a headset jack here – this can be useful in case two people use the phone.

Unfortunately, nothing more interesting Panasonic KX-TS2365 can’t boast. Well, do not take the function as something remarkable dialing without picking up the handset? In Russian retail for this model asking around 2500 rubles. For the money you get the simplest a device devoid of even an answering machine. Connect it to the device No way – the expansion port is simply not here. In a word, such not every office will suit a wired telephone. Moreover, for it’s not suitable for home use either – for an ordinary person I want to get a DECT model, so as not to be tied to the base station twisted cord.


  • Decently implemented one-button set;
  • Built-in speakerphone;
  • The volume is adjustable both in the handset and in the speakerphone;
  • Implemented speed dialing;
  • Forwarding possible;
  • Low cost;
  • Headset connection available.


  • Small amount of memory;
  • No backlight;
  • There is no answering machine;
  • Display too small.

REBELL Russia 28

Rating: 4.6

REBELL Russia 28

This representative of our rating exists already in eight color options (the most common are four of them). They sell it for about 3,000 rubles. I would like to receive for this money is a model with a built-in answering machine, but not fate. It is also impossible to connect a separate device of this kind – here There is no port for connecting additional equipment. More Moreover, there is no headset jack! This means that together you can use the phone only with the speakerphone when the voice of the interlocutor will be heard by the others around you people.

This wired phone was not developed yesterday, but not in mid 2000s. In this regard, he received an average volume memory. To be precise, the phone book can accommodate 100 numbers. And the device saves the same amount of the last dialed numbers. In a word, for many buyers these figures are for sure should arrange.

You can dial a number here even without prior removal. tube. Speaking on the speakerphone does not cause any problems either. IN you can turn off the microphone at any time – to do this corresponding button. There is also a volume control. Of course, the volume of the speakerphone and handset changes separately.

Pleasant feelings from using a wired telephone including thanks to the display. No, it is symbolic, and maximum 9 characters are displayed on it. However, you can not recognize that all characters are well read, albeit not here backlight. But the most important thing is that the display is not defective, it does not fail immediately after warranty period has ended.

The phone must be powered by 220V. Don’t forget yet insert a pair of batteries – they provide a backup function power supply, it is thanks to them that all numbers will be stored in memory even in in case of loss of electricity.

Interestingly, the domestic manufacturer decided to supply its creation of atypical functionality. In particular, there are calculator, timer and stopwatch. And if the first one really can come in handy, then this can not be said about the other functions.

REBELL Russia 28 has white and black lists. In the second of them you should enter numbers you do not like. For example, those with which is spam. Another buyer should be pleased with the function auto dialer. Well, at the moment when the secretary leaves her workplace, you can activate night mode when the call ceases to sound.

Perhaps the purchase of REBELL Russia 28 is the best way to support Russian manufacturer. The basic functionality is implemented in at its best. You can only regret the lack of an answering machine and some other features. However, they should be sought in more expensive wired phones, this same model belongs to budget price segment.


  • The automatic caller ID works well;
  • The phone book is designed for 100 numbers;
  • There is a speakerphone;
  • Auto redial is possible;
  • There are white and black lists;
  • Some additional features are available;
  • Implemented night mode;
  • Cost cannot be called high;
  • Perhaps remote control of the phone.


  • No backlight;
  • The display still does not suit everyone;
  • No answering machine;
  • Fast scrolling numbers on the screen.

Gigaset DA610

Rating: 4.5

Gigaset DA610

Many wired phones have a display on which this or that information is displayed. The problem is which most often look at this screen is very inconvenient. That’s why manufacturer Gigaset DA610 decided to endow his creation with a display, placed on a special inclined platform. Resulting screen located at the right angle to the person sitting at the table to the user.

In Russian online stores Gigaset DA610 offer all for 2500 rubles. It seems that for the kind of money you will not get any wide functionality. However, in fact, the device is quite able to surprise. No, there’s no answering machine here. But on the phone great mute turned off – after clicking the corresponding button, the interlocutor will hear the preset in settings melody, not banal silence.

As for the aforementioned display, a number is displayed on it. the caller, date, time and duration of the call. Still displayed here data from the phone book for 50 numbers. By the way, 10 numbers can be called using speed dialing, which cannot but to please. The display here is two-line. Largest font phone number is displayed, while slightly smaller font size has supporting information located just above.

Incoming calls are accompanied by one or another melody. Total them here 10 pieces. Each melody can be adjusted in volume. Itself by yourself, you can completely disable the sound notification – about a call then only the LED will signal. Especially important contacts who are assigned VIP status will still be be accompanied by a call.

Corded phone saves 50 last dialed and incoming numbers. Any of them can be dialed or brought to the telephone a book. There is also the ability to block outgoing calls to some specific numbers.

The Gigaset DA610 includes a sound speakerphone. It means, that you can talk with the interlocutor, including through Handsfree. The possibility of connecting this device to a private office telephone network. Interesting that The device can function without additional power. And also manufacturer claims compatibility with hearing aids. The key lock function looks unexpected. In conditions she’s probably not going to need an office, but this function is at home It’s definitely useful – it will fulfill the role of protection from children.

And what can I complain to the person who purchased this telephone? Perhaps the lack of volume control the interlocutor. Someone will be saddened by the lack of an opportunity to realize call forwarding. But most of all, the lack of support disappoints Cyrillic in the phone book. After that, you immediately understand that the device was not developed by Russians.


  • Low cost;
  • Food from a telephone line;
  • The display is two-line;
  • Well-functioning speakerphone;
  • A decent amount of memory;
  • Implemented one-touch dial of ten numbers;
  • Some contacts may be prioritized;
  • Implemented key lock.


  • Setting by code, can not cope without instructions;
  • There is no answering machine;
  • There is no volume control of the interlocutor’s voice;
  • Cannot be hung on the wall;
  • No backlight;
  • Cyrillic not supported.

Siemens Euroset 5020

Rating: 4.5

Siemens Euroset 5020

Many residents of our country warmly recall mobile Siemens phones. However, not everyone will remember that The German company also produced wired telephones. Moreover, she still busy with their production! For example, Euroset 5020 without You can buy any problems right now by visiting the store, selling similar equipment. However, this is far from the freshest model. Therefore, it is possible that you may not find it – at the time writing articles sold the remains of warehouses.

There is also an inclined unit with a display. He is monochrome and two-line. Its size is 14×74 mm. It seems that this is quite enough to make out all useful information. Traditionally, the caller’s number is written the largest font. Above it is an auxiliary line, in which there are symbols testifying to this or that running function.

Unfortunately, you can’t say that this phone provides heap of opportunities. For example, there is no digital answering machine. Connect it as a separate device, of course, too not allowed. But then there is a certain amount of memory, in which stores the numbers of the 50 most recently received calls. And also user can redial the last five dialed rooms, which is also a good result. Concerning phone book, it is designed for 20 numbers. What is not less important, each of them can be assigned to speed dial! In a word some secretary will definitely like such opportunities!

Otherwise, this wired phone is unlikely to surprise. is he can work in pulse and tone mode. On its bottom there are rubber pads, thanks to which the device does not glides even on a perfectly smooth table. Another phone has built-in hours – in minutes of calm, they are displayed on the aforementioned display.

Of course, the manufacturer did not forget about the speakerphone. Its volume amenable to easy adjustment. At any time, the microphone can disconnect, for example, to discuss with the leader confidential information. As for the conversation on the phone, then It is implemented as simple as possible. Although it should be noted that in In this case, volume control is available. By the way, twisted cable can be disconnected from the handset. This opportunity will be in demand in the event that the wire is damaged, in connection with which needed his replacement.

This wired phone can display the time of the current conversation. However, such a function must be possessed by all representatives of our rating. It should be noted that for full functioning device requires 220 V. An appropriate network adapter is supplied.


  • In the box with the phone there is a Russian-language instruction;
  • There is a good display, tilted to the user;
  • The volume of the speakerphone and speaker in the handset is adjustable separately;
  • The device remembers the last 50 calls received;
  • Implemented blocking of long-distance calls.


  • Cannot be hung on the wall;
  • No answering machine;
  • Not the most capacious phone book;
  • There is no backlight;
  • There is no auto redial and some other useful features.

Panasonic KX-TS2356

Rating: 4.4

Panasonic KX-TS2356

Another wired phone from Panasonic’s Japanese company our rating. The model called KX-TS2356 is the most compact. It can also be considered one of the most simplified. Here no answering machine. There is no backlight in any form. And the number of keys is minimized. I’m glad that at least there was a place for a full 16-digit display. Most time, it displays the clock. If someone calls you (or you someone dialed), then the phone number is displayed on the screen. Also using the display and special buttons located in the right bottom corner, you can see the contents of the phone book.

Perhaps, Panasonic KX-TS2356 possesses ideally implemented phone book! Fact that she is Russified – you can easily forget the contact names in Cyrillic. The size of this phone book is also pleasing – you can add 50 to it numbers. Beauty!

As for the incoming call log, it also holds 50 records. Calling the last of the saved numbers takes seconds You can talk here only on the phone. Alas, for the sake of size reduction and cost reduction, the manufacturer decided get rid of the so-called speakerphone. Lack of speakerphone makes you understand that this is more of a home phone than an option for the office. This is evidenced by the possibility of wall mounting.

Interestingly, the device received a call indicator light. This is good news for those who prefer from time to time. turn off the call. By the way, it can not only be disabled, but also adjust by volume (3 levels are available). Also apparatus has a programmable Flash button, which is in phones with such the price tag is found infrequently.

We come back to memory. She also saves the last 20 dialed numbers. And if you look carefully at the case device, you can detect a special socket. It is port for additional telephone equipment. And it is already a real surprise! You don’t expect to receive such a port at all, buying a wired phone for 1500-2000 rubles. However, this connector may be required somewhere in the office. He is not an ordinary user come in handy, and we already found out that this device for the most part Designed for home installation.

This device has received a set lock. It can be called protection from children – they usually dial some number completely by chance, for fun. The function should also please mute the microphone. Although, again, not the fact that she at least once useful if the phone will be used at home.

In short, this is a very good wired phone. But at home using a heap of its possibilities seems too plentiful. IN office, on the contrary, is better to establish a more functional apparatus.


  • There is a port for additional telephone equipment;
  • There is a capacious Russified phone book;
  • High-quality 16-digit LCD display;
  • The memory is designed for a large number of incoming and outgoing numbers;
  • There is a flash button;
  • Perhaps mute the microphone;
  • There is a call indicator;
  • Caller ID works without any problems;
  • Low cost;
  • Dial lock available;
  • Can be installed on the wall.


  • There is no speakerphone;
  • There is no answering machine;
  • No backlight;
  • Missing speed dial buttons;
  • Slides on a flat surface;
  • The buttons wear out quite quickly.

Ritmix rt-570

Rating: 4.3

Ritmix RT-570

Traditionally, our rating is completed by the cheapest devices. Behind Ritmix RT-570 in Russian stores asking for about 1000-1500 rubles. This alone suggests that wide functionality can not to wait. But this is only one of the problems. The other is appearance. It is completely incomprehensible how the manufacturer liked such a design! The device has too large buttons, painted gray. However, you quickly understand why the keys are so big. To the purpose of this phone hints red SOS button. Yes it’s natural grandmother! This phone is supposed to be installed in apartments of elderly people who may unexpectedly need help.

Despite the purpose of the device, in some respects It is not inferior to office counterparts. For example, here is used good segment display. The numbers on it are clearly visible even despite the fact that you have to look at the screen under a very sharp angle. The display shows not only the number from which you call, but also date with time – they are indicated in the upper line.

The device has a certain amount of memory. For example, quickly enough you can display the last five dialed numbers. As for incoming calls, their device remembers as many as 38 numbers! But a full-fledged telephone books here, unfortunately, no. Apparently, the manufacturer I decided not to bother with the introduction of the text input function. Sure there is also no answering machine. Well, about forwarding and other Purely office functions are generally not worth remembering.

Despite its low cost, the Ritmix RT-570 is capable of boasting by speakerphone. Recall, the so-called speaker that provides speakerphone. Please note that the microphone cannot be turned off – here there is simply no corresponding button. And here is the opportunity adjust the volume of the interlocutor’s voice is present. it important, especially if the wired phone will really be enjoy the old man!

This unit does not need power from the mains. However batteries are required, without them a display and memory will be inoperative.


  • Implemented dialing without lifting the handset;
  • There is a number protection against accidental deletion;
  • There is a button to call the rescue service;
  • There is a pretty good display;
  • There is an alarm clock and clock;
  • The interlocutor’s voice volume is adjustable;
  • The memory holds 38 numbers of incoming calls;
  • Very low cost;
  • There is a speakerphone;
  • It does not require 220 V power supply.


  • No answering machine;
  • Missing phone book
  • The wire seems too short;
  • No backlight;
  • There is no way to mute the microphone;
  • Functionality cannot be called any wide.

teXet TX-259

Rating: 4.2

teXet TX-259

The teXet brand is familiar to us in low-cost smartphones, electronic books and some other devices. Including under this Corded phones are manufactured under the brand name. One of them got into our rating. The teXet TX-259 completes it, so you can to guess about its main advantage: about a very low cost. Behind this device is asked no more than 1000 rubles. In doing so you will receive quite a worthy device with many useful features. Here even a segmented display is present, even if it is hard to see In the dark! However, in the dark you can activate it backlight – it’s amazing that there’s no such simple possibility much more expensive wired phones. Many buyers for sure appreciate the fact that the screen holds three lines. Largest font traditionally has a phone number. A smaller font is issued all kinds of service information – up to the built-in indication a thermometer.

However, this wired phone is not a good display. Apparatus It has a very nice design. On its body you can find speaker holes. This fact indicates the presence here speakerphone. The device also includes some volume memory. The phone remembers the last 35 numbers from which you called. Well, the last 9 of them can easily be dialed automatically. And here The phone book is not here. It feels like the manufacturer decided on save on this.

What else is able to please this wired phone? Perhaps, separate SOS button, by pressing which a call is made rescue services. It is not painted red, but it’s for the better – This would spoil the appearance of the device. You can still on the case detect snooze and auto-dial button. Yes, there is Auto dialer feature not found in many competitors, even having a slightly higher price tag!

As for adjusting the ringer volume (optional five melodies are provided), then only two are available to the user level. You can’t change the volume of the interlocutor’s voice at all, which sadly. But otherwise it would not be a budget wired phone, and real gold!


  • There is an auto redial;
  • There is a SOS button;
  • Great design;
  • Large display with backlight;
  • There is a thermometer;
  • Stable caller ID;
  • There is a speakerphone;
  • Very low cost.


  • No answering machine;
  • Not very well thought out volume control;
  • Missing phone book
  • You cannot mute the microphone.


This is a list of the best wired phones among existing ones. this moment. Note in recent years, such devices ceased to be in high demand, and therefore their manufacturers began to seriously save. There is also a ceiling technology – the most advanced models have received maximum functionality, users simply don’t need more.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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