9 best virtual glasses and helmets realities

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to surprise gamers. Making games with realistic graphics become very expensive, and new game consoles are not too much different from the previous one generations. That is why helmets began to appear virtual reality. Such a device is an inexpensive way. offer the player something completely new. But which helmet to choose? It is this question that this collection will try to answer.

Rating of the best virtual reality glasses

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best low-cost virtual reality glasses for smartphones 1 HOMIDO V1 2 990 rub.
2 HIPER VRX 1 090 rub.
3 HOMIDO Grab 1 390 rub.
The best virtual reality glasses (helmets) in terms of “price quality” 1 Samsung Gear VR (SM-R323) 3 900 rub.
2 HIPER VRQ + 2 490 rub.
3 Fibrum pro 3 139 rub.
The best virtual reality glasses and helmets for PC 1 HTC Vive 37 700 rub.
2 Oculus Rift CV1 + Touch 31 900 rub.
3 Sony PlayStation VR 19 900 rub.

The best low-cost virtual reality glasses for smartphones


Rating: 4.7


A fairly simple helmet that works with installed inside the smartphone. Devices with screen sizes from four to six inches. Lens position inside easily adjustable. The viewing angle in these glasses does not exceed 100 °. However, such a parameter – almost all points used in tandem with a smartphone.

The product fell into our rating due to its configuration. A business in that the buyer additionally receives three pairs of cones for lenses. They are designed for installation in a helmet, depending on user view. That is, one pair is useful when myopia, the other with farsightedness, and the third with normal vision. Also included are a strap, a cloth for dust removal and soft case.

Of course, such points have flaws. In particular, not everyone like the price tag, reaching 3000 rubles. Also not here too conveniently implemented smartphone installation. The clamp also does not have rubber pads – they will have to be glued on their own if, Of course, you want to save your mobile device.


  • Suitable for smartphones with almost any diagonal screen;

  • Nice case included;

  • Glasses are suitable for people with a wide variety of vision;

  • Convenient adjustment of focus and interpupillary distance;

  • Relatively light weight (195 g).


  • Inconvenient plastic clip for a smartphone;

  • The cost may seem overpriced.


Rating: 4.6


For some time now, HIPER has been manufacturing not only portable batteries. Now, other accessories for smartphones – for example, virtual reality glasses VRX. At the moment ranking these points could be purchased cheaper total – their cost in Russia is only 1,500 rubles. Sure, from China to order a similar accessory can be even cheaper, but then have to spend at least a month waiting for delivery.

VR glasses designed for smartphones with a diagonal screen which varies from 4.3 to 6 inches. As in other similar products, focus and interpupillary distance without any problems are regulated. To view 3D images here are used 42 mm lenses. They do not shine with quality, but hardly you you will expect longevity from such an inexpensive helmet – such A “toy” is bought literally a couple of times.

It was not without flaws here. Unfortunately accessory it turned out to be heavy – its weight reaches 360 g. And this is not taking into account smartphone! In a word, not everyone will find such a design on his face comfortable.


  • Convenient adjustment of interpupillary distance and focus;

  • There is a magnetic button for control in games;

  • Suitable for smartphones with different screen sizes;

  • Low cost;

  • High build quality.


  • An adhesive clip for a smartphone is not a good idea;

  • It is very inconvenient to clean the lenses from dust;

  • A lot of weight.


Rating: 4.5


Another fairly cheap glasses. They didn’t get into our rating only thanks to the price tag not exceeding 1300 rubles, but also because a large number of color options. Accessory case can be painted black, white, blue, red, yellow or even pink colors. Otherwise, these are typical VR glasses for a smartphone. However, a very large or too compact device is no longer here insert – supports phones with a screen diagonal from 4.5 to 5.7 inches The angle of view is absolutely typical of this type. accessories – it is 100 °.

The product is easier than the above instance from HIPER. At this also has a magnetic button, needed in many VR applications. Alas, the savings went to the accessory is not good. If your vision is not perfect, then it’s best to consider buying some other points. The fact is that there is no adjust the focus, and wear such a helmet with ordinary glasses not too comfortable. The creators also simplified the design of the product. They did not even equip your creation with straps! In this regard, for games this model does not fit exactly – it serves only for viewing some kind of training VR applications.


  • Several options for coloring the body;

  • Low cost;

  • Not very heavy;

  • Glasses are suitable for smartphones with the most popular diagonals. screen;

  • There is a magnetic button.


  • Glasses are not fixed on the head;

  • No focus adjustment.

The best virtual reality glasses (helmets) in terms of “price quality”

Samsung Gear VR (SM-R323)

Rating: 4.9

Samsung Gear VR (SM-R323)

At first glance, these are typical VR glasses with a viewing angle of 101 °. But on in fact, this accessory is almost as good as its convenience much more expensive competitors already equipped with their own screen. The fact is that the creators of these glasses did not need adapt to the huge number of existing smartphones. The helmet is sharpened strictly under the flagship products of Samsung, starting with Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6. If you insert just this device then can be obtained from immersion in a virtual reality maximum experience.

The accessory has focus adjustment, so use it can even be visually impaired. Special for Gear VR many unique games have been developed, which also cannot but to please. You can also find VR videos on different sites, sharpened also for this platform. It should be noted the presence of a separate connector for charging devices – this is very important, because time in virtual reality flies unnoticed, and such games spend energy very lot. By the way, the high cost of points is associated with the presence of touch control panel – it is because of it that the product will not work use in conjunction with absolutely any smartphone based Android


  • Ideal for Samsung’s flagship smartphones;

  • There is a touch control panel;

  • Implemented focus adjustment;

  • Easy connection of the charger;

  • Included are two removable USB-holders.


  • The weight of the accessory reaches 345 g;

  • The cost reaches 4000 rubles .;

  • Glasses are not intended for ordinary Android devices;

  • The quality of the picture sometimes leaves much to be desired.


Rating: 4.8


In the range of HIPER there are several virtual glasses reality. VRQ + is currently the most advanced model. Here, the strap adjustment system is slightly better implemented. You can install almost any smartphone here, with the exception of giant phablets whose screen diagonal exceeds 6 inches. But the main distinguishing feature of the accessory, thanks to which it is marked by an online magazine, is the availability of bundled special bluetooth joystick. On its body there is a stick and a couple of buttons – all this allows you to control your character in games, as well as master some functions in VR-applications.

Glasses allow you to adjust not only focus, but also interpupillary lens distance. They fit to the face with soft foam overlays. Unfortunately, the specialists from HIPER also failed here. achieve minimum weight. However, the product is quite deserves its place in the ranking.


  • Glasses are suitable for any smartphone;

  • You can adjust the focus and interpupillary distance;

  • The cost does not exceed 2500 rubles .;

  • Comes with a Bluetooth remote control;

  • High-quality assembly.


  • Weight reaches 380 g;

  • Not the most convenient smartphone mount.

Fibrum pro

Rating: 4.7

Fibrum Pro

Great VR glasses from a Russian manufacturer. The product has original appearance – Fibrum Pro never be confused with others accessories considered in our rating. Also increased here up to 110 ° viewing angle, which is very well felt in games and even videos. In this case, the glasses support the installation of smartphones with screen size from 4 to 6 inches. However, the largest viewing angle achievable only when using very large devices, with you can’t argue with the laws of optics in this regard.

Fibrum Pro is the lightest VR glasses in our ranking. To achieve the creators succeeded not only through the use of light plastic, but also due to the rejection of mechanical parts. There is no need to adjust the interpupillary distance due to the large diameter and a decent viewing angle. Well, the lack of focus settings already much sadder – a person with low vision will have to wear Fibrum Pro along with familiar glasses.

The main advantage of this model is the company store applications and games. These are one of the few points for which separate games are developed that cannot be played with using some Chinese VR Box 2.0.


  • Weight reduced to a record 120 g;

  • Extended viewing angle;

  • Glasses are suitable for any smartphone;

  • Original design;

  • Robust construction;

  • Games developed specifically for Fibrum Pro are available.


  • There is no adjustment of interpupillary distance and focus;

  • The cost reaches 4000 rubles.

The best virtual reality glasses and helmets for PC

HTC Vive

Rating: 4.9

HTC Vive

Perhaps the best virtual reality helmet available ordinary user. The device is designed to connect to to the computer. To a very power, I must say, a computer. Also it will require decent free space, as around need to hang special sensors. But then it allows system to track the movements of not only the head, but actually of the whole body! It makes immersion in virtual reality much more tangible.

Inside this helmet is a display with a resolution of 2160 x 1200 points. This is enough to almost not see Pixelization Interpupillary distance is adjustable, as well as focal length distance – this allows you to use a helmet without glasses with diopters even a person with not the best vision. Also not to be noted viewing angle reaching here 110 °. Complete with product special joysticks are supplied with which interacting with the game world. By the way, play better in headphones – a connector for connecting such a device also has.


  • Comes with special joysticks;

  • Inside is a high-quality AMOLED display;

  • Tracked body position;

  • Wide viewing angle;

  • Focus and interpupillary distance are adjustable;

  • There is a built-in microphone and front camera;

  • Easy headphone connection

  • Increased to 90 Hz sweep frequency.


  • Requires a large room;

  • Increased requirements for computer performance;

  • The cost reaches 43 thousand rubles.

Oculus Rift CV1 + Touch

Rating: 4.8

Oculus Rift CV1 + Touch

At one time, it was the Oculus Rift helmet that made the direction virtual reality is much more popular. Surely you saw in shopping and entertainment centers departments where they offer immerse yourself in the VR world – most often it uses Oculus Rift, only a preview version. CV1 is already consumer more compact and smaller version number of wires.

Each eye in such a helmet sees a picture with a resolution of 1200 x 1080 pixels. The viewing angle here is 110 °, which is optimal parameter. It should be noted that the helmet is supplied with headphones, so you don’t need to think about their separate connection. Also in the kit for 36-38 thousand rubles. Mapipulators enter under called Touch.

Why is the Oculus Rift CV1 cheaper than its competitor from HTC? All simple: here the system can only track head position user. Alas, body movements are not tracked. But in such a helmet can sit comfortably in a chair, thereby relaxing. Another difference is the refresh rate, which is not here exceeds 75 Hz. However, even with such shortcomings, this is one of the best VR helmets in our ranking.


  • In the kit there are special gamepads;

  • High resolution built-in display;

  • Large viewing angle;

  • The minimum number of wires;

  • Built-in earphones

  • Support for a very large number of games.


  • I would like a higher refresh rate;

  • High PC requirements;

  • There are few AAA games.

Sony PlayStation VR

Rating: 4.8

Sony PlayStation VR

At one time, the Japanese decided to enter the market of VR devices Sony company. She created a helmet designed for gaming PS4 consoles (preferably the Pro version of the console). Inside this device hiding display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Each eye sees a picture with a resolution of 960 x 1080 pixels – this one the parameter is not too high, but you quickly forget about graininess, when the game begins to captivate itself. A hits for PS VR released a lot – you can note Resident Evil VII, Robinson, DOOM FVR, Driveclub VR and Skyrim VR.

Of course, this product is slightly simpler than helmets designed for a computer. The Japanese had to refine themselves, because the power of the game the console cannot be called unlimited. They even had to develop separate computing unit that can be put on the console or next to her. Manage gameplay when using the traditional Dualshock 4 gamepad or a couple of movs. Happy that the picture is displayed with a frequency of 90 to 120 Hz – smoothness contributes to almost perfect immersion in virtual reality.

Please note that at the end of 2017, a second version of the helmet, which on store shelves practically does not identified by. It differs from the original only in the presence of headphone plugs.


  • Comfortable fit on the head;

  • Relatively low cost (22-26 thousand rubles);

  • Good OLED display with increased refresh rate;

  • There are “big” games specifically for PS VR.


  • Not the widest viewing angle (100 °);

  • Requires PS4;

  • The picture is not of high quality;

  • A large number of wires and additional computing block.


While virtual reality helmets may seem costly pleasure. However, when you use them, you will quickly forget about money paid. Especially if this helmet is designed for use paired with a computer or Sony PS4. Concerning VR glasses for a smartphone, then this will be a purchase for a couple of three uses. Nevertheless, why not try, because such accessories are not so expensive?

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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