9 best tick remedies

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Ticks themselves – insects are quite harmless. All that im it is necessary – it is a protein from the blood, necessary for life and breeding these insects. The problem is the ability of ticks transfer dangerous viruses that provoke serious diseases: encephalitis, Lyme disease, spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, typhoid and other pathologies dangerous for disability and death. The insidiousness of the insect lies in the impossibility of determining carrier of infection without laboratory tests. To lower or eliminate the risk of tick bites, manufacturers offer various agents that repel unwanted “companions.”

Online magazine experts have explored the special anti-mite repellents, acaricides and ranked the most effective means to ensure safety mushroom pickers, fishermen, gardeners and other lovers to relax on nature in areas without proper treatment.

Rating of the best tick remedies

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best remedies for ticks for external use 1 Destructive power Antiklesche 3v1 107 RUB
3 Gardex extreme 289 rub
4 Gardex extreme Repellent Aerosol 325 rub
5 Moskitol Antiklesch 259 rub
6 Medilis comfort 143 rub
7 Defi taiga 85 rub
The best modern technology from ticks 1 Ultrasonic tick repeller “Anticlesch M” 2 290 rub.
2 Tick ​​Protector Bradex TD 0324 749 RUB

The best remedies for ticks for external use

The most reliable means against a parasite bite are various gels, sprays and creams. They are applied to the skin or clothing, creating protective barrier: insects repel either smell of repellent, or the composition of the resulting film or tissue impregnation kills them.

Destructive power Antiklesche 3v1

Rating: 4.9

Anti-Tick 3v1 Deadly Force

The first product in the ranking is a domestic-made spray The killer force of Antiklesh 3v1 intended for protection against ticks, found in taiga and forests, including ixodid insects. The composition will also exclude the landing of bloodsucking mosquitoes, mosquitoes and biting midges. The main advantage of Acaricide “Deadly Force” – action to kill: insects that come into contact with the solution and the resulting film, they die, and do not hide in fear. Such a vigorous concentration of the active substance does not allow to apply the drug on the skin – only on clothing, but the effect persists up to 5 days (for bloodsucking) and up to 15 days for ticks. Thus, 3v1 anti-mite can be called not only effective, but also economical means. However, clothing should be treated until slightly moistened state, i.e. the fabric is completely saturated liquid, then must dry before dressing. Respectively after wearing it is necessary to take a shower and rinse off the remaining product with skin. For human health, Anticlesch is completely safe for except in cases of allergy to the components of the solution.


  • Protection against tick bites and flying bloodsucking insects;

  • Effective for a wide range of parasites;

  • Kills bloodsucking;

  • Low price about 75-80 rubles.


  • Open areas of the body are not protected (can not be applied to the skin);

  • Full impregnation of clothing fabric to wet condition.


Rating: 4.8


Means BRIZ-Antiklesch designed for professional use by foresters and hunters to protect against group attacks ixodid ticks, carriers of most viral infections, capable of leading to disability and death. Like Killing Strength, BREEZE kills insects, and does not scare them away, however, on other bloodsucking effect does not apply and will be required additional repellents.

Acid Breeze-Antiklesch was originally developed as a tool to protect representatives of power structures, therefore, to the recipe and the production process is given increased attention to: in the can contains the maximum amount of active substance up to 70%, which corresponds to GOST. Applying to clothing is carried out until the fabric is slightly moistened, after which it is recommended to dry it, only then put on. Open areas remain unprotected bodies that are recommended to be examined after going to the forest.

The cost of a domestic drug for ticks BRIZ-Antiklesh is about 200 rubles per 110 ml.


  • Kills ticks of the ixodic group;

  • Filling the can according to GOST (70% of the active substance α-cypermethrin).


  • Processing is required after washing clothes and before each using equipment (tents, sleeping bags, etc.).

  • Does not protect exposed areas of the body.

Gardex Extreme

Rating: 4.7

Gardex Extreme Spray

Famous insect repellent manufacturer Gardex offers an effective spray against Extreme mites, which is convenient apply to clothing, equipment and shoes by spray dispenser. The effect of the drug is saved up to 2 weeks. The concentration of the active substance does not lead to death insect, but paralyzes it in contact with clothing. In addition to ticks Gardex Extreme helps prevent flea attacks.

Spray can not be applied to the skin, only on uniforms up to lightly moisturize the tissue. Reprocessing required after washing or after the expiration of the drug.

The cost of a 250 ml can is about 360 rubles.


  • Paralyzes known ticks and fleas, preventing them from committing bite;

  • Convenient application;

  • Long lasting effect of 15 days.


  • Relatively high price (brand);

  • Do not apply on skin.

Gardex Extreme Repellent Aerosol

Rating: 4.6

Gardex Extreme Aerosol Repellent

In fourth place, another Gardex remedy is Extreme repellent aerosol suitable for protection against ticks and other bloodsucker insects. The tool repels mosquitoes, gadflies and horseflies, retains this property for up to 4 hours – a good indicator for similar repellents. The situation with ticks is ambiguous: an aerosol applied to the skin does not scare away these parasites, it they are only paralyzed when applied to clothing when the tick is denser interacts with the active substance. But the effect saves up to 1 months (for flying insects) and up to 5 days for ticks.

The cost of a universal repellent is about 250 rubles for 150 ml


  • Suitable for protection against most known insects and ticks;

  • Long retains properties on clothing;

  • Can be applied to the skin.


  • Applied to the skin does not protect against ticks (incomplete protection);

  • Strong smell;

  • Application to the skin no more than 1 time per day is not enough for long stay in nature.

Moskitol Antiklesch

Rating: 4.6


Mosquitall Reinforced Tick Protector kills insects, preventing them from committing a bite. Moreover, the application it’s possible both on clothing before it’s moisturized, and on the skin, the manufacturer assures the same performance in both cases. Moskitol antiklesche valid for up to 2 hours on the skin and up to 5 on clothes, therefore, protection needs to be updated regularly. The facility is authorized to use for pregnant and young children from 3 years. With another hand, not all flying bloodsucking are afraid of the composition.

The cost per 100 ml is about 180 rubles.


  • Kills ticks; ·

  • It scares away some flying bloodsucker insects;

  • Can be applied to skin;

  • Safe for children from 3 years old and pregnant women.


  • Short-term effect (2 and 5 hours on skin and clothing respectively).

Medilis comfort

Rating: 4.5


The sixth place was determined by the experts of the Russian Medilis-Comfort production, designed to combat various insects: ixodid ticks, blood-sucking ticks, midges and mosquitoes, biting midges and horseflies. Active substance – detail in concentration of 20%, it can only be applied to clothes, shoes, mosquito nets and uniforms. Does not lose effectiveness for 2 weeks, and flying bloodsuckers will not disturb the tourist’s peace and in a month. Additional repellent agent alfacipermetrin. Accordingly, Medilis comfort has acaricidal-repellent properties, that is, repels insects and kills if those came into contact with the drug on clothes.

The cost of a spray of 100 ml Medilis comfort is 180 rubles.


  • Affects a wide range of harmful insects;

  • Combined acaricidal-repellent effect.

  • Long-term preservation of properties.


  • It is difficult to find in free sale, purchases mainly through pharmacies and online stores.

  • It can not be applied to the skin, does not protect exposed areas of the body.

Defi taiga

Rating: 4.5

Defi Taiga

Completes the rating in the category of products from ticks Defi-Taiga with repellent, repellent effect. Toxicity class III and IV, suitable for application on uniforms, equipment and leather, scares away not only ticks, but also mosquitoes, midges, mosquitoes. Users note unconditional effectiveness, but with short-term effect – after a few hours skin treatment have to repeat it. Defi taiga is found on the free market, spray can can be bought for 150 rubles.


  • Effectiveness against various insects, including various ticks;

  • Affordable price.


  • Short-term effect (1-2 hours).

The best modern technology from ticks

Lotions, sprays and creams, not all can be applied to the skin, their effect limited in time, and use contact means not everyone can. Manufacturers of electronics and smart technology present an unusual solution – portable devices learning sound repellent for ticks and other insects and electromagnetic waves, thus creating a safe environment on territories with a certain radius. For humans, such effects safe and almost imperceptible, have no contraindications.

On the one hand, electromagnetic devices are interesting and comfortable, on the other hand, not always effective. Marketing gimmicks or proven benefit? Experts analyzed 2 popular gadget.

Ultrasonic tick repeller “Anticlesch M”

Rating: 4.9

Ultrasonic tick repeller Antiklesh M

Battery powered AG13 small gadget “Antikleshch M” equipped with a belt, it can be worn over clothes as an accessory when camping trip. It emits ultrasonic waves that are human the ear doesn’t perceive, and the ticks feel discomfort, accordingly, they do not come close to the source, range device actions – 4 meters. The ultrasonic wave generator operates in three modes that are tuned to the frequency of ticks, fleas or bugs. Belt can be adjusted to any waist and even the neck of the animal for protection Pet’s body from bites. The device is used in any humidity. – the case is protected from water penetration.

It is worth noting: ultrasonic tick repeller “Anticlesch M” cannot be a panacea for a tick bite, but reduces the risk to a minimum. Observe safety precautions and still check body for bloodsuckers after a walk. Some users tested the device in extreme conditions and found bites. This may be caused by overlapping emitter and uneven wave distribution.

The cost of the device is about 2,200 rubles.


  • Safe device for human health;

  • Adjustable strap;

  • The case isolated from water;

  • Protects from ticks, fleas and bugs at different frequencies;

  • Long battery life – up to 4 months.


  • High price;
  • Lack of effectiveness in some cases.

Tick ​​Protector Bradex TD 0324

Rating: 4.8

Bradex TD 0324

Second-rated portable home repeller device Using Bradex TD 0324, a wall outlet. Principle of it actions – the generation of ultrasound and annoying waves, and equally acting on ticks, blood-sucking insects and rodents. Studies by the manufacturer have proven the effectiveness of the device, it It is recommended for installation in private and country houses. Powered by power network around the clock, providing a barrier to uninvited guests. However, forest ticks infiltrate houses infrequently, therefore use Bradex TD 0324 to protect against them does not make much sense, but you won’t take it with you – there is no battery slot. But as a repeller for other insects and rodents, the apparatus recommended itself positively.

You can buy a device from 500 rubles.


  • Suitable for repelling insects and rodents;

  • Works around the clock

  • Optimal cost.


  • It works only from the network (suitable for indoor use, not for hike);

  • There is no direct use for ticks.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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