9 best smoked smokehouses

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Summer is the best time to spend your free time on nature. It doesn’t have to be any walk around forest, many people like to visit their summer house in the summer. And after work I want to eat something tasty over my beds. Why not use cooking in nature smokehouse? Buying it is not difficult. But if you do not want to be the owner of a base smokehouse with smoke comes from all the slots, be sure to check out our rating. It considers almost all the options worthy of spent money on them.

Rating of the best smoked smoked houses

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best electric smokehouses 1 Bradley Smoker Original BS611EU / BS611EUB 59 900 rub.
2 Muurikka Electric 1200 W 13 990 rub.
The best traditional smokehouses 1 Harvia ws100 35 594 rub.
2 Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 47 cm 39 900 rub.
3 Alder smoke Profi 500x300x300 6 405 rub.
4 Kukmara four-tier No. 25 6 809 rub.
5 Summer season INDIGIRA KPNI-5-6 5 700 rub.
6 Alder smoke Fortune 500x300x250 3 890 rub.
7 Grillux smoky proof 2 998 rub.

The best electric smokehouses

Bradley Smoker Original BS611EU / BS611EUB

Rating: 4.9

Bradley Smoker Original BS611EU / BS611EUB

It must be the largest hot smoked smokehouse in our country. rating. The dimensions of this electrical appliance are 62x36x79 see. This, of course, is not a refrigerator, but it is already very close to it. Inside this smokehouse is a firebox, the volume of which is 37.5 liters Very decent! There is no doubt that such you can cook a lot of fish or meat with the appliance – even enough big enough company.

Of course, not everyone likes electric smokehouses. Many people I want to get meat, for the preparation of which was used smoldering wood chips. But even such people cannot but recognize a number advantages of an electrical appliance. In particular, it is implemented at least some automation. This smokehouse can do it on its own Serve briquettes by doing this every 20 minutes.

This model, like many other representatives of our rating, allows you to adjust the temperature. You can achieve the maximum 160 ° C. You can familiarize yourself with the current parameter using a thermometer. As for food, it is placed on four gratings whose dimensions are 35×28 cm. As you know, in hot smoked meat may produce fat. Here he is flows into a special pallet.

It should be noted that Bradley Smoker Original allows to carry out not only hot, but also cold smoking. Control the process is carried out using mechanical regulators, which can not but rejoice. And also pleasant emotions are caused by consumed power not exceeding 500 watts. Not bad! When you look at such a monster, it seems to you that by the power consumption will be comparable to at least a power tool, and as a maximum to a microwave.

The device also has one more advantage. It consists in the existence of two color options. If standard black the smokehouse does not suit you, then you can purchase the option with blue the door.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then this device has almost none. However, one cannot fail to note the high cost, about which we already mentioned. But if you just recently built yourself a chic a cottage, you are unlikely to regret 60 thousand rubles. Other people of course, they will look for a less expensive smokehouse.


  • Perfect build;
  • Reliable work from the power supply network;
  • Capacious fire chamber;
  • Easy mechanical control;
  • Implemented automatic briquetting;
  • Perhaps cold and hot smoking;
  • There is a tray for collecting fat;
  • It is completed with four lattices.


  • Dimensions may seem too large;
  • Very high cost.

Muurikka Electric 1200 W

Rating: 4.8

Muurikka Electric 1200 W

Our rating could not do without even at least one electric smokehouses. Such devices are in demand by customers due to the fact that they can even be used on the balcony of an apartment building. For example, there may find a place for itself an instance called Muurikka. It has a simple construction, due to which the smokehouse received a very affordable price tag. No, 14-15 thousand rubles someone else pushed. But if you like smoked food, then why not to spend that kind of money?

But just do not think that this device does not create at all no smell and smoke. If you can not provide the perfect airing, it is better to take this model to the country. There she will look perfect. Please note here not horizontal but horizontal construction is used. Cap with a wooden handle is on the side. Her discovery will allow place inside the smokehouse two sufficiently long grids, on which fit the food. On the floor, the appliance stands with four not very thick legs. In fact, they are quite enough for in order to withstand the relatively small weight of the “barrel”. Measurements show that the mass of the whole structure is only 6.7 kg And this despite the fact that almost all of it is made of become.

If you use electric smoking, then consumed power will be 1200 watts. It seems that this is quite enough to cook a very large amount of meat and fish. But why did we write an if? Yes, just a device use as a regular smokehouse, starting cooking food on wood chips.

Like it or not, only hot smoking is available to the user. However, more buyers do not need more. Yeah what’s there to say, most often people do not even suspect that there is cold smoked. But many people know about the need for fat collection. TO Fortunately, there is a corresponding pallet. Empty it no labor is not.

Not all people suspect that in a cylindrical shape the smokehouse is a serious advantage. Soot from the top the device will slide along its walls, and not fall in the form of drops for cooking food.

It remains to add that this is one of the most compact smokehouses in our rating. Its dimensions are 55x28x35 cm. Such a smokehouse fits not only in the rear seats of the car, but also in many luggage racks. However, we still recommend bringing the device to giving, where and leave it. Otherwise, each transport runs the risk of affecting the cleanliness of the cabin or the same trunk.


  • Easy transportation;
  • Comfortable and roomy grilles;
  • There is a tray for collecting fat;
  • High power;
  • Cost cannot be called prohibitive;
  • Smoke on wood chips is possible;
  • The smokehouse turned out to be very stable.


  • There is no thermometer;
  • Not everyone will find it roomy.

The best traditional smokehouses

Harvia ws100

Rating: 4.9

Harvia WS100

One of the most atypical smokehouses in our ranking. The thing is, that this model is made of white steel. Already doing it alone the smokehouse is more elegant and interesting. But she also has a rounded design! Perhaps none of your guests at first can understand what exactly appeared at your disposal.

This smokehouse can be called ordinary. This means that she is not received any electrical equipment, is used for smoking exclusively fire. There is only one drawback: cold smoking to the owner of this model will be unavailable.

A good smokehouse cannot do without a water seal. Here he is of course present. And the product received a collection pan fat. In a word, nothing should interfere with the perfect hot smoking, during which you can cook delicious fish, meat or even vegetables.

The manufacturer implies installing a smokehouse on the floor. At In this he realized the dismantling and assembly of the structure. This allows hope for easy transportation of the Harvia WS100 in the trunk roomy car. For cooking here two grilles are used. As you might guess, they also have round shape. Smoke exhaust through a very long the pipe. There are no complaints about the lid either – it is adjacent to the whole construction as tight as possible.

Perhaps this is one of the best smokehouses among those that work on traditional principle. Of course, unlike electric copies, Harvia WS100 will not offer you any automation. But it does not disappoint at all. But you get dishes that have perfect taste. By the way, the smokehouse weighs approximately 17 kg. It says about the use here of quality steel, which has a decent thickness. You can count on a very long service life smokehouses. But in fact, it can outlive you and your children, and even grandchildren.


  • High reliability;
  • A very long pipe is used;
  • The smokehouse is collapsible;
  • Made of quality steel;
  • Do not forget the water seal;
  • There is a tray for collecting fat.


  • Flat cover;
  • High price;
  • The number and size of gratings may seem insufficient.

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 47 cm

Rating: 4.8

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 47 cm

After acquiring this representative of our rating Be sure to invite guests. It is possible that they will accept this model for an aerial bomb or something like that. Also possible to think that a product can turn into an analogue of R2D2 from Star Wars. These are the thoughts that the rounded design inspires. If the smokehouse would have been painted in some atypical color … However, doing this was pointless, because in the future, in any in case of fire, the smokehouse would become just as black.

As you will soon see, many cheap smokehouses use in fuel wood chips. Well, this model implies the use of coal. There are advantages and disadvantages in this. FROM it’s easier to get dirty with coal, and getting it a little harder. But it provides much longer smoldering that allows leave the smokehouse unattended for a little longer.

As you already understood, the product is only capable of hot smoking. I am glad that there is a thermometer here – some models do without him. Almost the entire structure is made of steel. From very thick steel, as evidenced by 24 kg weight. Pay attention, the smokehouse has a decent size, its transportation can cause certain problems. To be precise, the dimensions are 50x50x106 cm. The diameter is 47 cm – larger fish won’t fit here. However, much bigger?

Of course, there is a water tray. Without it, the process it is difficult to imagine hot smoked. As for coal, he stacked in a special compartment, access to which provides very large door. Well, the food is cooked on the grills, like this implemented in other smokehouses. By the way, use coal still optional. Manufacturer permits placement inside appliance and familiar wood sawdust. But we warned you: coal will be more effective.

On the ground, the product stands as stable as possible. Give thanks for that you need three massive legs, also made of metal. Separately it should be noted the inside of the smokehouse. They are made of heat resistant enamel. It’s possible that this is what affected the price tag, reaching 30 thousand rubles. It also uses high-quality fiberglass reinforced handle.

It’s nice that this model easily turns into a barbecue. On the very few smokehouses are capable of this. It turns out that high the price tag is justified, because this smokehouse combines two things at once.


  • Convenient handle, which is the most reliable;
  • Long service life;
  • You can use coal;
  • There is a thermometer built into the lid;
  • Turns into a barbecue;
  • Reliable legs are used;
  • Insides are covered with heat-resistant enamel;
  • Great look.


  • Complicated transportation
  • Very high cost.

Alder smoke Profi 500x300x300

Rating: 4.7

Alder smoke Profi 500x300x300

Our rating also includes significantly more compact smokehouses. After all, not all of them are intended for permanent use in the same place. There are smokehouses that usually taken with you when you go outdoors. Such an instance must fit in the trunk of the car, where at the same time they will lie tent, sleeping bag, spinning rods and, of course, products. And such Smoke case does not interfere with a cover that would not allow the trunk get dirty.

All of the above parameters correspond to several smokehouses sold in Russian online stores. The best of which is considered Alder smoke Profi. She is different in moderation small size, high-quality steel construction and modest price tag. But let’s get acquainted with all the parameters in more detail. Smokehouse dimensions – 50x30x30 cm. Some kind of a bunch of meat and fish in such a You do not cook a small smokehouse. But if your company does not consist of six to seven people, it is unlikely you will feel this disadvantage. As for the cost, it is 6-7 thousand. rubles. Little. But it would be strange if sellers would ask more. There are no electrical components here. Actually the product consists only of sheets of steel. With their help, even water seal, without which it is difficult to imagine quality hotter smoking. The wall thickness of the furnace is 2 mm. It seems that this will be quite enough. Larger thickness would play already minus, so how she would have made the smokehouse too heavy.

I am glad that the smokehouse received a pan for collecting fat. And here a flat lid is not the best solution of the manufacturer. If she was at an angle to food, the soot would not fall on fish and meat in the form of drops. Alas, nothing of the kind has been realized here. However, this does not mean that everything is completely bad. Just don’t count for the perfect cooking result – an experienced chef he certainly not satisfied, which cannot be said about ordinary people.

Food here needs to be placed on wire racks. Included two pieces are delivered. Spare, of course, no. However, that can happen to them? In the box with the product you will find case that we already mentioned. It is painted in khaki. IN the smoker itself will find a nice bonus – a bag with wood chips. Consequently, you can start smoking hot food almost immediately after purchase. But do not forget that this bag is enough just once. However, wood chips are one of the cheapest types. fuel, so do not worry, you definitely will not go broke buying these sawdust.


  • It is completed with a cover and chips;
  • A water seal is used;
  • The drip tray is not forgotten;
  • Robust construction;
  • Easy transportation;
  • Low cost.


  • Flat cover;
  • There is no thermometer.

Kukmara four-tier No. 25

Rating: 4.6

Kukmara four-tier No. 25

As you may have noticed, most often smokehouses are bunk. This means that two gratings are installed in them. But there are exceptions to the rule. For example, Kukmara smokehouse is already four-story. This design is implemented due to that the smokehouse is elongated. However, this does not make her any huge. On the contrary, the smokehouse turned out to be very compact. Its dimensions 25x25x45 cm allow you to put the product in inside the car or throw it in the trunk, delivering it somewhere to the cottage.

This is the first representative of our rating, made from of stainless steel. And this cannot be considered a virtue or disadvantage. Although not everyone will like a brilliant appearance, with it’s hard to argue. We are used to the fact that the smokehouse painted black. However, if you forget about the material from which made the smokehouse, the other disadvantages of the product not. The thickness of its walls is 1.5 mm, which does not allow them bend when pressed. At the top of the smokehouse is water trap making the meat cooking process as much as possible right. Also, the product received a pan for collecting fat, which is also can not but rejoice.

Why did the smokehouse get such a name? After all, this is not the 25th by account model from this manufacturer? Everything is very simple. Length and the width of this smokehouse is 25 cm. Regarding the height, then it is 45 cm. In short, this is a very compact model. Yes also not very heavy, weight is 11.26 kg.

As in other smokehouses, food is placed on the grill. Their number was indicated above. While cooking the smokehouse is covered. There is a little problem here. Even two. The lid is flat, which is why at its bottom condensation builds up. He is slowly dripping on meat, located on the topmost grille. And when you open the lid, condensation starts literally pouring from one of the corners. That’s why more expensive smokehouses usually have a rounded or triangular form. Another problem is a pen made from metal. As a result, opening the cover may require mitt or glove. And about the absence of a thermometer, you can not to say – they don’t embed it in budgetary smokehouses.

This model does not have a pipe. More precisely, she is here there is, but its length does not reach 5 cm. Mounted in the lid the pipe resembles the spout of a teapot.

In a word, this is a good smokehouse, the disadvantages of which arise solely out of its value. If this is your first time buying a product of this kind, it’s quite possible to try to get a model called Kukmara. Even if you smoked food I’m not going to like it, you’re unlikely to regret the money spent. If a are you crazy about such food, then in the future it will be possible to buy something more expensive – something from what was considered at the beginning of this rating.


  • Good steel case;
  • Easy transportation;
  • It is completed with four lattices;
  • Low cost;
  • There is a tray for collecting fat.


  • The cover would not hurt;
  • There is no thermometer;
  • Metal handles get very hot;
  • A flat cover is used.

Summer season INDIGIRA KPNI-5-6

Rating: 4.5

Summer season INDIGIRKA KPNI-5-6

Another Russian-made smokehouse. She has the habitual form, while a stand consisting of four metal legs. Pleased with the steel used here. It polished, so it will reflect the environment. IN As a result, the smokehouse looks much prettier in nature than somewhere in the garage.

However, the construction used here is ideal. still not. Attentive reader of our rating is required Pay attention to the flat cover. This means that it will be accumulate condensate. And the trouble is not that gradually he will drip on the cooking dish. This condensate will pour in a stream with one of the corners immediately after you lift the cover. However, not so much a stream, because the size of the smokehouse is minimal. If a to be precise, the dimensions are 35x30x25 cm. They make the smokehouse of one of the smallest in our selection. But even her enough to cook fish or meat for several person. You just need to stock up with enough chips, smoldering which provides the process of hot smoking.

As mentioned above, the case of this product was created from become. Its thickness is 1.5 mm. A bit, but the weight of the smokehouse does not exceed 6 kg. Of course, if you are going to keep a smokehouse in one place, without moving it anywhere, it’s better to consider the option, created from thicker steel. As for the smokehouse from “Summer season”, then it was created for attacks on nature, where it is carried in the trunk of a car. The cover hints at it, supplied in the kit. He will not let the trunk get dirty burning, remaining on the walls of the smokehouse.

As you might have guessed, the food here is stacked on complete lattice. In the upper part of the smokehouse there is a water lock – it is he who prevents the smoke from penetrating beyond the cover. There is for him only one way – to a small pipe whose length is equal literally a few centimeters. And the product also has a tray for collecting fat. This is a necessary thing, but some smoke makers still forget about it.

Perhaps this is a good away option. Not bad for those who don’t going to nature or in the country by a particularly large company. Dimensions smokehouses allow you to feed a couple of people with children, not Furthermore. The main advantage of this model is very low cost. However, there is one difficulty. The thing is that this smokehouse is discontinued. In some online stores she still remained, but from them she will disappear soon enough. Therefore, we advise you to hurry with the purchase!


  • Very light weight;
  • It fits in the trunk of a car;
  • Included is a case;
  • The drip tray is not forgotten;
  • Steady design;
  • Not a very high cost.


  • The thickness of the steel could be a little larger;
  • Flat cover applied;
  • Small capacity;
  • There is no thermometer.

Alder smoke Fortune 500x300x250

Rating: 4.4

Alder smoke Fortune 500x300x250

Another relatively small smokehouse in our ranking. it the second representative of this collection, created from stainless become. It beautifully reflects the surrounding space, but do not forget that all scratches are clearly visible on stainless steel, and their will gradually become more and more.

The dimensions of this model are 50x30x25 cm. In its shape, it looks like a dog kennel. This similarity is due to the triangular the lid. Why did she get such a form? The fact is that tilts of the lid allow condensation to drain continuously to the walls products. Drops with it do not fall on cooked food. And when you take the lid in your hands, the condensate does not literally begin to pour with one of the edges. In this regard, the smokehouse from the company “Alder Smoke” much more convenient than many other analogues with the same price tag. TO In short, the cost of the product is 7-8 thousand rubles. Optimal price list for a smokehouse with such dimensions.

If we continue to talk about dimensions, then it’s easy guess that such a smokehouse will often be put in the trunk a car. The fact is that this is the best option for fishing or usual outings. The product turned out to be heavy. All over visibility due to the thickness of the steel used, which is 2 mm. But there is nothing to worry about. More importantly, the smokehouse It is completed with a cover. He will not let the trunk walls get dirty with soot and soot.

The rest is a typical smokehouse, using as fuel wood chips. Packing with her, by the way, Comes complete. Between the lid and the main part of the smokehouse water lock is located. On the lid itself you can find no only a pen, but also a small pipe through which smoke comes out. AND here there is no thermometer here – they are equipped with more expensive models. Yes and to the handles have certain complaints – they quickly heat up, due to Why open the lid often only with mittens or some gloves. It’s strange that the pen here just one. This does not make opening the lid particularly convenient.

If you have a welding machine at your disposal, you can easily place the second handle on the lid. Well, the drill will add thermometer – to buy it in a store is not difficult. But It’s a shame that to achieve perfect convenience you will have to “collective farm”.

What else does this model have, with the exception of the grilles, without which not a single smokehouse costs? Perhaps it can be noted only a pan for collecting fat. The rest is unlikely you this product something to surprise.


  • Included are a case and a bag with alder chips;
  • There is a tray for collecting fat;
  • The cost cannot be called very high;
  • Thoughtful cap;
  • Easy transportation.


  • There is no thermometer;
  • The second handle would not hurt on the lid.

Grillux smoky proof

Rating: 4.3

Grillux Smoky proof

Ending our rating must be the simplest smokehouse. If you were suddenly going to make your own smokehouse hands, using the grinder, welding machine and others tools, then with a high degree of probability you would have succeeded something similar to grillux smoky proof.

This model is a two-tier. That means inside her two lattices are placed on which meat is placed. By itself, grilles are supplied. Smokehouse dimensions – 48x22x28.5 see. Therefore, this is the smallest representative of our rating. The depth of his bowl is only 16 cm. However, this is enough to to smoke fish or meat for two to three people.

Perhaps the main drawback of this smokehouse is the walls. The fact is that their thickness barely reaches 1.2 mm. Such steel is easy misses. If you handle sloppy smoking, you can do harm. However, it is unlikely that you will touch it very much often. Practice shows that hot smoking is carried out only two to three times a year.

It remains to add that the manufacturer did not forget about the water seal. AND there is no pipe here. Even the smallest. This will cause certain Problems. And it’s not worth mentioning the thermometer – he couldn’t appear in such an inexpensive smokehouse.

It seems to us that this is a very budget option. Yes it can purchase for just 3,500 rubles using the services popular online store. But it’s better to be confused with the purchase a slightly more expensive smokehouse – in the future it will cause you less problems with its intended use.


  • Easy transportation;
  • Thought-out lattices;
  • Very low cost.


  • You need to sew the case yourself;
  • Small capacity;
  • No pipe;
  • There is no pan for collecting fat;
  • There is no thermometer;
  • Very thin walls.


This is the list of the best smokehouses among those that you can now purchase in Russian stores. We tried in detail talk about both electric and conventional models. Last use wood chips, which is not difficult to buy. TO In short, you can make a smokehouse with your own hands! But for this you will need thick metal, a welding machine, the ability to wield it and, most importantly, free time. Lots of free time. Sometimes it’s much easier to spend several thousand rubles, having already acquired finished smokehouse.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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