9 best remedies for bruises

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Bruises, or bruises, are familiar to everyone. A bruise is a subcutaneous accumulation of blood released into the tissue through microcracks in capillary vessels. In tissues, blood flowing from blood vessels coagulates, and then begins a multi-day “flowering” of the bruise associated with a phased the breakdown of hemoglobin. A bruise is usually a natural consequence blunt soft tissue injury, and therefore many local remedies, aimed at eliminating bruises, have in their composition painkillers and anti-inflammatory components that at the same time reduce swelling and pain that occurs after injuries.

But sometimes bruises occur on their own, and this should always alarm. It is known that normally in humans never bleeding gums, spontaneous rupture of blood vessels under skin and hemorrhages, for example, in the sclera of the eyeball. The spontaneous appearance of bruises is an occasion to turn to specialist, and above all, check the liver. After all, in this the organ synthesizes those proteins that regulate the process coagulation. If a person has little protein (hypoproteinemia) due to chronic liver disease, then bruising and bleeding, or hemorrhagic syndrome, will it constant and unwanted companion. First of all, it’s about chronic liver failure, cirrhosis, alcohol hepatitis and other pathologies.

But in this rating of drugs, we will proceed from assumptions of the usual occurrence of bruising due to soft bruising tissues. How to speed up the resorption of a bruise? What is better use if a bruise occurs under the eye? After all, you can’t apply warming and burning ointments, you can spoil your eyesight and get severe burn. Finally, what drugs can be used if there is no pain anymore, and which drugs to use for pain and swelling? These funds will be discussed in this rating. All they are ointments, creams or gels for topical Applications are freely sold over the counter. Prices for all preparations are given for the beginning of 2019 as average data for pharmacies of all forms of ownership in the Russian Federation.

Rating of the best remedies for bruises

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best remedies for bruises on the body 1 Troxevasin Gel 250 rub
2 Bruise off 148 rub
3 Dolobene 420 rub
4 Lyoton 1000 550 rub
Best remedies for bruises and bruises 1 Indovazin 300 rub
2 Gel with a badadya 911 105 rub
3 Balm “Ambulance” from bruises and bruises 160 rub
The best remedies for bruising under the eyes 1 Arnigel 307 rub
2 Stopsyinyak with a badagi stick for face and body 105 rub

The best remedies for bruises on the body

The review begins with drugs that do not have a bright pronounced analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity, and just dissolving bruises. Therefore, they are recommended when there is only a cosmetic defect and therefore at least a day has passed since the moment of injury, and the condition is not acute. Also, these local funds can apply with a different mechanism of hematoma formation, for example with decreased blood coagulation.

Troxevasin Gel

Rating: 4.9


Opens the rating of local remedies for bruises Troxevasin – gel, which is available as a 2% concentration of the active substance. The drug contains a derivative of rutin – troxerutin. This means are very popular for the treatment of chronic insufficiency of veins of the lower extremities, and it is described in the section drugs for the treatment of varicose veins. But besides venotonic and venoprotective action, troxerutin It has anticoagulant and antioxidant activity. is he reduces capillary fragility and their permeability to the liquid part blood, and increases the tone of smooth muscles of small vessels. In if capillary rupture has already occurred, as it happens with the formation of a bruise, then Troxevasin improves absorbability spilled blood.

Troxevasin is indicated for bruises and bruises of various soft tissues localization, as well as with varicose veins and with varicose dermatitis. Troxevasin – gel should be applied to the site of injury twice a day, morning and evening, and rub it until completely absorbed. Releases Troxevasin gel in tubes weighing 40 g Bulgarian company Balkanpharma, and the average cost is 250 rubles per packaging.

Advantages and disadvantages

The big plus of Troxevasin is the ability to quickly get rid of puffiness and accelerate the resolution of the bruise. Good Troxevasin works in places where there is extensive capillary a mesh that is close to the surface of the skin as it facilitates absorption. If the bruises are on the hip, on forearm, on the skin of the abdomen, then after two or three days from them nothing will not stay. If there is an extensive hematoma, then Troxevasin Of course, she will cope with it, but already in a week. By cons of the drug may include shallow absorption. Therefore, if bruises are located deep, it is better to take ointment. Also a drug despite being well tolerated, it can cause allergies, dermatitis or urticaria.

Bruise off

Rating: 4.8


This gel is specifically designed to accelerate the lysis of hematomas, resorption of domestic bruising, is actively used after surgical interventions for applying to the seams. It can be applied both with body injuries and bruises on the face, including on areas of skin under the eyes. What does it consist of? Components – leech extract, as well as pentoxifylline. Extract is known leeches contains hirudin, and this substance allows leeches drink blood with impunity, which does not clot.

This is a natural anticoagulant, and such an effect on curled up the blood that makes up the hematoma will be slow but effective resorption of this blood clot. Concerning pentoxifylline, then this drug improves capillary blood circulation, and a lysed hematoma will disappear faster. therefore You can consider these components matched successfully. This medicine it is necessary to apply four to five times a day to the desired area skin, and rub with soft, massaging movements, but without effort. This gel preparation is imported into Ukrainian Ukraine Biocon company, and the average cost of a tube of 30 g is 148 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Plus gel Bruise off – a well-chosen composition that allows you to efficiently and quickly absorb hematomas. This means It is inexpensive, but, alas, it is applied 5 times a day. it the frequency is too high, and not everyone will like it. Besides this gel can not be used for people with low blood coagulation, with bleeding gums, the phenomena of hemorrhagic syndrome.


Rating: 4.8


Gel Dolobene is used to absorb bruises and bruises. IN Its composition already has 3 active active ingredients. Heparin – anticoagulant, dexpanthenol is a provitamin that improves trophic skin, and dimethyl sulfoxide (Dimexide). As a result, the remedy It has anti-inflammatory and decongestant effects, with a slight analgesic effect. Heparin dilutes blood and improves resorption of hematoma, Dexpanthenol improves trophic skin in place injuries, and Dimexidum enhances these effects. Shown Dolobene at many injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including including inflammatory. These are myositis and bursitis, cervicobrachial syndrome, neuralgia and neuritis, dislocations, sprains and hematomas.

Dolobene is applied topically, and is applied to the skin no more than 4 times in day. You can use dressings under which the gel is applied. The duration of treatment depends on the size of the bruise and severity. hematomas, the drug can be applied to the skin of the face, but you can’t apply it to the mucous membranes. Releases Dolobene German company Merckle, and the most popular packaging in 90 g will cost on average, 500 rubles. The smallest packaging at 45g has an average cost almost the same – 420 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Dolobene is an effective remedy not only for bruises, but and from numerous bruises, sprains and dislocations, therefore it It is recommended to have in every home medicine cabinet. It should be remembered that applying the drug to the skin enhances photosensitivity, and therefore, if you use Dolobene in the summer, it is advisable not to sunbathe, and do not visit the solarium. The plus of Dolobene is the ability to use it as a contact gel and iontophoresis. Of the side effects, skin reactions are most common, such like redness. Due to the content of dimexide, a patient with sulfide intolerance specific reactions, and also a temporary change in taste. But overall Dolobene tolerated very well, and if applied on the first day after getting bruised and bruised, he is able to quickly eliminate hematoma and relieve edema.

Lyoton 1000

Rating: 4.7

LYOTON 1000.jpg

Such an interesting name arose because in every gram Lyoton contains 1000 units in terms of heparin, the current substance of this gel. Heparin is a natural anticoagulant, therefore, it should be used only if not severe pain and swelling, and you just need to resolve the bruise. If a if there is pain, then he will not cope with it, as well as with expressed swelling. But minor swelling, he easily removes. His physiological effect reduces platelet aggregation, increase fluidity of blood and reduces its coagulation.

Lioton 1000 is shown, except for the fight against bruises and hematomas, with thrombophlebitis of superficial veins, after surgery on the veins, and with injuries and bruises of muscles, tendons, and periarticular tissues. Apply Lyoton to the skin by squeezing a strip of 3 to 10 cm length, depending on the area and degree of development of the hematoma, and rub in with light movements, not more than 3 times a day. Releases Lyoton 1000 pharmaceutical company Berlin Hemi, Germany. The most popular packaging in 50 grams will cost 550 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any good drug, Lyoton 1000 has both pros and cons. It is spent much less than heparin ointment, as it is more concentrated. Can it apply pregnant women, the range of indications he has is very wide. Sometimes this gel can be applied to the face with edema, this often used by women. But in the event that on a site of a hematoma skin is damaged, there are wounds, then after applying Lyoton-1000 there is a risk of increased capillary bleeding if blood is not yet stopped. Finally, Lyoton has a fairly high price.

The best remedies for bruises and bruises

Some remedies from the previous section could deal with pain and edema due to its well-balanced composition, an example is Dolobene. But there are special ointments, gels and creams that simultaneously improve trophic tissue reduce the severity of bruises, and at the same time contain substances from the group non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, natural components – Trampolines that anesthetize and reduce the symptoms of inflammation and swelling. We describe the most effective and popular drugs from this groups.


Rating: 4.9


A review of local remedies for bruises was begun with Troxevasin, in the composition of which includes troxerutin. And what will happen if troxerutin combine with a popular drug from the NSAID group, indomethacin, or voltaren? The result is highly effective gel – Indovazin. It is indicated for chronic insufficiency of veins of the lower extremities, with bursitis, arthrosis, and also with bruises, and sprains, bruises and bruises. Indovazin has analgesic effect, reduces edema, protects blood vessels and relieves inflammation by reducing cyclooxygenase activity. Indovazin should be used with a small strip, from 1 to 2 cm, which rub the affected areas 3 times a day with light movements. Course treatment should not exceed 10 days without consulting a doctor. Bulgarian pharmaceutical company produces indovazine Balkanpharma, and one tube of 45 grams will cost 300 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Indovazin is a highly effective drug and it is fast resolves the hematoma and eliminates inflammation, while the drug has a good price and is available to everyone. But keep in mind that in its composition is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, and this means that it is contraindicated during pregnancy, can cause minor allergic reactions, and can not be applied for a long time gel over large areas if the patient has exacerbation of a peptic ulcer and duodenum, or erosive gastritis.

Gel with a badadya 911

Rating: 4.8

Gel with a gadget 911

Trampolines are single-celled creatures that live as colonies in exceptionally clean, running water. Their microscopic skeletons are made up of silica, and silica is nothing but silica, which usually consists of sand. But skeletons the bugs have too thin, microscopic oxide needles silicon, which are called spicules. From these skeletons are prepared powder, it is able to mechanically irritate the skin, because in it, Roughly speaking, millions of miniature sand needles are stuck. As a result, there is a flow of blood to this area, and is caused hyperemia.

After the blood begins to flow from the application zone, it carries away the remains of hemorrhage. Tramp has long been used in traditional medicine for the treatment of bruises and bruises, it is also used in present. In addition to the extract of badiaga, the composition of the gel with badiaga 911 includes chamomile and horse chestnut extract, oil juniper, arnica, mint and tea tree, plus perfumery composition. As a result, the gel resolves hematomas faster, has antiseptic effect, and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. It must be used by rubbing into the affected area 2-3 times a day. Produce this gel in tubes with a volume of 100 milliliters domestic manufacturer of Twins fuel and energy complex, packaging costs about 100 rubles, which quite inexpensive.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of a badiaga is a proven experience: it really well and quickly removes bruises and bruises. Sponge from Badyagi helps cleanse the skin of the face, and for the same reason get rid of acne. It stimulates blood flow, enhances local immunity, and the ability of the epidermis to regenerate. But there is and cons. So, you need to rub the gel often enough, and it doesn’t always comfortable. In addition, the badyaga and all products from it have specific and not quite pleasant smell. Finally, you need not forget that the mechanism of action is penetration into the skin the smallest silica needles. Therefore, after application, there may be tingling, and redness of the skin, and it will be completely fine.

Balm “Ambulance” from bruises and bruises

Rating: 4.8


Balm “Ambulance” contains a large number of natural extracts, including the badyag, which was mentioned above. it a unique composition in the form of a liquid ointment called balm. The active components are emulsion wax, camphor with cooling effect, extract of sage and grub, mint, horse chestnut and lavender, ginkgo biloba extract. This impressive the composition additionally contains silver ions. IN As a result, this balm has a very high healing activity. with various scratches, abrasions, scuffs, as combined with violation of the integrity of the skin, and without it.

Apply balm up to three times a day on the affected area skin, use the balm should be until the bruise is completely absorbed. The Russian company Korolev-Farm produces this balm, and a tube of 100 ml costs only 160 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

This balm is well balanced, has a white color, creamy texture and pleasant smell, it can be applied on the skin around the eyes, the balm has no side effects, beyond except for the development of individual intolerance, its price low. It can be used with very broad indications, and even with sunburn.

The best remedies for bruising under the eyes

In conclusion, the rating of local funds that help with the occurrence of hematomas, or bruises, you need to talk about drugs for application on especially delicate and sensitive skin. This is about skin under the eyes and around the eyes. Incorrectly selected cream, gel or ointment can cause lacrimation, photophobia, conjunctivitis, allergic reaction, swelling of the eyes and other unpleasant symptoms. What local preparations can be applied fearlessly to the skin around the eyes to remove bruises?


Rating: 4.9


One of these delicately acting gels will be Arnigel, containing arnica extract. Arnika – popularly known medical plant, has a calming effect, hemostatic and absorbable effect. In folk medicine, arnica has long been used, in the form of lotions for abrasions, bruises and bruises. Apply Arnigel must be carefully on the skin around the eyes. Launches Arnigel French company – Boiron laboratory, and 45 ml tube will cost about 300 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of this drug is the absence of contraindications and side effects, like any homeopathic remedy. is he calms, anesthetizes, helps to resolve hematomas, and improves blood circulation in the infraorbital region, that is, under eyeball. The drug is not contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, and also shown when applied to the skin under the eyes with bites of blood-sucking insects.

Stopsyinyak with a badagi stick for face and body

Rating: 4.8


The cosmetics industry produces cosmetic sticks, which contain a badyagi, and are applied both to a body, and for faces. A lot of bruises make up components: this is an extract of badiaga, arnica as in the previous preparation, rutin, camelina oil, lipotropic vitamins A and E, and Shea Butter. Arnica together with badagi improve metabolism in depth skin, stimulates resorption of the bruise, and restores natural color of the skin.

Routine increases the amount of elastic elements in the subcutaneous fiber. Lipotropic vitamins and vegetable oils have antioxidant effect, moisturize and nourish dry skin. There are no contraindications to this cosmetic product, except individual intolerance, and apply this product to the skin under eyes can be painless. Release Stick Stopsyinyak domestic Galant Cosmetic company, and the cost of one small stick is an average of 105 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The plus is inexpensive price, compactness, good the ability to mask hematomas and bruises on the skin of the face, the ability moisturize and soften dry skin. The tool has a dense texture, does not flow and softens, and has a pleasant smell. The disadvantages of the inherent drugs, this remedy not found, but, however, may be individual intolerance.

In conclusion, it should be said that not all bruises around the eyes requires the application of ointments, creams and gels. May well pass for medicine and even ambulance ice cubes if a decoction of mint or chamomile was frozen.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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