9 best magnesium supplements

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

In free sale, or in over-the-counter access, is available many different multivitamins and mineral supplements that contain magnesium in the form of various compounds. What is it needed for magnesium? What periods of life require its increased consumption? Which drugs sold in pharmacies are best for balance, digestibility and price? It is to these questions and meets the current rating of over-the-counter magnesium drugs. All prices are for spring 2019 for pharmacies of all forms property in the Russian Federation. But you should start with biological role of this element to know the reasons for it deficit.

If you should “scrape over the gravel” of our body, then pure magnesium in each of us will be no more than 25 – 26 grams. However, this amount is more than enough to ensure the work of many millions of enzyme molecules, and there are more than 300 different species. Magnesium in an ionized and bound form plays an important role. in maintaining the water-salt and electrolyte balance, takes involved in the transport of molecules through membranes. Ions of this metal are necessary to maintain physiological muscle tone, in including smooth muscles of blood vessels and internal organs that innervated by the autonomic nervous system. Magnesium is capable induce inhibition processes in the central nervous system, considered an anti-stress factor.

Approximately one in three people is deficient in magnesium, in due to his lack of food. The most common cause of nutritional lack of this substance is the use of agricultural fertilizers, and leaching of magnesium from the soil. As a result in plant crops, cereals and vegetables, an element deficiency occurs. Second the reason is prolonged heat treatment that destroys the most digestible organic compounds of magnesium.

About the causes of deficiency and daily requirement

If, for a healthy adult, a slight magnesium deficiency does not is any critical condition then for patients with epilepsy and convulsive syndromes, severe forms of atherosclerosis and diabetes, with arterial hypertension and osteoporosis deficiency of this metal can cause serious complications. During the period of breastfeeding and pregnancy requires increased magnesium consumption, but that’s fine. Similarly, a lot of magnesium spent in childhood and adolescence, due to intense growth and maturation of the body, activation of the enzyme systems.

High consumption of magnesium occurs in athletes, persons involved heavy muscle work. Magnesium is excreted with sweat, and therefore people which are often visited by steam rooms and saunas, it is necessary to replenish emerging deficit with greater intensity. To the lack of it the element also brings various emotional stresses, insomnia, numerous trips leading to the phenomenon jetlag when a person has been outside his own for quite some time time zone.

There is a chronic deficiency of magnesium in the elderly. In this case, a low concentration of this element in the blood leads to high levels of calcium, which increases blood coagulation, and leads to an excessive process of thrombosis.

Finally, diuretics, spirits, frequent coffee also may lead to periodic leaching of magnesium from the body. At deficiency is most often in mild cases of insomnia, restlessness, fatigue. In severe hypomagnesemia occurs increased tendency to convulsive seizures.

What is the daily requirement for this metal? On average, from 400 to 800 mg per day. In the event that there is a deficit (which is easy check using laboratory diagnostic methods), in addition, it is necessary to add up to 30 mg of magnesium for each kilogram of body weight daily. It is advisable that he act in the body in combination with pyridoxine, or pyridoxalphosphate. it vitamin B6 and it improves resistance to stress. Insofar as low stress resistance contributes to deficiency magnesium, then this co-administration of magnesium and vitamin B6 is considered favorable.

Rating of the best magnesium preparations

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Magnesium Citrate 1 Magne Express 535 rub
2 Magnelis B6 Forte 468 rub
3 Magnesium Chelate Evalar 933 rub
Best Magnesium Asparaginate 1 Panangin, Panangin Forte 343 rub
2 Asparkam 43 rub
best magnesium lactate 1 Complivit Magnesium 232 rub
2 Magne B6 476 RUB
3 Magnelis B6 302 rub
4 Magnesium Orotate: Magnnerot (Magnemax) 633 rub

Magnesium preparations

Currently there are many modern magnesium-containing drugs that reduce unpleasant symptoms of hypomagnesemia, and replenish its physiological reserves. But not all drugs are equally well absorbed and tolerated. IN pharmacies are found as compounds of magnesium ions with organic acids, and with inorganic.

An example of organic magnesium compounds is lactate, orotate, asparaginate, malate and magnesium citrate. Under these names hides radicals of organic acids acting as anions – negatively charged parts in general electrically neutral molecules. Accordingly, we are talking about compounds of magnesium ions with lactic acid (lactate), orotic acid (orotate), amino amber (asparaginate), apple (malate) and lemon (citrate). All these compounds are popular, are part of many drugs and dietary supplements, and will be described below.

Inorganic compounds exist that are represented in in the form of magnesium sulfate, or ordinary magnesium sulfate, and also in form of magnesium oxide. The distinctive quality of these inorganic substances – their inability to compensate for the deficiency of magnesium. The thing is that their bioavailability, that is, digestibility the body naturally through the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, very low. Therefore, magnesia, or magnesium sulfate, perfectly fights constipation, and can also be administered intravenously, in an emergency. As a biological supplement for long-term replenishment of the deficit, it can not be applied.

With magnesium oxide, the exact same situation. In some case, preparations that include oxide are prescribed for constipation, but not are biologically active additives. Consider the most active, popular and safe preparations containing magnesium.

Best magnesium citrate

Open a list of drugs products containing citrate magnesium, or a compound of magnesium with citric acid. In organism both magnesium and citric acid are absorbed because it takes part in the Krebs cycle, or the tricarboxylic acid cycle. That is why citrate, which is taken in moderation in order to prevent deficiency of this element, simultaneously activates biological oxidation and cellular respiration. Bioavailability of all preparations of magnesium citrate is quite high, they highly effective, and healthy.

Magne Express

Rating: 4.9


Magne Express is a combination of magnesium citrate with vitamin B6. This combination is considered mutually beneficial, and enhancing the effect. both components. Magne Express is not only for correction mild failure, but also as a preventative measure, as biologically active food supplement.

It’s known that the main source of magnesium in food is nuts, cereals, various seeds, halva and green vegetables. Therefore in in case there is a shortage of these foods, or their culinary processing provides for a long thermal exposure, magnesium deficiency may occur. Magne produced Express in bags, in the form of sachets. Inside each sachet are special granules for resorption.

It is necessary to take this drug one sachet twice a day, and dissolve – with food. They do not need to be washed down with water. Average course duration – about 1 month. These granules have sweet and sour taste, and resemble the aroma of tropical fruits. Produced by Magne Express Austrian pharmaceutical company Hermes, and the cost of one package in 20 sachets, on average, is 520 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Although the bioavailability of magnesium citrate is high, it the drug is recommended to be used as a dietary supplement, but to compensate for the developed hypomagnesemia with its help should not be. For this, there are special drugs, for example, ampouled Magne B6 drug, which is magnesium lactate, and described below. Therefore, Magne Express is undesirable to use with pregnancy and lactation, with severe renal failure, as well as if the patient is taking levodopa drugs for the treatment of parkinsonism. The relative disadvantage is quite high price: a monthly course of taking Magne Express will cost The patient is approximately 1000 rubles.

Magnelis B6 Forte

Rating: 4.8

Magnelis V6 Forte

Magnelis B6 Forte is a classic citrate compound magnesium and pyridoxine hydrochloride, or vitamin B6. In each the tablet contains 618 mg of magnesium citrate, which is equivalent 100 milligrams of ionized form of pure metal. Produced the drug is in tablets, 60 pieces are in the package.

Magnelis B6 Forte is shown to treat a deficiency of this element, both isolated and associated with other conditions, such as hypovitaminosis and a nutritional diagnosis failure. The clinical signs in which it is prescribed this drug, there may be irritability, stomach cramps and bowel, increased heart rate, paresthesia and crawling muscles, unpleasant pain in them, and various muscle cramps.

Magnelis B6 Forte is usually used from 3 to 4 tablets per day, depending on the severity of magnesium deficiency with meals. Minimum dosage – 2 tablets per day. Standard course of admission is one month. Produces Magnelis B6 Forte domestic manufacturer – Pharmstandard company at the facilities of the Tomsk chemical farm. Average the cost of one package of 60 tablets is 550 rubles. IN depending on the dosage – it can be 10 days of admission or a whole a monthly course if you take 2 tablets daily.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of this drug will be the ability to compensate lack of magnesium, but like all other products containing magnesium, there are contraindications. This is a serious form. chronic renal failure, again taking levodopa, and also age up to 12 years. This fact is associated with a disadvantage. research, and therefore if the child is diagnosed magnesium deficiency, then in this case it is necessary to take another a drug that can be prescribed to children. Next will be described the remedy is Magne B6 in ampoules. Also relative minus may be high cost. If a person takes 4 tablets per day, then packing 60 tablets is enough for him only for two weeks, and the monthly rate will already cost 1000 rubles.

Magnesium Chelate Evalar

Rating: 4.7

Magnesium Chelate Evalar

What are chelates? Nothing to do with a bathrobe and they do not have negligence. Chelate complex is a special kind compounds of large molecules with metal atoms, which simultaneously gives a stable structure, and protects the metal from various chemical reactions. Chelates facilitate its transport to the necessary place, and then the chelate complex quietly disintegrates to pieces, and the metal ion begins to have an active effect, there, where you need to. Getting a chelate complex is not at all easy. For this modern chemical production is needed.

It is such a high-tech production now launched at Evalar. Magnesium Chelate from Evalar is the ability to obtain an easily accessible and easily digestible form of magnesium. It is easily absorbed, as it does not require additional transformations in the body. Its digestibility is almost 100%. Chelated form of magnesium is tolerated to patients, as well as other metals, very good, and able to penetrate transplacental barrier.

Evalar Magnesium Chelate is shown as a dietary supplement, for prevention of stress and cardiovascular disease, for maintaining health during pregnancy and breastfeeding feeding. Magnesium Chelate is indicated for adults and children over 14 years of age. These pills are expensive: a pack of 60 tablets will cost the average price of 920 rubles. According to the instructions, take as adults and children need one or two tablets per day during food Time. The course is a month. This means that the packaging is enough just for monthly rate.

Advantages and disadvantages

A big plus of the chelated magnesium compound is the high bioavailability, good tolerance and digestibility, ability to mild form prevent various conditions associated with magnesium deficiency. Even a relatively high price should not scare since one package is immediately enough for a monthly course.

But there are inevitable disadvantages that are completely unrelated to release forms, and with the entry into the body of the element itself. It, as in the previous case, treatment with levodopa and severe drugs forms of renal failure in which it is simply contraindicated load of the body with magnesium ions that sick kidneys cannot to withdraw. Also, Evalar does not produce medicinal drugs, and therefore in the testimony there is no diagnosis of mild and secondary hypomagnesemia. Therefore, you need to take this drug in your preventive pleasure.

Best Magnesium Asparaginate

Perhaps it is magnesium and potassium asparaginate that is best known. elderly people and patients who are being treated by a cardiologist. The fact is that in the Russian Federation most of these are sold well-known drugs for the prevention of magnesium and potassium deficiency as Panangin and Asparkam. In these dosage forms, magnesium ions and potassium connected to the remainder of the aspartic, or amino amber acids. This amino acid residue is also of great importance. for the exchange of nitrogen, takes part in the synthesis of pyrimidine bases, which are then served in nucleic acids. For potassium and magnesium asparaginate is characterized by good bioavailability, and the most common ones are Panangin and Asparkam.

Panangin, Panangin Forte

Rating: 4.9

Panangin, Panangin Forte

It was indicated above that Panangin and Asparkam like to appoint general practitioners and cardiologists, the elderly. The fact is that in the composition of Panangin is included, in addition to magnesium, also potassium, namely, a deficiency potassium often leads to impaired cardiac activity and heart rate. Why can potassium deficiency occur? Yes, because that older people can take arterial medications hypertension, and often among them are diuretics, which excrete potassium from the body.

Therefore, it is shown primarily Panangin with various arrhythmias and cardiac abnormalities as a means of prevention for treatment with cardiac glycosides, as deficiency may occur potassium, and only last but not least – as a prophylactic or a dietary supplement for potassium and magnesium deficiency. Unlike previous means described above, Panangin is positioned as really a medicine.

Apply Panangin or Panangin Forte is necessary after a meal. Panangin Forte differs from simple Panangin in the amount of substances: in one tablet contains 316 mg of potassium asparaginate and 280 – magnesium asparaginate, and in simple Pananginum – 158 and 140 mg respectively. The usual course of treatment is a month, the maximum daily dose – three tablets 3 times a day. Releases Panangin and Panangin Forte Hungarian company Gideon Richter, and the cost of one package 50 tablets – 150 rubles. There are intravenous forms introductions that are used in hospitals.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Panangin and Panangin Forte is the combination of magnesium with potassium. This is both an excellent marketing move and the ability to immediately improve the healing effect, since the lack of potassium and magnesium are dictated by the same mechanisms. A drug well tolerated, inexpensive, but at the same time you need to have contraindications, among which can still be called chronic renal failure, increased concentration magnesium, potassium, as well as a severe form of atrioventricular block. FROM caution is necessary to take Panangin and Panangin Forte in during pregnancy, and especially during the first trimester, since potassium preparations can cause significant harm to the baby, if he will be in excess. A pack of 50 tablets costs on average, only 48 rubles, and domestic Asparkam produces medisorb company.


Rating: 4.8


Asparkam can be considered a “budget” analogue of Panangin. IN each tablet contains equally magnesium and potassium asparaginate – by 175 milligrams. Of particular difference between Asparkam and Panangin, which is described above does not exist – neither according to indications, nor according to contraindications, nor according to the regimen of appointment. However some patients note that it is somewhat more rude. And not in in relation to direct action, and according to sensations immediately after his admission. Heaviness in the abdomen may occur, slight burning sensation in the pit of stomach. Especially often these symptoms may appear in patients with cholecystitis or gastritis with low acidity.

Similarly, a list of contraindications for taking Asparkam contains atrioventricular block, hyperkalemia, hypermagnesemia. The only significant plus of Asparkam is availability and low price.

Best Magnesium Lactate

The pharmaceutical industry produces significant the amount of various magnesium complex compounds based lactate, or lactic acid. It Complies with Magnesium, Magne B6 and other means. Lactate should not be confused with lactose. Lactose called “milk sugar”, and lactate is sometimes figuratively called “blood sugar”, since lactic acid is nothing but as an intermediate product of the physiological sharpness of glucose breakdown – the main energy substrate.

Complivit Magnesium

Rating: 4.9


Complivit Magnesium is named so purely for commercial purposes. IN Unlike all of the above drugs that contain or only magnesium compounds, or in half – magnesium and potassium asparaginate, Complivit Magnesium is a real vitamin-mineral complex. is he contains vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamins of group B, ascorbic acid, calcium pantothenate, folic acid, vitamin B12, compounds of copper, zinc – and, finally, magnesium lactate. Therefore with success could be called anything you like: Complies with copper, Complies with zinc, or Complies with folic acid. No difference, besides other catchy names, there wouldn’t be.

You need to use this remedy one tablet daily, the duration of prophylactic administration is one month. IN The instructions indicate that this product is not medicine. Pharmstandard company produces this drug, Ufa Vitamin Plant. One pack in 60 multivitamin pills costs an average of 200 rubles. This, of course, is inexpensive.

Advantages and disadvantages

Since Complivit Magnesium is not considered a medicine, among contraindications can only be called an individual intolerance. After all, if the drug is not registered as drug, then officially you can not write anything about contraindications for admission, because contraindications exist only for drugs. Naturally, in case of individual intolerance components will necessarily be indicated in instructions, and that is how you can distinguish dietary supplements from drugs. Minus there will only be a preventive focus. If by a doctor diagnosed with an element deficiency, it makes sense to take multivitamin complexes to which “just a little bit” is added does not have meaning. It is necessary to be treated only with those drugs that are specially designed to correct deficiency, and such a drug is will go right now. This is Magne B6.

Magne B6

Rating: 4.8


Magne B6 is available in two dosage forms: tablets, as well as a solution for oral administration. We describe this drug as an example solution. Magne B6 is available in ampoules, but not for administration intravenously or intramuscularly, and in order to break them, shake in a glass of water and drink. Each vial contains magnesium lactate. In total, take 3 or 4 ampoules daily not only allows you to fully satisfy the body’s need for element, but also to quickly eliminate its deficit. Magne B6 in the form liquid is a brown solution with a faint odor caramel.

It is indicated for use if, against the background of increased magnesium consumption the patient has conditions such as gastrointestinal cramping, tachycardia, muscle cramps and muscle soreness, irritability, as well as unpleasant tingling sensations in the muscles. If a laboratory shortage of magnesium is detected plasma, then Magne B6 in ampoules allows you to quickly normalize deficit. Thus, the indication for admission is clinically and laboratory confirmed magnesium deficiency. One of the most frequent indications for use is pregnancy, as well as alimentary malnutrition or malnutrition amid pregnancy.

It should be used with meals, for adults – up to 4 ampoules per day. Babies older than 1 year should be prescribed in a dose of 10 up to 30 mg per kilogram, but the appointment is carried out by a pediatrician, after confirmation of hypomagnesemia. Usually a vial for adults is bred in half a glass of water, and after monitoring and normalizing the level of this treatment element is discontinued.

Produced by Magne B6 French company Sanofi-Aventis, medium the cost of 10 ampoules of 10 ml each is 500 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Magne B6 in ampoules is the ability to quickly correction of magnesium deficiency, good tolerance, and the ability to prescribe it to babies, which is a rarity in the world of healing magnesium preparations. The relative disadvantage will be large cost, not very convenient reception when you need to use ampoule, even with self-breaking tips. Necessary be sure to remember that you can not use the drug at low glomerular filtration and severe forms of renal failure, and also if the patient takes levodopa or treats parkinsonism.

Magnelis B6

Rating: 4.7

Magnelis B6

The drug Magnelis B6 Forte, which is magnesium citrate. But it turns out that there is also just Magnelis B6 which has nothing to do with lemon acid, and represents magnesium lactate. In terms of magnesium in one tablet is 48 mg of magnesium, plus 5 mg of vitamin B6 – pyridoxine hydrochloride.

The drug is indicated primarily for eliminating the deficiency of this element, and those symptoms that occur when lowering magnesium in serum below 0.5 mmol per liter. To such symptoms include: spastic unpleasant pain in the epigastric region and abdomen, rapid pulse, weakness, irritability and insomnia, unpleasant and painful tingling in the muscles and their cramps. Shown the drug is for adults and children over 6 years old, and must be taken from 6 to 8 tablets per day for adults, and up to 6 tablets daily for children whose body weight exceeds 20 kg.

All tablets should be divided into two or three doses, take the drug with meals. But after normalization of concentration magnesium in plasma is discontinued. Produces drug Magnelis B6 domestic enterprise Pharmstandard, and cost one pack of 90 tablets for a minimum of two weeks admission is 515 rubles. You can find this package if you wish. in pharmacies and at a price of 380 rubles, but this happens infrequently. therefore the average monthly cost of the course will be 900 – 1000 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

This drug has several small but unpleasant disadvantages. Firstly, there is the drug Magnelis B6 Forte, which It is not lactate, but citrate. By established pharmaceutical tradition, usually with a Forte prefix called a remedy in which there is either an increased dose, or any other component added. In this case, with legal Magnelis B6 Forte’s point of view is a completely different substance, although containing magnesium. This can lead to some confusion, and especially in pharmacies when front desk workers can advise similar drug. Second small flaw but also unpleasant is the need to take a large daily the number of tablets, and taking each of them requires drinking water, and this must be done with food. This is not convenient for everyone, and therefore skipping such a drug is possible, because commitment the patient to receive is far from ideal. It would be much better choose a dosage so that the drug is prescribed one or two once a day. Moreover, its price is quite high.

Magnesium Orotate: Magnnerot (Magnemax)

Rating: 4.6


Orotic acid is a little similar in structure to vitamin, and quite often used as an organic radical with the purpose of compounds with various metals – with iron, calcium and magnesium. Any organic radical increases bioavailability metal, and therefore magnesium orotate has the same right to medical use like lactate or asparaginate. One of classic representatives of magnesium orotate is biologically active supplement Magnerot.

Each Magnerot tablet contains 500 mg of magnesium orotate. This drug is indicated mainly for cardiac patients. This is exactly what the instruction advises. Despite the fact that its quite could be positioned as a means for prevention and for magnesium deficiency treatment, manufacturers decided to take more narrow niches. Therefore, Magnerot is indicated for patients with a heart attack, with coronary heart disease, against a background of chronic heart insufficiency and violation of the heart rhythm, with muscle pain, lipid metabolism disorders and atherosclerosis.

Thus, manufacturers went along the path of symptomatic testimony. On the one hand, patients with Magnnerot will be much better for angina pectoris, and doctors are better assign. Magnerot is released by the German company Mayerman, or domestic PIK – Pharma, and one pack of 50 tablets will be cost about 650 rubles. Magnerot is applied 2 tablets 3 times per day, so this package is enough for 8 days of admission. That’s pretty expensive drug, especially when you consider that for a monthly course four packages are required, each costing 650 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Magnerot, or magnesium orotate, has no significant there are no advantages over other drugs. Yes, magnesium orotate has good bioavailability, but good bioavailability for lactate, and in chelating complexes it is even higher. The cost of this drug quite high, the contraindications are exactly the same, and since manufacturers positioned it as a drug when cardiovascular pathology they then listed contraindications cirrhosis, ascites, urolithiasis with predisposition to the formation of magnesium, phosphate, calcium and ammonium stones. Therefore, patients with urolithiasis the disease in almost all forms of stones is undesirable to use this drug, especially in long courses. Since the increase list of contraindications has reduced the number of potential buyers, I had to raise the price to minimize planned losses.

Compliance, that is, patient adherence to admission is not very high, since the drug should be used in a dose of 6 tablets for 7 days, and then – one tablet three times a day day. Perhaps if Magnerot would have a value of the order of 230-240 rub., he would be quite competitive, and so – this is ordinary a magnesium preparation with a not very convenient way of taking enough high price.

This concludes the review of magnesium supplements that you can found in pharmacies in Russia at affordable prices. Sure, the above drugs list magnesium supplements, not exhausted. So, glycinate may be in the chelate form magnesium, there are additives in the form of malate, that is, magnesium salts malic acid. Can meet rare Taurinate magnesium. In online stores you can see magnesium among drugs from seaweed, isolated from salts of the Dead Sea. Sometimes an aqueous solution of magnesium chloride is applied, which is applied to skin and rubbed. However, all of these nutritional supplements cost enough expensive and do not have significant advantages over the above in the ranking of popular magnesium preparations.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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