9 best bluetooth headsets

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Do you have a car, but it does not have a speakerphone? IN In this case, you definitely need a bluetooth headset. Without it, you either do not You can answer calls, or you will break the law. This purchase It won’t be too burdensome for your budget, as even The best Bluetooth headsets have an adequate price tag. Our review will demonstrate this to you. The review is based on analysis of technical characteristics on the portal RankQuality.com.

Top Bluetooth Headsets

Nomination a place Name of product price
Top Bluetooth Headsets 1 Plantronics Voyager 5200 5 980 rub.
2 Jabra talk 45 4 040 rub.
3 Plantronics Explorer 500 3 790 rub.
4 Jabra boost 1 699 rub.
5 Sony MBH22 1 790 rub.
6 Samsung MG900 1 890 rub.
7 Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset Youth 880 rub
8 HARPER HBT-1723 1 009 rub.
9 QCY Q26 695 rub

Plantronics Voyager 5200

Rating: 4.9

Plantronics Voyager 5200

One of the simplest and most reliable representatives of this review. This headset will not somehow distract the attention of those around you. people, because it has a familiar design, and its body is painted according to mostly black. You can also hope that The Bluetooth headset will not fall out of your ear. Avoid this allows not only light weight, but also a very large mount. Problems should not be experienced even by people with completely non-standard the structure of the auricle.

Despite the minimum weight, the product received a good battery. In standby mode, the bluetooth headset will last 216 hours. The battery life can be different, it all depends on intensity of operation, but it certainly will not be short-lived. It’s curious that some special battery is introduced into the product, able to charge in just an hour and a half.

This model has a high cost not because of time work. The fact is that the manufacturer has built here especially efficient bluetooth transmitter. In theory, the headset owner can move away from the smartphone by 30 meters. In practice, of course, the result Depends on environmental conditions. However, whatever they are, it is unlikely whether you will suffer from regular disconnections.

The fact that here is not used only Bluetooth 4.1, but also an NFC chip. It greatly simplifies synchronization with some smartphones – if the corresponding chip available on the phone, the headset is enough for a couple of seconds to it to attach. But even without NFC, only the first will be any longer a connection that will require you to enter different settings.

This is the list of distinguishing features of the Plantronics Voyager 5200 doesn’t end there. This is one of the few “one-eared” Water-resistant Bluetooth headset. This means that with absolutely nothing will happen if you accidentally fall under rain. As for the buttons placed on the device, they allow you to mute the microphone, dial the number from which recently there was a call and also answer and end the conversation. There is also a volume control.

A Bluetooth adapter is used to charge the bluetooth headset, the cable from which is inserted into the micro-USB connector. Well, if you are going to talk a lot, it is recommended to purchase portable charger released specifically for this models. However, it’s much easier to use a tiny power bank.

It remains to add that three are supplied with the product pairs of interchangeable ear pads. With them, you really can’t be afraid that The headset will fall out of your ear.


  • Long battery life;
  • Long range;
  • There is an NFC chip;
  • Very fast charge;
  • There is water protection;
  • There is a volume control;
  • Comes with interchangeable ear pads.


  • Very high cost;
  • Uses micro-USB connector;
  • Not the most durable plastic;
  • There are defective copies.

Jabra talk 45

Rating: 4.8

Jabra Talk 45

One of the most unusual Bluetooth headsets. Unlike other models, its body is painted in different colors. Single version is silver-orange, while the second is black-orange. And this device also has a different design – most The headset is straight without having the usual rounding.

Well, what are the characteristics of a bluetooth headset? Is it worth it to spend to buy this headset 4 thousand rubles? Definitely worth it. Firstly, this model received a noise reduction function. it means that the interlocutor will definitely hear you, even if you are somewhere in the subway. Secondly, the accessory received NFC support. Therefore, to synchronize with some smartphones with a simple touch. Thirdly, here A powerful Bluetooth 4.0 transmitter is used. On open terrain headset clings to the phone even on a 30-meter distance. You can safely say that this is a great choice for a person who is tired of regular breaks in communication.

This headset is not inferior to competitors in terms of management. It allows you to answer a call, hang up, and also repeat The last number dialed. Implemented here and voice management, but somewhat crooked, in connection with which you use it, most likely you won’t.

The headset charges very quickly from any network adapter. As for battery life, it is very long lasting. The exact numbers are not called, the manufacturer says only about 240 hours of standby time. However, in the reviews on this Do not complain about. Interestingly, with a very capacious battery the device turned out quite light. Scales under the headset are almost they don’t react at all, sluggishly giving out only 8 g. With such a mass and The miniature sized accessory turned out to be very convenient. Many people state that it is almost not felt in the ear.

As for the shortcomings, they are identified with great difficulty. Perhaps only firmware can be noted. She is different, but from her what language the built-in voice assistant speaks depends on. AND We recommend that you immediately install firmware version 1.20, on more A fresh battery sits noticeably faster.


  • There is active noise reduction;
  • Two colors to choose from;
  • Atypical design;
  • Modest weight;
  • Long battery life;
  • Extremely fast charge;
  • Good range;
  • Implemented support for NFC;
  • Easy to learn management.


  • Fresh firmware drains the battery faster;
  • High price;
  • To some, the headset will seem too small.

Plantronics Explorer 500

Rating: 4.7

Plantronics Explorer 500

This Bluetooth headset has a familiar design. Most the device is like a quality mobile phone, only very little. As you know, before they knew how to make such devices, achieving an incredibly stylish look. Here is this accessory looks great. If it is in the ear of a person, then everything around will think that he is some kind of top manager. However, no need consider that the headset is attracting attention. Her white version generally tries to be invisible.

The weight of the bluetooth headset is only 7.5 g. You might think that inside such a light crumb is very modest battery. Maybe so, but its full charge is enough for 288 hours of standby time. As for the talk mode, then the numbers will, of course, be less. But in any case, you are unlikely think of the existence of a charger earlier than to the end of the working day.

On the body of this device is a relatively small panel management. With it, you can repeat the last dialed number, answer the call, end the conversation and make others simple actions.

Most often, such an accessory is used in a car. Must that is why the manufacturer supplied the kit with a charger a device that plugs into the cigarette lighter. Useful in the cabin cars and a second microphone. With its help, a system is implemented. active noise reduction – the sound of your engine running the interlocutor will definitely not hear.

The firmware of this model includes DeepSleep mode. Regular activation of deep sleep allows quite a lot extend battery life. Regarding synchronization with smartphone, it is carried out via Bluetooth 3.0. Perhaps this is the only serious drawback of the headset. The thing is that there are more recent versions of the standard, allowing a more stable connection.


  • Three colors to choose from;
  • Implemented DeepSleep mode;
  • Included is a car charger;
  • A noise reduction system has been introduced;
  • Great design;
  • Convenient management;
  • Decent battery life.


  • Communication breaks are possible;
  • You cannot get far from the phone;
  • Long charge;
  • Metallic notes in the voice of some interlocutors.

Jabra boost

Rating: 4.6

Jabra Boost

When we start listing the manufacturers of Bluetooth headsets, then the first thing we often remember about Jabra. This is one of the most large companies among those who made a name for themselves by creating similar accessories. It is not surprising that even the most inexpensive models from This manufacturer have good quality. For example, Jabra Boost sell for 2500 rubles, but the headset received a system active noise reduction! Therefore, it can be used even in metro, the interlocutor is obliged to hear everything you uttered the words.

This model has an elegant design. Her body was created from glossy plastic of different colors. Manage calls and volume is offered by pressing the buttons located at the side ends. The user can easily answer call, end the conversation, repeat the last number dialed and even make a pairing! Volume, by the way, automatically adjusted by the system. We see something similar in modern televisions that try not to make single channels louder than others.

The wireless standard used here is modern bluetooth 4.0. However, the transmitter power is small. Therefore, you should not go far from the phone, otherwise they will begin signal breaks typical of cheap headsets. Concerning NFC chip, then it is not here. Why is it needed if many people Believe that it is used only for contactless payment?

The weight of the bluetooth headset is 8.5g. Can do the assumption that there is a very capacious battery inside. Indeed, its full charge lasts for 216 hours in standby time. Regarding the duration of use in talk time, it depends on many factors. But in any case you don’t have to wait for the bluetooth headset to require connecting the charger already by lunchtime, even if you answer a lot of calls. Regarding time charging, then it is 2 hours. Not a record, but there are less hasty accessories.

Well, what do Jabra Boost owners complain about? Mostly on connection stability. In conjunction with some devices the headset stutters for the first half minute. also in reviews there are mentions of cases when the accessory is not connects to a smartphone if Bluetooth on the latter is activated only after turning on the headset. As for noise reduction, the device gets mixed reviews about it – some people do not feel the effect of this function at all. However, what else can would you expect in the absence of a second microphone here?


  • Extremely fast charge;
  • Decent battery life;
  • A large number of buttons;
  • The kit includes a car charger;
  • Low cost.


  • There is no second microphone;
  • Communication problems may occur;
  • Notification of a depleted battery is heard even by the interlocutor.

Sony MBH22

Rating: 4.5

Sony MBH22

Sony mainly specializes in manufacturing familiar bluetooth headphones used for listening music. If we talk about mono headsets, then their range is the Japanese are small. However, one of the devices turned out like this impressive that it was impossible not to mention him in our review. No, this headset cannot be called outstanding. But her money is she beats at 100%. And they ask for it only 2000 rubles.

To begin with, this accessory was at its disposal USB Type-C connector. This indicates that the headset appeared on store shelves relatively recently. Also this the socket makes connecting the charger as convenient as possible the plug will fall into the connector the first time.

By the way, you will need to connect the network adapter quite rarely. Communication with the interlocutor through this headset can be maintained for five to six hours, depending from the volume level. This is a very good result. Concerning standby mode, then in it the Bluetooth headset is able to hold up two hundred hours. I am glad that the Japanese introduced into their creation modern battery, in connection with which the charging time does not exceed hour and a half.

This device has a modest control panel allowing start and end a conversation, and change the volume level. Voice dialing is also available here, but not all buyers he is working properly.

To connect to a smartphone, Bluetooth 4.2 is used here. Japanese company Sony likes to introduce an NFC chip in its devices, but here he is still not there. But the accessory received codec support AAC. This allows you to use it to watch movies and listening to music. However, one cannot but admit that hearing everything only in one ear is unusual, in this regard, 99% of buyers will use Sony MBH22 only for conversations with interlocutors on the telephone.

It remains to add that this bluetooth headset weighs 9.3 g. It is heavier than the others, but it is almost not felt. And here are the others the flaws are still noticeable. For example, some owners complain that the device interacts poorly with applications, in which implemented voice prompts – for example, with GPS navigation. The beginning of the phrase disappears for some reason. What if the hint was very short, it may not sound at all! Also, not everyone will find the volume margin sufficient.


  • Uses a USB Type-C connector;
  • Nice design;
  • Low cost;
  • Very long battery life;
  • Very fast charge;
  • Easy to learn management.


  • No redialing and some other features;
  • Not very large volume margin;
  • Communication breaks happen.

Samsung MG900

Rating: 4.4

Samsung MG900

This Bluetooth-headset is different from its analogue removable ear mount. Also in the box with the accessory there are three interchangeable ear pads made of translucent material. Itself the headset is made of plastic, and it can be painted either in white or black.

Like some of the bluetooth headsets discussed above, this The model has an active noise reduction system. However miracles can not be. The need to reduce costs forced the manufacturer give your creation only one microphone, in connection with which the operation of the squelch is almost imperceptible. So Samsung MG900 is not the best option for conversations in the subway and others public areas where it is very noisy. And the headset can prevent the wind. Perhaps the best product shows itself in car interior. Here, the smartphone will be located nearby. AND this is necessary, because as a wireless connection here not very long-range Bluetooth 3.0 is used.

The weight of this Bluetooth headset is 9 g. It is clear from it, that inside the accessory is a capacious battery. Her full charge enough for 330 hours of standby time. Regular conversations will of course make the battery run out much faster, but you won’t be able to give exact numbers: it affects them and the standard used by the smartphone, and the selected volume level, and some other factors. But you definitely won’t complain.

If you read the reviews on the Samsung MG900, then it turns out a number moments that can upset the buyer. First, the ringtone it sounds very quiet here. Secondly, in some moments the accessory sounds loud, whereas after certain events it starts sound noticeably quieter. For example, this happens after a notification about SMS received. The nastiest thing is that boosting down volume is not allowed. However, it is possible that such a problem arises only in conjunction with certain smartphone models, so as it is mentioned by no means in all reviews.

You can also complain that the charge is not displayed anywhere battery. So you can completely unexpectedly run into a bluetooth headset. However, this is a typical problem of almost all super-budget models – they send only sound to the smartphone.


  • There are two color options;
  • The ear mount can be removed;
  • Decent battery life;
  • Very wide functionality;
  • Included are interchangeable ear pads;
  • Low cost.


  • The smartphone does not display battery power;
  • There are connection problems;
  • Pressing the call button too lightly;
  • Volume problems may occur.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset Youth

Rating: 4.3

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset Youth

Of course, everyone produces their own Bluetooth headsets. famous company Xiaomi. Often, the Chinese strive to stand out. However, their Mi Bluetooth Headset Youth differs only in appearance. Here all the insides are located in a rounded case. IN the rest is a typical headset that functions with Bluetooth 4.1. There is not even an ear mount. Fortunately there are three interchangeable ear pads of different sizes, so it’s unlikely that the product will drop out.

At the end of our ratings, we usually talk about the cheapest products. An accessory from Xiaomi costs only 850 rubles. It is clear that for that kind of money you should not expect very wide functionality, protection from water and other joys. This model is just a means, allowing you to free the driver’s hands in the car. Manufacturer declares support for the iPhone, but in fact it is only in opportunities to ask a question Siri. Basically, you will manage headset by clicking on the buttons placed on it. TO In short, the device allows you to dial the last number dialed, and also answer and end the conversation. There is also an adjustment volume.

The weight of this model does not exceed 6.5 g. Charging the headset implemented via micro-USB – obsolete connector, which some people already hate.

Unfortunately, such an inexpensive headset could not do without serious flaws. The most important of these is tiny battery. Its full charge is hardly enough for more than two hours of talk. Also, the accessory received a clearly insufficient supply volume somewhere in the subway you will hear the interlocutor with hard work. Yes, and he, too, because there is no active system noise reduction. However, in quiet places the Bluetooth headset It works properly. In particular, in the interior of most cars to it certainly will not be a complaint. But on voice prompts you Be sure to complain. The fact that they are implemented exclusively in Chinese, which you hardly understand. This is explained by the fact that many of its accessories company Xiaomi officially sells only in the home market.


  • Perhaps pairing;
  • Two colors to choose from;
  • Very light weight;
  • Fairly high-quality Bluetooth-connection;
  • Included are interchangeable ear pads;
  • Very wide functionality;
  • Extremely low cost.


  • It is quickly discharged;
  • He speaks a lot of Chinese;
  • No active noise reduction system;
  • The volume is not enough.


Rating: 4.2


This Bluetooth headset is designed for use in a car. The charger unobtrusively hints at this, supplied in the kit. It is inserted into the cigarette lighter. At this it does not have any wires – the headset is placed in special compartment.

The Bluetooth headset is very small. Her body can be painted either white or black. Automotive the charger will have a similar color, which is also not may not please.

Unfortunately, this headset does not come with replaceable ear pads. If it is not suitable for your ears, then nothing is wrong with that. to do. An ear mount could save the situation, but it is here also no. In a word, it would be nice to try on an accessory first thing, but nobody will allow you to do this.

This product sounds pretty good. In theory, with his help You can even listen to music. Especially if you will not be strain what it will sound in only one ear. Also should please volume, the stock of which turned out very worthy. Although there may still be problems in the subway. However, in such a place the interlocutor will begin to complain, because the systems active noise reduction is not here.

To communicate with the smartphone, Bluetooth 4.1 is used here. Under The headset housing houses a lithium polymer battery. His A full charge lasts for 4 hours of calls. So declares manufacturer. In fact, the duration is a little smaller. But this does not matter, since the accessory is put in the charger device with easy movement. It remains to add that charging time is only 1 hour. This suggests that here a small but modern battery is used.

As for the shortcomings, we can highlight the absence here additional buttons that could cause the recently dialed number or change the volume level. And again, remember The principle of charging used here. Because of him, you cannot Charge your Bluetooth headset anywhere at home or in the office.


  • There are two color options;
  • Good volume margin;
  • Very low cost;
  • Minimum weight;
  • Fast charge;
  • Included is a car charger.


  • Charges only from the cigarette lighter;
  • Not very long battery life;
  • No noise reduction system;
  • There is no volume control.


Rating: 4.1


Our next review ends with a headset from a completely unknown manufacturer, you sometimes need to give a chance to such devices. The accessory received a rounded body. It can be painted in white or black color. On the side of the headset is present a relatively small button that allows you to answer a call, and also end the conversation. Everything, more functionality to expect from products are not worth it. Alas, you cannot dial the last number.

Despite the minimum price tag, the device produces excellent sound. In theory, it can even be used to listen to music! There is even support for aptX, which is actually mono headsets are completely unnecessary. Many owners of QCY Q26 use this device not so much for talking as for listening to podcasts. The volume margin here is good picky even the quietest audio clips!

The headset connects to the phone via Bluetooth 4.1. The manufacturer tried to minimize the weight of his creation. It seems that such a headset could not get any capacious battery. However, its full charge lasts for three to four hours sounding. Good result! The device is charged approximately one and a half hours. One can not fail to note the presence of three replaceable ear cushions that adjust the headset to fit most ears.

Why does this instance end the selection, but not open her? The fact is that using the product as a headset extremely difficult. It turned out to be very small, in connection with which the microphone will be far enough from the mouth. As a result the interlocutor will hear you only if you are in a quiet place. Of course, the manufacturer could introduce active noise reduction system, at least partially deciding thereby a problem. But then the Bluetooth headset would not be sold for 700 rubles.


  • Very low cost;
  • Minimum weight;
  • Two colors to choose from;
  • There is some protection against water;
  • Very good sound;
  • Fast charge;
  • It is completed with three replaceable ear pads.


  • Bad microphone
  • No noise reduction system;
  • Still, the working hours cannot be called particularly long;
  • Few control buttons.


This is the list of the best Bluetooth headsets sold in Russian retail. Now you just have to choose a specific model, focusing on what disadvantages you agree with come to terms. They are, as you may have noticed, even headphones, as close to ideal.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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