8 best sandy beaches of Cyprus

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Cyprus pleases guests all year round. Especially many tourists here in hot season. Vacationers enjoy sunbathing on the beach The Mediterranean Sea, enjoy a favorable climate and graceful by nature. Almost all the beaches of Cyprus are beautifully landscaped and regularly cleaned. However there are especially popular coastal zones. They will be discussed in our rating.

Rating of the best sandy beaches of Cyprus

Nomination a place beach rating
Rating of the best sandy beaches of Cyprus 1 Coral bay 5.0
2 Lara 4.9
3 Ayia Thekla 4.8
4 Nissi 4.7
5 Fig Tree Beach 4.6
6 Connos bay 4.5
7 Lachi 4.4
8 Ladies Mile 4.3

Coral bay

Rating: 5.0


Paphos has a sandy Coral Bay Beach surrounded by stately mountains, a cape and peninsulas. Due to this arrangement there are practically no wind currents, and the sea is very warm. The coast is covered with yellow sand, which is pleasant to the touch. Sharp no seashells.

Descent into the water is quite safe. The surface of the beach is soft and uniform. There is everything you need for relaxation – from locker rooms to fountains where feet are washed. On the territory there are restaurants, cafes, rental of water equipment and bananas. From here you can walk to the Museum. colonization. According to reviews, prices in local eateries are not the best cheap.


  • unique geological formations nearby;
  • convenient entry;
  • a lot of entertainment;
  • water warms well.


  • expensive in a cafe.


Rating: 4.9


Further in the ranking is Lara Beach, which is also called Turtle. Often here you can see turtles that lay eggs on the shore. This area is protected and seriously guarded by the authorities. There is no special road to the wild beach. Getting here is not so easy.

But here it is always quiet, clean and calm. Sunbathing is not here too comfortable. It’s impossible to put a sunbed, because in the sand they can be the turtle eggs. Tourists choose this place for clear water and unique nature. They like to watch the marine inhabitants and attend the house of scientists. Free parking is available near the beach. Lara Beach is a wild place that is not suitable for tourists, wanting to have fun on water rides.


  • quiet and calm atmosphere;
  • pure water;
  • beautiful nature;
  • availability of parking.


  • no entertainment;
  • difficult to get to.

Ayia Thekla

Rating: 4.8


The beautiful beach is known to vacationers due to the proximity to Chapel of St. Thecla. This place is chosen by tourists who avoid a large number of people. Its shore is covered with white sand, soft to the touch. There are stones at the bottom of the sea. Therefore better put on slippers. A small island is visible from the shore, they sunbathe there vacationers. On the beach, rent chairs and umbrellas, provided locker rooms and sanitary facilities.

Near the coastal zone there are cafes with national dishes and bars. There is a grocery store. Lovers of outdoor activities enjoy the volleyball court. On certain days they spend different fairs. The beach is included in the network of protected areas “Natura 2000 “. There are no hotels right on the beach. We’ll have to go deep into the village. Pleased with the presence of a footpath that allows you to walk along the sea to the harbor p. Liopetri.


  • a lot of entertainment;
  • the presence of paths for pedestrians;
  • excellent arrangement;
  • holding fairs.


  • rocky bottom.


Rating: 4.7


Nissi Beach is famous for its fun parties and unique structure. The beach is connected by land with an island to which possible only at low tide. Vacationers admire the exotic vegetation and different types of palm trees along the coast. Nissi called youth place. However, there are quite a few families with children.

Party lovers appear in the late afternoon. Spend on the beach foam parties, entertainment and discos. Vacationers can do dancing and aerobics. Rent out water transport. Extreme lovers will like bolder rides. For quality improvement and the absence of garbage The beach received the Blue Flag.


  • have fun parties;
  • a lot of vegetation;
  • purity;
  • high-quality improvement.


  • too noisy and crowded.

Fig Tree Beach

Rating: 4.6


We gave the next ranking position to the best Protoras beach. This is one of the most visited places in Cyprus. And they don’t come here only tourists, but also locals. Due to the location in the bay the sea here is always calm and calm. Praise the maximum arrangement of the beach. There are restaurants, sanitary facilities rooms, changing rooms and rental of sun loungers. Trampolines, playground for playing volleyball.

The territory is suitable for families with children. To the main advantages include shallow water and beautiful sand. After 11 hours here is pretty many people. The only negative is a small extent.


  • quiet sea;
  • excellent arrangement;
  • shallow water.


  • due to its small extent, there is usually little space.

Connos bay

Rating: 4.5


In a quiet bay near Protaras is Konnos Bay. He refers to the protected park “Cavo Greco”. The picturesque area is surrounded hills and protected from the winds. The sand on the shore has grayish tint.

The benefits include clear water, optimal landscaping, smooth descent, the opportunity to go diving and get to know the marine population. Built around the beach viewing platforms. From here, tourists take great pictures. On the territory and a cafe. To get to the beach, you have to to overcome the descent. For some tourists, this was not just.


  • clean sea;
  • smooth approach;
  • great place for diving;
  • the presence of viewing platforms.


  • it’s hard to go up and down to the beach.


Rating: 4.4


This beach stretches for 1.5 km. Near him there is a fishing the village where the restaurants are located. They serve dishes from seafood. Lachi is a small place where there is always free area. People come here to see the magnificent nature, take a break from the hustle and bustle.

Not everyone likes the rocky bottom. Sand and Pebble Beach equipped with special devices for wheelchair users. Breakwaters are equipped in the sea. Water depth starts after about 7 meters of sunset. Sea temperature quite high, especially during peak season. In the territory all amenities are provided. There is a small parking for cars. If a tired of sunbathing, you can stroll through the beautiful village of Lachi.


  • restaurants with unique dishes;
  • there are always places;
  • great views;
  • calm atmosphere;
  • slopes for the disabled.


  • rocky bottom.

Ladies Mile

Rating: 4.3


The rating is completed by a large beach on the Akrotiri Peninsula. is he stretched out for about 8 kilometers. Territory includes both pebble zone and sandy shores. Most of them have gentle entry into the water. Various cafes are located along the coastline and shops. Near the beach there is an orange grove.

All swimming areas are well equipped. They work near the water slides and other facilities. Restaurant prices are relatively high. In the south of the Ladies’ Mile is a wild beach. Windsurfers love this beach. There are gorgeous waves here on windy days. Locals don’t advised to swim far, because there are reverse flows.


  • secured infrastructure;
  • gentle entrance to the sea;
  • high level of improvement;
  • variety of beaches;
  • diverse entertainment.


  • in restaurants is expensive;
  • it is dangerous to swim here during windy weather.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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