8 best sandwich makers by customer reviews

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Fast food at home is a great way to tasty have a quick bite. The most affordable product is a sandwich, which is much tastier to eat hot. To heat a sandwich, there are special household appliances – sandwiches. They exist in different versions: some are designed exclusively for heating sandwiches, others can be used for cooking and other dishes – waffles, fried eggs, grilled dishes.

Portal experts learned which special and multifunctional sandwiches are preferred by users and rated devices in two categories: classic and multifunctional models.

Rating of the best sandwiches

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best classic sandwiches 1 Steba SG 40 3 619 rub.
2 Clatronic ST 3629 1 989 rub.
3 REDMOND RSM-M1402 1 300 rub.
Best 3-in-1 Universal Sandwiches 1 GFgril GF-040 3 939 rub.
2 Kambrook AGR300 3 990 rub.
3 Steba sg 55 4 559 rub.
4 REDMOND RMB-M603 2 990 rub.
5 Gorenje SM703 2 499 rub.

Best classic sandwiches

This block contains sandwiches intended for heating sandwiches (sandwiches). Models are different mainly roominess and power.

Steba SG 40

Rating: 4.9

Steba SG 40

A classic sandwich maker without additional attachments. In cast aluminum plate provides space for four triangular sandwiches. For bookmarks it’s convenient to use a special toast sliced ​​bread. Collect a sandwich from your favorite device products fry them to a “tasty” state and condense along the edge, therefore the filling will not fall out.

For ease of use, a lock is provided on the housing cover for closing during cooking, inside – non-stick easy-care coating. On top cover 2 indicators: power and standby. Should note: the device heats up quickly, consuming no more than 1200 W – not the most economical indicator for such a sandwich maker. Works sandwich maker in a single temperature mode.

The Steba SG 40 device is assembled in Germany, has a reliable design with a guarantee of 12 months from the manufacturer. Price corresponds to quality – from 4689 rubles.


  • High-quality assembly;

  • Indicators of heating and work;

  • Rubberized legs;

  • Optimum mode with moderate warming without burning of bread;

  • Aesthetic design;


  • The highest price in the category – from 4689 rubles. Justified quality.

  • One mode.

Clatronic ST 3629

Rating: 4.8

Clatronic ST 3629

Second-rated classic Chinese-made sandwich maker Clatronic ST 3629. In it you can cook 4 square at a time a sandwich or 8 small triangular portions. Like the previous one, This device is equipped with non-stick coating for convenient use and care.

The device operates in a single mode, powered by a network of 1200 W, providing optimal heating of the sandwich with the formation golden crust. For reliability, the case is equipped with a handle with non-heating surface, and on the top cover with a blocking the lock has 2 identification bulbs.

We placed the sandwich in second place because of the quality Chinese assembly – it is slightly worse than German. But the price is sandwiches are more affordable – from 2300 rubles, and the guarantee similar – 12 months.


  • Non-stick coating;

  • Affordable price from 2300 rubles;

  • Sealing sandwiches around the perimeter;

  • Lid with lock;

  • 4 sandwiches at a time;


  • Chinese assembly;


Rating: 4.7


Sandwich maker REDMOND RSM-M1402 won third place in the nomination classic models because of less performance than predecessors – power consumption of 700 W does not contribute fast heating of the work surface and sandwiches keep longer. But this figure will help to save electricity when making a large batch of sandwiches on company of guests.

Low price for equipment of a famous brand – this sandwich maker It costs about 1700 rubles, which is an absolute advantage. Build quality is original, but some users complain about uneven heating of bread and condensation on the walls. It also affected the place of the device in the ranking.

Overall, the REDMOND RSM-M1402 is a reliable, basic solution at a low the price.


  • Reliable design;

  • Low price from 1700 rubles;

  • Non-stick coating;

  • Low power consumption of 700 watts;


  • Bread sometimes burns;

  • Short power cord

  • Thick sandwiches do not fit;

Best 3-in-1 Universal Sandwiches

These devices are universal in application: they serve as an assistant for cooking and hot sandwiches, and waffles, and much more still, what’s enough for fantasy. Different from a classic sandwich maker the presence of additional nozzles.

GFgril GF-040

Rating: 4.9

GFgril GF-040

Waffle iron, electric grill – as soon as sellers do not call multifunction device GFgril GF-040. Universal application is provided by various non-stick panels, calculated each for 2 servings. You can grill meat on the grill, make lush waffles, and most importantly – toasts and sandwiches, for these goals provided for 3 removable panels. Users manage cook on them and scrambled eggs, and potato pancakes, and much more, for which lacking imagination.

Sandwich Maker Charm – Simple Mechanical Control rotary switches with which you can adjust heating intensity using one of 11 built-in temperature conditions. Despite the Chinese assembly, the case is made soundly made of heat-resistant plastic, comfortable handle does not heat up. Power – 1000 W, which is an indicator of the efficiency of the device while maintaining good performance.

For convenience, on the side panel next to the switch 2 light indicators are located: inclusion and readiness for work.


  • Bright design;

  • Affordable price from 4000 rubles;

  • 3 interchangeable nozzles for cooking different dishes;

  • Wide, unheated handle;

  • Uniform heating and frying;

  • Convenient temperature switching;


  • No lid lock;

  • Condensation falls on the side surfaces. Does not affect safety and functionality.

Kambrook AGR300

Rating: 4.8

Kambrook AGR300

Universal device for heating sandwiches and cooking other dishes – a novelty from a well-known Chinese manufacturer Kambrook, which managed to get positive user reviews. IN set includes 3 interchangeable nozzles for frying lush Viennese waffles, sandwiches, meat and fish. Forms can be adapted for others. products.

A sandwich maker can cook 2 large at a time sandwich or 4 small triangular. Safety at work provides a locking lock, and convenience – light indicators food and cooking, non-stick coating.

Sandwiches takes the second place in the rating due to the impossibility adjust the temperature of cooking products.


  • Non-stick coating;

  • Low price from 3989 rubles;

  • Overheat protection;

  • Reduced power 800 W;

  • Lock lock;


  • There is no possibility of temperature control.

Steba sg 55

Rating: 4.8

Steba SG 55

Universal sandwich maker German brand Chinese assembly Steba SG 55 is suitable for grilling sandwiches, waffles and meat without excess oil in five temperature conditions that you can adjust in the range up to 2100С at maximum power consumption of only 1100 watts. Mechanical rotary control wheel on the top cover. Red and green light bulbs on the side They will tell you whether the device is ready to bookmark products or not. Castle on the handle provides safety during the operation of the device.

Sandwich maker Steba SG 55 assembled soundly from quality plastic, non-stick interchangeable panels, but some users complain of uneven heating of the product and complexity temperature adjustment. Moreover, the device is more expensive than previously reviewed models – from 4,500 rubles. Another point – unpleasant odor during operation of a new device that is transmitted and products. Over time passes, but at first it delivers inconvenience.

In general – a reliable device for making sandwiches, waffles and meat.


  • Temperature regulation;

  • The lock on the handle;

  • Optimum power is 1100 W;

  • Work identification;

  • High-quality assembly;


  • Uneven heating (not at all);

  • Bad smell at first use.


Rating: 4.6


Multifunctional sandwich maker REDMOND RMB-M603 – it’s inexpensive a device for preparing different shapes of waffles, pies, meat on grill, donuts and much more. Freedom of action many special interchangeable nozzles that can be purchased additionally. The set includes 3 plates for waffles, sandwiches and gingerbread / cakes / cookies. Cooking temperature is not adjustable, but the device consumes little energy – 700 watts.

The device of the Chinese assembly is of high quality, accompanied by a two-year warranty, and the price is one of the lowest in 3-in-1 device categories – from 2,850 rubles, authorized dealers often offer a lower price during the promotion period. Why the fourth place in the ranking? The point is poorly designed security: interchangeable the panels on the sides do not close, they can be burned in case of inept use. At first, the smell of plastic, which time is running out.


  • 40-in-1 device (as stated by the manufacturer);

  • Discounts from official distributors at an already affordable cost from 2850 rubles;

  • Fast heating;

  • Consumption 700 W;

  • Many interchangeable nozzles (not included);


  • The temperature is not adjustable;

  • The smell of plastic at first use;

  • The plates are not closed on the sides;

Gorenje SM703

Rating: 4.4

Gorenje SM703

Closes the rating of multifunctional devices sandwich maker universal purpose Gorenje SM703. Included with the device the manufacturer has provided 3 standard nozzles coated with sticks for making waffles, sandwiches and products on grilling. The device consumes only 700 W, but the heating temperature is not is regulated.

Removable panels are conveniently inserted into the device, closed when cooking, the lid is equipped with a lock for security. Working dimensions surfaces of 20×10 cm allow you to cook only small portions products.

Some users complain of the stickiness of the plastic, which Cracks when the device is running. There were cases of failure internal mechanism for the first time after purchase. Position a one-year warranty from the manufacturer and an additional 12 months of service.


  • Low price from 2500 rubles;

  • Warranty replacement and repair 1 + 1 year;

  • Low power consumption;

  • 3 nozzles included;

  • Security lock on the handle;


  • Short power cord 1 meter;

  • 1 temperature mode;

  • Flimsy plastic;

A few tips for choosing a sandwich maker

The choice of a sandwich maker should be done based on:

  1. The gastronomic needs of the family. Need device only for heating sandwiches – buy a special device. For lovers of experimenting with new pastries are more to their liking multifunctional devices.

  2. The power of the device and temperature regulation. For simple recipes just select a sandwich without switching temperature, especially since manufacturers set the average optimal heating value for any cooking.

  3. The presence of a lock button and a security lock. This function useful for families with children. In addition, it is optional. way to close the lid as needed, because fixing is only possible in right position.

  4. Prices. Although this is hardly a determining factor – devices with one function or universal are not much different in cost.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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