8 best remedies for recovery liver

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

The liver is the largest biochemical factory of the body, to which one way or another, most of the processes occurring in it are tied. About the fact that it is this organ that neutralizes most toxic substances. somehow got into the body, it is well known. But this far from the only function of the body:

  1. accepts, processes if necessary and distributes everything substances that enter the body through the gastrointestinal tract;
  2. secreting bile, ensures the normal digestion of fats, and, hence the intake of fat-soluble vitamins;
  3. all serum proteins are synthesized in the liver, including coagulation factors;
  4. synthesizes heme – the very substance that can absorb oxygen from the air and give it to the tissues;
  5. it is in this organ that glucose is stored in the form of glycogen, iron, copper, vitamin A;
  6. synthesizing bile, the liver removes bilirubin from the body – toxic decay product of “aged” blood cells;
  7. with bile excreted from the body and excess cholesterol, which the liver turns into bile acids.

To support organ functions, you can take medications to restoration and protection of the liver – hepatoprotectors. notice, that use these funds “just in case” healthy man, of course, is possible, but pointless. The liver itself endowed with tremendous abilities to recover and, if not to interfere, perfectly supports itself in a healthy state. Take means to restore the liver makes sense if:

  1. long holidays are approaching (New Year, May, etc.) with anticipated food and alcohol excesses;
  2. with existing hepatitis of infectious origin for support liver function;
  3. overweight: obesity often entails a condition, called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, in which excess fat is deposited not only under the skin and around the internal organs, but also in the liver cells – hepatocytes – disrupting them normal functions
  4. people prone to alcohol abuse: alcoholic fibrosis (cirrhosis) of the liver, alas – not just a horror story;
  5. if a profession forces contact with substances, toxic effects on the liver: oil refined products, arsenic, mercury, phosphorus;
  6. with prolonged use of drugs, especially paracetamol possessing proven hepatotoxic properties.
  7. people undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment diseases.

We have collected in the ranking the best drugs for recovery the liver. It should be noted that most of them are not recommended during pregnancy – but this does not mean any special “harmful”, but due to the fact that for obvious reasons study of the effectiveness and safety of drugs in pregnant women women is impossible.

Rating of the best drugs for liver restoration

Nomination a place Name of product price
best preparations based on plant extracts 1 Silymarin 150 mg Now Foods 1 050 rub.
2 Legalon 611 rub
3 Artichoke Extract 327 rub
the best drugs based on essential phospholipids 1 Phosphogliv 476 RUB
2 Essentiale Forte N 1 076 rub.
3 Essliver forte 335 rub
other preparations based on other compounds 1 Ursodeoxycholic acid 1 556 rub.
2 Ademethionine 1 975 rub.

The best preparations based on plant extracts

Medicinal plants – the first pharmacy of mankind. As development of medicine and chemistry are some of the herbal “medicines” lost relevance due to inefficiency, others. on the contrary, were carefully studied, and the beneficial substances from them became specially Concentrated and cleaned impurities to get drugs with standard dosages and clearly predictable effect.

Silymarin 150 mg Now Foods

Rating: 4.8


US production.

Contains a standardized extract of milk thistle, 150 mg This is a complex of natural plant substances with following properties:

  1. antioxidant – protect liver cells from active forms oxygen appearing under the influence of toxic substances;
  2. help to reduce the activity of inflammation,
  3. contribute to the acceleration of protein synthesis in hepatocytes,
  4. accelerate the recovery of liver cells,
  5. contribute to the prevention of fibrosis.

Take silymarin for preventive purposes, 1 capsule 3 times a day for 3-4 months, 1 course per year. Thus, packs of 120 capsules will be enough for the course, and at the moment this is one of the most economical options for effective recovery support liver, which made us include the drug in the rating. Draw attention that this is a dietary supplement, that is, a tool not intended for treatment of serious diseases. Another important point: milk thistle bioflavonoids are effective only with a course application. That is, 1 – 2 tablets before the planned alcohol entertainment will not bring the expected effect.

The safety of use during pregnancy is not checked.


  • natural product;
  • profitability.


  • not sold in ordinary pharmacies, must be ordered through the Internet,
  • Dietary supplement.


Rating: 4.7


This is another milk thistle extract preparation. we included it in the rating because, unlike the previous one, it’s not Supplements, and a drug that can be bought at a pharmacy produced by the German company Madaus. Available in tablets per 70 mg and in capsules of 140 mg, packaging of 60 pieces. Given that the dosage recommended in the instructions is 140 mg 3 times a day, it’s wiser to buy capsules right away. Mechanism of action is identical other silymarin preparations (see above).

Contraindicated in case of individual intolerance.


  • drug with proven efficacy and security


  • high price.

Concluding the talk about milk thistle preparations, we should mention that pharmacies often offer to buy liver repair cheap meal of this plant. Indeed, the cake obtained after of milk thistle oil extraction, contains up to 5% silymarin – natural a complex of substances that protect the liver, that is, a teaspoon of meal may contain a single dosage of this substance. But there is one nuance – silymarin is fat-soluble, that is, if you just drink meal and drink it with water, nutrients simply can not be absorbed in the intestines. Therefore, if you, after reading our rating, still decide to save, take milk thistle meal along with food that contains fats: milk, salad with oil dressing, sandwich with butter and so on. Nevertheless, we recommend that you do not meal, the amount of active substances in which no one has tested or standardized, and factory extracts with precisely measured dosage.

Artichoke Extract

Rating: 4.2


Trade Names: Artichoke Leaf Extract, Hofitol.

Artichoke extract works in several ways. how hepatoprotector it protects the membranes of the liver cells from oxidative stress, normalizes protein metabolism, promotes elimination of toxic substances from the body. It also has mild choleretic effect and improves kidney function.

In pharmacies, you can buy artichoke leaf extract 300 mg produced by the German company Hexal or a French drug Hofitol (coated tablets 200 mg). German drug applied 1 tablet 3 times a day French – 2 tablets three times a day, in a course of 2 to 3 weeks.

Both drugs are approved for use during pregnancy.

Since the artichoke has a slight choleretic effect, it contraindicated in patients with cholelithiasis and others diseases leading to obstruction (blockage) of bile ducts.


  • natural preparation;
  • relatively low price.


  • contraindicated in cholelithiasis.

The best drugs based on essential phospholipids

Essential phospholipids are special substances that enter into the composition of the cell membranes of any organ. In the membranes of hepatocytes the content of essential phospholipids reaches 70%. therefore the main direction of action of such drugs is recovery the integrity of the membranes of liver cells and protecting them from further damage. But besides this, essential phospholipids:

  1. normalize metabolic processes in liver cells,
  2. increase detoxification potential (ability to neutralize either remove toxic substances);
  3. normalize fat metabolism, preventing their deposition in liver cells;
  4. reduce fibrosis activity (degeneration into connective the cloth.


Rating: 4.6


This is a domestic development. created at the biomedical research institute chemistry them. V.N. Orekhovich. The composition of the drug, except phospholipids, glycyrrhizic acid is included. This substance in nature is found in licorice roots. It works as an antioxidant, protecting cells liver from the effects of toxic substances, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps stabilize hepatocyte membranes. Thus, Phosphogliv contains two substances that promote the regeneration of liver cells. Some studies have shown that glycyrrhizic acid promotes inhibition of virus activity in viral hepatitis, therefore Phosphogliv can be recommended primarily for those who have encountered with a similar pathology (this does not mean that he is able to replace antiviral drugs prescribed by your doctor!).

Available in capsules, 50 pieces per pack (in the instructions packages of 100 and 200 capsules are mentioned, but in online pharmacies we they were not found). You can take from 12 years old, for children – 1 capsule 3 once a day, for adults – 1 to 2 capsules three times a day.

Not recommended during pregnancy due to insufficient safety studied.

The course of treatment recommended by the manufacturer is 3-6 months, but a healthy person who wants to support recovery a monthly prophylactic course once a liver will be enough half a year.


  • two active substances aimed at restoring liver
  • profitability (in comparison with other drugs from the group essential phospholipids).


  • not

Essentiale Forte N

Rating: 4.4


It is made by the French company Sanofi.

Available in 300 mg capsules, 30 and 90 capsules per pack. Inside the capsule are essential phospholipids and vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.

You can use the drug for both adults and adolescents 12 years, provided that their weight is more than 43 kg. Take it you need 2 capsules three times a day.

The drug is approved for use in pregnant women, moreover, one of his testimony includes early gestosis (in Russian – toxicosis early pregnancy). However, in such a situation, take Essential Forte N must be strictly controlled by a doctor.

The duration of admission is not limited, but if it is not about treatment of serious diseases, and about maintaining the liver healthy people. a monthly course is enough repeatable once every six months.

The drug is contraindicated in case of soy intolerance and increased sensitivity to phosphatidylcholine.

Given that 6 capsules are needed per day, for prophylactic a course will require a minimum of 2 packs of 90 capsules.


  • original french drug
  • high content of essential phospholipids,
  • approved for use by pregnant


  • high price.

Essliver forte

Rating: 4.3


This tool could be called an Indian counterpart Essential, if not for the but – Essliver forte contains vitamins groups B (B1, B2, B6, B12), nicotinic acid (PP), vitamin E, We’ll give dosages of these vitamins several times the daily allowance norms for a healthy person. Of course, for hypervitaminosis, this is not lead: taking vitamins in tablets or capsules to get them excess is not possible (with the exception of vitamin A): the body is just will remove unnecessary. However, for a healthy person, this the amount of vitamins seems to be useless, but for patients with significantly impaired liver function they, again, additional burden on this organ.

On the other hand, such a combination can be very useful in situations of excessive drinking, since neutralization alcohol just does require an increased consumption of vitamins of the group B. You can recommend Essliver forte and people prone to hypovitaminosis due to certain eating habits – the use of fast food, convenience foods.

Available in capsules of 30 or 50 pieces per pack.

You can apply from 12 years. Adolescents – 1 capsule 3 times per day, for adults – 2 capsules 3 times a day with meals. Duration of the course – no more than three months, when it comes to prevention, it is better to be limited to a month of admission.

Not recommended during pregnancy due to insufficient safety studied. Contraindicated in case of individual intolerance to the components of the drug.


  • not only helps protect the liver, but can also compensate lack of B vitamins
  • relatively low price for 1 package.


  • given the number of capsules per day, a monthly course will be needed at least 3 packs of 50 pieces each plus one pack of 30 pieces each, which the result is virtually nullifying the price advantage over other drugs of essential phospholipids.

The best drugs based on other compounds

In this section of the rating we have collected drugs that are impossible combine by origin or mechanism of action.

Ursodeoxycholic acid

Rating: 4.5


Trade names: Ursosan, Ursofalk, Livodex.

Natural bile acid is produced in the human body in extremely small quantities. Mechanisms of action:

  1. protects the cell membranes of hepatocytes,
  2. antioxidant,
  3. slows down fibrosis,
  4. reduces the activity of apoptosis – “programmed” death cells
  5. has anticarcinogenic effect.

In addition, ursodeoxycholic acid helps dissolve cholesterol gallstones, so it is often recommended for gallstone disease.

Take 2-3 capsules per day (recommended dose of 10 mg / kg, in one capsule – 250 mg), the course of administration is from six months.

Safety studies during pregnancy have not been conducted. It penetrates into breast milk therefore is not recommended for nursing.

Dispensed by prescription


  • has an anti-carcinogenic effect;
  • in some cases promotes the dissolution of bile stones.


  • long course of use,
  • prescription drug.


Rating: 4.2


Trade names: Heptral, Heptor.

Ademethionine-based drugs are available from prescription pharmacies doctor, and should be taken under his strict supervision.

Derivative of the amino acid methionine.

Restores the antioxidant mechanisms of the liver, is involved in biochemical processes that restore cell integrity membranes, proteins, nucleic acids, thus contributing normalization of metabolism in hepatocytes. Promotes breeding toxic bile acids.

At the same time, ademetionine has an antidepressant effect, which can be very useful with excessive love of alcohol, as alcohol, contrary to popular belief, is a depressant. Antidepressant effect manifests itself after at least 2 weeks after the start of use. In addition, the drug reduces increased fatigue.

The drug is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance drug, genetic disorders that violate the metabolism of methionine. There are no studies on the safety of pregnant women for 1 to 2 trimester and in children under 18 years of age. Use the drug with caution necessary for bipolar disorders and at the same time antidepressants.

Available in tablets of 400 and 500 mg. Dosage and the duration of the course is determined by the doctor.


  • antidepressant effect;


  • possible adverse events
  • prescription drug.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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