8 best rabbit feeds

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Rabbits, like any other rodent with a fast metabolism, special feed required. Only then are these cute eared Pussies will live a long and healthy life. We made a rating from 8 best feeds that provide balanced nutrition for rabbits.

Rating of the best rabbit food

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Grainless Rabbit Feed 1 Versele-Laga Cuni Nature Re-Balance 399 rub
2 Jr farm 421 rub
The best full-feed rabbit food 1 Jr farm adult 486 r
2 LoLo Pets Rabbit Food Complete 300 rub
3 Vitakraft Menu Vital 325 rub
4 Padovan Grandmix Coniglietti 294 rub
5 Benelux Funny Rabbit Special Premium 311 rub
Best Coccidiostatic Rabbit Food 1 Fiory karaote 380 rub

Best Grainless Rabbit Feed

Versele-Laga Cuni Nature Re-Balance

Rating: 4.9

Versele-Laga Cuni Nature Re-Balance

Why first place: Contains grain-free fiber, minerals and seaweed.

The food is suitable for rabbits prone to allergies and obesity. IN as a source of fiber is used mixed vegetables without cereals, and additional minerals and algae make up for the deficit beneficial substances arising from a limited diet.

Additionally, the food is saturated with vegetable proteins and healthy naturally occurring substances such as fructooligosaccharides. It has a beneficial effect on activity and appearance of the pet.


  • Natural texture, no pressed granules;

  • Like rabbits.

  • Saturated with minerals and nutrients;


  • High consumption. One package is enough for 10-14 days in depending on the weight and size of the rabbit.

Jr farm

Rating: 4.8

Jr Farm

Why second place: The combination of herbal granules and dried plants.

Unlike the previous feed, Jr Farm does not contain composition of large pieces of vegetables. Instead, it is assumed that the rabbit will wash its teeth on herbal pressed granules special form.

The feed includes primarily meadow grasses, which are included in pet’s natural diet. Additionally it includes various root vegetables, as well as dried fruits and seeds. It provides variety in nutrition and a complete diet.


  • Very diverse composition;

  • It is saturated with vitamins;

  • Only natural substances.


  • Large sizes of granules;

  • No additional mineralization;

  • Diet control required (overfeeding should not be allowed rabbit with herbal granules).

The best full-feed rabbit food

Jr farm adult

Rating: 4.9

Jr Farm Adult

Why first place: Full-roster with parsnip root and yucca.

The composition of this feed includes many healthy herbs and vegetables. In addition, cereals, which are also among the ingredients, given in a form convenient for the rabbit. For example, wheat is not whole grain and air; legumes and corn – in the form of flakes or flour. Thus, even dwarf rabbits will be comfortable and nice to chew on this food.

The feed also contains substances to improve digestion pet. Inulin in parsnip activates work intestines, and yucca extract reduces the unpleasant smell of urine. Vegetables – such as cucumbers, zucchini and peppers – become a source polysaccharides that improve the condition of rabbit hair.


  • Convenient for eating rabbit format;

  • A diverse composition with herbs and vegetables;

  • Contains Yucca Extract.


  • There are grass granules that many owners do not like;

  • Rarely found in pet stores.

LoLo Pets Rabbit Food Complete

Rating: 4.8

LoLo Pets Rabbit Food Complete

Why second place: Includes bakery products.

The balance of this feed mixture includes a minimum of processed grain. It also includes various fruits, vegetables and herbs, which serve as a natural source of fiber, vitamins and trace elements.

The main part of the mixture is occupied by herbal granules. Also in feed includes grain and cereal products, vegetables, dried bakery dentifrices, fruits and extra vitamins. This provides a complete diet, quite similar to natural.


  • Balanced composition with an emphasis on natural grain;

  • Convenient herbal granules for nutrition and grinding of teeth;

  • Contains enough protein for rabbit activity.


  • There are dried bakery products, apply with caution;

  • No additional mineralization;

  • No yucca extract.

Vitakraft Menu Vital

Rating: 4.7

Vitakraft Menu Vital

Why third place: Incomprehensible composition, but mineralized and with yucca.

One of the few grain-containing feeds in the composition which includes minerals. But he is third in the ranking takes due to obscure ingredients in the mixture. In fact, it’s not signs which plants are used. Just “plant products” are indicated.

On the other hand, the feed is enriched with beneficial substances such as mineral compounds, oils and fats. This ensures completeness. diet. But yucca extract reduces odor from rabbit excrement.


  • Exceptionally herbal composition;

  • Enriched with trace elements;

  • It is supplemented with yucca extract.


  • Not all rabbits like it;

  • Plant and grain components are compressed into granules.

Padovan Grandmix Coniglietti

Rating: 4.6

Padovan Grandmix Coniglietti

Why fourth place: Contains sugar.

One of the most balanced complete feeds for rabbits. Composition includes both raw plant products (hay, seeds, sunflower grains, as well as corn and barley), so and granules from plant components. To provide necessary micronutrients in the feed include various fruits and vegetables, including carob fruits.

But at the same time, plant granules include sugar. He is not has a harmful effect on the health of the pet, however, the rodent gets used to this substance very quickly and therefore transfer it to another feed becomes difficult.


  • Rich and balanced composition;

  • Varied in texture components;

  • Minimum processed cereals.


  • Sugar comes in;

  • For a full rabbit diet, you will need to feed him minerals.

Benelux Funny Rabbit Special Premium

Rating: 4.5

Benelux Funny Rabbit Special Premium

Why fifth place: Rarely found in stores and also not contains minerals.

This feed also consists mainly of granules. And they are here two types – vegetable with the addition of vitamins and cereal from maize. In addition, the composition includes seeds of various plants, some dried fruits and even carob fruits which are very like rabbits.

Beans outweigh the balance, of which there are three types. But for pets with sustainable digestion this will not be a disadvantage. And here Yucca extract and minerals are not present, therefore it is desirable buy additional complementary foods – “treat”.


  • Low price;

  • Diverse composition;

  • Additionally fortified.


  • It is rare in stores;

  • No minerals and yucca extract;

  • A lot of legumes in the composition.

Best Coccidiostatic Rabbit Food

Coccodiostatics – substances that are intended for prevention and treatment of coccidiosis, parasitic disease in rabbits.

Fiory karaote

Rating: 4.9

Fiory Karaote

Why first place: The rabbit will like it because of the content carob fruits and plenty of dried vegetables.

Food with one of the most diverse composition in the ranking. Vegetable and cereal offal minimum, but a lot dried vegetables, whole grains, various seeds and legumes. Besides addition, it includes carob fruits that love rabbits.

Kelate minerals, which stimulate immunity and regenerative properties of cells. Yucca extract reduces bad smell of excrement. And additional inulin stimulates digestion.

The food contains honey, therefore it is not recommended for pet owners with a tendency to allergies.


  • Rich, diverse composition;

  • Additional vitamins and minerals;

  • Minimum vegetable offal.


  • Contains honey;

  • Tightly pressed, you need to break before feeding.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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