8 best floor standing speakers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Floor acoustic systems are a way to turn a living room into a place of rest and relaxation. Surround sound music takes you to a concert of your beloved artist, and while watching a movie you are like going to adventure with the heroes. No other audio will produce this. immersion effect as a high-quality floor speaker system 5.1 or 7.1.

For lovers of quality and surround sound, we have compiled ranking of the 8 best floor standing speakers – for anyone budget and usage scenario.

How to choose floor acoustics

When choosing a floor-mounted speaker system, you should pay attention to the following options:

  1. Type – bass reflex, closed, passive emitter, horn, bandpass and others;
  2. Number of stripes;
  3. Power;
  4. The presence of a built-in amplifier;
  5. Range of reproduced frequencies;
  6. Sensitivity.

The type of speaker system is considered the most important parameter, but in reality – only a pre-prepared audiophile pedant with test recording is able to distinguish the sound of the bass reflex speaker from any other. Nevertheless, if you want to choose the perfect a device for playing your favorite genre of your favorite music is worth consider the following key differences between each option audio format:

  1. Closed Type High Precision playback and low distortion however sensitivity (essentially an analogue of volume) and bass depth are poor the best;
  2. A phase inverter is the most common type. Is different high sensitivity and excellent bass depth, but sound detail is not the best;
  3. Acoustic Passive Emitter similar to a bass reflex, but provides even deeper and detailed bass not “spoiled” by tube noise resonator;
  4. Open speakers provide directional sound that allows you to create an acoustic zone in the room. But deep “tangible” bass from them can not wait. Kind of open speakers are horn type audio systems;
  5. Bandpass, or strip casing, provides high speaker sensitivity – it sounds louder than a bass reflex or closed type.

But it is worth noting that almost all floor acoustic systems are now running in the bass reflex type. He shows the most optimal sound characteristics. Most systems in the rating – it is a phase inverter type.

The number of bands in general can be represented as just the number of device speakers. However, if you go deeper, then it turns out that this parameter determines the detail of the sound. So, single-band speakers are used only for playback a single frequency segment – for example, it could be tweeter (“tweeter”) or subwoofer.

The “golden mean” are two-way audio systems, in which one speaker reproduces low and part of the middle frequencies, and the second – high and the second part of the middle. This configuration will be enough for most not very demanding users.

The ideal solution for outdoor acoustics from a single device are three-way systems. In them, one speaker reproduces high frequencies, the second medium, and the third low. Good granularity can also be achieved from 2.5- and 3.5-way acoustic systems.

Power and sensitivity are two similar parameters, which show roughly the same value: volume.

That’s just the sensitivity clearly shows the volume speaker system. If the value of this parameter is specified – for example, 84.5 dB – this means that the maximum from the column will succeed “squeeze” just those very 84.5 decibels.

Power is a bit more vague. It indicates not only the actual volume of the music, but the sound pressure – which is achieved, for example, when playing low or ultra high frequencies. So for lovers of bass, which have no neighbors below, suitable speakers with high power – from 70 watts.

Having a built-in amplifier is important for owners middle or low class audio technicians. Very often classic tape recorders, digital players or even vinyl pickups provide extremely low power, which is enough for “buildup” except for headphones with a small impedance. Therefore, for such devices need an external amplifier.

If an external amplifier is already available, then the built-in speaker the system is simply not needed. And in some cases also prevent capable of.

The range of reproduced frequencies is worth noting only for the reason that marketers often use this option. Floor speakers that are not exclusively subwoofers are not capable of reproducing frequencies below 35-40 Hz. So if in the characteristics of the column indicate that it easily makes sounds in 20-20000 Hz range (the range that is able to hear person), then it’s either about dust in the eyes, or about too good device, or about a subwoofer.

Rating of the best floor speakers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best floor speakers 1 Canton GLE 496 63 990 rub.
2 Elac FS 247 174 990 rub.
3 Focal aria 926 169 900 rub.
4 Yamaha NS-777 40 490 rub.
5 Dali zensor 7 44 900 rub.
6 Heco Victa Prime 702 29 990 rub.
7 Boston Acoustics CS 260 II 25 990 rub.
8 Yamaha NS-F150 9 290 rub.

Canton GLE 496

Rating: 4.9

Canton GLE 496

Why is she: Three-way speaker system with high power and low impedance.

Canton GLE 496 floor standing speaker system is one of the best solutions for home use. Thanks to the three-way structure, it provides a detailed, rich sound, and high power of 150 watts guarantees not only volume, but also tangible bass.

The maximum power of the audio system is 320 W, so its can be used with good amplifiers. However thanks sensitivity at 90.5 dB and an impedance of 8 ohms the column will be compatible with almost any reproduction equipment.

It is worth noting that the speaker is equipped with two low-frequency dynamic emitters. Thanks to this, she may well used without subwoofer. Low Frequency Response Threshold is 20 Hz. The bass is rich and tangible. For medium and high frequencies correspond to two dynamic emitters, respectively.

A nice addition is the gold-plated connectors.


  • Excellent scene construction;
  • Powerful, tangible bass;
  • High-quality assembly of the case, acoustically isolated.


  • The appearance of “rustling” of high frequencies at high volume;
  • There is no way to connect via bi-wiring;
  • Mid and high frequencies are a bit overpriced, but this increases sound detailing.

Elac FS 247

Rating: 4.8

Elac FS 247

Why she is: 2.5-way floor-mounted speaker system with support for bi-wiring connectivity.

The main advantage of this speaker system is that it is suitable for use with high-end amplifiers that output separately high and low frequencies. She maintains an isolated connecting these channels thanks to bi-wiring technology. However, with in the classical way of connection, it is also compatible – in The device is integrated high-end crossover.

The 2.5-band architecture includes three dynamic drivers. The low-frequency consists of two 150 mm devices, and high-frequency has a tape configuration. Total power the device is 120 watts, but if necessary it is capable of “swing” up to 160 watts. The acoustic design provides the range of reproducible frequencies is 30-50000 Hz.

Recommended for use with external power amplifiers. 30-250 watts.

Additional advantages are low impedance of 3.4-8 Ohms and gold-plated connectors.


  • High detail sound, suitable for both music and movie;
  • Rich equipment;
  • High-quality, reliable assembly.


  • The case is very easily scratched;
  • Not suitable for use with receivers, only with amplifiers;
  • High price.

Focal aria 926

Rating: 4.7

Focal Aria 926

Why she: Flagship floor-mounted speaker system, perfect sound setting.

This floor-mounted speaker system is suitable for the most demanding lovers of quality sound. Thanks to the special configuration, elaborated emitters and body materials she provides high detail and no overload on frequencies. Music sounds the way it was intended.

The acoustic configuration is three-way. Wherein low-frequency radiator consists of two 165 mm speakers. The sensitivity of the speaker is 91.5 dB, however it is recommended to use the device only with amplifiers – power from 40 to 250 watts. The presence of four speakers provides a wide range of reproduced frequencies – 45-28000 Hz, and thanks to high-quality electronics low impedance – from 2.9 to 8 Ohm.

The speaker package includes additional a set of removable grilles for dynamic emitters that able to change sound characteristics.


  • Superior bass reflex configuration
  • Excellent resolution throughout the spectrum;
  • Attractive design.


  • Do not support bi-wiring connection;
  • Very long warm-up, which takes up to several months;
  • They need a powerful amplifier, it is advisable to use models from 100 watts

Yamaha NS-777

Rating: 4.7

Yamaha NS-777

Why she: An excellent combination of price and technical characteristics.

Despite the fact that this floor-mounted speaker system practically in no way inferior to the previous characteristics models in the rating, it costs a lot cheaper. It makes her a good solution for people who want to enjoy quality sounding, but not ready to spend large sums of money.

Acoustic system – three-way, and low-frequency the emitter consists of two speakers of 203.2 mm each. High-frequency “tweeter” is small, 25 mm, but the same It is installed in other models. Speaker power output – 100 watts, but when used with a good amplifier they can “swing” up to 250 watts. Other specifications include sensitivity of 89 dB, average impedance of 6 ohms and relatively wide range of reproducible frequencies – from 30 Hz to 35 kHz.

The speaker system supports bi-wiring.


  • Superb bass sound, able to beat it even some subwoofer models – especially if installed without legs;
  • Preservation of sound quality at high volume;
  • Attractive design.


  • The rear location of the bass reflex prevents installation speakers close to the wall;
  • Requires the use of a good amplifier or receiver, moreover Yamaha is also desirable;
  • Scratch-resistant housing.

Dali zensor 7

Rating: 4.6

Dali Zensor 7

Why is she: Sounds good at a relatively low price.

One of the best budget options. There are two front speakers, each of which has two-way acoustic configuration. Thereby Provides surround sound with a realistic scene.

As presented in the more expensive models in the ranking, each of the speakers equipped with three speakers. Low frequency represented by two 177.8 mm, and high-frequency – 25 mm domed. Due to this configuration, the range reproducible frequencies range from 40 Hz to 26500 kHz.

The speaker system is powerful enough – its sensitivity is 90 decibels. Recommended for use with amplifiers on 30-150 watts. Thanks to sophisticated electronics, impedance The loudspeaker is only 5 ohms.

A nice addition are the gold-plated connectors.


  • Good high-frequency sound, excellent detail;
  • Separate the stripes perfectly;
  • Attractive appearance.


  • No bi-wiring support (but this is offset by a wonderful separation of the bands by the speakers themselves);
  • Long “warming up”, about a month;
  • A soiled coating that easily picks up scratches.

Heco Victa Prime 702

Rating: 4.5

Heco Victa Prime 702

Why is she: One of the budget options with support bi-wiring.

Although technically these speakers are classified as relatively budget, they provide good sound and at This is supported by bi-wiring. Thanks to this speaker system can be used with mid and high end amplifiers segments.

The acoustic configuration is three-channel. In each column four speakers are installed, two are responsible for the lower frequencies 170 mm. Power is 170 watts, but if desired and Using a good amplifier can be increased up to 300 watts. The sensitivity of the speaker system is 91 dB, and thanks good conductors impedance – only 4-8 ohms. Finally range reproducible frequencies ranges from 25 Hz to 40 kHz (however, up to 25 Hz requires warming, out of the box acoustics are capable of reproduce only about 40 Hz).

Speakers recommended for use with amplifiers power 30-300 watts.


  • Good clarity and sound detail;
  • No emphasis on treble and midrange, all harmoniously;
  • Tangible bass.


  • Warming up is required, initially the characteristics do not correspond declared;
  • Not the most reliable design, decorative film around speakers covered with bubbles;
  • Rear bass reflex, not recommended close to the wall.

Boston Acoustics CS 260 II

Rating: 4.5

Boston Acoustics CS 260 II

Why is she: Attractive concise design, good specifications.

Featuring an attractive design, this floor-mounted speaker the system will not only please lovers of quality music, but also beautiful interior. And at the same time, the device is inexpensive.

The speaker system is two-channel. In this case, the low-frequency emitter, like many other models in the rating, represented by two speakers with a diameter of 165 mm. High frequency The tweeter has a standard size of 25 mm.

A nice feature of this outdoor speaker system is high sensitivity, which is 89 dB. However it’s still better to use the device with an amplifier, whose recommended power is from 15 to 250 watts. Other Acoustic specifications include an average impedance of 8 Ohm and a relatively wide range of reproduced frequencies – from 46 Hz to 25 kHz.

The speaker system is equipped with gold-plated connectors and removable speaker grill.


  • High density and sound saturation, good detail for its price segment;
  • Transparent, not rustling and not ringing high frequencies;
  • Attractive design.


  • The bass is not too large, even when installed without legs;
  • Poorly suited for installation in large rooms;
  • High sensitivity to overload, not recommended use with powerful amplifiers.

Yamaha NS-F150

Rating: 4.5

Yamaha NS-F150

Why she: Superior sound quality for ultra-budget segment.

Despite the fact that this floor-mounted speaker system is the most cheap in rating, it provides quite good quality sound. Especially when installed in small rooms and for listening to music in non-lossless digital formats.

Acoustic configuration – two-way, and low-frequency the emitter classically consists of two 165 mm speakers. The power of the device is 50 W, but when used with a good amplifier system can work for a short time and at 180 watts. Acoustic sensitivity – quite good for its prices and is 88 dB. Special “filling” configuration provides low impedance of 6 ohms.

Also, the speaker system boasts a wide range reproducible frequencies – from 37 Hz to 30 kHz. And in many even warming up is not required – the entire spectrum is available “from boxes. “Like the older models, there are gilded connectors


  • Corporate soft sound without overload for any frequencies;
  • High power, support for quality amplifiers;
  • Nice, neat build.


  • Thin back wall, not the best bass reflex;
  • Sensitive to installation, it is recommended to place 40-50 cm from the wall;
  • Poor tweeter performance at high volume.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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