8 best feeds for labradors

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Labrador Retriever – beautiful, active and stately dogs with good health, but with digestive characteristics. One of the main problems – a good appetite, which with excessive feeding can lead to obesity of an individual. And this entails problems with joints, with hair. Prepared feed manufacturers recipes take into account the characteristics of the body of labradors and select optimal composition of croquettes, their shape and size.

We present a rating of the 8 best feeds for labradors. At his In compiling, we took into account the composition, energy value of the product, as well as the opinions of dog owners.

Rating of the best feeds for labradors

Nomination a place Name of product price per kg.
Rating of the best feeds for labradors 1 Advance Labrador Adult 320 rub
2 Acana Grass-Fed Lamb 550 rub
3 Dry food Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Adult, for dogs Labrador Retriever breed older than 15 months 460 rub
4 Eukanuba Breed Specific Dry Dog Food For Labrador Retriever 358 r
5 Belcando Junior Maxi for puppies of large and giant breeds with 3 up to 18 months 400 rub
6 Hill’s Nature’s Best Canine Adult Large Breed / Giant dry 350 rub
7 Almo Nature Holistic “Beef” for large adult dogs breeds 340 rub
8 Purina® PRO PLAN® Optiderma for skin and coat health, salmon with rice 300 rub

Advance Labrador Adult

Rating: 4.9


Advance Labrador Adult feed is in demand by breeders Labrador Retriever in Europe. It is fully adapted for health of individuals of this breed of dogs from the age of 2 years. Main ingredient of the composition is chicken in the form of fresh meat (17%) and dehydrated protein of a bird, easily digestible digestive tract of a pet. The developers took into account the absence of allergies in healthy retrievers, therefore, the main plant component of feed is barley, rich in protein and the necessary amount of valuable BZHU. Besides this cereal in corn, wheat and maize flour, fresh peas and maize. As a source of animal fats used hydrolyzed and fresh fat, including fish oil. Value product increases egg powder, yeast, protein, beetroot pulp and mineral additives. Calories in Feed balanced for standard sized dogs with ample activity. Advance Labrador Adult Helps Keep It Alright cardiovascular system and joints, and most importantly – weight animal. Moreover, the correct dosage of portions can contribute to the burning of subcutaneous fat and its transformation into necessary energy. The proportion of protein is 29%, total fat fourteen%. Breeders note good feed acceptance by pets and lack of adverse side effects.


  • natural composition;
  • program to reduce and maintain weight;
  • lack of side effects.


  • not suitable for individuals with an allergy to gluten.

Acana Grass-Fed Lamb

Rating: 4.8


In second place is the full-fledged dry food Acana Grass-Fed Lamb for adult Labrador Retriever. Half of it composition – a lamb of the New Zealand breed, and the producer uses the whole carcass – muscle tissue, subproducts are used cartilage. So, the liver is very attractive even to the choosy dogs. A lot in the product and fiber, contributing to a comfortable and trouble-free digestion – apple, pumpkin, seaweed, legumes and other plant components. Manufacturer also included some vital animals vitamins.

Dogs generally eat Acana Grass-Fed Lamb, owners note an improvement in the condition of the coat and teeth of the animal. TO the same product is suitable for dogs allergic to cereal gluten.

The proportion of proteins increased to 31%, fat in the average value – 15%.


  • lack of cereals in the composition;
  • 50% fresh and freeze-dried meat;
  • Minimum artificial additives.


  • Not defined.

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Adult, for dogs of the Labrador breed retriever over 15 months old

Rating: 4.7

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Adult dry food, for dogs of the Labrador Retriever breed older than 15 months

Royal Canin Labrador Complete Balanced Feed Retriever Adult is designed to stabilize and support normal Labrador weights from 1.3 years, provided they are sufficiently active. The composition is selected taking into account the need for joint support and tight thick coat. The amount of protein is balanced in the feed – 30% and fat – 13%. The composition is based on poultry meat. Royal Canin products do not It is highly natural, this food was no exception – animal protein is used in a dehydrated form, which is somewhat reduces its value. In sufficient quantities manufacturer added fish oil and a natural source of glucosamine – hydrolyzate from the shell of crustaceans. Note the absence of cereals from plant components used corn, rice, vegetables. Of alarming components we note only corn gluten, but in Labrador retrievers are extremely rarely allergic to it.

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Adult food is croquettes, form which helps to reduce the speed of eating a dog, and this allows feed the animal less and avoid gluttony.


  • Harmonious composition for the digestive tract;
  • The optimal price of feed;
  • Convenient croquettes that reduce the speed of eating a dog.


  • It contains dehydrated meat.

Eukanuba Breed Specific Dry Dog Food For LabradorRetriever

Rating: 4.6


Eukanuba feeds are rapidly gaining popularity among professional breeders and amateur dog breeders, therefore, in our review entered Breed Specific Dry Dog Food For Labrador Product Labrador Retriever. It includes a special component L-carnitine, which helps to reduce animal weight and maintain optimal body weight of the pet.

At the heart of dehydrated poultry and animal proteins origin, easily digestible and non-digestive tract. Manufacturer added protein hydrolysates as an enhancer taste, egg white and fish oil, squeezed shellfish. The composition contains wheat and barley, rice and plant fiber. Mineral additives are not declared on the package, but mineralogical analysis on the package shows the content of vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantity.

Labrador food Eukanuba Breed Specific Dry Dog Food has one of the shortest compounds – the manufacturer used only necessary components, and this is a good indicator for digestion animal. True, protein in the diet is less than previously reviewed products – only 23%, lipids – 13%.


  • Prevention of obesity and heart problems;
  • Short natural composition;
  • Reduced calories
  • L-carnitine composition.


  • Reduced amount of protein.

Belcando Junior Maxi for puppies of large and giant breeds with 3 up to 18 months

Rating: 4.5

Belcando Junior Maxi for puppies of large and giant breeds from 3 to 18 months

The next non-specialized feed in our review Belcando Junior Maxi holistic class suitable for large puppies and giant rocks from 3 to 1.5 years. Labrador Retriever Owners use it not only for feeding puppies, but also for young older individuals.

The composition of the feed is selected taking into account the needs of a growing organism dogs, it includes a vitamin and mineral complex, and in natural ingredients used as a source of these substances – yeast, meat hydrolysates, oils and animal fats, vegetables. The basis product – poultry meat: chicken, turkey, duck, as well as fish. The main plant components – rice, corn, oats. The proportion of protein in Belcando Junior Maxi – 23.5%, of which 75 are meat and fish, easily digestible and non-burdensome digestion. Gluten free minimizes the risk of allergies and is beneficial to the formation of a complete digestive system of the Labrador. Breeders are positive about Belcando Junior Maxi feed, Noting the good adoption by the pets. The only drawback is high price, about 60 rubles. for 100 gr., but if you follow the regime feeding and dosing portions, it turns out not so expensive for feed holistic class.


  • Natural composition;
  • No gluten;
  • Meat and fish in the composition;
  • Suitable not only for labradors.


  • High price.

Hill’s Nature’s Best Canine Adult Large Breed / Giant dry

Rating: 4.4


Another Hill’s Nature’s Best Canine Adult Large Breed / Giant dry designed for gigantic and large dog breeds, which include Labradors. Ingredients selected so that the digestive system of such dogs does not loaded, and assimilation occurred in a favorable way without animal obesity, because in case of excess weight the cardiovascular system and joints suffer.

Hill’s Nature’s Best Canine Adult Large Breed / Giant dry food – the first in the review, the main share of which is vegetable components: corn and brown rice, barley and oats, vegetables. Meat the components are poultry flour (28% of the total composition) and fat. Of additional ingredients – oil, grape squeeze. Antioxidants enhance dog immunity.

Despite its modest composition, Hill’s Nature’s Best feed Canine Adult Large Breed / Giant dry is in great demand with Labrador owners for several reasons: relatively low price, good digestibility and a good influence on the quality of the coat and well-being of pets. The proportion of protein is 23%, fat is 14.3%.


  • Easily digestible food;
  • Balanced by BZHU and calories composition;
  • Affordable price of about 390 rubles per kg.


  • Mostly herbal composition;
  • High allergenicity – a lot of gluten.

Almo Nature Holistic “Beef” for large adult dogs breeds

Rating: 4.3

Almo Nature Holistic

This super-premium food is made for dogs of any large size. rocks. The main components are meat and derivatives of beef and other animals, lipids, and plant components – cereals and rice, inulin chicory, plant protein extracts, oils, yeast and some mineral supplements. Manufacturer disclosed in detail mineralogical composition, it is fully consistent with the needs organism of an adult healthy Labrador. Proteins in a total mass of 25%, fat – 14%.

Almo Nature Holistic Beef is even suitable for fastidious dogs and pets with food allergies, but necessary consider the presence of gluten. Attractive taste provided natural ingredients, the manufacturer did not use synthetic additives and flavorings, and the freshness of the product preserved by natural antioxidants – rosemary oil. The meat ingredients used are Human Grade (for animals and people).


  • Food super-holistic class;
  • The lack of synthetic components in the composition;
  • Suitable for finicky dogs.


  • Not defined.

Purina® PRO PLAN® Optiderma for skin and coat health, salmon with rice

Rating: 4.2


Purina Pro Plan Optiderma can be purchased for any dog. large and medium breeds, especially with sensitivity problems skin and digestion. Optiderma Nutrient Combination special – it has a gentle effect on the epidermis, hair bulbs and digestive system of the animal, contributes comfortable assimilation of food, shiny hair and reduce skin irritations. However, we note that the feed is not medicinal but may be prescribed by a veterinarian to stabilize Labrador status and its maintenance. The product is also used when the need for weight loss under the supervision of a doctor.

The basis of the composition is whole oceanic salmon, rich in fats and valuable protein that is well absorbed by the dog’s body to the maximum. It practically does not cause allergies, does not burden digestion,. There is no digestive gluten in the composition, plant components are rice, corn, vegetables, oils and oxidants. With the natural composition of the feed is quite inexpensive – in an average of about 300 rubles / kg.

Purina® PRO PLAN® Optiderma has a lot of protein – 29%, more fat, than in the previously considered feed – 18%, therefore the dosage must be strictly observed.


  • High quality salmon protein;
  • Stabilization of the dog with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, skin and Wool
  • The natural composition.


  • Not defined.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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