8 best curved 4K TVs screen

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Very soon, Full HD resolution will be forgotten. Now all 4K TVs are becoming more popular and relevant. Content for them you can already shoot yourself, which proves our rating of the best GoPro cameras that talk about devices that have a mode 4K movie shooting. The most interesting now look 4K-TVs with a curved screen – they promise the greatest immersion in what is happening. It is about them that will be discussed in this collection.

Rating of the best curved screen 4K TVs

Nomination a place Name of product Rating
The best 4K TVs with a curved screen: diagonal 40 inches 1 Samsung UE40KU6300U 4.9
Best 4K curved TVs: 55 diagonal inches 1 LG OLED55C6V 4.9
2 Samsung UE55KS7500U 4.8
3 Samsung UE55MU6500U 4.7
Best 4K curved TVs: 65 inches 1 Samsung QE65Q8CAM 4.9
2 LG 65UG870V 4.8
3 Sony KD-65SD8505 4.8
4 Philips 65PUS8700 4.7

The best 4K TVs with a curved screen: diagonal 40 inches

Samsung UE40KU6300U

Rating: 4.9

Samsung UE40KU6300U

Many consumers understand that the effect of a curved screen, if it has a small diagonal, it is not so significant. That’s why it’s extremely difficult to find 40-inch TVs in retail chains, possessing a curved screen. Perhaps, attention is drawn to only Samsung UE40KU6300U. He got into our rating thanks to his very good performance. This device and HDR support, and It has three HDMI sockets, and it can please with a loud sound.

Like all other televisions in our selection, this model has 4K resolution. Now it is very relevant – many films go to Blu-ray in that quality, and the game console PS4 Pro is also capable of delivering a 4K picture. Another product may please the support of all the basic standards of digital TV. Also device has Smart TV function – Internet connection either via Wi-Fi 802.11n or wired method.

in no case calls this TV ideal. TO Unfortunately, it has several disadvantages. In particular, not all one TV tuner will arrange – and what if you want to watch both cable and satellite television? Yes, and 45 thousand rubles. wants to spend not every.


  • Installed Tizen operating system;

  • The screen produces a high-quality picture;

  • The power of stereo speakers is brought up to 20 W;

  • There are two USB ports and three HDMI connectors;

  • Weight does not exceed 9 kg (with stand).


  • High price;

  • The effect of the curved screen is not noticeable too much;

  • Only one independent TV tuner.

Best 4K curved TVs: 55 diagonal inches


Rating: 4.9


One of the few TVs, almost all of the reviews on which written in a positive way. Everyone is happy with WebOS – powerful processor provides almost complete absence brakes and suspensions. Also, buyers are delighted with the picture, which gives a curved screen. By the way, the display is capable of issuing 3D image for viewing which are used polarized glasses. Do I need to say that on a curved 140-cm screen watch 3D the most comfortable? A technology display was created OLED, so it’s impossible to find fault with black colors.

Other characteristics of the TV also did not disappoint, otherwise The device did not fall into our rating. The product has the support of all digital TV formats. The total power of the four speakers brought to 40 watts – not every customer thinks about connecting external acoustics. Everything is in order here and with the number of connectors, but to the router can be connected using a high-speed standard Wi-Fi 802.11ac. The buyer can only complain TV tuner installed here in a single copy. However, not all of them need a larger number.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth;

  • There are three HDMI-and USB-connectors;

  • Relatively light weight (16.5 kg);

  • 3D display possible;

  • All major digital TV standards are supported;

  • The screen was created using OLED technology;

  • The number of speakers is brought to four;

  • Stable Smart TV.


  • It’s more and more difficult to find on sale;

  • Very high cost.

Samsung UE55KS7500U

Rating: 4.8

Samsung UE55KS7500U

Great TV with curved screen and plenty of connectors. The device’s display consists of quantum dots, which allows you to hope for deep black colors and realistic HDR picture. The TV got into our rating and thanks up to 200 Hz refresh rate. This parameter contributes to the chic display of all kinds of action scenes, which blockbusters and modern games are rich.

The electronics of the device is supplemented with support for all major digital TV standards. In this case, the TV tuner is installed only one, so you have to choose between cable and terrestrial television. As for the speaker system, it consists of two speakers and one subwoofer. Total power of it all good is 40 watts. Bass feel good, so in connecting speakers does not make much sense. However, such the opportunity is present – here are intended for sound output optical output and wireless Bluetooth module. Other a feature of the device is voice control – microphone built into the remote control. The Smart TV function is not forgotten here either.


  • The weight of the TV with stand does not exceed 17.6 kg;

  • The screen was created using QLED technology;

  • There are 4 HDMI connectors and 3 USB;

  • There are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules;

  • The speakers are complemented by a subwoofer;

  • All digital TV standards are supported;

  • Up to 200 Hz sweep frequency.


  • The stand is rather flimsy;

  • Find on sale more and more difficult;

  • Smart TV slows down;

  • A decent percentage of defective copies.

Samsung UE55MU6500U

Rating: 4.7

Samsung UE55MU6500U

Another 4K TV with a 140-cm screen. Main difference of this model from competitors considered in this rating consists of two built-in TV tuners. This allows to connect, for example, both terrestrial digital TV and cable. Also there is support for satellite format, so the purchase an additional receiver to the user is most likely not need it.

The curved display of this handsome man updates the picture with a frequency 100 Hz Viewing angles are maximum. You can not watch the content only thanks to television channels, but also through the Internet – for this purpose The features of the Tizen operating system are used. Also no one prohibits connecting external devices, for which three HDMI connector and two USB ports. There is also a Bluetooth module, which may well come in handy.

Unfortunately, the TV has at least one serious disadvantage. It consists in built-in acoustics, total whose power does not exceed 20 watts. For a 55-inch model, this not enough. It seems that many buyers will want to use optical audio output by connecting external speakers to it or even full home theater.


  • Silver color of the case;

  • Excellent 4K-display with support for 100 Hz;

  • There is a Smart TV;

  • All digital TV standards are supported;

  • There are two TV tuners;

  • Built-in light sensor;

  • Implemented voice control.


  • Far from the record number of connectors;

  • The Wi-Fi module belongs to the 802.11n standard;

  • Low power built-in acoustics;

  • The cost reaches 76 thousand rubles.

Best 4K curved TVs: 65 inches

Samsung QE65Q8CAM

Rating: 4.9

Samsung QE65Q8CAM

An excellent TV, the matrix of which consists of quantum dots. The diagonal of this monster reaches already very impressive 165 cm. Here, although there is a stand, but such a large TV will fit not on every pedestal, not in every modular living room – most buyers fastens it on the wall. The device has a silver case. A special remote control is supplied with it. perfect for controlling the Tizen operating system and giving voice commands. As for the 4K display, its a distinctive feature is the increased frequency up to 200 Hz reamers. Believe me, such a parameter will be especially noticeable when watching action movies and launching modern games.

A large TV must sound loud. South Koreans are understood. They introduced here acoustics, consisting of two traditional speakers of 10 watts and a pair of subwoofers of 20 watts. IN As a result, the sound turned out to be surround, and all sorts of shots and explosions make you shudder.

Nothing bad can be said about the other characteristics. Samsung QE65Q8CAM. Deep black colors, support all major digital TV standards, the presence of four HDMI-connectors – what else may the buyer need? Perhaps only an opportunity simultaneous connection of on-air, satellite and cable TV. And she is also present here – the product is endowed with three TV tuners! In a word, not in vain this model got a place in our rating. It can only confuse at a price. Not every Russian able to pay more than 170 thousand rubles for a QLED TV.


  • Very large sizes;

  • The body is painted silver;

  • All digital TV standards are supported;

  • There are four HDMI-connectors and three USB-ports;

  • A large number of TV tuners;

  • Automatic brightness control;

  • Wonderful QLED matrix with a high refresh rate;

  • Excellent built-in acoustics;

  • Voice control possible;

  • There is a smart TV.


  • Very high cost;

  • The color rendering is still inferior to OLED models;

  • Built-in Wi-Fi standard 802.11n.

LG 65UG870V

Rating: 4.8

LG 65UG870V

Elegant curved TV with a catchy screen stand. The latter is painted silver, while the body The TV itself is black. Unlike most the above models, there is support for 3D. Like in other devices from LG, showing stereoscopic pictures carried out thanks to polarization technology. It means, that complete glasses do not require recharging, and their weight is negligible. AND watch 3D content on a 165-centimeter screen – it’s solid pleasure!

To connect external devices here are three HDMI and the same number of USB ports. Sync with the router can be either through the standard Wi-Fi 802.11n, either through a network cable. It should be noted that the TV consumes only 116 watts. This must be one of the most energy-efficient devices in our selection!

The TV was announced in 2015. In this regard, some its characteristics managed to become a little outdated. In particular, not all arrange the sound that two speakers produce with a total power of 20 watts. Smart TV also raises questions – sometimes in some applications hangs are observed. But most of all disappoints indicated higher standard Wi-Fi – its bandwidth may not be enough for stable online playback of content in 4K resolution.


  • Unique design

  • It is possible to display 3D content;

  • Quality curved display;

  • There is support for all digital TV standards;

  • Someone will need a Kensington lock slot;

  • Very low power consumption;

  • There is a headphone jack and Bluetooth;

  • There is a smart TV.


  • Not the highest refresh rate;

  • Not the best speakers;

  • Find on sale is already quite difficult.

Sony KD-65SD8505

Rating: 4.8

Sony KD-65SD8505

No TV rating can do without production Sony In our case, this is a model called KD-65SD8505. Part This unit includes a curved LCD panel with 4K resolution and refresh rate of 100 Hz. On such a TV with a large you can watch documentary videos about nature and all sorts of action movies. It should be noted that viewing angles are not maximum – the manufacturer claims 170 °. However, no problems when viewing from the couch you definitely will not notice.

The device works using Android TV. It means that the user will definitely not be deprived of applications – they are for this platforms have already been released a lot. The device is also capable of boast support for all digital TV standards. Regret it the plan can only be about a TV tuner, which is built in here in a single copy. On the back and side walls of the TV there are numerous connectors, even the outdated SCART and that importantly, headphone output. In short, the TV is close to ideal. Confuse can only weak speakers and heavy weight, reaching 32.9 kg (including stand). The cost of this TV is about 135 thousand rubles.


  • Not the lowest scan rate;

  • High-quality picture;

  • Present Smart TV;

  • All digital TV standards are supported;

  • Four HDMI sockets and three USB ports;

  • The headphone jack is not forgotten.


  • Decent weight;

  • Only one TV tuner is built in;

  • The total acoustic power is only 20 watts;

  • Wi-Fi belongs to the 802.11n standard.

Philips 65PUS8700

Rating: 4.7

Philips 65PUS8700

Almost the only TV with a curved display among equipped with Ambilight. Special LEDs here they form a color picture behind the TV corresponding to happening on the screen. This is much better than any 3D experience. you get impressive! Another distinguishing feature The device has a refresh rate up to 1400 Hz. On the practice, of course, it has a lower value, but even its quite enough to enjoy viewing a variety of action scenes. By the way, there is also support for the aforementioned 3D – shutter is used to display and view such a picture technology.

As befits such an expensive TV, it is smart. That is, the Android operating system is installed here, allowing solve a variety of problems. The device is even more pleased with the built-in acoustics, consisting of five speakers with a power of 10 watts each. IN including TV produces sensitive bass, so the user is unlikely to think about connecting speakers. Nothing bad can not be said about the connectors present on the back the wall.

Perhaps the Philips 65PUS8700 is not serious flaws, if you do not think about the 37-pound weight. However, there is another one to which the engineers are not involved. Buy this the model is now very complicated – its production has already been discontinued, and stocks are almost exhausted. However, not to mention her in our ranking we could not.


  • Implemented backlighting;

  • Two TV tuners and 16 GB of permanent memory are built in;

  • Four HDMI sockets, three USB ports and one SCART;

  • There is a Smart TV and support for 3D;

  • Very powerful sound;

  • The headphone jack is not forgotten;

  • Great screen with high refresh rate.


  • There is no Bluetooth;

  • Android here works with regular brakes.


Believe me, a 4K TV with a curved screen is a must like it! Such a device will look great in any living room, and the pleasure of watching it is nothing to compare. Also such a TV is unlikely to become obsolete in the coming years. In a word, we provided you with a lot of reasons to refuse shopping for a traditional flat-screen TV.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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