8 best cheap beach resorts

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

A quality beach vacation does not mean that you have to empty the wallet completely. In the world there are many countries in resorts which you can quite adequately rest and not be wasted. When compiling this rating, our experts took into account three main criteria: flight price, cost of living and expenses on the spot. To your attention the eight most suitable resorts for a beach Rest in 2019-2020.

Inexpensive and tasteful: top 8 best beach resorts

Nomination a place Resort tour cost for two
Inexpensive and tasteful: top 8 best beach resorts 8 Abkhazia from $ 500 (weekly rest)
7 Turkey from $ 700 (WEEKLY REST)
6 Vietnam from $ 1,400 (month)
5 Georgia from $ 600 (WEEKLY REST)
4 Montenegro from 700 euros (WEEKEND)
3 Indonesia, Bali FROM $ 1,200 (WEEKLY REST)
2 Morocco from $ 1000 (WEEKLY REST)
1 India, Goa from $ 1,100 (WEEKLY REST)


Rating: 4.3


Best time to travel: June-early October

Budget resorts: you can find an economy option on any

Issue price: from $ 500 for two (weekly rest), not including the road

A small mountainous state is compactly located between the Black Sea coast and the Caucasian ridge. Rest in Abkhazia attracts thousands of tourists every year and this is not surprising: the country pleases with a mild climate, magnificent landscapes, delicious cuisine and, most importantly, a comfortable stay that anyone can afford.

As for the resorts, you can safely choose any, because each of them is located near the sea coast. Among the most popular – Gagra, Sukhumi, Gudauta, New Athos, Ochamchira, Escher and etc. If desired, you can briefly tear yourself away from the relaxing beach holidays and rush for new experiences in the mountains: picturesque gorges, waterfalls and lush greenery impress with their beauty.

It is not difficult to rent housing in Abkhazia. Large cities offer comfortable hotel accommodation; smaller towns – in mini-hotels, guest houses. No problem, you can rent a house in private sector. Settlements are not only nearby from the sea, but also surrounded by all kinds of catering establishments with great food. Nobody will be hungry.

Separately, we can note the features of the country’s climate: although it humid, heat is easily tolerated, the sea warms up well in season, and mountain spurs reliably protect from the harsh wind. West Side Abkhazian coast boasts an impressive beach strip – about 6-10 km. True, equipped beaches are not here lots of. And yet, connoisseurs of pebbles, convenient entry into the water (he everywhere gentle) and crystal clear water will enjoy stay on these beaches.


Rating: 4.4


Best time to travel: May-October (Mediterranean coast), June-September (Aegean coast).

Budget resorts: Alanya, Kemer, Side, Marmaris.

Issue price: from $ 700 for two (a week’s rest), including flight

The country has an exclusive geographical position – its lands washed by the waters of four seas at once: the Mediterranean, Aegean, Marble and Black. Turkey is perfect for comfortable beach holidays, and you can choose an option absolutely on every taste. It’s worth to clarify that some Turkish resorts a priori considered elite and do not offer an inexpensive vacation option (Antalya – on the Mediterranean coast and Bodrum, Ferkhie, Kusadasi – in Aegean).

Connoisseurs of rich nightlife and economical hotel Accommodation will appreciate the options offered in the resort of Alanya. Prices it is very democratic, the sea is warm, the beaches are continuous sand. AND the surroundings are famous not only for noisy discos, but also an impressive amount of historical monuments.

For those who look forward to a calm, pacifying vacation with more mild climate and surrounded by lush greenery, another resort is suitable – Kemer. Often the youth of the same name is popular resort center with its nightclubs, bars and many restaurants for every taste. The rest of his villages are ideal for family tourists: there are many club hotels with an impressive territory. For lovers of versatile relaxation offered excursions to the ancient cities of Phaselis and Olympos, located nearby

Among all the resorts of the Aegean coast, perhaps, Marmaris as the most democratic and active. Thrifty options there are many residences, as well as clean beaches, historical antiquities and mild climate, drunk with needles.


Rating: 4.5


Best time to travel: February-March, September

Budget Resorts: Nha Trang, Mui Ne

Price of the issue: from $ 1400 for two (rest for a month), including flight

Inexpensive exotic – this is exactly about Vietnam. Speaking of comfortable vacation in this Asian country, you should immediately clarify that seasonality here is very vague. At different times of the year for A comfortable beach holiday suitable for various resorts. We indicated optimal months for a trip when the weather is relatively good installed throughout Vietnam. If you need another period for rest, recommends that you carefully check the weather in a certain month (tropical showers and storm).

What is Vietnam good for? Here you can not only enjoy sunny heat and plenty to swim along the coast, but also on year ahead, eat up on excellent and, moreover, inexpensive seafood and fruit. Snorkelling enthusiasts swim with pleasure, connoisseurs of oriental cuisine learn how to cook a local masterpiece – soup fo, proponents of outdoor activities will get acquainted with the local culture and impressive sights. And all without exception will be able compile your personal rating of the delights of vacation in Vietnam.

Fruit theme deserves special attention: Vietnam deservedly considered the most fruitful country in Southwest Asia. Seems here they have no end. For those who adhere to the principle of healthy nutrition, Vietnam will become a real paradise. Guava, coconuts, watermelons, pomelo, papaya, grapes, melons, bananas – there is no shortage of natural sweets.

We indicated the cost of living in the country for two people, based on the fact that accommodation is calculated not in a hotel, but in a rented home and air travel booked independently.


Rating: 4.6


Best time to travel: May-early October

Budget resorts: Kobuleti, Sarpi, Kvariati, Ureki

Issue price: from $ 600 for two (a week break), including flight

Coming to friendly Georgia, you need to be prepared for welcoming reception, as if you are coming to grandma’s village and to probability the appearance of several extra pounds at the end of the trip. After all Georgians know a lot about not only a warm welcome and good rest, but and delicious food. They are ardent supporters of epicureanism and willingly share their culinary secrets.

Delicious Adjarian khachapuri, colorful local wine, velvet sandy beaches, breathtaking views of the mountains of Svaneti, flying over Batumi by cable car – all this will leave indelible a trace of the trip and turn your vacation into one of the best for many years. The main and most visited resort of Georgia is considered Batumi, accordingly, prices here (especially in peak season) are higher than in other places.

Less than an hour away from it there are no less worthy and more Cheap options – Kobuleti, Gvariati. These are calm villages without special entertainment, but delicious food and a comfortable overnight stay will be here, and for entertainment you can go to Batumi, the benefit of car rental it’s inexpensive, and a taxi will cost around $ 15.

And what are the local excursions: Batumi Botanical Garden, a trip to the mountainous Adzharia, a spectacular walk through the cave of Prometheus and much more. And all this pleasure can fit in only $ 50 with person. Tale, and more.


Rating: 4.7


Best time to travel: June-September

Budget resorts: Budva, Ulcinj, Petrovac

Issue price: from 700 euros for two (weekly rest) with air travel

This European country is ideal for a simple holiday, but, as you know, all ingenious is simple. That is the impression Montenegro produces for those who first arrive at its welcoming land. Local adriatic beaches conquer their cleanliness, prices pleasantly pleasing, as well as the opportunity to get a gastronomic the pleasure of a juicy steak with a stack of brandy.

Even in high season, you can find a great option for quite comfortable and at the same time economical rest: owners local villas offer good prices and a friendly welcome. Can not mention and unique landscapes, which in diversity and brightness paints can compete with the Crimea.

It is noteworthy that even in high season you can always find here inexpensive option of rest. Only with reservation hurry up, especially if the dates are close to the high season, since often free places in hotels and villas (especially) tend to end quickly.

Although Montenegro is a small country, you can find it here get an adrenaline rush: spearfishing, paragliding, rafting on the Piva river and others. A rental will be a good solution a car. There is nothing better than exploring this country on own wheels.

Tip. A trip to Montenegro will be as cheap as possible if to get a ready-made tour immediately – with accommodation, insurance and by air.

Indonesia, Bali

Rating: 4.8


Best time to travel: April-September

Budget resorts: Sanur, Nusa Penida, Ubud

Issue price: from $ 1200 for two (a month of rest) with air travel

Indonesia is not a short way, but every experienced tourist at least once dreamed of visiting here and enjoying luxurious natural views, divinely velvety white sand and pacifying exotic atmosphere. One of the most famous and largest the country’s islands are considered Bali, whose appearance is formed by volcanoes, overgrown with dense vegetation, rice fields and impregnable coral reef.

Bali can offer the sophisticated traveler and the humble house, and a higher-class cottage and luxury villa. Many mistakenly believe that fabulous Bali is fabulously expensive, but it’s completely not this way. If you are planning a long vacation, we recommend that you pay attention to long-term rental housing, not just any hotel. In this case, accommodation will cost you only $ 150 / month. About the same amount will be spent on food.

The only problem is air travel, which will cost at about $ 1000 for two. But, in general, rest turns out very cheap, which is incredible. To minimize the cost air flight, we recommend ordering tickets with a change in Bangkok or Doha.

If you are interested in the most inexpensive vacation, it is better to give preference for the resort of Sanur – he will appreciate the pleasant prices and calm sea. This, by the way, is ideal for beginners. divers and families with children. For experienced tourists and experienced divers Nusa Penida resort is perfect: it has not yet acquired a wide popularity, because the prices are low here, but the quality of rest from this does not suffer at all.


Rating: 4.9


Best time to travel: May-October

Budget resorts: Tangier, Laguna Oulidia, Agadir

Issue price: from $ 1000 for two (weekly rest), with air travel

Mysterious African Morocco is often undeservedly deprived of the attention of tourists. But in vain. This colorful country can nice to surprise not only incredibly mild for desert places climate, but also reasonable prices. Beach Holidays in Morocco May give an incredible experience: the Moroccan coast is perfect suitable for these purposes.

Traditionally, the resort is considered the best beach option in the country. Agadir. The weather here is always favorable: there is no hot wind thanks to the reliable protection of the mountains, and thanks to the Canary current in the city is never worth the heat. The lagoon of Oulidia is ideal for A relaxing holiday, especially good for families with children. Lagoon waters warm up quickly, which pleases against the background of always cool Atlantic ocean. But Tangier will appeal to lovers the Mediterranean coast: the beach of the resort is washed by the waters exactly of this sea.

In addition to clean, well-equipped beaches and inexpensive accommodation hospitable Morocco can also offer excellent cuisine by ridiculous prices (for example, a delicious dinner for two will cost no more than 500 rubles), inexpensive and exciting excursions and cheap travel (taxi ride around the city will cost about 60 rubles). Do not take a full suitcase on vacation: it will fill up on way back. After all, here you can buy inexpensive oriental sweets, natural oils, leather products and much more. Morocco – a true oriental tale, a particle of which is not a sin to pick up with by myself.

India, Goa

Rating: 5.0


Best time to travel: October-May

Budget resorts: Baga, Calangute, Anjuna, Benaulim, Corva

Price tag: from $ 1,100 for two (weekly rest) with air travel

For several years now, Indian Goa has been included in the ranking of the most visited and inexpensive resort corners of our planet. Incredible but for $ 100 in any of the resorts in this part of India you can perfectly relax. Tourists here do not deny themselves pleasant trifles like the freshest seafood that you can eat in kilograms, not afraid to empty the wallet t quality service in hotels for pennies.

North Goa resorts will appeal to lovers more active youth recreation: parties are often held here directly on the beach, and locals often offer to smoke marijuana. South Goa is popular with pacifiers, respectable rest. But, whatever option you choose, be North or South, everywhere you can find decent budget options residence.

In addition to a pleasant beach holiday and gastronomic pleasures, the resorts of Goa often host many wonderful sightseeing benefit India abounds in architectural and natural memos.

As for prices, it all depends, perhaps, exclusively from the season. You can choose a ready-made tour in the off-season and save on this is about $ 30, but you can independently “collect” this tour by flying in season for the price of $ 20-30 less than standard tickets.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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