8 best calcium tablets

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

The body of an adult contains about a kilogram calcium. Most of it provides strength to the bones and teeth. But besides this, it is necessary for normal muscle contraction, secretion of certain hormones, normal blood coagulation.

  1. The daily need for calcium in an adult is 1000 mg or 1 g. Theoretically, to satisfy it, enough 700 ml of milk 3% fat, or 400 grams of cottage cheese or 150 g. hard cheese. But, firstly, far from all normally tolerate milk, and secondly, the absorption and assimilation of the element affects many factors:
  2. The acidity of the gastric juice. Stomach hydrochloric acid converts calcium to soluble compounds, therefore, at a reduced acidity its absorption is reduced.
  3. Normal gallbladder function. In the intestines, calcium binds to fatty acids, which under the influence of bile form special forms – micelles. In this form, it penetrates through intestinal walls, then through the cell membrane, releasing ions, which can then be used by the body.
  4. Adequate amount of fat. So that calcium can contact with fatty acids, you need something to bind to. Exactly therefore, low-fat cottage cheese is not the best source of this substance. TO fat also stimulates bile secretion.
  5. Adequate magnesium content in the body. At his calcium deficiency begins to be excreted intensively.
  6. A sufficient content of vitamin D in the body – with lack of this vitamin (or, as they began to say, hormone) calcium is simply not absorbed in the intestines and is not integrated into biochemical mechanisms supporting its normal amount in tissues.
  7. The presence of protein in food: proteins improve digestibility calcium.

As you can see, the absorption and metabolism of calcium is a rather complicated process, and the intake of this macroelement with ordinary food is not always It is enough to cover all the needs of the body. That is why other sources of this substance are often needed in in the form of special preparations.

They are especially important for the elderly, in whom normal absorption of calcium and its excretion is enhanced – namely because of this, osteoporosis begins. This macro element is also necessary for children, in which the skeleton is actively growing and forming, and pregnant to women.

We bring to your attention the rating of the best calcium tablets, which will help maintain its normal balance in the body. But before proceeding to the description of the drugs, we will stop on another aspect.

Drug manufacturers often write what is best absorbed. calcium in the form of special readily soluble salts – chelates – either in as a salt of ascorbic or citric acid (citrate). It would be true if the drugs got directly into the intestines, bypassing stomach. But, as we mentioned, under the influence of gastric juice any calcium compound turns into chloride, which is right there breaks up into ions. Once in the alkaline environment of the intestine, these ions instantly bind to fatty acids of food, again forming insoluble compounds. Therefore, the release form of the calcium preparation important only for people with atrophic gastritis when the number of glands that produce hydrochloric acid is reduced. For healthy people, the chemical formula of the product is not so important, although we take this detail into account when rating.

About concentration

If we talk about chemical formulas, most of all elemental calcium contain calcium carbonate and calcium triphosphate – by 400 mg per 1 g of substance.

Calcium salt

The amount of elemental calcium (mg) in 1 g of substance















Rating of the best calcium supplements

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Vitamin D Medications 1 Calcium D3 Nycomed Forte 566 rub
2 Complivit calcium D3 forte tablets 100 pcs. 399 rub
3 Calcium Asset Citrate 194 r
Best calcium for kids 1 Complivit D3 calcium for kids 224 rub
2 Baby Formula Bears Calcium Evalar 448 rub
The best calcium monopreparations 1 Nature’s Way, Calcium Citrate, 250 Capsules 907 rub
2 Calcium Chelate No. 60, Evalar 736 rub
3 Calcium gluconate 27 rub
Rules for the use of calcium tablets
Contraindications to calcium intake

Best Vitamin D Medications

This combination: calcium and vitamin D, is considered optimal for assimilation. In fact, according to some researchers. deficit 80% of the population of Russia have some degree of vitamin D, but without macroelement can neither digest nor integrate into bone tissue.

Taking such complexes, you need to keep in mind that fat-soluble vitamin D, unlike water-soluble, is capable of accumulate in the body, leading to hypervitaminosis. therefore people receiving it from other sources are better off choosing monopreparations.

Calcium D3 Nycomed Forte

Rating: 4.9


One of the most popular drugs in our country. Produced in chewable tablets, each containing 1250 mg of carbonate calcium (500 mg in terms of pure calcium) and 400 IU of vitamin D3. The recommended dosage is 2 to 3 tablets per day.

The amount of vitamin D in these pills may seem high. in comparison with other means, but in modern clinical recommendations for the prevention of deficiency of this vitamin are indicated daily dosage of at least 800 IU for middle-aged people, not less than 1000 IU for people over 50 and at least 1200 IU for pregnant women, that is, 2 to 3 tablets just cover the need healthy person in vitamin D.


  • high calcium content;
  • enough vitamin D to prevent hypovitaminosis.


  • relatively high price

Complivit calcium D3 forte tablets 100 pcs.

Rating: 4.8


In a package of 100 chewable tablets, each of which 500 mg calcium (in terms of pure element) and 400 mg D3. In essence, this domestic, and, therefore, a more economical analogue of Calcium D3 Nycomed forte, comparing favorably with most competitors a sufficiently high amount of cholecalciferol. Just like previous product from our rating, The drug is registered in as a medicine, not a dietary supplement, which means more careful quality control before entering the pharmacy.


  • affordable price;
  • high dosages of active ingredients.


  • large tablets that are uncomfortable to chew.

Calcium Asset Citrate

Rating: 4.7


One of the few vitamin-containing products available in Russia D3 in combination with calcium citrate – one of the most easily digestible forms of this macroelement, which may be important for people suffering from atrophic gastritis, having undergone a resection of the stomach or bariatric surgery. But if you study the dosage in detail active substances, it turns out that in one tablet only 250 mg “pure” macrocell and 100 IU D3, that is, recommended instruction 2 – 3 tablets per day is not enough for a full compensation for the lack of these substances.


  • easily digestible form;
  • low price in terms of packaging.


  • low dosage of active substances:
  • packaging is only enough for 10 days of admission.

Best calcium for kids

The need for calcium in children is extremely high. In organism the baby only 25 grams of this element, and as the skeleton grows baby actively accumulates it.


Calcium Need (mg)

up to 6 months


6 months – year


16 years


7 to 10 years


11 – 17 years old


And if the baby gets the calcium he needs with his mother’s milk, then older children may need additional sources of this item. Theoretically, children can be given any pills from listed in other sections of the rating, only instead of 2 – 3 times in one day will be enough. But kids under 3 years old tablets should not be given: the child may choke. Therefore they it is better to give medicines in the form of drops, suspensions, syrups. Children the older ones already well understand what a medicine is and actively resist taking pills. Therefore, they make money in in the form of marmalade pads. jelly bears and the like.

Having analyzed the drugs offered on the Russian market, designed specifically for children, we found that almost all of these contain relatively high dosages of vitamin D, in combined with small amounts of calcium that cannot make up the recommended norm. Manufacturers probably come from the fact that in baby food there is traditionally a lot of milk and dairy products (yoghurts, curds), so that the child receives the necessary substances and from food.

Complivit D3 calcium for kids

Rating: 4.7


Powdered to prepare the suspension that you need dilute 100 ml of water. 5 ml of the finished suspension contains 200 mg calcium in terms of pure element and 50 IU of vitamin D. Children under years recommend 5 ml 1 time per day, from a year to 3 years 5 – 10 ml times per day. Shake the bottle before each use to the active substance is evenly distributed.


  • convenient release form for babies;
  • enough to take once a day.


  • not.

Baby Formula Bears Calcium Evalar

Rating: 4.6


Jelly bears that contain calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, and macronutrients are in optimal for assimilation 2: 1 ratio. Unfortunately, the dosage itself is not optimal: at 2 lozenges contain only 200 mg of calcium, which is 4 times less needs of a child 3-6 years old. In this case, do not increase the dosage worth, because in the same 2 lozenges is half daily D3 standards. It turns out that these lozenges are more likely to complement daily diet, but not completely take on the baby’s supply essential macro. They are optimal for children who are in in principle, do not refuse milk and dairy products, but few are in the sun. However, the rest available in Russia calcium preparations for children its content is even lower.


  • contains calcium and phosphorus in the optimum for assimilation ratio.


  • in the package – 60 lozenges, which are enough for children over 7 years old only for 12 days.

The best calcium monopreparations

These are products that contain only one or another compound. calcium, without the addition of vitamins and other trace elements. Such drugs are considered the most ineffective, because for Vitamin D is needed for normal absorption. On the other hand, it’s such products, without additional additives, may be optimal for residents of southern regions where the sun is enough for synthesis of their own vitamin D, people, for whatever reason, regularly attending tanning salons or those who get enough vitamin C food and other active additives.

Nature’s Way, Calcium Citrate, 250 Capsules

Rating: 4.5


Regular readers of our ratings know that we are extremely rare we include in them funds that can only be bought through the Internet on foreign sites. We do this consciously, because far from everyone is ready to take orders online and in about two weeks wait for postal delivery. But to get past this drug we just could not.

In a package of 250 capsules, each of which contains 500 mg elemental calcium in the form of a mixture of citrate, carbonate and malate. Then there are two capsules that cover the daily need for this element, and one can is enough for 3 months of admission. Moreover, at the time of writing this article, the packaging cost 982 rubles (the value of the dollar 65.56 at the Central Bank rate), that is, one day of use will cost 7.8 rubles. No matter how hard we try, find something similar in value for money among those available in offline pharmacies failed: the closest competitor who turned out to be next in our rating, at the moment it will cost at least 25 rubles per day.


  • high dosage of the active substance;
  • low price in terms of the day of application.


  • need to order online.

Calcium Chelate No. 60, Evalar

Rating: 4.3


Contains calcium in an easily digestible form, which makes it indispensable for people suffering from atrophic gastritis, having undergone a resection of the stomach or bariatric surgery.

In the package of 60 tablets of 1.3 grams, but considering that this chemical form is far from the first in content elemental calcium, 2 to 3 are recommended per day pills, which will provide from 29 to 43.5% of the daily requirement.


  • easily digestible form;


  • relatively low content in terms of net element.

Calcium gluconate

Rating: 4.2


On the one hand, it is the lowest effective salt: only 90 mg per 1 g of substance, that is, to get the daily rate macronutrient will have to eat 20 tablets of 0.5 grams. With another – the cheapest pack of 10 tablets for February 2019 costs five rubles. That is, the day of admission will cost 10 rubles, and this with provided that calcium does not enter the body from other sources. It’s better to limit yourself to half the daily allowance, because some the amount of this element is in food almost always. Of course you can find the best options for value for money, but this one available at any pharmacy, does not require the ability to place orders for Internet sites and delivery expectations.


  • long experience of application,
  • availability,
  • low price.


  • to get the right amount of macronutrient pill will literally have to eat handfuls.

Rules for the use of calcium tablets

Given that for better digestibility this element needs fats, bile acids and proteins; tablets are best consumed during food Time. And taking into account the circadian – that is, natural circadian rhythms – fluctuations in the parathyroid hormone responsible for calcium metabolism in the body, optimally do it in the second half of the day. The daily rate of the drug is better divided into 2 doses, since More than 600 mg of pure substance is not absorbed at a time. Be sure to drink tablets with at least a glass of any liquid.

If for some reason a person takes antibiotics tetracycline series, the interval between drugs should be at least 3 hours, as they mutually communicate and are neutralized.

Those who are forced to constantly take diuretics, at least once a month you need to control the level of calcium and blood creatinine.

Contraindications to calcium intake

You can not take any funds containing it at the following conditions:

  1. tendency to thrombosis;
  2. severe form of atherosclerosis;
  3. hypercalciuria (a feature of metabolism in which in the urine excess calcium is found);
  4. atrial fibrillation,
  5. myeloma, sarcoidosis, metastases of any malignant tumors in the bone or spine;
  6. active form of tuberculosis;
  7. gout.

Caution calcium is prescribed to people with uncontrolled arterial hypertension, severe coronary artery disease, hepatic and renal failure.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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