8 best blind manufacturers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Modern blinds save space and are famous for convenience operation. They are chosen for their wide possibilities and simplicity in care. Among the grandiose assortment of products, it’s hard to pick up optimal model. Therefore, we selected the 12 best manufacturers blinds and reflected them in our ranking.

How to choose window blinds

When choosing blinds, it is worth paying attention to the following criteria:

  1. The material of manufacture. Plastic products aluminum, fabric and wood.
  2. The size. It depends on the features of the installation, type selected design, window options.
  3. Control system. It is manual and remote. Some models have a smart home feature. which allows you to open and close the blinds in the set time.
  4. Colour. When choosing a shade, you must rely on the tone of the walls, furniture and textiles. White is considered a universal option.
  5. Hardware. Blinds are completed with a cornice, a chain, runners and weights. The instructions should be clear.
  6. It is advised to test the blinds before buying. They need open and close several times. Qualitative model will work without squeaking and jamming.

Which blinds are better – plastic or aluminum:

Production material




+ Affordability;

+ hygiene, easy care;

+ the ability to stain in any shade and application invoices;

+ resistance to the sun and water;

– The risk of yellowing and deformation;

– not too presentable appearance;


+ Easy to care for;

+ resistance to UV rays;

+ fire and moisture, low price;

+ original appearance;

– Thunder on a draft, can be deformed with time;

Rating of the best blind manufacturers

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
The best manufacturers of plastic blinds 1 Eskar 4.9
2 Verend Design 4.8
3 Dda 4.7
4 Magellan 4.6
The best manufacturers of aluminum blinds 1 Comfort 4.9
2 Isolite 4.7
3 Burgos 4.7
4 Delfa 4.6

The best manufacturers of plastic blinds

Each reputable manufacturer makes plastic models, which are considered an inexpensive and attractive solution.


Rating: 4.9


The rating is opened by the domestic company Escar, which produces practical plastic blinds. They protect against bright rays of the sun and street bustle. If you choose the right wallpaper and general decor, the room will be greatly transformed. The company is famous the production of durable and lightweight products that are rich colors and affordable. The website of the company is presented A decent catalog of blinds in various colors and sizes. Plastic horizontal blinds are available in beige, white, light green and vanilla shades. There are products in the catalog with the structure “under wood”.

Today “Escar” is actively developing in the market and specializes not only in retail but also in wholesale. From companies cooperate with many chain stores. Organization Assortment constantly replenished. Does she have imported equipment for own production. Team working on models qualified specialists.

Verend Design

Rating: 4.8


Firm “Verend-Design” has its own production, where each the product undergoes rigorous quality control. Manufacture by individual order takes from one day. Specialist measures window for free in Moscow. The store has a quality department, which responds to customer complaints.

Buyers choose VD blinds at affordable prices, good product quality and speed of order acceptance. Special vertical plastic blinds are popular have a wide variety of shades and types. Is in the catalog perforated and transparent material. Such differences allow achieve unexpected and stylish options in interior design. Plastic is practical and easy to care for. Per model 100 to 100 cm in size should be given about 1,500 rubles.


Rating: 4.7


The company was founded in 1997. She is one of the leading manufacturers of curtain rods in the Russian Federation. The company employs more three hundred specialists. She has her own logistics center, providing delivery of goods to all cities of Russia. Consumers choose DDA for individual approach and precise execution obligations, high level of service.

The catalog of models is not as diverse as that of other participants rating. But their prices are quite affordable. In a complete set includes the product itself, mount and installation instructions. DDA Office located in Moscow, and a warehouse in the area.


Rating: 4.6


A considerable number of endorsement products deserved Magellan Company. The blinds have a very comfortable design and full equipment. The kit includes a special wand that turns the product and hangs on a hook.

Magellan owners say they’re comfortable Take off and hang, easy to wash. From the street you can’t see what is happening in apartment, even if they are ajar. The product requires careful handling and may break with time. Once every 3-4 years replace blinds. However, the manufacturer claims that the service life is 10 years old. Perhaps this applies to cases where the party the streets are not sunny.

The best manufacturers of aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds have more weight than plastic products. They cost a little more.


Rating: 4.9


The company “Comfort” offers a chic collection of blinds, which Carries out decorative and sun-protection functions. Consumers choose company models for excellent color gamut and good prices. Over 30 years of work, she established her own production and established itself as a responsible and quality business partner, experienced supplier with own production. Firm located in St. Petersburg. Delivery in this city and in the capital is free.

“Cosiness” takes part in government projects and produces not only blinds, but also large curtain sets. Special aluminum models 25 mm wide with Magic system. They are controlled by a pen and cord and allow you to adjust the optimal height of horizontal blinds.


Rating: 4.7


Blinds from Izolayt consist of horizontal slats and Designed specifically for plastic windows. They fit tightly to double glazing and save space. Insolite Product Design allows you to easily adjust the room’s lighting. Through such blinds will protect the house from prying eyes, leave the opportunity to see what is happening on the street.

Customers note convenient single-chain management, large selection of models. Blinds have an aluminum box and fit for use in wet rooms. Material does not rust with time. Models can be installed with an auto-stop that allows leave the window open at any level.


Rating: 4.7


Further in the ranking is a Spanish company, which offers products at the best prices. Assembly of aluminum blinds easy to spend on your own. There will be no problems with this. Mounting tool included. Buyers say that the sun’s rays will not work through the powerful curtain. The product reliably closes the window from curious neighbors.

Owners easily expand and narrow the gaps as they see fit. It is permissible to use blinds with fabric curtains. Lamels don’t They are afraid of strong humidity and sudden temperature changes. Caring for them is quite easy, you just need to wipe them moist with a napkin. Burgos aluminum models recommend to buy most consumers.


Rating: 4.6


Completes the rating of the Belarusian-German production Delfa. Horizontal aluminum blinds are renowned for durability, durability and ease of use. Buyers note easy and quick installation of models without resorting to specialists, the opportunity bottom mount. They find the Delfa blinds a stylish addition. interior and choose them for affordable price tags.

Sun-protection products look beautiful even without curtains. There are almost no negative reviews about the company’s products. Only the disadvantage is an incomprehensible instruction, which will have to be broken the head.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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