7 cheapest gyro scooters

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

There is no doubt that expensive electronics in most cases perfect budget counterparts, but write off the latter not allowed. So, among inexpensive gyro scooters there are indeed decent models, which, moreover, are more affordable for those who can not afford significant expenses on futuristic device for movement. Cheap devices will be also useful for those wishing to ride infrequently, just try or for temporary use, for example, on a trip.

A group of portal experts identified some of the most popular gyro scooters with a minimum price.

Rating of the best inexpensive gyro scooters

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best inexpensive gyro scooters 1 Smart Balance PRO PREMIUM 10.5 V1 (+ AUTOBALANCE, + MOBILE APP) 8 490 rub.
2 Smart Balance 9 Off-Road 8 650 rub.
3 FRAME Smart Balance 10.5 ” 8 670 rub.
4 SpeedRoll 01APP Premium Smart 7 855 rub.
5 HIPER ES65 9 990 rub.
6 Smart Balance Wheel 6.5 5 300 rub.
7 HOVERBOT A-3 LIGHT 7 330 rub.


Rating: 4.9


The first in the ranking one of the best-selling hovercraft average segment of Smart Balance PRO PREMIUM 10.5 V1, the cost of which is not exceeds 9,990 rubles. The device is designed for riders weighing up to 120 kg, but you need to remember: the heavier the skier, the quieter it will be speed, which in normal mode reaches 15 km / h. Power engine is 1 kW, and its work is provided by the original Samsung Lithium battery 36V 4.4AH stock up to 20 km on a single charge (charging duration 3-4 hours). A gyro scooter weighs 14.5 kg – a little for this apparatus, but for a young rider will be hard.

Hoverboard Smart Balance PRO PREMIUM 10.5 V1 in view of the low acceleration and engine power more suitable for adolescents – they will be able to drive faster due to their low weight. The running characteristics of the device satisfy just the primary driving needs on a flat road with a maximum ascent angle to 150 on small wheels with a diameter of 10.5 inches. home chip model – control via smartphone with installed tao tao app.


  • Degree of protection of nodes IP 54 (against jets of water and dust);

  • Diverse design;

  • Mobile app management

  • Wheels are able to overcome minor bumps;

  • Battery designed for 1000 charge cycles;

  • Optimal speed for a teenager;


  • Will not satisfy an adult rider with a decrease in speed, despite declared load up to 120 kg;

  • Relatively heavy weight

  • Long battery life

Smart Balance 9 Off-Road

Rating: 4.8

Smart Balance 9 Off-Road

The second line was taken by a less powerful hoverboard costing about 9 990 rubles with the 800 W Smart Balance 9 Off-Road engine, capable of accelerate to 15 km / h and work on a single battery charge (4.4 Ah) the same 20 km. The battery only charges 2-2.5 hours, and it’s advantage of the model over the leader of the rating. The device is designed on a driver’s weight from 30 to 130 kg, but, again, with an increase in load acceleration speed will only decrease, especially when relatively weak engine. Tires at Smart Balance 9 Off-Road 9-inch, but elastic, the device has excellent cross-country ability uneven surfaces, sand, grass and easy off-road. The gyro scooter is designed for riding in bad weather, therefore getting water from puddles or from rain is not afraid of him, as well as dropping temperatures below zero.

Of the additional features, riders will appreciate the presence of speakers with Bluetooth connectivity as well as vibrant dynamic backlighting that additionally provides security rolling in the dark.


  • Wheels of high passability;

  • There is a backlight and Bluetooth speakers;

  • Large margin of safety;

  • Relatively fast charge;

  • Possibility of skiing in any weather;


  • The engine is only 0.8 kW;

  • Small acceleration to 15 km / h.

FRAME Smart Balance 10.5 ”

Rating: 4.7

CARCAM Smart Balance 10

KARKAM Smart Balance 10.5 “hoverboard with increased durability 150 kilograms accelerates to 20 km / h and allows you to drive on this speed up to 20 km on a single charge of a lithium-ion battery 4.4 Ah, the resource of which is renewed from the network in 3 hours. Power the engine is the same 0.8 kW, similar to earlier the considered model, and the diameter of the wheels made of rubber is 10.5 inches, designed for off-road patency, but users note some difficulty in moving the device on an uneven terrain.

Advantage of the CARCAM Smart Balance 10.5 “model – availability hinges on the carrying platform. By the way, the weight of the hoverboard only 12 kg. Designed for Bluetooth music speakers, bright LED-backlight.

You can buy a KARAMAM Smart Balance 10.5 gyro scooter about 8,990 rubles.


  • There is a carry handle;

  • Big wheels;

  • Loudspeakers;

  • Relatively light weight;

  • Large margin of safety;


  • Inadequate protection against water and dust;

  • There are difficulties when driving on the road.

SpeedRoll 01APP Premium Smart

Rating: 4.7

SpeedRoll 01APP Premium Smart

The gyro scooter SpeedRoll 01APP Premium Smart is the average for characteristics of the decision in the ranking of budget vehicles for driving. is he withstand riders weighing up to 120 kg and will accelerate to 18 km / h, having in the battery a power reserve of all 20 km. The engine is not the best powerful, but hardy – 700 watts, it is enough for a long time operation. On smooth asphalt and small irregularities of the wheel 6.5 inches in diameter go perfectly, and small bumps and stones up to 1.5-2 see almost not felt. Build Quality SpeedRoll 01APP Premium Smart does not cause questions, plastic reliably protects electronics from getting wet and dust.

Bluetooth connection allows you to control the gyro scooter during drive from a smartphone.

The cost of SpeedRoll 01APP Premium Smart is about 9,200 rubles.


  • There is a backlight;

  • Build quality;

  • Charging for 2 hours;

  • Good power reserve and speed;

  • There are music speakers;

  • Weight is only 12 kg;


  • Small clearance;

  • There are problems associated with marriage.


Rating: 4.6


Fifth-rated HIPER ES65 gyro scooter with a less powerful motor (700 W), which will allow to accelerate only to 10 km / h, but at it’s convenient to balance a beginner rider or a teenage child, although the calculation is made per person weighing up to 120 kg. Wheels of the apparatus only 6.5 inches (166 mm) in diameter allow you to ride only on smooth asphalt – you can’t conquer off-road on such, and proper depreciation is not provided.

At a lower developed speed, the battery capacity remains the former (4400 mAh), it is enough to drive a distance of 20 km, and The battery charges in just 2 hours.

Compactness makes the HIPER ES65 gyro scooter lightweight – only 10.5 kg, this is the optimal weight value, especially for young users.

The cost of an economical compact model is about 9,990 rubles.


  • High-quality plastic housing and good protection against getting wet and dust ingress;

  • Soft ride with good handling;

  • Speed ​​dial;


  • Small wheels predominantly for smooth asphalt;

  • Low ride speed.

Smart Balance Wheel 6.5

Rating: 4.5

Smart Balance Wheel 6.5

The third model from the Smart brand of the Balance series in our ranking takes sixth place. The point is reduced load – only up to 80 kg, and also in a comparatively smaller stock compared to the leaders stroke up to 15 km, but the speed reaches 16 km / h. Besides the engine so far the weakest – only half kilowatts. Battery of a traditional capacity 4.4 Ah hours.

The diameter of the wheels is 165 mm (6.5 inches), on them the gyro scooter feels confidently mainly on a flat road surface, along the grass you can’t ride it. Users also note weak plastic: it does not chip, but is significantly scratched, which rushes into eyes. However, this does not affect the protective properties of the housing, and internal mechanisms with electronic components are not exposed water jets (IPX-4 protection).

Smart Balance Wheel 6.5 can be controlled from the Tao Tao app on a smartphone, music speakers are built into the platform for fun and dynamic driving.

The cost of the model of a hoverboard is about 5500 rubles.


  • The optimal weight of 11 kg, there is a carrying bag;

  • Good power reserve;

  • Capacious battery;


  • Weak motor;

  • Long charge;

  • Slow acceleration;


Rating: 4.5


Compared to the previously reviewed Smart Balance Wheel model hovercraft HOVERBOT A-3 LIGHT looks more modest, from that and gets only the seventh, final place of the rating. Judge for yourself: with a similar engine at 500 watts and a similar range of 15 km driving speed is only 10 km / h. But there is an advantage: a battery of the same capacity 4.4 Ah is charged for only 2 hours, while the device is designed for riders weighing up to 120 kg. The wheels are small, their 6.5 inches in diameter and low clearance make driving comfortable on flat city road with good asphalt.

Control of the scooter through a special application on smartphone is possible thanks to the Bluetooth channel. When riding, the wheels are bright glow!

Despite less impressive key features, the HOVERBOT A-3 LIGHT is much more expensive than Smart Balance and is priced at 8,990 rubles.


  • Lightweight 9.5 kg and carrying case included;

  • Relatively fast battery charging;

  • Large selection of colors;


  • In parties, marriage is often detected;

  • Minimum ride speed;

  • Weak engine;

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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