7 best treats for dogs

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Pets, like family members, need attention, love and care. One way to express feelings for a pet are a variety of goodies. Pet shops offer great assortment of goodies for pets. How not to get confused and choose the right option? Our experts gathered several important tips and best treats for dogs in this rating.

What to consider when choosing a treat?

The composition of the product. Experts advise reading the entire composition from beginning to end. Some components, even in small doses, may cause irreparable harm to the health of the pet. For example:

  1. VNA, marked as E-320;
  2. propyl gallate, E-310;
  3. propylene glycol, E-1520;
  4. ethoxyquin, E-324.

A bona fide manufacturer will list all ingredients and their percentage. If this information is not available, then it’s not worth it. buy this product;

  1. Dog size. With the wrong dosage, it can be provoked pet obesity;
  2. Animal lifestyle;
  3. Food preferences;
  4. Own financial opportunities.

Types of Dog Treats

Specialists share treats for dogs into several groups:

  1. Dry and crispy. They are convenient to use, but not it is worth abusing them. Many samples are high in content. glucose. Such crunchies can be easily taken for a walk and use in the training process. We recommend choosing them in according to the preferences of the pet.
  2. Dried and dried. Made from meat or offal and have an attractive aroma, which are dogs.
  3. Soft. We recommend purchasing them for older dogs, having problems with teeth. They are made from loin parts birds.
  4. Dietary. Such treats should be given to the animal only after consultation with a veterinarian. Unlike other supplements, they contain an increased concentration of vitamins and low calorie content.
  5. Cookies and chewing bones. Acquiring such goodies for the pet, you help him care for his teeth: get rid of plaque and prevent the appearance of tartar.

Rating of the best treats for dogs

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best treats for dogs 1 Pedigree Markies Meat Cookies 54 rub
2 Rustic Goodies Rabbit Ears 85 rub
3 Titbit Muesli Fitness 36 rub
4 Mnyams Soft Snack 190 rub
5 Happy Dog Chewing sausages with a scar 112 rub
6 Bosch Biscuit Lamb and Rice 1 648 rub.
7 Green Qzin Core Chewing Ring 50 rub

Pedigree Markies Meat Cookies

Rating: 4.9

Pedigree Markies Meat Cookies

This dog treat is a leader in rankings. This is not the first year. Small yellow packaging of an American company can be found in almost every pet store. The product does not contain contains harmful dyes and preservatives, but because of the high it is often impossible to give cereals to dogs, although the manufacturer allows you to use it daily.

It is convenient to take meat cookies with you for a walk and use in as a reward in the training process. For a week you can issue pet from 8 to 16 cookies, depending on size and breed. Dog owners say that four-legged people really like it delicacy and during its use no side effects, so they recommend taking a closer look at him.


  • convenient to take for a walk;
  • low price;
  • good composition;
  • easy to find in stores;
  • does not cause adverse reactions.


  • High cereal content.

Rustic Goodies Rabbit Ears

Rating: 4.8

Village Treats Rabbit Ears

Rabbit ears from the brand “Village treats” are released in two formats: for dogs of small breeds and dried in a furnace for pets any size. Both of them have a 100% natural composition and positive feedback from owners and experts. Experts recommend include them in the diet of fastidious dogs, which manifests itself allergic to various foods, and high protein content makes such a delicacy is not the most high-calorie, and therefore useful. In addition, it has a positive effect on the teeth.

Buyers note that the product has no unpleasant or pungent, artificial smell. Pets with great pleasure eat them and play. Of the minor flaws, only high cost for a small package, but despite this, the ears buy again and again.


  • natural composition;
  • contains a lot of protein;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • positive effect on dental health;
  • virtually odorless.


  • fairly high price;
  • little weight.

Titbit Muesli Fitness

Rating: 4.7

Titbit Muesli Fitness

Titbit’s meat bars drove crazy with pleasure no longer one pet. They are considered low-calorie healthy treats. for dogs because they have high protein, vitamins and essential trace elements. Our experts recommend pampering them. full-bodied pets because bars contain fiber, necessary for normal digestion. Completely natural ingredients in the composition allow the use of bars daily without harm to the dog’s health.

Muesli bars have a large number of positive reviews and high positions in ratings. Buyers note that their pets for the sake of this “delicious” are ready to execute almost any command. Perhaps this is one of the few products that satisfies requests and wishes of all: specialists, owners and their four-legged friends.


  • wide range of tastes;
  • low price (about 50 rubles per piece)
  • completely natural composition;
  • have a therapeutic effect;
  • convenient format;


  • not found.

Mnyams Soft Snack

Rating: 4.6

Mnyams Soft Snack

The best pet training goodies format is small box with small mouth-watering pieces inside. Soft snack suitable for dogs of any age and even for puppies from 4 months. Some animal nutrition experts state doubts about the usefulness of the composition of such goodies, but it does not contains synthetic additives. In addition, the daily dose is so small that is unlikely to cause any damage to the body four-legged.

Judging by the reviews of the owners, pets are happy to train for this goodies. And the appetizer suits even the most fastidious dogs. There are really few meat ingredients, but not many manufacturers can offer such a compact treat format for dogs.


  • it is convenient to use on a walk and during training;
  • availability in stores;
  • for dogs of any breeds and age;
  • can be used daily;


  • doubtful composition;
  • pretty high price.

Chewing sausages with a scar Happy Dog

Rating: 4.5

Happy Dog Chewing sausages with a scar

In addition to high-quality dry food, Happy Dog produces a variety of good treats for dogs. Chewing sausages, intended for adult animals were included in this rating our experts because of the great popularity and excellent a set of components. They contain meat and offal, a little cereals, vitamins and minerals. High protein is their a definite advantage.

If necessary, a long sausage can be divided into several pieces, which allows you to use it in the process of training. Judging by the reviews, “yummy” has an attractive meat aroma, in measure elastic (it is useful for teeth), does not cause allergic digestive reactions and problems, pets come in the delight of such a treat. This is a great option to pamper. four-legged family member.


  • quality composition;
  • affordable price;
  • meat aroma and taste;
  • good for teeth;
  • a lot of protein.


  • not very convenient size for walking and training.

Bosch Biscuit Lamb and Rice

Rating: 4.4

Bosch Biscuit Lamb and Rice

Perhaps Bosch is the most popular brand that produces excellent goodies for dogs, so do not be surprised at the high cost products. All of it has the appropriate certificates of quality and passes strict control. In addition, all the goodies for pets hypoallergenic. Lamb and rice flavored biscuits are the most running, so our experts included them in this rating.

Biscuits are perfectly absorbed by the body and provide positive effect on the body due to fiber content, vitamins and protein. The daily rate for each dog is individual and depends on the weight of the pet. Buyers cope with it without any problems. yourself using tables. In addition, they note convenient the size of each piece is about 5 cm.


  • sold in a container;
  • convenient to take with you;
  • high quality;
  • simple instructions.


  • high price;
  • not sold everywhere.

Green Qzin Chewing Ring

Rating: 4.3

Green Qzin chewing ring from veins

It’s important to choose not only a delicious treat for your four-legged family member, but also useful. Leading position among chewing rings from Green Chusin occupy such goodies. The brand entered the market no more than 10 years ago and became famous for the fact that produces goodies for animals from quite rare and expensive products. Modern processing technologies allow you to use minimum amount of additives. Rings are dried bull veins pressed in the shape of a ring.

The treat is tough enough that allows the dog to get rid of plaque and prevent the appearance of tartar, and also not allow yellowing of the teeth. Dogs are eager to play with him. In reviews buyers note that brand products are quite expensive, but they has an upscale composition and excellent quality, which is noted and many famous experts.


  • premium products;
  • good for teeth;
  • 100% natural product.


  • high price.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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