7 best smoking cures

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

The dangers of smoking are written in volumes and volumes. But to quit smoking “iron will” is often not enough. Not only that nicotine has the properties of a nootropic, that is, it stimulates the work brain and without this “doping” for many it becomes difficult. He is also causes a powerful psychological dependence, not much inferior according to the intensity of dependence on heroin. Therefore often throwing smoking, you have to use pharmacological support. we have compiled a rating of the best drugs that help get rid of nicotine addiction.

Rating of the best smoking cessation

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best smoking pills 1 Tabex 934 rub
2 Champix 1 263 rub.
3 Nicotinell 570 rub
4 Bullfight plus 263 rub
The best smoking patches 1 Nikvitin patch 890 rub
2 Protab 464 rub
The best smoking sprays 1 Nicorette 829 rub

The best smoking pills

Tablets are perhaps one of the most convenient dosage forms: their can be carried and taken without attracting an outsider attention. Most tablets contain substances that act on brain receptors like nicotine, reducing the need for him.


Rating: 4.8.


Active ingredient: cytisine. It is a natural alkaloid that acts on the same receptors as nicotine, warning withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, while taking cytisine, nicotine does not has the usual effect, because the recipes are already blocked, and the cigarette begins to disgust. The tool is used in pharmacology for over 40 years.

In the first 3 days you need to take medicine every 2 hours, then gradually the duration between them increases up to complete rejection. The full course of use is designed for 25 days, for this is enough for one package per 100 tablets.

So that the patient does not get confused, the tablets in the package are divided into days reception.

The manufacturer focuses on fully vegetable the origin of the remedy, but dare to recall that the cigarette Tobacco is also a completely natural plant. So the natural the origin of the active substance does not protect against possible side effects caused by smoking pills:

  1. increased blood pressure, palpitations;
  2. headache, dizziness, sleep disturbances;
  3. dyspnea,
  4. dry mouth
  5. loss of appetite,
  6. nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort.

The drug is contraindicated for people under 18 and over 65 years old, having a heart attack or stroke, suffering from severe atherosclerosis, pregnant and lactating.


  • OTC
  • reduces nicotine addiction,
  • convenient packaging with marked days of reception,
  • packaging is enough for a course of treatment.


  • possible side effects.


Rating: 4.6


Active ingredient: vareklinin.

The mechanism of action of these smoking pills is similar to the effect previous means of our rating. Active substance binds to the same receptors as nicotine, decreasing and withdrawal symptoms and pleasure from smoking.

Available in tablets of 0.5 and 1 mg, but given that the minimum dosage is necessary only in the first week of treatment, it is better to immediately use 1 mg tablets, dividing them in half.

It is recommended to start taking the medicine a week before Estimated quit day.

In 1-3 days you need to take half a tablet 1 mg once a day day, from 4 to 7 – ½ twice a day, then – 1 tablet two once a day.

The course of treatment is 3 months.

Possible side effects:

  1. nausea,
  2. decreased appetite
  3. headache,
  4. insomnia or drowsiness.
  5. taste changes.

These smoking pills are contraindicated in children. pregnant and lactating, people with severe renal failure.


  • reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms,


  • prescription
  • high price.


Rating: 4.5


Pure nicotine in the form of smoke and tar, packed in tablets for resorption with a mint flavor. Swiss made company “Novartis”. Available in two dosages – 1 and 2 mg. Those who smoke more packs per day should start the day with a dose 2 mg

At first, it is recommended to take the medicine every 2 hours, keeping mouth to complete resorption. At this time, it is permissible to take up to 15 2 mg tablets or up to 30 – 1 mg. Gradually need to reduce the number of receptions, up to the complete cessation of use. Do not rush into this, the recommended course of treatment is 3 months.

These smoking pills can cause side effects, associated with the action of nicotine on the body:

  1. nausea. vomiting, abdominal discomfort,
  2. stomatitis,
  3. cough,
  4. cardiopalmus,
  5. dry throat, sore throat.

Among the shortcomings can be noted a relatively high price and extremely the rare presence of medicine in offline pharmacies. Those interested can purchase analogues: Nicorette, Nikvitin mini.

Bullfight plus

Rating: 4.2


The only herbal pills in our ranking of the best remedies from smoking. Contains calamus rhizome powder and peppermint extract pepper. Strictly speaking, there is not a single study proving that these substances can repel smoking, so the action means rather distracting. As soon as the urge to smoke appears, you need to put a tablet under the tongue and dissolve. Per day up to 30 tablets are allowed, a course of 5-7 weeks.

Unlike other means of this rating, Bullfight plus not intended for replacement therapy, but should switch patient’s attention with cigarettes for medicine. Because no confirmed scientific evidence on the effect of calamus rhizome on craving for no smoking, although as a folk remedy it is good it is known.

Reviews on the Internet about this drug are predominantly positive. And given the absence of contraindications and side effects effects, these smoking pills can be recommended to those who prefers traditional medicine to evidence-based or to people who do not stronger means are suitable.


  • natural composition
  • no contraindications
  • no side effects.


  • unproven effectiveness.

The best smoking patches

At first glance, patches seem more convenient than tablets: enough stick it on a skin area hidden by clothes, and feel the effect until days. In fact, the patch can come off, it costs only a little sweat, cause irritation on the skin. However, these funds from smoking has its fans.

Nikvitin patch

Rating: 4.7


Or, as stated in the instructions, transdermal therapeutic system. Contains nicotine in dosages of 7, 14 and 21 mg per day, in Pack of 7 plasters.

Acts like nicotine tablets, making it easier withdrawal symptoms. The patch must be glued to the skin, a portion of which must be clean, dry and free of hair. You need to change the sticker once a day, with the next plate to be placed on another a place.

Start with a patch with a maximum nicotine content, after 6 weeks you need to switch to a lower dosage, after another 2 – to minimum concentration. That is, the full course will last 10 weeks, neither reduce nor extend it yourself is not recommended.

In the same way as with other nicotine-containing agents in possible side effects caused by overdose nicotine.


  1. individual intolerance,
  2. arrhythmia,
  3. recent myocardial infarction,
  4. unstable, progressive angina,
  5. Prinzmetall angina (vasospastic),
  6. previous cerebrovascular accident.

Possible analogues: Nicorette, Nicotinell.


  • once glued on the patch acts during the day.


  • high price.


Rating: 4.4


Chinese-made smoking patch. Contains extract plants of Gautunia Herbin, whose active substance binds to nicotine sensitive receptors. Action is similar the influence of drugs described in the first section of our rating: reduced cravings for smoking and pleasure derived from cigarettes.

Despite the fact that only side effects are specified possible allergic reactions, the patch is not indicated for hypertensive patients. Other contraindications are pregnancy and childhood.

The product is applied only for a day, before bedtime it needs to be peel off.

The recommended course of use is 3 to 10 weeks.


  • does not contain nicotine.


  • may increase blood pressure.

The best smoking sprays

We have studied the many smoking sprays offered. Internet sites, among the seemingly many options found only one, by all rules, registered for sale in the territory Of Russia.

Of course, using the search on the Internet, you can find advertising for many more sprays. But by analyzing the actively advertised we found out that they were either withdrawn from sale in Russia, and their You have to order in foreign pharmacies; either sold on questionable origin sites. A well-known manufactured supposedly in the US, the drug is completely unknown to the English-speaking Internet, not to mention the official FDA website, without the sanction of which it is impossible to produce drugs and dietary supplements in the USA. That is where he is actually released, and what is inside of this spray impossible to check.

Include in the rating, even purely informational, drugs unknown manufacturer with unverifiable composition and the unpredictable result of the action we did not become what made the only ranking position has no alternative.


Rating: 4.3


Rating: 4.3.

A classic replacement therapy product containing nicotine. Can be used alone or in combination with eponymous patch.

The main advantage of nicotine in the form of a spray is its quick absorption: the drug penetrates through the mucosa in 3-5 minutes, and after 10-15 minutes, a sufficient concentration is reached for the manifestation of effects nicotine.

Spray should be used as soon as there is a desire to smoke, but not more often 4 times per hour. In total, it is allowed to take 64 doses per day, but do not forget about a possible overdose. If at the same time use a patch with a spray, the number of permissible “zilch” need to be adjusted according to the instructions.

Possible adverse events:

  1. nausea, abdominal pain, dyspepsia, bloating;
  2. dry mouth or, conversely, increased salivation,
  3. headache,
  4. taste disturbances
  5. heartbeat.

The tool is contraindicated only for children under 18 years of age and for people with known nicotine intolerance. During pregnancy and feeding Nicorette can be used, but remembering that nicotine constricts blood vessels placenta and passes into breast milk. However, the same occurs with regular smoking, but with nicotine in the body many other toxic products of combustion tobacco.


  • eliminates withdrawal symptoms due to lack of nicotine.


  • possible side effects.

It should be noted that any means of smoking, even collected in This rating, reduce, first of all, physical dependence. FROM they cope with psychological dependence much worse.

Yes, many drugs help relieve nervousness and stress, caused by quitting smoking. But no medicine is capable of fill the void caused by the rejection of the usual ritual and social interactions. Cigarette with morning coffee, smoke break on work, talking in the smoking room, smoking as a way to calm down or stimulate creative activity – all this becomes a part Everyday life. Therefore, quitting smoking, it makes sense to think, alone or with the help of a psychologist, than you can fill out the void formed instead of these rituals. Then the rejection process from a bad habit will become much easier.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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