7 best sandy beaches of Croatia

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Each season, Croatia welcomes tourists from all over the world. Sea water at this time is perfectly warmed up, rains are rare. We will find out if there are sandy beaches in this southern country, and on which of It’s better to relax with your child.

To do this, we turn to our rating, compiled on the basis of opinions of travelers. I must say right away that the sandy coasts there are not many in Croatia. They are located mainly on the islands. However, you can find them.

Rating of sandy beaches of Croatia

Nomination a place Name rating
Rating of sandy beaches of Croatia 1 Lopud, Shun 5.0
2 Prapratno 4.9
3 Lavresina Bay, Postira, island of Brac 4.8
4 Bieza, Medulin 4.7
5 Paradise beach, about. Slave, Lopar 4.6
6 Ninsk Lagoon 4.5
7 Saharun 4.4

Lopud, Shun Beach

Beach Rating (Croatia): 5.0

Lopud, Shun Beach

The sandy beach on the island of Lopud has a length of 1 km. This is a beautiful place where you can sail on a spoon or come on foot. There is an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. Along coastline you can see a cafe with tables. It’s nice from here admire gorgeous panoramas and listen to the sound of the surf.

Tourists admire beautiful vegetation and captivating sea ​​view. The beach, like the island itself, deserves to be to be here at least once.


  • calm atmosphere;
  • gorgeous views;
  • many admired reviews;
  • clear water;
  • equipped descent to the sea;
  • many attractions nearby.


  • little entertainment.


Beach Rating (Croatia): 4.9


The beach continues in the south of Ston. He is chosen for cleanliness and excellent entry into the sea. Everyone here will find a rest for to taste. Children play in the sand, adults jump from low mountains, and active young people play soccer and basketball. For a small You can rent a sun lounger and umbrella.

On the beach there is a changing cabin and a toilet. Cafe and downmarket. There are many trees growing on the territory, which allow you to hide from the sun. At the beginning and end of the season here there are always places. It is the perfect place to hang out with a child.


  • availability of playgrounds for sports games;
  • shops and cafes work;
  • rich vegetation.


  • There are no serious minuses.

Lavresina Bay, Postira, island of Brac

Beach Rating (Croatia): 4.8


The island, located in the center of the Adriatic Sea, is known for its rich in history, friendly locals. It is picturesque a place with a population of 15 thousand people. In the holiday season, their number doubled.

There are a lot of beaches on the island. There is one sandy. Lavresina Bay considered wild. The place is praised for clean water, picturesque surroundings, shallow bottom. Nearby there is a cafe and paid parking. It’s a pity, no toilet, no showers.


  • friendly residents;
  • scenic spots;
  • clear water;
  • I am rich in the history of the island.


  • no shower and toilet.

Bieza, Medulin

Beach Rating (Croatia): 4.7


Bieca beach stretches along the seashore for 1 km. It is beautiful a place with a secure entrance to the sea. The territory is densely planted trees that create a shadow. There is a cafe and a water park. To some This beach reminds tourists of the Black Sea because of the large the number of people and stores. At the height of the season it is crowded sunbathing. Coastline staff just do not have time to clean his.

There is parking nearby, but it costs a lot. The sea is warm and beautiful. Complimentary showers, entertainment for children, bars are open. Advised to take places on the beach early in the morning or visit the island with sandy bays, reaching them on the boat.


  • there is a water park;
  • warm water;
  • free showers.


  • a lot of people.

Paradise beach, about. Slave, Lopar

Beach Rating (Croatia): 4.6


Further in the ranking is the beach, which is spread over 2 km. This is a picturesque area surrounded by coniferous forests. Praised clean and warm sea with a comfortable entry. Swim in it very nicely. On the beach there is a sports complex, cafes and restaurants. Installed umbrellas and easy chairs. Here every day doctors work and lifeguards. While the children splash in the sea, mothers and fathers can calmly lie on sun loungers.

A green island is visible from the coastline, to which you can easily to swim. There are trampolines and attractions for children. Adults rent catamarans and boats. If desired, you can sit in the shade trees. There is a paid parking. Diving here is not will work out. In shallow water there are almost no marine animals and fish.


  • convenient entry into the water;
  • there are rides and entertainment;
  • Rescuers and a doctor work.


  • not for diving.

Ninsk Lagoon

Beach Rating (Croatia): 4.5


Ninsk Lagoon is also called the Royal Beach. His main differences in the availability of healing mud. It is covered with golden sand and attracts fans of surfing due to strong winds. Happy sloping entry into the sea, warmed up water and cleanliness.

Weaknesses include underdeveloped infrastructure. On the beach there is only a toilet and a tent with food. Shadows from the vegetation here no, so you need to bring an umbrella with you. Works nearby camping, where you can stay for the night.


  • healing mud;
  • suitable for surfing;
  • gradual descent;
  • the presence of auto camping.


  • lack of entertainment and cafes.


Beach Rating (Croatia): 4.4


On the island of Dugi Otok, there is a wonderful Saharun beach with clear water and soft sand. A gentle entry into the sea is safe for toddlers. Tourists are delighted with the beautiful scenery, lots of fish and dolphins that can be seen when diving. Sea in Saharune is comparable in color to water in the Caribbean.

At 8 in the evening in the nearest cafe dances begin. Discos last until the morning. Territory is looked after unfairly. You can find trash and algae. Because of the unprecedented popularity beach in the middle of the season there is nowhere to lie. Although this is peculiar almost all Croatian resorts.


  • safe entry into the sea;
  • beautiful views;
  • Great place for scuba diving.


  • a large number of people;
  • in the evenings noisy.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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