7 best remedies for snoring

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Snoring is a unique condition: for its correction and elimination use various medications and all kinds of fixtures. In medicine, there are various diseases that treated with medicines and devices, but many of them include to the pathology of the musculoskeletal system. So, the treatment of scoliosis and posture correction is carried out using drugs, corsets and special tools, but here everything is clearer: curved the spine must be aligned.

As for snoring, this is a functional disorder ventilation due to soft tissue vibration nasopharynx, namely the tongue and soft palate. And therefore not quite it’s clear what needs to be fought and how. With a loud sound? Restless sleep? Not at all with these symptoms, although they significantly worsen the quality of life. You need to deal with dangers and complications. With what is snoring dangerous?

What is the danger of snoring?

As a matter of fact, only in the snore itself there is nothing unpleasant or harmful, except that he is very annoying others. But the thing is that snoring leads to ventilation disorders, impaired gas exchange, acute hypoxia of the brain and myocardium, reduces tissue oxygenation. The reason is the so-called periods of sleepy apnea. It stops sleep breathing due to snoring and decreased tone muscles of the root of the tongue and pharynx. As a result, the sleeping person has instant reaction to stress, adrenaline is released, sharply blood pressure rises and breathing is restored in an extreme way.

In the event that the patient has a large body weight, there are violations heart rate, hypertension, high cholesterol – then all these risk factors against the background of a sharp violation of income oxygen to organs and tissues with high oxygen demands during stress time and thereby lead to cardiovascular disasters. Therefore, strong snoring and numerous periods respiratory arrest at night can be fatal. But even if this does not happen, such a patient the quality of life is significantly reduced, daytime drowsiness occurs, working capacity falls, and therefore with snoring it is necessary to seriously fight. In some countries, persistent snoring may even be recognized as sufficient evidence for a divorce between spouses. How to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon?

First of all, you need to find out the reason. In some cases just lose weight, sometimes you need to have surgery eliminate the curvature of the nasal septum, get rid of addiction to alcohol, from allergic rhinitis and nasal congestion nose, eliminate overgrown adenoids or remove the tumor education in the nasopharynx. Such symptomatic conditions are treated. pretty quickly, because there is a clear reason. In the same if there is no such obvious reason after the examination comes to light, then seriously somnological research is necessary with sleep disorder specialists with polysomnography.

This rating includes drugs and special technical devices that allow either completely eliminate snoring, or significantly reduce this symptom, shorten periods of sleepy apnea and restore patency of the upper respiratory tract. Many breathing aids do not sold in pharmacies, their implementation is carried out by special stores medical equipment. Many of these products can also be purchased at online health products stores but just a must after appropriate medical advice.

Rating of the best remedies for snoring

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Cures for Snoring and Sleepy Apnea 1 Doctor Snoring (Doctor Sleep’ex) spray and Doctor Snoring Ex patch 230 rub
2 Silence spray 690 rub
Best Mechanical Devices 1 Snoring pillow 2 630 rub.
2 Inside the mouth: Extra – ENT 990 rub
3 Patches and clips on the nostrils 570 rub
4 Dressings 270 rub
5 CPAP therapy (positive pressure mask air) 32 100 rub.

The best medicine for snoring and sleep apnea

All of the listed products, sprays and patches, of course, are not save a person from snoring because they do not eliminate it the reasons. These are symptomatic drugs whose role is to alleviate the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, moisturize it, and tone the muscles soft palate. But almost all drugs from this group are not considered medicines. It is nothing more than cosmetics or care products behind the skin, (if we are talking about patches on the nostrils), or how oral hygiene products (sprays). Consider some typical representatives from this section.

Doctor Snoring (Doctor Sleep’ex) spray and Doctor Snoring Ex patch

Rating: 4.9


A typical representative of a well-advertised (which is not indicative of effectiveness) snore drugs will be a group cosmetic preparations produced by the company Mirrola LLC. The drugs have nothing to do with drugs, these are products cosmetic, and in the declaration of conformity of the Customs Union declared as “manufactured in accordance with safety regulations perfumery and cosmetic products. “Even the speech that it drug that has passed all the necessary stages preclinical and clinical trials are not said. Therefore quite will naively ask about the effectiveness of eliminating snoring with of these drugs.

However, in the event that a person uses these funds not in as the only treatment option, but as part of a comprehensive therapy, then he can feel the positive effect. Often, it will be a placebo effect, but it also gives confidence and stimulates adherence to treatment. So for example, if fat a man begins to gradually increase physical activity, reduces salt intake, reduces total daily calorie intake ration, then he begins to feel better, rises muscle tone and ligaments of the soft palate, and he begins to snore far less. But in the event that he additionally applies before going to bed these cosmetics, then his subjective assessment these drugs are much higher than their own achievements. This and allows you to keep a fairly high level of sales of such funds.

These funds are inexpensive. So, a 60 ml spray bottle sold in three versions: mint, eucalyptus and based sage extract. The average cost is about 230 rubles. Spray this spray is needed on the back of the palate three times before bedtime, common daily volume does not exceed 2 ml. Also, if necessary, spray used as a hygiene product for irrigation of the oral cavity. Also, Anti-snoring is available in the form of a patch, but since it is already will be a mechanical device, then it will be described in relevant section.

Advantages and disadvantages

The plus is freedom of their use (not medicine, over-the-counter leave), the absence of contraindications, except individual intolerance, the possibility of using cosmetics for cleaning the oral cavity and nasal passages, and some psychological comfort that gives confidence before bedtime. The downside is not only the lack of evidence base, but in fact, the lack of a mechanism of action on snoring and carotid apnea, lack of clinical trials. Therefore start treatment of snoring with these means to a patient with frequent respiratory arrest in a dream is impossible: they do not reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and sudden death.

Silence spray

Rating: 4.8


This is another dietary supplement that is available. in 50 ml vials, and is used for spraying inside the oral cavity. The spray contains soy and lecithin extract, glycerin, rosehip extract, peppermint and tangerine flavor, distilled water and perfume composition. In the official the instructions have a bold statement that “the drug regulates normal respiratory cycle, fixing it at a reflex level. ” No confirmation or reference to neurophysiological data, laboratory and instrumental methods for studying respiration in there are no patients in the control group and applying silence, since they simply did not exist, and these words are just advertising. Is applied means, injecting it into the oral cavity at bedtime: one dose cosmetic products.

Advantages and disadvantages

This is the same dietary supplement that softens vocal cords, reduces sore throat, acts expectorant, moisturizes and refreshes, but is not related to snoring. Among the official indications for use – there is snoring and drowsiness apnea, among contraindications – individual intolerance. IN The product’s special instructions say that it’s not a treatment for apnea. “That is, apnea is an indication, but a means Apnea treatment drug is not considered. Contradiction.

We will not continue to describe the numerous remedies of this groups because they are very similar to each other. So, the drug Asonor contains glycerin and an oil-wax composition that softens the mucous membranes and reduces puffiness. The drug Sominorm contains a phytocomposition of violets, mint, lemon balm, fennel, and hyaluronic acid.

There are many such various cosmetic compositions. But non-drugs are most effective, and not cosmetics, but special mechanical devices that improve ventilation ability of the upper respiratory tract and prevent them from falling.

The best mechanical devices for snoring

Mechanical devices to eliminate snoring, if selected according to indications and size, are the most effective. Of course, many of them have such a side effect as sensation. foreign object and discomfort. This primarily refers to intraoral devices, then to clips, various bandages and masks. Perhaps the simplest and at the same time quite wearing pajamas in which a few elastic balls are sewn in the back area for a large tennis. As a result, the patient seeks in a dream to turn with backs on the side or on the stomach, and breathing is facilitated. Is recovering airway patency, and the risk of tongue retraction is reduced. After all, it is known that snoring on the back is most dangerous in the supine position. This rating includes those devices that can be purchased at home health care stores, or online stores.

Snoring pillow

Rating: 4.9


Perhaps the easiest solution would be to purchase in specialized orthopedic salon of a special pillow, which helps to cope with mild snoring. Such pillows reduce or completely relieve a person from snoring, carefully preserving anatomical position of the neck and head during sleep. If the pillow selected correctly, then the head lies flat, the cervical spine the spine is correctly extended and located, and the chest and shoulders are straightened, since they are much lower than the cervical roller. This posture prevents the retraction of the tongue and improves ventilation. As a result, a correctly selected pillow also allows you to reduce the load on the spine, and relax the cervical the muscles.

When choosing a pillow for snoring, you should consult with specialist orthopedic salon. He will help you choose a product, in the composition of which will be hypoallergenic fillers, possibly acquisition of a memory effect containing a special gel. Specialists of the orthopedic salon will also take into account your wishes. If you sleep on your side, then snoring is more suitable. hard roller, but for those who like to sleep on their backs – there is special pillows with a recess in the center.

The most modern pillows change height depending on the phase breathing. So, if snoring intensifies, then such a pillow “hears” it and responds to increased snoring by a sharp increase in volume. IN As a result, a person either wakes up on his own, or changes his posture. There are many orthopedic pillows at any price and at every taste. You can find a Chinese pillow for 300 rubles for Alibaba Express, but can be found for 10 thousand, and even.

Advantages and disadvantages

A big plus of an orthopedic pillow is the fact that it further improves blood supply to the cervical spine, relaxes muscles, improves the course of osteochondrosis complicated myofascial syndrome. A well-chosen pillow serves long time, does not need maintenance. You can take an orthopedic pillow with you, for example, on a train or in a hotel. The only thing is that the pillow needs to be matched right. Again, in the case of severe and often recurring carotid apnea with aggravated risk factors such as arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, high blood cholesterol, obesity, orthopedic pillow will be only the beginning of the path to recovery, and she alone cannot cope with severe pathology.

Inside the mouth: Extra – ENT

Rating: 4.8


Extra-lore is the first real remedy that helps deal with snoring, and has no side effects medicines. The tool really “works.” The mechanism of action is to prevent the retraction of the tongue, and in creating tension of the walls of the larynx and increasing muscle tone. Extra-lore is a medical, environmentally friendly plastic, which does not irritate the mucous membranes. In appearance, it resembles baby pacifier, and it looks like a few rings planted in a certain sequence on the tube, in the form of a Christmas tree.

The largest ring is located outside, and prevents accidentally swallowing the device during sleep. Second ring located between the teeth and lips, and the third device in the form the arc embraces the person’s tongue, fixes it in the correct position, and during sleep does not let him sink. To people who familiar with sports, you can recall that the device Extra-Lore resembles a sports mouthguard, only additionally holding tongue.

With great success, Extra-Lore is used for bruxism. So called grinding teeth during sleep. Bruxism quite often is a neurogenic symptom, and then Extra-ENT will be quite successful. But if it develops in children, then first of all helminthic infestations, such as enterobiosis or pinworm defeat. By treating the infestation with pinworms, you can get rid of from bruxism. You can buy Extra-Lor in online stores. The average cost of construction is 1000 rubles. The tool is an individual and reusable.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of this tool is clinical studies in these groups of patients with snoring, confirmed effectiveness. However, the tool also has disadvantages. So, if purchased remotely, it may not be suitable for size. Discomfort and pain in the gums may occur. and the oral mucosa, especially in the second rings. In order for this tool to completely fit the second the ring took the shape of the front teeth, it must be lowered into boiling water, after that, the plastic softens. Then it is put on the teeth, and sticks on. Thus, fixing is carried out. I.e there are some difficulties and the need for additional manipulations. On the other hand, the price of this tool not very high, but sufficient efficiency. If the patient gets used to the device, then such a simple device completely helps to get rid not only of episodes of snoring, but also to prevent the occurrence of sleepy apnea.

Patches and clips on the nostrils

Rating: 4.7


The special patch bandage on the nostrils has already been mentioned above – Anti-snoring. Fixation on the nostrils slightly expands the nasal passages, which improves ventilation. There are some modifications to this. devices. You can purchase two cylinders, interconnected on the one hand, and open from the ends. They are inserted into the nostrils for improved breathing. If the device is selected correctly, then a wide entrance to the airflow into the nasopharynx will be inhibit the vibration of the soft palate and reduce snoring. These devices are made of medical silicone, they tolerated by patients quite easily and do not cause discomfort. Outside, they are almost invisible, since only protruding from nostril is a small tubercle. The price of clips is from 300 to 1000 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of the patch is its low price, relative comfort, since there is no foreign object in the oral cavity. Such means help if the cause of snoring is impaired nasal breathing. However, all kinds of devices, dilating the nasal passages and improving ventilation only by the very initial stage of the penetration of air into the nasal passages, in no way do not help increase the tone of the muscles of the pharynx and contribute correct position of the root of the tongue.

Therefore, in the case of serious sleep apnea, overweight patient, such devices are not will be able to help him, and will not prevent the risk of development cardiovascular disasters. In the event that the patient there is a certain neuroticism, and he believes in various devices, then, wearing such a clip, he will understand that in in a dream he “has protection” and this will contribute to the soft the onset of sleep.


Rating: 4.6


Snoring dressings are an inexpensive device that put on the head, and their goal is to prevent the opening of the mouth in a dream. An open mouth is known to reduce muscle tone. dentition and the bottom of the oral cavity, such a looseness mandible enhances snoring and increases the risk of periods of sleepy apnea.

Such a bandage is worn before bedtime on the jaw and on the occipital part of the head and fastens with Velcro. It is shown to those patients with which snoring occurs when the mouth is constantly open during sleep. If snoring occurs when the mouth is closed (which also happens), then such a dressing would be a rather pointless acquisition.

Modern neoprene dressings are used not only for treatment of snoring, and to reduce the vibration of the soft tissues of the head, with which the soft palate and tongue enter into resonant vibrations. They help fix the lower jaw in dentistry, after surgical interventions and fractures. Also daily the use of neoprene dressings sagging skin and improve facial contour, promoting mechanical night lifting. Domestic brand neoprene dressing will be cost about 1280 rubles, and in online stores masks are simpler can be purchased for 270 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Dressings should be used if during sleep mouth is constantly open, and only in this position is snoring. Some patients who are very afraid of dying in a dream never agree to wear such a mask, because, according to one of such patients, “my jaw is already tied up in advance.” Such psychological moment when choosing a mechanical means to fight snoring also needs to be considered. The plus is the low price, the ability to choose a mask by size, and also use it in cosmetic purposes for harmless skin tightening without cosmetic funds.

CPAP therapy (positive pressure mask air)

Rating: 4.5


It is these mechanical agents for treating snoring and obstructive apnea are most effective they allow the patient has enough sleep, and fully feel the whole the next day. The physical principle is artificial ventilation. lungs, when a small positive pressure. The result is a swelling of the soft sections nasopharynx and oropharynx, which makes the closure of the airways impossible. Fatigue, which usually disappears accompanies the patient after a hectic night full of snoring and breath breaks. During sleep decreases and even completely the risk of sudden death from sudden hypoxia is excluded. According to numerous studies, in patients using CPAP – therapy devices, the risk of automobile accidents and injuries associated with unexpected falling asleep the next day. You can use small mobile devices on an outpatient basis and in home conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages

As you know, you have to pay for pleasure. Portable devices based on this technology are very expensive. Price range – from 30,000 to 100,000 rubles and above. The most surprising that to create a simple positive pressure in a mask doesn’t need a device, more complicated than an aquarium compressor, connected to a regular gas mask. In other words, such a mask You can assemble it yourself and at no cost.

The high cost is due to electronic stuffing, which in In some cases, it allows you to change the output pressure, reset it depending on resistance, gradually it raise again, and thus constantly “feel” the needs patient in oxygen. Some of the most advanced devices equipped with special clips for pulse oximetry, which allow you to evaluate the tension of oxygen in capillary blood, just by attaching this clip to your finger or toe how to do it in intensive care units.

In such premium devices, sleep parameters are analyzed, oxygen pressure, and data is constantly recorded on a special SD – a card that can then be analyzed by a somnologist, or conduct a remote consultation. Therefore, we can consider these devices the most perfect, but in order not to feel sorry for the money spent, you need really apply them only for serious sleep problems, and use as a means when all other solutions snoring problems are ineffective.

Instead of a conclusion

Science does not stand still. In the event that the patient diagnosed with apnea, or mild or moderate respiratory arrest severity and he wants to solve this problem quickly and radical, then you can install special palatine implants. Them the task is to strengthen the soft tissues of the sky, increase the tone of the palate curtains, they are implanted in the tissue of the oral cavity on an outpatient basis local anesthesia, and pretty fast. The whole procedure does not take more than 30 minutes. This is followed by a short recovery period, and proven, effective result. Patients start to sleep fully, the risk of developing heart attacks and strokes is reduced, snoring is radically cured. However, this technique goes far not everyone.

Fixation of the soft palate does not affect the falling tongue, and therefore in patients with obstructive sleep apnea severe form, with the presence of numerous risk factors, then you need to start fighting severe snoring in other ways. First you need to establish the exact cause, and then assign treatment. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct an examination with an ENT doctor, cardiological examination, undergo polysomnography, as well test the function of the respiratory and cardiovascular system by cardiorespiratory monitoring.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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