7 best remedies for flowering water in basin

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Own pool or a pond in the yard brings joy if it the water remains clean and clear. But stagnant in itself the reservoir serves as an excellent place for the reproduction of the fungus, therefore it gradually blooms (there is an unpleasant odor and greenish shade). Mechanical cleaning of the pool with a scraper, as well as regular water changes are too tiring, so they were developed biological and chemical agents. Such preparations contain beneficial bacteria that eat others, or chlorine derivatives, killing microorganisms. We ranked the best funds from flowering pool water to help maintain cleanliness. IN TOP 7 included goods with positive reviews and good characteristics.

Rating of the best remedies for flowering water in the pool

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best remedies for flowering water in the pool 1 Biofors Aqua Balance 1 401 rub.
2 MAK Kids 5 – 10433 410 rub
3 Markopoul Chemicals 738 rub
4 MAK 4 1 085 rub.
5 Master pool 740 rub.
6 Algitinn algae remedy 1l 305 rub
7 BioBac biological water purifier, 5 l 3 800 rub.

Biofors Aqua Balance

Rating: 4.9

Biofors Aqua Balance

In the first place in the rating is Aqua Balanse from Biofors. It contains specially bred cultures of bacteria that actively eat other organics. This sets the optimal balance between decomposition and denitrification processes. Content is shipped in bottle of 600 ml. In a set a measuring spoon of 20 g for dosage, in depending on the capacity of the pool (1 spoon for each cube liquids). The product effectively protects against flowering and eliminates filamentous algae. It can be applied directly dissolving in the pool or adding to the biofilter. Users in reviews like that after a single treatment from flowering, for prevention is enough to add 10 g per 1000 l every week (half reduced rate).

In our opinion, and for most reviews, the tool is worthy of the first ranking position due to the promotion of high transparency of water. His the action leaves no residue. Bacteria completely process other microorganisms. If grass gets into the pool or leaves, they will disappear on their own.


  • struggles with a green bloom on a tile of the pool;
  • reduces the content of ammonia and nitrates in water;
  • suitable for aquariums and does not harm fish;
  • helps to improve the efficiency of biofilters.


  • high price;
  • in ponds can harm ornamental algae;
  • turbidity is observed in the first day after application;
  • slows down when the temperature drops below +5 degrees.

MAK Kids 5 – 10433

Rating: 4.8

MAK Kids 5 - 10433

The second place in the rating was given to the company MAK. The product is sold in bags of 20 pieces per pack. Calculated drug to small children’s pools to prevent in them bloom. The developers completely eliminated chlorine in its composition, providing maximum security. Cultural views microorganisms from the package feed on other bacteria and live behind oxygen count. Recommended use in combination with biofilters. Customer reviews suggest that this drug very easy to use – many poured a bag into the pool once a week, and this was enough to prevent flowering. it allows you to not change the composition in the pool and maintain cleanliness, moreover, not only visible, but also at the chemical level.

We added the product to the rating due to the safest composition, which is designed for children’s pools. The substance has absolutely no smell. Contact with the skin of the child does not cause irritation. Even the baby accidentally swallows water, nothing will happen. Bathe allowed after use after 20 minutes.


  • no chlorine;
  • no smell;
  • simple use;
  • low cost of one package.


  • high consumption – 1 sachet per 500 l;
  • mix water masses in the pool well;
  • it is desirable to have biofilters – without them it decreases efficiency.

Markopoul Chemicals

Rating: 4.7


The top three ranking included a pool remedy for Macropool. Chemicals contains chlorine derivatives, coagulants, isocyanuric acid and algicide. Used product in pump filters, where it is installed in the form of a cartridge. The tool eliminates flowering mechanically. Cartridge contains coagulant that passes particles no more than 0.07 microns. it delays any microorganisms coming from the water supply or leaked through a sand filter. In addition to delaying bacteria, cartridge eliminates suspensions and foreign matter.

We put the product in the rating, because it is the most economical among competitors in terms of expense. For the pool, with a capacity of 10-50 m³, you need 1 cartridge once every one or two weeks, depending on the number of users. If this not enough (the pond is very hot in the sun, a large stream visitors), then a more frequent change is allowed. Recommended take a look at this product owners of sanatoriums and houses recreation.


  • can be stored up to three years in a package;
  • laid in the pump filter (no need to scatter anything and mix);
  • acts with equal force both on the first day of operation and in the last;
  • environmentally friendly.


  • application is possible only with a pump supporting work with cartridges;
  • weekly flushing of the filter is required;
  • work with the tool in rubber gloves;
  • the effect is reduced if you do not replenish the pool every day fresh water at the rate of 50 liters per user.


Rating: 4.6


The fourth ranking position for the domestic product MAK4, manufactured by Austrian technology. It is positioned as preparation for long-term cleaning. Product may be available in in the form of a metering float. Inside is a complex of substances Quattrotabs (four tablets). They include: symclozen and aluminum sulfate. Additionally (not more than 10%) sulfate is used copper. Reviews on the Internet indicate effective cleansing water from flowering and giving it a blue tint. One tablet suitable for a liquid volume of 3-10 m³. Four tablets is enough for spacious pool up to 40 m³.

We included the product in the rating because it is extremely simple to operation. It does not require a filter with built-in cartridges, or dilute the drug by mixing. The capsule is placed in the pool and floats on surface due to mushroom shape. Plastic case weighs 130 g and does not sink. Naturally means gradually it is washed out of the capsule and prevents flowering in the pool on for 6-8 weeks.


  • increases filtration efficiency;
  • liquid disinfection;
  • bloom removal;
  • significant lightening without additional effort;


  • high price;
  • the float must be removed before each bathing of people;
  • if the product has not been used for 3 years, then Dispose of as hazardous waste.

Master pool

Rating: 4.5

Master Pool

Continues our rating tool “Master Pool”. Product positioned as 4 in 1. It also performs a cleaning function from harmful bacteria that cause flowering, destroys algae, increases transparency and helps maintain soft water. The drug does not contain chlorine, therefore it is safer. Mix it yourself with chlorine to clean stagnant reservoirs are not allowed. The substance is sold in a bottle containing 1 liter. It is necessary to apply 25-30 ml for every 10 m³. For comfort Measured faces are provided on a 50 ml cap. During initial processing, you need to use 1.5 caps per every 10 m³. The tool actively removes clouding and is suitable as for rubber pools, and with tiled walls.

The tool is listed by our experts as the best stabilization of stiffness. He has a neutral PH level, so water softened by a filter and special preparations will not harder after using a disinfectant. In more often with a tile no plaque will form from the dark tile.


  • no chlorine in the composition;
  • lime deposits do not form on the walls;
  • compatible with inflatable and stationary pools;
  • kills harmful bacteria.


  • cannot be mixed with chlorine due to a chemical reaction;
  • if the water is heavily polluted, then it will not cope (only drain and recruit new).

Algitinn algae remedy 1l

Rating: 4.4

Algitinn algae 1l

The penultimate place of the rating is given to the Algitinn means from Markopul trademark. The product consists of algicide and It is delivered in a container of 1 l. The product is designed for breeding in the pool. Positioned as an effective way to combat seaweed and flowering. First patented in 2014 year and is a relatively new domestic development. Buyers in reviews like the price, which is many times cheaper analogues.

In our opinion, the product is worthy of a place in the ranking in view of universality. It can be used for wall treatment. drained pool to immediately prevent flowering. For this 200 ml are diluted in 10 l and applied to the tiles until complete drying, after which you can fill the bowl. In the case of the first 150 ml are added and the water is continuously filtered over 10 hours. If the bowl is heavily contaminated with algae, it is recommended use 250 ml with the same mixing process. Separately a solution with 100 ml of Algitinna and 500 ml of water can be used for antifungal treatment of plastic and rubber tracks, tiled edging and flooring.


  • convenient measuring scale on the bottle wall;
  • does not contain copper and heavy metals;
  • can be mixed with chlorine;
  • works without plaque.


  • not suitable for SPA pools;
  • can not be used with geysers and fountains;
  • deteriorates from freezing or heating in the sun.

BioBac biological water purifier, 5 l

Rating: 4.3

BioBac biological water purifier, 5 l

The product from BioBac in a 5 liter container completes our rating. Inside the bucket contains a powder consisting of bioactive organisms and mineral absorbents. 75 g of the product are designed for 2.5 m³ liquids, so a 5 kg bucket is enough for a huge bowl that holds up to 100 m³. But due to the high environmental cleanliness and other properties This product is more suitable for artificial ponds. He is not causes harm to fish, but rather strengthens their immune system and promotes the growth of individuals. The tool is actively struggling with flowering and eliminates unpleasant odor from stagnant water. Microorganisms eat silt, so in such a pond or dug pool there will not be draft. Reviews show that water does turn from green to blue.

Our experts included the substance in the TOP-7 due to the fight against mosquitoes. A humid environment is the place of active reproduction of these insects. Dissolved in water helps kill larvae mosquitoes. There will be fewer pests around your pond. Yet The biological composition of BioBac lowers ammonia.


  • safe for the environment;
  • can be used in fish ponds;
  • reduces the number of insects;
  • decomposes sludge and bottom sediment;
  • eliminates flowering and unpleasant odors.


  • high cost in a container of 5 l;
  • effective only at temperatures from +12 to +35 degrees.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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