7 best pug feeds

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Each breed is good in its own way and each has its own fans. Pug is ideal for those who want to make a friend. is he Get along perfectly with children and other pets. Dog It’s easy to distract from some pranks and adjust to the desired process. Their slight stubbornness is explained by a sufficiently high level intelligence, but for this, many love pugs.

The breed is considered one of the oldest in the world. It is often called aristocratic, since once only knew had the opportunity get such a dog. Care is carried out quite standardly and not requires special effort. By two years, activity is reduced and in this period it is necessary to draw up a balanced diet so that there is no an excess of calories. Some breeders prefer to give their natural food for pets, but cooking is enough difficult process where you need to know the useful and forbidden products, their compatibility, quantity per 1 complementary foods.

But still, many dog ​​breeders trust ready-made feeds that created with the participation of famous veterinarians and who not only maintain activity, but also improve the quality of life and significantly extend it. In our article we will talk about 7 finished feeds, which are recommended for pugs. They were considered the best by breeders, and professional experts.

Rating of the best pug feeds

Nomination a place Name of product price per KG.
Rating of the best pug feeds 1 Royal Canin Pug for skin and coat health 455 rub
2 Grandorf Lamb with rice Medium 446 rub
3 Farmina Cibau lamb (for small breeds) 484 rub
4 Acana regionals grasslands 556 rub
5 Nature’s Table Turkey Turkey 286 rub
6 Farmina Vet Life Management for urolithiasis 484 rub
7 Karmy turkey 246 RUB

Royal Canin Pug Dog Food for Skin and Wool Health

Rating: 4.9


The first place goes to food specially designed for pugs. from 1 year to 6 years. It takes into account all the features of the breed, therefore when eating, the inherent appearance of extra kilograms. Thanks to the special form of croquettes in the form of a trefoil, it’s convenient for the dog to grab them while eating. Improved formula provides muscle tone. Fat Reduction Promotes Healthy Growth while maintaining ideal body parameters.

The use of feed improves the condition of the coat and skin, normalization of internal processes, prevention of urolithic illnesses. The pet is active. The recommended daily allowance is enough for full-fledged production of vitamins and minerals, therefore no additional additives are required. In the composition – animal proteins origin, rice, wheat, plant extracts, fish oil, fiber, crustacean shell hydrolyzate, soybean oil and other ingredients.

According to owners reviews, dogs easily switch to this food with other food. They eat it with pleasure, including very finicky animals. Pellets of the optimum size for chewing. Pets are active, no serious health problems arises.


  • adaptation to the breed;
  • good tolerance;
  • low fat content;
  • comfortable digestion.


  • not identified.

Dog food Grandorf Lamb with rice Medium

Rating: 4.8


Silver – in holistic, suitable for feeding adults pug dogs. In the composition – 65% protein. This is the dietary meat of lamb and turkeys that are highly digestible and low fat content, which is very important for the breed. A hypoallergenic formula made from healthy ingredients that increase their own protective properties of the body, and day after day make your pet more active and healthier. There are no offal, peas, salt, sugar, flavoring and other triggering disorders products.

Gentle cooking technology fully preserves healthy properties of the feedstock. Pet gets full vitamin and mineral support, so supplements can not use. Using power from Grandorf, it is provided prevention of a healthy heart, kidneys, digestion, joints.

The reviews say that this is one of the best universal feed to create a good diet for obese dogs. Even fastidious animals eat appetizing with pleasure granules.


  • selected lean meat;
  • natural antioxidants;
  • PH balance control;
  • convenient form of granules.


  • not identified.

Dog food Farmina Cibau lamb (for small breeds)

Rating: 4.7


The third was food that will appeal to pugs moody in food and does not provoke reactions with sensitive digestion. is he made from quality ingredients that go through rigorous selection before production. In the composition – the optimal ratio protein / fat / carbohydrate. Dehydrated Lamb and Fish Meat along with digestible carbohydrates, rice and corn fill energy, while preventing the risk of obesity.

Brewer’s yeast improves taste, serves as a source of vitamin E, which is valuable for leather and wool. They are good for the stomach and intestines, strengthen immunity. Fish oil contains fatty acids Omega-3s and -6s with anti-inflammatory effects. also in feed includes additives: taurine, L-carnitine, fructooligosaccharides, glucosamine, sugar beet pulp, chondroitin.

A rich vitamin formula prolongs the life of a pet that even in advanced age he feels well. All customers recommend feed for use. It meets high standards. quality, fully meets the needs of the animal, providing its nutrients.


  • hypoallergenic premium product;
  • optimal digestibility;
  • does not contain artificial additives;
  • handy croquet for the pug’s jaw.


  • not identified.

Dog food Acana Regionals Grasslands

Rating: 4.6


Fourth in our review – premium grain-free feed for adult dogs. It contains a minimum of carbohydrates, but is rich in protein, which very important for maintaining pet activity. Company uses ingredients that come fresh or raw directly to production. In the composition – meat of duck, turkey, lamb, herring, northern pike, duck giblets, whole peas, lentils, chickpeas, blueberries, cranberries, spinach, kale, pumpkin, brown algae, milk thistle, turmeric.

Vitamin E is used as a natural preservative, which provides antioxidant protection and prolongs youth the dog. The food serves as a preventative measure against heart disease and joints, improves metabolism, strengthens bones and teeth, makes the coat is shiny and thick.

Everyone who chooses this food for their dogs notes that completely satisfied with the condition of the animal. He is healthy internally and outwardly, always cheerful, allergic reactions after eating do not occur. Naughty animals with appetite eat round crockers who convenient to take and chew.


  • high quality super premium raw materials;
  • high content of animal protein;
  • optimal granule size;
  • taste appeal.


  • not identified.

Dog food Nature’s Table turkey with vegetables

Rating: 4.5


On the fifth line is food that is optimal for pugs, prone to being overweight. It contains upscale products. with the minimum technological processing thanks to what completely their nutritional properties are preserved. There is no soy in the composition, artificial flavors, preservatives, flavor enhancers. The key ingredient is turkey. She is the source digestible protein that helps prevent weight gain body.

Natural vegetables and cereals improve digestion, support intestinal microflora. They contain a high concentration vitamins, minerals, light carbohydrates. Fish oil and sunflower oil restores skin health. Product Nature’s Table positively affects the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system.

Breeders praised the feed in all respects: by animal tolerance, odor, granule size, effect on digestion and condition of the coat, ease of packaging. They noted that with it you can quickly switch from a natural diet to a finished one stress-free for the pet’s body.


  • 100% natural composition;
  • based on dietary meat;
  • prevention of obesity;
  • high taste.


  • not identified.

Farmina Vet Life Management dog food for urolithiasis disease

Rating: 4.4


Sixth – therapeutic feed that will help with urolithiasis reduce unpleasant symptoms and improve the well-being of the pet. is he provides complete balanced nutrition, supports PH urine. The feed is reduced in magnesium, phosphorus and calcium, thereby reducing the risk of formation of struvite and oxylates calcium. There are no GMOs in the recipe, but only natural flavors and preservatives.

The main therapeutic components are ancestral cereals: oats and spelled. Also in the composition – rice, dehydrated chicken meat, flaxseed, animal and fish oil, useful additives: tocopherol, microcrystalline cellulose, calcium sulfate dihydrate. Packaging protects contents from oxidation fat and keeps the product fresh and aromatic.

Super premium Italian food is chosen by many breeders. It serves as a prophylaxis and therapeutic measure for an unpleasant illness. Dogs with sensitive digestion tolerate it well, high palatability.


  • effective veterinary diet;
  • dissolution of struvite uroliths;
  • prevention of relapse of the ICD;
  • visible improvement.


  • not identified.

Dog Food Karmy Turkey

Rating: 4.3


Completes the TOP 7 best feed product that is designed for puppies, pregnant and lactating bitches. It is actively used for other categories of animals as diet food. They quickly eat up, so there is no risk of obesity. The composition is strictly balanced for proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Into him dehydrated poultry, whole grains, vegetable fiber, animal and fish oils, hydrolyzed meat proteins, dried apple.

The probiotics included in the recipe improve digestion. Beer yeast and seaweed improve the appearance. Yucca Shidiger neutralizes unpleasant odors during bowel movements. Vitamin-mineral complex strengthens muscle and bone tissue, reduces stress on the joints.

Buyers note that although the feed has been developed to feed all breeds, it is great for a pug. Right choosing a diet by age, complexion, body characteristics, You can forget about unplanned trips to the vet. Pet cheerful, active, coat and skin healthy, with digestion and excess weighing no problems.


  • universal application;
  • prevention of obesity;
  • highly assimilable composition;
  • improvement of immunity.


  • not identified.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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