7 best over-the-counter drugs with menopause

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

The female body, unlike the male one, lives tighter, and experiencing fluctuations in the hormonal background. It’s easy to understand what it is due to the need to be ready for conception, pregnancy and childbirth. But the female body has a certain temporary limit on the normal functioning of the genitals. Gradually fertile period, or the time when a woman is free become pregnant, bear and give birth, ends. And then begins menopause, or menopause. This is the period during which the body is trying to smoothly rebuild, and complete hormonal fluctuations associated with reproductive function.

Usually in modern women this is the age of 45-50 years. At the beginning of this period, the ovarian-menstrual cycle still retains some regularity, and in the end – a steady menopause. This is the name of the condition in which the hormonal background stops changing, the ovarian-menstrual cycle ends, and menstruation with him.

Like any hormonal adjustment, menopause makes adjustments in the life of a modern woman, as they appear new, often diverse symptoms. There are several types menopause, but all of them are united by a decrease in the quality of life associated with a decrease in plasma estrogen levels.

Most often, the symptoms of menopause include a decrease sex drive, the appearance of irritability, anxiety. Functional disorders of the cardiovascular system manifest in the form of tachycardia, as well as hot flashes that have already become classic a symptom. This is the name of the condition when a woman suddenly “throws in heat, “and it is felt, mainly in the skin of the face, chest and neck. Quite often tides occur in the evening, and last A couple of minutes. In the menopause, women are often worried night sweats, shortness of breath, weakness. Often appears drowsiness in the daytime. Due to a decrease in estrogen levels there is a decrease in skin elasticity and turgor, appear wrinkles, reduced trophic subcutaneous tissue. After menopause menopause occurs. A drop in hormone levels eventually causes this a disorder like osteoporosis, or a rarefaction of bone structure fabrics with drop and mechanical strength.

Menopause can occur as usual a functional disorder, and in this case, to improve the quality of life and eliminate it unpleasant symptoms, you can use the remedies that are given in the following drug ranking. But it also happens that the severity of symptoms with menopause is so significant that treatment is required by a gynecologist or gynecologist-endocrinologist. IN in some cases, women even have lower back and lower pain parts of the abdomen, there is dryness of the mucous membrane of the genital organs. Such symptoms require regular medical supervision and treatment.

This rating will list drug groups drugs that are used for anxiety and anxiety, as well as mildly active herbal preparations containing phytoestrogens, as an analogue of hormone replacement therapy. There is no mention of hormonal drugs before which A doctor’s consultation is required.

All prices mentioned in the rating are taken from open sources, are average, and are valid at the end of 2018, for pharmacies of all types of property.

It is assumed that the material presented is intended for focus group of women in menopause. At The following are some of the drugs contraindications, such as pregnancy, the period of breastfeeding and childhood. But since the rating is dedicated to menopause a period in which there is no pregnancy and lactation, and which, Moreover, it does not occur in childhood, then in the review we will not mention these contraindications. Those who want to get full For information, please refer to the official instructions.

Rating of the best drugs for menopause

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best sedatives in menopause 1 Persen 227 r
2 Phytosedan number 2 135 rub
3 Deprim – Hypericum extract (Gelarium, Negrustin, Neuroplant) 396 rub
4 Afobazole 393 rub
The best herbal preparations and phytoestrogens for menopause 1 Climadinone 431 rub
2 Estrowel 469 rub
3 Taxifolin Baikal 1 300 rub.

The best sedatives in menopause

This section could be called otherwise – “tranquilizers”. But it is no coincidence that the word “sedatives” is here. Although this is one and the same but it’s accepted that tranquilizers are called medicinal drugs that are prescribed by a doctor for certain indications, and are sold by prescription. These include benzodiazepines, for example Diazepam, Grandaxin, Elenium or Relanium, and others. But in our case we will consider sedatives for which not you need to write a prescription and you can not even visit a doctor. it OTC drugs, and their role is to reduce secondary communication between the symptoms of menopause and their subsequent alarming expectation.

Their intake leads to an improvement in overall well-being, a change woman’s attitude to the same tides and sweating, to decrease excitations of the central and peripheral nervous system. IN the result of the regular use of such mild remedies is the expectation unpleasant symptoms decreases, they occur less frequently, and improves their portability. Thus, without directly affecting either hormonal changes, no matter the symptoms, these remedies improve the quality of life. They are inexpensive, have a small amount. contraindications or do not have them at all, and are recommended by specialists as non-specific (non-hormonal) agents of the first line for stopping the unpleasant symptoms of menopause.


Rating: 4.9


This is a combined herbal remedy, it includes valerian, lemon balm and mint. Of course, you can use just valerian extract in tablets or drops, but the presence of lemon balm and peppermint enhances the calming effect, and adds an antispasmodic effect on smooth muscles of internal organs. Hot flashes and functional disorders, such as shortness of breath, cardiac arrhythmias (tachycardia) often lead to unpleasant and painful sensations in the chest, abdomen, there is discomfort in the intestine, which worsens well-being. Persen can reduce the severity of this symptomatology, and the woman treats her more calmly.

It is indicated in the menopause with increased nervous irritability, irritability and symptoms such as insomnia. Persen is available in tablets, the average dosage is 2 or 3 tablets at a time, for 2-3 times a day. Official the instruction limits the maximum dosage to twelve tablets per day, and the maximum course of admission is no more than 2 months. Launches the drug Persen pharmaceutical company Lek from Slovenia, and the average cost of one package, in the amount of 40 tablets, is 420 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many people like Persen, and not only during menopause. is he able to calm and with serious mental and physical loads, but at the same time its inconvenience boils down to the need take several tablets at once, which is not very convenient. Besides of this, Persen is contraindicated for business women, as he may cause impaired concentration of attention, and slow down speed reactions. It is not recommended to be taken on the eve of driving. a car. In addition, Persen is able to enhance the effect sleeping pills and other drugs that inhibit the central nervous system the system. Therefore, in the event that a woman during menopause also taking drugs to lower blood pressure, then their the action may be stronger against the background of Persen, in which case medical advice is required before its first use. therefore Persen is contraindicated for low arterial pressure.

Phytosedan number 2

Rating: 4.8

Fitosedan number 2

Phytosedan refers to complex herbal preparations, and is good relaxes in mild to moderate menopause. In its composition (collection number 2) includes motherwort herb, peppermint hops, valerian and licorice. It is sold in filter bags for brewing. Such a well-chosen mixture has a sedative and light antispasmodic effect. We can assume that Phytosedan and Persen very similar, with Persen being more concentrated, and sold in tablets, and Fitosedan must be brewed, which itself in itself is already a soothing procedure.

It is also indicated for increased nervous excitability and disorders. sleep, which often occur during menopause. It is shown at women who during the period of hormonal adjustment quite often there are drops in blood pressure with a tendency to it increase.

It is necessary to brew immediately two filter bags of 2 g, total the volume of boiling water is 100 ml. After insisting for 20 minutes Squeeze the bags, then bring to the volume of a glass (200 ml) and drink. Usually, during menopause, 2 times a day is enough for half an hour before food. Releases a sedative collection Phytosedan number 2 domestic Krasnogorsklexredstvo pharmaceutical company, which specializes in the production of herbal preparations. One pack out of 50 filter bags, designed for 25 doses, costs an average of 90 rubles, which is quite inexpensive.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Fitosedan is a peculiar procedure preparations that can already cause in appropriate conditions relaxing effect like a tea ceremony. Phytosedan practically has no contraindications, except for individual intolerance, many like it due to the sweet taste of licorice. Some women prefer to use it only once a day, half an hour before bedtime, as a soft sleeping pill herbal remedy. The price of Phytosedan is very attractive. Flaws on the other hand are a continuation of virtues. Phytosedan is hard to use, being at work, because it is not always possible to brew sachets even during a regulated break, in this sense tablets have a known advantage. Finally, if you break accidentally bag, then the finished infusion will be, though not spoiled, but its palatability will be reduced.

Deprim – Hypericum extract (Gelarium, Negrustin, Neuroplant)

Rating: 4.8


St. John’s wort extract is known to work with almost the same by force, like prescription drugs from the benzodiazepine group, therefore, it is deservedly considered an antidepressant of vegetable origin. It is used even for disorders such as a depressive episode is not only mild, but also moderate. One tablet of Deprim contains at least 60 mg of St. John’s wort herb, and the active substance is hypericin.

Apply Deprim and its analogues containing St. John’s wort, it is necessary not so much with hot flashes, tachycardia, periodic rises blood pressure, and only if these symptoms are intensely emotionally colored. A woman can a different severity of these signs, from indistinct anxiety to intense feelings of fear and hopelessness. It is when in such cases, the appointment of St. John’s wort preparations is indicated. Important remember that the effect develops gradually, and you should not wait improvement after 10 days. Average duration the course of application is about one and a half months.

Deprim should be taken one tablet three times a day. It is advisable to apply it without passes, but if you still pass took place, it is necessary to fill in the missed as soon as possible reception. Launches Deprim company Lek from Slovenia, and the cost of one packaging, designed for 10 days of reception, is, on average, about 250 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Perhaps Deprim and its analogues are suitable for those women who basically they don’t want to “sit on pills”, but try use herbal preparations. After all, if a woman will go to the doctor who will prescribe a prescription for her easy tranquilizer (for example, Grandaxinum), then she will get something like that the same effect, but not for 10 days, but much earlier. And here Deprim’s advantage is naturalness. Other than that, everyone St. John’s wort preparations have one feature: they are capable of causing sunburn with prolonged exposure to the sun – cause photosensitization to ultraviolet rays. While taking Deprim the safest period is winter time, and in summer it is necessary to be closed from the rays of direct sun. The rest is the tool is very popular and effective, and can used for various types of menopause associated with anxiety and depressive symptoms. Of the minuses – not 3-time administration of the drug is very convenient, as well as the need to monitor the completion of the missed dose.


Rating: 4.7


Afobazole is quite actively used in our country as tranquilizer, and not only in the menopause with severe symptoms, but also with anxiety disorders, with neurasthenia, with insomnia disorders, with premenstrual syndrome, vegetovascular dystonia and even with the development of withdrawal symptoms in patients with alcoholism and drug addiction. The composition of the drug includes a special active substance – fabomotizole at a dose of 5 mg each a pill. It belongs to the group of anxiolytics of non-benzodiazepine. row. The manufacturer claims that it acts on receptors brain neurons, which causes their stabilization and increases sensitivity to inhibitory influences.

Afobazole reduces anxiety and stimulates a little, or activates. As a result, Afobazole may help women in menopause, which are constantly afraid of something, frightened who have tearfulness or constant lethargy, have symptoms of anxiety disorder equivalents ranging from cardiovascular and ending with gastrointestinal. A drug begins to act actively on the 5-7th day of admission, and the largest the effect develops by the end of the month.

Afobazole is prescribed one tablet three times a day, and the duration of the course is on average about 1 month, but for indications it can be increased to three. Afobazole Releases domestic company Pharmstandard, and the cost of one package per 60 tablets for 3 weeks of treatment is an average of 460 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

According to the manufacturer, the advantage of Afobazole is high selectivity for specific neuron receptors. This the drug is sold without a prescription, it is indicated for a fairly wide a list of diseases and conditions, ranging from withdrawal to vegetative dystonia. Afobazole does not cause drowsiness, addiction, and practically does not lead to the development of side effects. On the other hand, this drug is almost unknown in countries with advanced medicine.

The best herbal preparations and phytoestrogens for menopause

Phytoestrogens have a long history. At the end of the 20th century there was found that women in Japan and China are less likely to have heart attacks and strokes, they are less likely to have malignant diseases genitals, and at the same time, their menopause proceeds significantly easier. According to the results of the study, it turned out that in the food of the residents Asia contains a large amount of soy and soy products. Managed find out what soy and some other plants contain special estrogen-like substances. These are equol, genistein, and others connections. Unlike real estrogen, which comes with receptor 100%, like a key to a lock, phytoestrogens only resemble the hormonal structure, and therefore their connection with receptors much weaker.

But still, they resemble real estradiol, and are capable of have a therapeutic effect in menopausal disorders. By compared with placebo, that is, a dummy, a decrease in the frequency of hot flashes, tachycardia, and other unpleasant symptoms of menopause decreased by 12%, and this suggests that they can be used in complex therapy of menopause disorders. Currently quite a few drugs of this line are found. The main active ingredient are plant extracts of red clover, flax seeds, licorice, red grapes, soybeans, hops and tsimitsifugi.

In addition, there are data on drugs that do not have estrogenic activity, but nonetheless improving quality life in the menopause. It’s about process blockers lipid peroxidation. These processes accelerate the arrival of menopause and activate signs of skin aging. To such most effective blockers of free radical processes dihydroquercetin marketed by taxifolin Baikal.


Rating: 4.9


Klimadinon, or extract, is popular and effective. tsimitsifugi. It is positioned by the manufacturer as a vegetable anti-climacteric agent, and one tablet contains 20 mg of extract of this plant containing active phytoestrogens. In addition, Klimadinon is also available in drops, It is mainly affects the autonomic nervous system, and with mild to moderate during the menopause can significantly weaken or even completely reduce the unpleasant symptoms associated with autonomic disorders. These include all known hot flashes, hyperhidrosis, or increased sweating, nervousness, sleep disturbance, as well as mood changes.

Klimadinon should be used one tablet twice a day, morning and evening, at about the same time, to mimic the release of natural hormones of the female body. Should remember that Klimadinon does not act immediately, and the effect develops in an average of 10-14 days after the start of treatment. Defines the duration of the course by the attending physician, but, on average, it is about 1 to 2 months. Klimadinon German company releases Bionorica, and the cost of one package of 60 tablets is just calculated on a monthly course, on average will be 485 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Klimadinon is its physiological mild action, and he does not have those contraindications that you need consider when prescribing potent hormonal drugs. In the event that menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, sweating and tachycardia are slightly expressed, it is only with its help you can cope with these symptoms without resorting to others drugs. This can significantly improve the quality of life. “by small means.” However, keep in mind that the effect is developing only 2 weeks after applying this remedy. Cost although it is not high, but in some cases a course is required treatment lasting more than a month, which leads to costs in an area of ​​about 1,000 rubles. It is also contraindicated in the presence of epilepsy, chronic liver disease, and if a woman there is alcoholic dependence, then it is contraindicated Climadinone is in drops because it contains ethyl alcohol.


Rating: 4.8


The next remedy containing phytoestrogens is full-fledged complex drug Estrovel. Unlike Klimadinona, it contains not only tsimitsifugu, but also still extract of soy, wild yams that contains precursors progesterone, indole-3-arbinol, which prevents harmful effects hormones in premenstrual syndrome and menopause disorders This compound also reduces the risk of developing malignant neoplasms.

The composition of Estrovel includes nettle extract, vitamin K, which able to level the tides and reduce the severity of differences moods, as well as boron in organic form. It enhances the effect. phytoestrogens. This complex product also contains iron, rutin magnesium and other useful vitamins and minerals. It is indicated for menopause and premenstrual syndrome, is capable of improve mood and increase sexual activity.

Estrovel is available in the form of capsules and tablets: capsules of 520 mg, and tablets – 500 mg each. It is necessary to apply estrovel during menopause one tablet from one to 2 times a day, the course of admission is not shorter than 2 months. The maximum dosage is 4 tablets per day. As for the drug in capsules, it must be used according to a specific pattern that is associated with the days of the menstrual cycle, and therefore, the encapsulated preparation should be used according to doctor’s prescription. Produced by Estrovel pharmaceutical company VneshtorgFarma (Russia), and the cost of one package in 30 capsules, calculated for two weeks of admission, in an average dose, is about 460 rub

Advantages and disadvantages

Can be considered a great advantage of Estrovel unique, nowhere no longer found combination of natural compounds, vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, it can replace several types at once. preparations. However, as in the previous case, one should not hope that taking just one Estravel can significantly reduce severe symptoms of menopause, in which sometimes it even occurs disability. In addition, the cost of the drug high enough. A monthly course will cost much more thousand rubles, especially if you use maximum dosages.


Rating: 4.8

Taxifolin Baikal

Dihydroquercetin, or Taxifolin Baikal, which is the most highly effective dihydroquercetin, has no structural similarities with phytoestrogens, so it can not be considered a substitute female sex hormones. His role is different. It is known that menopause is associated with planned estrogen deficiency and progestins due to a decrease in their secretion. Hormones have very many application points, and affect almost so many side metabolism of various substances.

Hormone deficiency leads to stress on the cell level, which is manifested by unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Such temporary functional impairment, however, contribute to increased free radical oxidation in many organs and tissues, though not chronic, but very noticeable deficiency of energy and oxygen, peroxidation is activated lipids.

And dihydroquercetin, or Taxifolin Baikal, is actively fighting with this tissue stress. As a result, metabolism is normalized, harmful radicals are utilized and bound. Dihydroquercetin, or Taxifolin Baikal is such an active compound in the reason for the unique, crystalline structure of the molecule, the appearance which is associated with the features of the production cycle. IN the result is a highly active and purest form of this natural bioflavonoid isolated from Siberian larch, which by antioxidant activity leaves far behind everything analogues.

The woman appears vigor, good mood, decrease symptoms of menopausal disorders, recovering physiological norm of arterial pressure. Take Taxifolin Baikal needs 1 capsule with food, intake is 1.5 months. Marked effect associated with a decrease symptoms of menopause and general vigor, develops on 5 – 7 days reception. Launches Taxifolin Baikal company Siberian Cedar, and the cost of one package, calculated on a monthly basis, ranges from 950 to 1300 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

A big plus of Taxifolin Baikalsky is its ability act gently, stabilize blood pressure, reduce severity of tides and sweating. If you use it in combination therapy, then it helps reduce dosage drugs, and save a certain amount. But the most the main thing – in this case, it reduces the drug load by liver. Taxifolin can be used in a variety of cases, starting from a feeling of intimate dryness and ending with symptoms irritability and agitation. The disadvantage of taxifolin is its recent appearance on the pharmaceutical market, and a temporary lack of information about him by doctors of various specialties. Almost everything the produced amount of a unique drug is exported, and currently this tool in the territory of the Russian Federation distributed through the dealer network, and in pharmacies is rare.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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