7 best drip refrigerators

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Now refrigerators are conditionally divided into two groups. First includes traditional devices that are needed from time to time defrost – a drip system is used for this. Also there are more expensive devices that support Norost technology – they do not need to be defrosted at all. In this article we will talk about best drip refrigerators. This will be exclusively about those models that are sold in Russian stores. Tell you We are also about how NoFrost refrigerators differ from drip.

Which is better: NoFrost or drip refrigerator?

Why is a drip refrigerator called that way? Everything is very just. Behind its rear wall there is a special evaporator. Condensation regularly forms on it, which is droplets of water flows into a container designed for this purpose. Some people they call such refrigerators “crying” – indeed, flowing down drops look like tears. Side surfaces of the refrigeration and freezers usually remain dry. However, if the compressor works too actively, then small ones may appear on them ice floes.

NoFrost technology is noticeably more complex. Fridge equipped with it also has an evaporator located in the rear compartment. However in addition, such a device receives several fans – they do not only cool the air, but also ensure its constant circulation through the cameras. As a result, condensate is here if and stands out, then in minimal volumes – empty the special capacity will be every six months or even a year.

Many people understand that it’s better to buy a refrigerator, supporting NoFrost But there is an obvious deterrent: price. Such devices are sold much more expensive. Price difference at almost identical parameters sometimes is double! However, let’s take a look at what other advantages and disadvantages two technologies are available.

Drip system



Low cost

In the freezer, ice still gradually appears

A wide range of refrigerators

The lost temperature is restored long enough

Low power consumption

The back wall is constantly wet

The noise emitted depends only on the compressor.

Regular defrosting required

Cameras are usually large

The temperature at the bottom is very different from that in top




Never need a defrost

Cameras are rarely spacious

Fast recovery of low temperature

More broken components

The system works stably even in the freezer

High price

The temperature is approximately the same throughout the area. cold store

Fans on some models are well audible

Quick freeze food

Increased power consumption

The back wall is non-condensing

Please note that these shortcomings do not apply to all refrigerators with NoFrost system. The development of such devices is not worth it. in place, in connection with which some models are still spared or other minuses. However, in this article we are still let’s take a look at drip refrigerators. Below you will learn about which models are considered the best among those present in Russian market for similar equipment.

The best drip refrigerators

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best drip refrigerators 1 Liebherr CNef 4815 56 860 rub.
2 Bosch KGE39XW2AR 33 790 rub.
3 Liebherr CUwb 3311 32 250 rub.
4 Gorenje NRC 6192 TX
5 Bosch KGV39XW22R 26 990 rub.
6 ATLANT XM 4625-101 22 775 rub.
7 BEKO RCSK 335M20 W 18 990 rub.

Liebherr CNef 4815

Rating: 4.9

Liebherr CNef 4815

One of the most expensive refrigerators equipped with a drip defrosting system. This is a two-chamber monster whose body has silver color. To open the door here is used special pusher, minimal effort is required from a person. In a word, even a small one can open the door of the refrigerator child. This representative of our rating is also capable of boast a fairly low power consumption – experts have endowed its corresponding class is A +++.

To be honest, the device got into our list undeservedly. The thing is that it cannot be said that the system is not used at all here NoFrost. It is simply applied only in the freezer. it means that ice will not appear in it for sure. Well, the refrigeration the camera here really has a drip defrosting system – about This says at least a wet back wall.

If you suddenly turn off the electricity, then the cold inside the device will be stored for 24 hours – this is very good the result is almost perfect. Another refrigerator is capable of boast high power freezing – up to 16 kg per day. It’s nice that forgetting to close the door of such a droplet a refrigerator is not possible – electronics will immediately give a sound and even light signal. By the way, LED backlighting is applied here, which has almost no effect on energy consumption.

And what else determines the high cost of the Liebherr CNef 4815? Perhaps the presence of a display directly inside the device. Also can not please noise level not exceeding 38 dB. I couldn’t do not get a refrigerator and a freshness zone – vegetables and fruits are here stored for a very long time. Helps in this and a fan trying to prevent temperature changes even in the moment of opening the door.

In a word, the refrigerator turned out wonderful. Volume of it the refrigerator compartment is 260 liters, and a further 101 liters is accommodated by the freezer. It remains to regret that such a monster will not be suitable for many Russians pocket – reaching 62 thousand rubles. cost implies loan processing. But if you can still afford this purchase, then do not hesitate for a long time!


  • Belongs to energy class A +++;
  • The handle with a pusher is used;
  • Very low noise;
  • Large volume of both cameras;
  • Decent freezing power;
  • Long autonomous cold preservation;
  • There are supercooling and superfrost;
  • There is a touch display;
  • Light and sound indication of an open door and increase temperature
  • The freezer uses the NoFrost system;
  • Durable glass shelves.


  • High price;
  • To some, the refrigerator seems too high.

Bosch KGE39XW2AR

Rating: 4.8

Bosch KGE39XW2AR

This representative of our rating is already more familiar white color. However, there are options with silver and even golden colors – they just cost a little more. Body angles they are much less rounded here, and therefore the design seems slightly rude. But otherwise, finding fault with the device is quite difficult. Its height reaches 200 cm. With this parameter, you can not wait roomy refrigerator. Here its volume reaches 257 liters. Only 94 liters are allocated for the freezer, but this parameter is enough the vast majority of buyers.

This drip refrigerator is sold for 40 thousand rubles. Price tag can not be called low, but it is not particularly high. It is clear that the manufacturer definitely had to save on something. Here it is the power of freezing – it does not exceed 9 kg per day. Also, the German company did not try to reduce as much as possible power consumption, due to which the device received an appropriate class A +. However, this is where the serious flaws end. Buyer will definitely appreciate the touch controls refrigerator – select the desired operating mode is not labor. By the way, there is a vacation mode, in which the system understands that the doors will not open for at least a week – this leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption. Also to please should bright LED backlight.

The device constantly monitors the temperature inside its chambers. If a if it increased, then a sound signal will sound – after that you need to check if the door is open. It should be noted the presence of glass shelves here – to their strength there are no claims. The drip refrigerator Bosch KGE39XW2AR almost does not make noise – at rare times, it produces 38 dB, and this is quite acceptable parameter. Perhaps we can note the weight of the device, which is 70 kg Two men must cope with his ascent to the desired floor. Believe me, there are also heavier refrigerators!


  • Low noise level;
  • Large volume of the refrigerator;
  • LED lighting is used;
  • Sufficiently long autonomous preservation of the cold;
  • Easy choice of operating mode using the display;
  • Sound indication of a rise in temperature;
  • Three body colors to choose from.


  • Not the highest freezing power;
  • Manual defrosting of the freezer;
  • Not the highest energy class.

Liebherr CUwb 3311

Rating: 4.8

Liebherr CUwb 3311

Another Liebherr creation in our ranking. This the refrigerator is already significantly less expensive – no more 34 thousand rubles It is clear that such a device received a number of simplifications. However, the appearance did not affect the low cost – the refrigerator received a nice body in dark silver or white. There are other color options, but they are on sale. are rare enough. The height of this product is only 181 cm. This, of course, affected the freezer volume the camera, which is 84 liters. But then reach the top Shelves can even be a short girl, which cannot but rejoice. Volume the refrigerator compartment amounted, by the way, to 210 liters, which is impossible considered low value.

Modern refrigerators are increasingly getting a handle with pusher. And here it allows you to literally open the door with one finger. It is impossible not to note the long autonomous conservation cold, reaching here 27 hours. Also, the buyer should please a display that allows you to see the temperature in both cameras.

Of course, for such money the manufacturer can not please potential buyer with an ideal appliance. Here are glass shelves are already happiness. Engineers saved on power freezing – here it does not exceed 4 kg per day.

In fact, the Liebherr CUwb 3311 leaves more behind itself positive impressions rather than negative ones. In particular he practically no noise, unlike many of its competitors with similar price tag. Technology is also applied here. defrosting SmartFrost making this process as much as possible easy. In a word, only those people who need a model with as voluminous as possible cameras.


  • Belongs to class A ++;
  • LED lighting applied;
  • Weight does not exceed 68 kg;
  • Many color schemes;
  • Long autonomous cold preservation;
  • There is antibacterial protection;
  • Cost cannot be called high;
  • Fairly low noise;
  • There are pens with pushers.


  • Minimum power of freezing;
  • Not very large freezer volume;
  • Manual defrosting of the freezer;
  • There is no sound indication of an open door;
  • Pushers have no elastic bands.

Gorenje NRC 6192 TX

Rating: 4.7

Gorenje NRC 6192 TX

Another fairly low refrigerator in our rating. His dimensions are 185x60x64 cm. As is the case with almost all modern models, the freezer is located here down below. Its volume is 85 liters, which is enough for most buyers. The volume of the refrigerator has been brought to an impressive 222 l The product complies with the energy class A ++, which is satisfactory result. Interesting that on the case there is an LCD display showing the current operating mode and temperature in both chambers. This refrigerator is capable of provide super freeze. It also has high power. freezing – at the level of 12 kg per day. But even more pleased that the fact that the No Frost system is used inside the freezer. This means that the defrost will be carried out by the owner of the device rarely. In fact, it will only consist in wiping the insides of the refrigerator.

Glass is used as shelves, which is unlikely smash from a giant pot of soup. Like almost everything drip refrigerators, Gorenje NRC 6192 TX provides the ability to outweigh the door, because not in every kitchen is it convenient open from left to right. As for the noise level, it doesn’t exceeds 42 dB. Not a record, but quite acceptable parameter. In a word, its 37-40 thousand rubles. the refrigerator is definitely worth it! Buyers also understand this – in stores this model is not is delayed.


  • There is a deodorizer with ionization;
  • The modes “Vacation” and “Superfrost” are available;
  • In the freezer, the No Frost system is implemented;
  • Large volume of the refrigerator;
  • There is an antibacterial coating;
  • High power freezing;
  • Weight is 68 kg;
  • Relatively low noise level;
  • High class power consumption;
  • The LCD display is used to select the operating mode.


  • The volume of the freezer will not suit everyone;
  • Not the longest cold preservation.

Bosch KGV39XW22R

Rating: 4.6

Bosch KGV39XW22R

This drip refrigerator comes in two colors. Most often in stores you can find a device with a traditional white case, but there is also a version painted in beige color – she looks a little more interesting. Against the background of some competitors the refrigerator stands out for its height reaching 200 cm. Also the device is capable of boasting the presence of an antibacterial coating inside the refrigerator. By the way, its volume is 257 liters – it is difficult to imagine a family that this parameter does not suit. what Regarding the freezer, its volume reaches 94 liters.

This model belongs to the energy class A +. It is impossible not to mention that the refrigerator turned out to be almost silent. And also it has LED lighting that differs efficiency and brightness. To please the buyer should be long cold preservation time – up to 22 hours. Present here and the ability to outweigh the doors. However, this can boast all included in our rating model.

In Russian retail chains Bosch KGV39XW22R sold for 35 thousand roubles. In the conditions of a sufficiently high dollar exchange rate, it is quite can be called cheap. What did the manufacturer save on? Yes no simplifications when creating a budget kitchen handsome do not could – first of all, the buyer will pay attention to the lack of here is the lcd. Button control is implemented here. The corresponding keys are inside the refrigerator, they are hidden from the eyes of visitors to your kitchen. Also, not everyone will be satisfied with the power freezing not exceeding 5 kg per day. The rest is it’s hard to find fault with this drip refrigerator. Here glass shelves are installed that are unlikely to disappoint. And even weight can not be called critical – it is 72 kg (according to others data – 74 kg).


  • A large volume of refrigeration and freezer;
  • Very low noise level (up to 38 dB);
  • There is an indication of temperature;
  • Glass shelves are used;
  • Long enough preservation of the cold;
  • Not very high cost;
  • Two color options are available;
  • Bright LED backlight.


  • Low power freezing;
  • Manual defrosting of the freezer;
  • Energy class could be higher.

ATLANT XM 4625-101

Rating: 4.5

ATLANT XM 4625-101

One of the most inexpensive drip refrigerators in our rating. In Russian retail, about 25-27 thousand rubles are being asked for him. This is quite a bit, especially when you consider that the height of this model reaches an impressive 207 cm. The secret to the low price tag lies in that a refrigerator is manufactured in Russia – to deliver you don’t need him to a store from somewhere in Europe. Also Russian engineers greatly simplified management – it consists of all of a few buttons, and there’s no LCD here. But but the manufacturer took care of the antibacterial coating. It is noted that it allows you to keep food fresh a little longer.

Looking at this refrigerator, you immediately pay attention to almost equal sizes of both doors. This suggests that the volume of the refrigerator and freezer here, if not identical, then very similar. Indeed, it is 205 and 159 liters respectively. Love to keep a large supply of convenience foods at home and meat products? Then the ATLANT XM 4625-101 was created specifically for you! It’s hard to imagine a person who is so short large freezer. Yes, and call the refrigerator compartment You can’t make it small – the products will definitely fit here the average Russian family.

Please note that the minimum temperature in The freezer is −18 ° C. Many drip refrigerators able to give out and -24 ° C. Another thing is whether you need so low temperature? As for the power of freezing, it is here reaches 7.2 kg per day – quite an acceptable result.

Despite the LED lighting used here, the refrigerator consumes 323 kWh per year. As a result, experts awarded the device with energy class A +. In a word, not the best result. But the unit is able to boast of quiet operation – on his kitchen is barely audible. Another product received glass shelves. it important, because metal shelves can bend under weight some heavy saucepan with soup. The weight of the refrigerator is 76 kg


  • Silent work;
  • The set includes glass shelves;
  • Low cost;
  • Good freezing power;
  • Huge freezer;
  • Built-in bright LED backlight;
  • There is antibacterial protection.


  • Manual defrosting of the freezer;
  • It is not convenient for everyone to reach the upper shelf;
  • Fairly high power consumption.


Rating: 4.4


It must be the easiest fridge ever can imagine. At least when it comes to devices with a drip defrosting system. Moreover, for 23 thousand rubles. the buyer receives a roomy device, the height of which reaches 201 cm. The total amount of internal space is 331 liters. On the freezer accounted for 118 l – it seems that this number most buyers will be satisfied. It should be noted that inside 213 liter cold store present antibacterial coating – for such an inexpensive device, this seems unexpected. AND glass shelves still pleasantly surprise – usually cheap refrigerators receive shelves from metal or even plastic. But most of all some people will appreciate a weight not exceeding 58 kg. Two adults men should easily bring such a refrigerator to the kitchen.

Despite the budget status, this model is able to boast sound indication of an open door. And still pleasantly surprised by the power freezing, reaching 7 kg per day. And if you recall more about temperature display, then you don’t understand why the device received so low cost. Looks like the price tag was affected obsolete rotary switches with which temperature in the refrigerator and freezer departments is regulated. Also, one cannot fail to notice that this refrigerator makes a little noise competitors considered above. But he consumes electricity relatively little, even for its class A +. if you love accuracy, then every year the device consumes approximately 294 kWh electricity.

It remains to regret that in Russia such a drop The refrigerator sells a minimum number of retail chains. IN Otherwise, he could become a real hit! However, to be maybe the refrigerator isn’t on the retail chains because it sells out very quickly?


  • Not very high power consumption;
  • There is a sound indication of an open door;
  • Good freezing power;
  • A large volume of freezers and refrigerators;
  • Glass shelves are used;
  • There is an antibacterial coating;
  • Light weight;
  • Very low cost.


  • Manual defrosting of the freezer;
  • The simplest rotary switches are applied.


On this we can finish our story. Now you know what drip refrigerator is different from a device supporting NoFrost technology. You also know which models are worth to pay attention. And do not forget that even the best the refrigerator has a number of disadvantages that you have to put up with. we honestly mention this.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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