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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

With the advent of summer, a large number of people appear who are resting Outdoors. As a gourmet meal, meat is offered, cooked on charcoal. However irresponsible choice wood fuels can lead to artificially poor taste seasoned barbecue. In the domestic market, a huge assortment of solid fuels in paper bags. They differ size and price. Deal with the intricacies of the selection of coal for Brazier will help our experts.

How to choose high-quality charcoal for barbecue

Kinds. The quality of coal for barbecue depends on used in the production of raw materials.

  1. Birch is considered the best type of wood to obtain coal. It does not emit carcinogenic compounds, it is easily kindled, gives heat for a long time, has an affordable price. Birch coals possess saturated anthracite color, and while burning on the surface small sparks form.
  2. Oak coal has a high density and high weight. This solid fuel is recommended for long cooking. food, for example, in a cafe or during a corporate party. But the price oak coal is high, and with the ignition of fuel arise Problems.
  3. Pine or aspen coals very quickly burn out. At Users have about 20 minutes to cook. This kind coal has the lowest price, but to feed fun the company will have to purchase more than one package of fuel. In addition, in the burning time such a fuel produces an unpleasant odor, it environmental friendliness is in doubt among specialists.

Fuel consumption. Most buyers buy coal with a large margin, because they do not know its consumption. There is a direct the relationship between the amount of raw material and the mass of pickled meat.

  1. For birch coals, the simple 1: 4 formula applies. It means that for the preparation of 4 kg of meat products 1 kg of birch coal. It’s about high quality brand products AND.
  2. Charcoal without signs most often contains conifers wood species or aspen. One refueling barbecue is enough only for cooking one serving of chicken.

Tricks of the manufacturers. Many buyers and not suspected unscrupulous charcoal producers use a series of tricks to cheat.

  1. The most common is the use of cheap raw materials. Most often, low-grade products are sold along roads, in markets, in budget chain stores. If the package just says “charcoal” without specifying the composition, it is a thermal product processing aspen, pine or spruce.
  2. But if you can find solid fuel with the words “birch coal, “do not relax. Sometimes it’s just a hoax, but often the catch lies in the mass. In the same package in volume instead of 3 kg, you can put only 2.5 kg.

Security measures. Inexperienced get a lot of burns users during the ignition of coal. The most common cause special liquid for receiving fire. Limited by law the use of liquid paraffins only, but often manufacturers add technical alcohol, ether or kerosene, which are prone to sudden ignition. You can determine the quality of the liquid by smell. Paraffin-based liquid smells like a melted candle. It’s better just set fire to the coals doused with the ignition fluid using long twigs or slivers. Hand should be protected with a tarpaulin a glove.

We selected 7 best producers of coal for barbecues in a review. All companies sell their products on the Russian market. At the distribution of seats took into account the opinion of the expert community and reviews of domestic consumers.

Rating of the best coal producers for barbecue

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best coal producers for barbecue 1 Supergrill 5.0
2 Weber L. Lasting 4.9
3 Charco 4.8
4 SevZapUgol 4.7
5 everyday 4.6
6 Palisad camping 4.5
7 Grillkoff 4.4


Rating: 5.0


Quickly prepare the barbecue for cooking tasty and healthy dishes allows the products of the Russian company Supergrill. The manufacturer offers domestic consumers charcoal and dry firewood of excellent quality. They have a high heat transfer, and coal is fireproof, because not forms a strong flame. For the manufacture of solid fuels used north birch. In the process of burning coal, experts do not discovered carcinogenic compounds. The brand becomes a winner Our rating for convenient and reliable packaging, as well as inclusion in the kit is a fan for firing up.

Lovers of outdoor recreation appreciated the quality of coal Supergrill, convenient packaging, high heat dissipation. Coals fast flare up and smolder for a long time.


  • high heat dissipation;
  • quick ignition;
  • reliable and convenient packaging;
  • affordable price.


  • not found.

Weber L. Lasting

Rating: 4.9

Weber L. Lasting

A wide range of outdoor cooking accessories fire produces the American company Weber. It all started with inventions by George Stephen of a spherical grill. Russian consumers liked Long Lasting coal briquettes, which are characterized by stable heat release for 120 minutes. The basis of American solid fuels has become high-quality wood. Thanks to it, coals are easily kindled and smolder for a long time.

Experts pay attention to minimal ash formation, therefore, users have no problems with disposal. IN during the combustion process, coals do not form an unpleasant odor, in smoke do not compounds dangerous to humans have been identified. The brand is second place in our ranking, second only to the winner in price.


  • long burning;
  • quick ignition;
  • environmental friendliness and safety;
  • minimum garbage.


  • high price.


Rating: 4.8


The Russian company CHARCO specializes in producing a wide range of wood products. The catalog contains lumber, firewood, briquettes for heating, charcoal and other accessories for a picnic. Experts liked the variety of packaging. For example, Premium charcoal is available in 9 versions, starting with 1 kg and ending with 45 liters. To simplify the ignition of the barbecue, the manufacturer offers a special fluid. The main raw material for making charcoal is a birch tree that grows in Northwest region of Russia. Brand gets third prize place of our rating.

Users are satisfied with the absence of extraneous odors, long smoldering, convenient packaging. Of the shortcomings noted fine fraction and a large amount of dust.


  • wide range of coal briquettes;
  • variety of packaging;
  • long smoldering;
  • environmental friendliness.


  • a lot of dust and fines.


Rating: 4.7


Since 2000, the company has been supplying charcoal to the Russian market. SevZapUgol. The monthly productivity of the enterprise amounted to that time 30 tons. Outdated equipment did not allow to increase volume and meet increasing demand. From 2005 to 2008 there were new installations were acquired, each of them began to produce in month to 90 tons of coal. Experts note active cooperation companies with such large retail chains as Pyaterochka, Carousel, Crossroads, Castorama, etc. In addition, you can buy charcoal for barbecue at all gas stations Leningrad region, as well as in cafes and restaurants.

The brand stopped a step away from the top three ranking because of some critical user reviews. Mostly complaints come in a lot of dust in bags.


  • affordable price;
  • lack of soot;
  • developed distribution network;
  • quick ignition.


  • a lot of dust in the bags.


Rating: 4.6


Everyday domestic company is famous for its low prices and good quality. Charcoal for barbecue is no exception. The manufacturing company was established by the famous retailer Auchan, the main Some products are sold in stores of our own distribution network. Experts praised the brand’s charcoal for its quick ignition and long smoldering. The manufacturer offers different packaging, which allows you to meet the demand of different customers. Trademark deservedly falls into our rating for a combination of affordable price and good quality.

Russian consumers name such strengths in reviews charcoal “Every day” as a large heat transfer, low price, variety of packages. The disadvantages include the presence of dust, the presence of very large pieces.


  • low price;
  • quick ignition;
  • long smoldering;
  • wide selection of packages.


  • many small and large fractions.

Palisad camping

Rating: 4.5

Palisad Camping

Palisad Camping is a diverse range of products for personal care and outdoor recreation. Coal for barbecue is made of birch wood, which is exposed pyrolysis. The result is a high quality solid fuel that has good heat dissipation. After combustion remains some ash, which simplifies the disposal of garbage. Experts highly evaluated the ease of ignition, the stability of combustion, the absence of flame. The brand closes the TOP-6 of our rating.

Domestic consumers are satisfied with the quality of charcoal Palisad Camping. They give heat for a long time, allowing you to make several portions of flavored barbecue. By cons include the poor the choice of packaging and the shortage of products in the distribution network.


  • high quality;
  • minimum ash;
  • long burning;
  • environmental friendliness.


  • modest choice of packaging;
  • deficit in the distribution network.


Rating: 4.4


The Grillkoff brand appeared in 2004 with the goal of efficiently sales of goods of LLC NPO Tverskoy proekt. Primary activity The company is limited to picnic products. Experts especially note the sale of products not only through the distribution network of Russia, but also export deliveries to neighboring countries. In the catalog the manufacturer presents a variety of coals for barbecue. Here there are products “Economy” in simple paper packaging. More a package with standard birch charcoal looks attractive. And for The most demanding customers created a line of “Premium”.

The brand ranks last in our ranking. Users note such positive qualities as affordable price, long burning, rich assortment. By cons include a large amount of dust in the bag.


  • low price;
  • rich assortment;
  • export to neighboring countries;
  • long burning.


  • a lot of dust in the bag.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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