6 of the best lightweight scooters

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Many electric scooters are heavy. It means, that their purchase is not even considered by those who live in the house without elevator. And in vain! Some models can still be called very light. And it is precisely about them that will be discussed in this article. You can safely state that the vehicles examined in it even an elderly person can use it!

Rating of the best light electric scooters

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best light electric scooters 1 e-TWOW Booster PLUS – V 64 000 rub.
2 Razor e prime 39 900 rub.
3 Ninebot Kickscooter ES1 31 990 rub.
4 iconBIT Kick Scooter TT v3 18 990 rub.
5 HIPER VX500 15 650 rub.
6 ZAXBOARD EL-8 13 900 rub.

e-TWOW Booster PLUS – V

Rating: 4.9

e-TWOW Booster PLUS - V

This electric scooter affects not only its weight, but also opening opportunities. It was created in honor of the 5th anniversary manufacturer, and it implements all the technologies available to him. For example, a Samsung lightweight battery is introduced here, the capacity of which is 10.5 Ah. Its full charge is enough to overcome about 40 km! Also, the scooter is able to boast new controller, thanks to which overclocking became incredibly smooth, and this is very important when maneuvering among pedestrians.

This vehicle without any noise even moves along paving stones. This is achieved not only through the use of electric motor, but also with wheels made of solid cast rubber. However, they still absorb very well bumps. However, there are also shock absorbers here, therefore you definitely won’t be shaken. The diameter of the wheels is 8 inches. The rear wheel has a classic mechanical brake. And here the front has a regenerative brake that preserves the energy released into the battery. Braking is obtained smooth, you definitely won’t be able to fly through the steering wheel.

The design of the electric scooter is very durable. The manufacturer claims that it is able to withstand 120 kilogram mass. But we do not recommend it especially strongly load, because each additional kilogram will reduce mileage on one charge. By the way, in motion e-TWOW Booster PLUS – V leads an electric motor with a power of 500 watts. By airborne computer with a color display, you can select the operating mode. IN in particular, you can limit the maximum speed to leave as far as possible. If you remove the restriction, then you will accelerate to 25 km / h (if your weight does not exceed 75 kg, then you can reach 33 km / h), which can be considered an excellent result for such a small scooter, which is also a folding design possesses. It should be noted that to perform all manipulations with cruise control does not need to connect to the vehicle when using a smartphone, for this there are enough opportunities the aforementioned on-board computer.

Perhaps this is a rare case when the electric scooter does not have special disadvantages. Its weight is 10.8 kg and the folding mechanism allows you to transport e-TWOW Booster PLUS – V in an electric train or another form of public transport. If you have 60 thousand rubles, then you definitely will not be disappointed in the purchase!


  • There are shock absorbers hidden in the housing;
  • Used folding mechanism;
  • Really light weight;
  • Well thought out brakes;
  • Decent mileage from a full charge;
  • Good top speed;
  • There is an on-board computer;
  • It withstands even a serious load.


  • High price.

Razor e prime

Rating: 4.8

Razor E Prime

Another folding electric scooter that you should like children and adults. Its weight, it’s hard to believe, is only 9.72 kg. It was achieved through the use of lungs. materials of which most of the transport facilities. Alas, it affected the maximum load – she is only 80 kg. This does not mean that with a more serious the load the scooter will certainly break. But such a chance is necessary will be, especially when overcoming all sorts of obstacles.

As you already understood, this model is primarily intended still for children. This is indicated at least by the use here. a fairly modest 250-watt motor wheel. Also, an adult is not like that a full charge provides only 40 minutes of continuous running. At a maximum speed of 24 km / h it is impossible to expect any long-distance run. Well, what else are you would you like a battery with a capacity of only 3.2 Ah? By the way, its full charge lasts 4 hours.

The 200 mm front wheel is also afraid of a serious load, made of polyurethane. Under teenagers imprisoned and electronic braking. Formally, it can be considered double, because to stop You can also use foot pressure on the rear wing, which protects against spray.

In short, the Razor E Prime is a great scooter. But an adult, he is only suitable if he supports excellent physical condition. Most enthusiastic about this model teenagers will remain. Many of them will not even be embarrassed the lack of a full-fledged on-board computer here. Alas, it’s impossible to adjust anything using a smartphone, so as the possibility of its connection, again, is excluded.


  • The scooter is very light;
  • Decent maximum speed;
  • Implemented smooth adjustment of gas;
  • Used folding mechanism;
  • There is a battery indicator.


  • Mileage from a full charge is approximately 15 km;
  • Modest engine power;
  • The price cannot be called low;
  • I would like a more advanced braking system.

Ninebot Kickscooter ES1

Rating: 4.8

Ninebot Kickscooter ES1

This electric scooter also has a folding structure. it allows you to easily take it with you on a bus or tram, not to mention the train. Unlike the one that opened our rating models, this instance is maximally simplified. Thereby the manufacturer managed to reduce the price to 27 thousand rubles.

Ninebot Kickscooter ES1 has a rechargeable battery in 3.5 hours. However, you will not be able to detect it! The fact is that in this model, it is hidden in the steering rack. That should protect him and from dust and moisture. But this does not mean that we recommend actively operate the electric scooter in the rain.

The manufacturer claims that his creation is able to withstand 100 kg load. But expect an impressive scooter speed is not necessary – the maximum declared 20 km / h. And if you If you activate the economy mode, then such a speed is not achieved will be. But then you can overcome about 25 km!

The electric scooter moves with the help of two wheels. Front has a diameter of 200 mm. The rear is 192 mm, and it is connected to it with a 250-watt motor.

On the steering wheel of this model there is an LED display. is he will show you the current speed, charge level, selected mode operation, as well as the status of the connection via Bluetooth. Connect to smartphone here is only necessary to become familiar with general mileage and other useful information.

The rest is a typical mid-budget electric scooter. In his there is an electric brake supplemented with anti-lock braking system. Well, the weight of the vehicle is 11.3 kg. In a word, this is a great purchase for 27 thousand rubles! Or even a little big money. But this is still not the best option for those who likes to travel in a similar vehicle somewhere out of town – such people may not have enough maximum mileage from full charge.


  • Foldable design used;
  • It is possible to connect to a smartphone;
  • There is a bright LED display;
  • Able to withstand not only a child;
  • Very good braking system;
  • The battery is protected from dust and moisture;
  • The cost can not be called very high.


  • Not very high power;
  • I would like a longer run;
  • Metal rumble while overcoming the curb;
  • Regular signals that cannot be turned off.

iconBIT Kick Scooter TT v3

Rating: 4.7

iconBIT Kick Scooter TT v3

One of the simplest electric scooters in its execution. His the frame is made of aluminum alloy. This makes it clear that the vehicle is required to withstand even 100 kg load. It is driven by a 250-watt engine. Its capabilities are enough to accelerate to 20 km / h. Especially This figure cannot be called high, but when driving in a city where there are many pedestrians, this is enough.

Here, lithium-ion is used as a power source. 5 Ah battery It will take about 4 hours to charge. In the future, you can monitor the level of its charge with LED display, which simultaneously indicates the current speed and selected mode. On a particularly long trip from full charge is not worth it. And you should not use electric scooter in the rain, otherwise you may spray the battery irreparable damage.

The engine here is equipped exclusively with the front wheel. His diameter is only 6 inches. As for the brakes, then stop by pressing the mudguard to the rear the wheel. Not the best solution, but in this price segment it is meets quite often. You can also note the presence here a fairly bright headlamp consisting of five LEDs. Not forgotten manufacturer and tail light.

The weight of this model is 8.5 kg. Wonders? Actually in this figure is not surprising. Do not forget that this The electric scooter has very small wheels. Yes and it feels like this is not a vehicle that is capable of to withstand jumps and other tricks. But its value the model justifies it. Especially if you are willing to put up with the lack of the ability to transfer statistics to a smartphone.


  • It was created from reliable aluminum;
  • There is a folding mechanism;
  • Convenient LED display;
  • There is a headlight and a taillight;
  • Low cost;
  • Very light weight.


  • There is no way to connect a smartphone;
  • Modest braking system;
  • Weak motor;
  • The wheels are too small;
  • Long charge;
  • Not very large power reserve.


Rating: 4.6


Many people are familiar with the HIPER brand for portable batteries. However with For some time now the company began to indulge in the release of other products, which also contains a battery. One of them is VX500 electric scooter. It turned out to be very interesting. For him asking for only 15 thousand rubles, while the vehicle is quite adequately shows itself when making city trips.

It is felt that the manufacturer did his best to reduce weight electric scooter. To do this, he equipped it with tiny wheels, whose diameter does not exceed 127 mm. It turned out modest and electric motor, its power was only 180 watts. Even the battery turned out to be somewhat cut back – competitors are often capable offer more than 4 Ah. It’s also sad that charging such batteries take 4.5 hours.

The use of the above components resulted in weight The scooter was only 7.7 kg. It seems that to bring this Transport to the fifth floor can even a child. Strictly speaking, teens will like this model the most. Adults they may not appreciate the fact that the battery runs out after 7 km. Although it is impossible not to admit that some characteristics they’ll arrange an electric scooter. For example, they work well here the brakes. The front wheel is stopped by pressing the corresponding button, the back is braked by pressing against it mudguard. One can not fail to note the possibility of acceleration to 20 km / h. But it should be recognized that such overclocking begins to actively devour energy. Finally, the aluminum alloy completes the joyful picture, of which most of the electric scooter is made. Hardly with something will happen to him even under heavy load.


  • Good anti-lock brakes;
  • There are LED headlights and lights;
  • Low cost;
  • Made of aluminum alloy;
  • It is possible to achieve high speed;
  • The scooter is very light.


  • Very small wheels;
  • Frankly weak motor;
  • Very long charge;
  • Minimum mileage on one charge;
  • You cannot connect a smartphone.


Rating: 4.5


Ends our review of children’s electric scooter. Its manufacturer immediately makes it clear to an adult this vehicle simply can not stand it. To be precise, the maximum declared 60 kg load.

It is curious that this instance has a folding mechanism. This means that you can go with your child somewhere on to the train – the scooter just doesn’t hurt. It should be noted the ability to adjust the height of the steering wheel. The child will grow – Following it, the scooter will also increase.

This model is equipped with 200 mm wheels. Not difficult notice that many “adults” have the same electric scooters. However, in this case, one of the wheels is in motion driven by a 150-watt motor only. Is it necessary to say that does such an engine handle only the weight of the child? Energy engine takes from a battery with a capacity of 2.6 Ah, charging in a couple hours. It ends after overcoming in the best case 10 km

Children’s electric scooters almost never accelerate to especially high speeds. Here, too, this parameter does not exceed 15 km / h However, this will be quite enough, especially if for the wheel turns out to be a 7-year-old child. Low speed allowed to the manufacturer to refuse a manual brake. Instead here using traditional mudguard to rear the wheel.


  • The weight of the electric scooter was only 7.9 kg;
  • Foldable design used;
  • Ideal for most children;
  • Implemented fast charging;
  • There is a footboard;
  • The steering wheel is adjustable in height;
  • Rides with the help of large wheels;
  • Very light weight;
  • Low cost;
  • Implemented some waterproofing;
  • The LED lamp is not forgotten.


  • Low speed;
  • An adult can not stand it;
  • Not very large mileage on a single charge;
  • Only a foot brake is used;
  • Weak motor.


This is the list of the best electric scooters among those that have small mass. Vehicles reviewed in this review will not become a burden if the battery is discharged earlier put. Also, you will not have problems in order to bring similar electric scooter to the fifth floor without using for this purpose elevator.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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