6 most expensive nuts in the world

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Scientists and nutritionists are almost unanimous in opinion regarding the benefits of nuts. No matter located a person on some special diet or not, seeks to lose weight or on the contrary – to gain weight, it is always advised to include in the diet a small amount of nuts. This versatile and tasty product. contains a huge amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals and vegetable oils. Some nuts strengthen cardiovascular health system, others help boost immunity, still others improve hair health and even help easier to tolerate asthmatic condition. In addition, only a handful of nuts can drown out the feeling of hunger, providing a surge of energy on almost all day.

Some types of nuts are considered delicacies and cost quite not cheap. Still sometimes the high price tag is due to the difficulty of mining, cleaning or transportation. Here we have selected the six most expensive types of nuts from around the world.

Rating of the most expensive nuts in the world

Nomination a place Name of product price per kg.
2 PECAN NUTS 1 348 rub.
3 ALMOND 950 rub
4 Macadamia 896 rub
5 Pistachios 848 rub
6 Cashew 830 rub

Pine nuts

Rating: 4.9


Pine nuts are called fruits of the Siberian pine growing on territories of Siberia, Altai, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. These nuts mined exclusively in natural conditions. Small white nuts ripen on the branches of a tree, in cones, which are collected with stabs to then separate the fruits. It is quite painstaking and long work. In addition, Siberian pine gives relatively a small crop of nuts. All this contributes to the formation of high prices for this product.

In terms of benefits to the human body, the main pine nuts value is unique a set of amino acids, as well as a significant amount of vitamins Groups B, E, C. Nuts help fill up nutritional deficiencies substances to those who lead a vegetarian lifestyle. Also their regular use has a positive effect on the nervous system, vision and joints, reduces the likelihood of anemia and oncological diseases.


Rating: 4.8


Pecan nuts grow on a hazelnut tree, a common in the southeastern United States. This country is the largest supplier of this type of nut, although in relatively small their quantities are also grown in the Crimea, Central Asia and the Caucasus. Trees bear fruit in the summer, they are pollinated by bees. FROM it looks like pecans with walnuts, only smoother and oblong. Harvesting is done by hand, but its complexity lies in the fact that the fruits grow quite high and poorly are separated. This is one of the main reasons why pecan nuts are worth it. so expensive.

Pecan is considered a versatile and expensive product, it can be meet in culinary recipes around the world. Are added nuts in a wide variety of dishes, but most often in desserts, especially in ice cream. Use the product in both raw and fried. In addition, edible oil is made from nuts, which is then used in the preparation of vegetable salads. At the pecan there is a small minus – you have to remove the shell directly before use, because when stored in peeled nuts quickly get a bitter taste. With shells, they can stored for years, keeping all its healthy and tasteful properties.

Pecan fruits are saturated with vitamins, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus. Their regular use (in moderation) improves appetite, increases the overall tone of the body and is preventive against eye and heart diseases.


Rating: 4.7


Almonds grow on the mountainside in the form of small green fruits, inside of which there are nuts. This plant is bad tolerates harsh climate. To countries where there are no suitable conditions, Almonds are most often imported from Indonesia, China, Italy and the USA. In Russia, it is grown in the southern regions: Crimea and Stavropol Territory.

In total there are several types of this expensive walnut. For culinary specialists usually use bitter Almond variety, because it has the most intense flavor. Sometimes it is ground into flour. Still bitter almonds are popular in perfumes. But directly in food more often eat sweet kind of nut.

The composition of almonds is replete with healthy fats, minerals and vitamins. Moderate use helps to normalize weight and gives energy, so almonds are a favorite product of those who seeks to lose weight or is actively involved in sports. He also improves skin condition, slows down its aging. However abuse almonds are not worth it, as in large quantities it can cause an allergic reaction.


Rating: 4.6


Macadamia is one of the most expensive nuts in the world. On the European market estimated cost per kilogram of this product is 150 dollars. Macadamia or Kindal, as they call plant Australian aborigines (and it comes from Australia) grows on trees reaching a height of up to 15 meters. Pollinated only one species of bees, fruit ripening occurs in the period from beginning of spring through mid-autumn. There are nine in total in Australia. macadamia species, of which only two bear edible fruit.

The first of the Europeans to describe this plant was German nerd Ferdinand de Muller, who in the 19th century explored Australian flora and named the local walnut Kindal in honor of its friend, chemist John Mac Adam by macadamia. Somewhat later trees were brought to other countries with similar climatic conditions. Macadamia is currently in addition to the Australian continents are grown in Brazil, Costa Rica and South Africa Republic. Ready-to-eat nuts are produced mainly on US territory, as well as in Hawaii.

The high cost of macadamia nuts is due to several factors related to its production. The first is delivery complexity, because they grow it in large volumes only in a few countries, and the largest supplier remains Australia. Secondly, manual harvesting is long and labor-intensive process. Well, the third factor is the complexity of the processing. The walnut shell has a thickness of three millimeters and is poorly separated from kernels, as a result of which some products simply crumble when production.

Macadamia is considered one of the most useful foods: it has a unique chemical composition with an abundance of valuable trace elements. Eating these nuts helps lower cholesterol, contributes to better memory and skin rejuvenation. Also oil from macadamia are used in cosmetology, for the production of masks and creams.


Rating: 4.5


Initially, the pistachio tree grew only in Syria and Iran. Now they are grown in Asia, Africa and Central America, in those regions of the continent where subtropical prevails climate. But Iran and the United States are still considered leaders in supply. it low evergreen plant is resistant to drought and short-term decrease in temperature. Its roots go to the ground to a depth of 15 meters, which allows you to collect moisture and nutrients substances from dry soil. Pistachio Tree Harvest usually carried out only at night, as heated sun rays, leaves emit essential oils into the air, causing dizziness. Collect them both manually and with using modern devices to facilitate the process. Such difficulties mainly affect the formation of high prices.

In shops, pistachios are usually sold salty and slightly toasted. They are also used in the manufacture of confectionery, ice cream, oriental sweets. Despite its high cost, pistachios remain a very popular product.

In addition to high energy value (556 kilocalories per 100 grams), they are rich in vitamins, copper, phosphorus and healthy fats. But the main advantage is the high content of phytosterols. According to experts, pistachios increase hemoglobin, normalize heart function, help in preventing prostate cancer and reduce stress. No wonder in chinese pistachios are considered a lucky nut to home well-being.


Rating: 4.4


This nutritious and delicious nut comes from eastern Brazil. Over time, it was brought to Southeast Asia, Iran and Thailand. Cashew – the fruit of the anacardium tree growing on the outside apple-shaped stalk. The stalk itself, by the way, also It is used in food and for making juice or jam. Anacardium is a low (about 7 meters) evergreen tropical plant that does not tolerate climate change.

Before nuts go on sale, they go through several stages of special cleaning. The fact is that between the seed and the shell has poisonous juice that can lead to thermal burns to the mucous membrane. Therefore, first cashew is cleared of shell, then undergoes a heat treatment that makes it safe to eat. The whole process is for the most part performed manually by specially trained workers. Apart from themselves nuts, shell is also used, which is processed in later used oil for medical purposes.

Nutritionists advise to regularly use cashews for violations metabolism and skin diseases. Also nuts stimulate brain cells help strengthen immunity and prevent caries. Cashew is rich in vitamin B4 and the mineral selenium, also contains zinc, calcium and potassium. Its nutritional value is 600 kilocalories.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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