6 best winter fishing goggles

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Rating of the best fishing vents

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best fishing vents 1 Stinger thermal pro 1 359 rub.
2 Apiko-Fish “Aelita” 800 rub
3 Stinger snow visor 810 rub
4 Zherlitsa winter-summer “Cool” 285 rub
5 IVF Pier 255 rub
6 Dix-2, 78 mm coil (equipped) 105 rub

Stinger thermal pro

Rating: 4.9

Stinger Thermal PRO

Another representative of Stinger uses the same selection of materials as Snow Visor, but has a lot of constructive and, most importantly, visual differences. This is not a bar with a measuring scale, and a full-fledged round log that can close a drilled hole with a diameter of up to 25 centimeters. Impressive mass Thermal PRO base does not allow heat-resistant plastic to budge, thereby preventing the wells from freezing when temperatures below -30 degrees Celsius, and also not allowing fill it with snow.

The capture of a spring-loaded flag mechanism calibrated for response when overcoming a certain load threshold on the fishing line. Such a painstaking approach to the equipment received a lot of support from the fishermen who noted extremely low false positives. As a pleasant bonus model has three holes for installing fishing rods, in order to free your hand while carrying equipment in place. how Outcome, the only factor restraining consumers from mass Shopping is the cost. Pay for a whole set, even if the wholesale price comes out pretty expensive, so anglers are eager get hold of at least one or two models.


  • wide base for closing holes up to 25 in diameter centimeters;
  • the presence of holes for the installation of fishing rods;
  • sturdy case made of thermoplastic;
  • reliable and easy assembly, eliminating serious breakdowns, incapacitating the girder;
  • high popularity in the consumer environment.


  • high price leveled by quality parameters.

Apiko-Fish “Aelita”

Rating: 4.8


A development that is strikingly different from the usual type of girders, used in domestic reservoirs. “Aelita” is a kind of Apiko-Fish experiment to identify new trends that can take leadership in the segment. Within an alternate look, the coil that turned out to be an extra link was replaced by a reel capable of working with fishing line of any sections. They refused in this version and from the traditional flag – on its place came the signaling device, made in the form of a large blade. Notice this is not difficult even from a distance.

An important advantage of Aelita was a hidden groove in reel designed to secure the tee during transportation. According to the production standard, each individual ventilator it is completed with a convenient cover with a reliable flypaper, and also equipped with a 15-meter monolesk with a cross section of 0.3 mm, metal leash (0.20-0.2 mm), as well as tees from Owner, established as the most reliable alternative widespread hooks. Such magnificence is quite expensive, but due to factory equipment does not require fishermen to training.


  • full snap-in of the ventilator straight from the manufacturer;
  • the presence of a transportation cover;
  • alternative signaling element made in bright yellow and cocked in 1 second;
  • high degree of operational reliability.


  • cases of spontaneous operation slip through.

Stinger snow visor

Rating: 4.8

Stinger Snow Visor

Newfangled course of western fishing, informative zerlitsa Stinger Snow Visor takes pride of place in the ranking of the best. Her the main feature is the presence of a measuring scale (with marking up to 40 centimeters), which allows you to measure fish immediately after fishing from the hole. The total length and width of the base of the rectangular model is 45 and 13 centimeters respectively, which makes it most “big” among competitors. However, its insignificant height and possibility of removal (folding) of an additional weather-cloth (guide plate with ring, flag) determine good shipping qualities.

The Stinger Snow Visor flag is made of red fabric, fixed on a spring-loaded steel bar and fixed in folded position with a special plastic fixture. Base the vents are made entirely of heat-resistant plastic; in half which even a trophy predator will not be able to. The total mass of the model is 347 grams, and due to this, it remains above the hole even in a situation of wind amplification. A minor flaw is the need periodic “tapping” of the hole due to pulling on the crust of ice. IN the rest is in full order.


  • the presence of a measuring scale to assess the length of the caught trophy;
  • the presence of a through ring to prevent tangling fishing line;
  • very fast flag raising during bite due to the use of a strong spring;
  • durable frost-resistant case with large dimensions (45×13 centimeters);
  • bright bite indication (use as a bright flag red cloth).


  • the design does not prevent the drawdown of the well with ice.

Zherlitsa winter-summer “Cool”

Rating: 4.7

Zherlitsa winter-summer

Another zherlitsa of domestic production, design which is well thought out, as well as the entire kit delivery. The most important thing in it is the presence of isolon circles in bases that prevent holes from being drawn in by the ice crust, prevent freezing of the ventilator on wet ice, and can also used as “circles” in the summer. Their diameter is 215 millimeters, which covers all possible options sizes of drilled holes.

A spring-loaded spring is used as a flag steel bar with a bright blue rag, noticeable even from a decent distance. The spring system of the model does an excellent job timely response – does not respond to false movements (caused by wobble fry or weak predator attack) and “shoots off” a flag at a bite in 1 second. In price In relation to this zherlitsa goes more expensive than opponents, but bribes both structurally and the possibility of decent knocking cost by wholesale purchase (box of 64 pieces).


  • high degree of reliability;
  • high-quality processing of the working part;
  • spring-loaded flag raising mechanism;
  • low center of gravity, excluding flipping or demolition in strong winds (and other loads);
  • optimal design.


  • high price.

IVF Pier

Rating: 4.6


The main advantage of this tripod lantern is transportation parameters: relative to its competitors, it takes up very little space. Folds out without any problems, providing good stability above the hole and visibility (at least 7-10 centimeters above the models presented in the ranking). Has a coil from ABS plastic, resistant to temperature extremes and to the best hardy when applying large dynamic loads. The braking of the fishing line in this zerglitsa is carried out due to friction screw, which completely blocks prevents further unwinding of fishing line when biting.

The same system is used as a flag for ECO Pier. on the cheaper rival Pirs-2 – a bright orange flag fixed on a flexible metal tape, the straightening of which happens in 3.4 seconds. There is a trigger at the bottom of the tripod, which releases the tape to operate when the line is torn off. If we talk about the shortcomings of the model, it is clearly striking the need to periodically remove the crust of ice from the surface of the hole. In addition, anglers claim frequent spontaneous triggering, which is a “puncture” of the trigger system.


  • tripod height;
  • sensitive flag descent mechanism;
  • reliability of fixation (can be fixed by setting in wet snow);
  • strong friction screw of the coil.


  • spontaneous operations are possible;
  • due to the lack of a “deaf” base, it is necessary periodically clear the holes of ice.

Dix-2, 78 mm coil (equipped)

Rating: 4.5


Domestic-made plastic zherlitsa trapped in rating due to low cost and its attendant high popular among anglers. Diameter of the round base “Dix-2” is 185 millimeters, which allows the model without difficulty close the hole and do not allow the water in it to become covered with an ice crust. The flag is cocked according to the classical scheme: by bending top end behind a 78mm coil. Which, by the way, complements the zergilza from the manufacturing factory. Steamed screw-nut, it ensures the proper unwinding of the fishing line as with dipping the bait (without subsequently causing the flag to break from fluctuations of this bait), and with bite.

The total mass of Dix-2 vents is 120 grams – they are lightweight, and wind time there is a small probability of their capsizing. IN the rest of the shortcomings, especially in view of the cost, this ventilator is not has: the classic design looks advantageous against the background of straight lines competitors.


  • a wide base, which makes it possible to install a vent holes up to 185 millimeters in diameter;
  • flag mounted on a flexible metal strip (rises in 3 seconds);
  • acceptable workmanship;
  • low price;
  • classic reel with stopper to prevent excessive unwinding of fishing line when biting.


  • low stability against capsizing.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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