6 best self-defense stun guns

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Modern Russian society cannot boast mutually polite behavior of their citizens. The greatest period of aggression observed at night, when hooligans go outside, robbers and simply inappropriate drunkards. Even young and strong guys can’t always give a physical rebuff, what to say about the weak women or old people. Affordable civilian weapons for them can become a stun gun. This device produces a powerful discharge that affects the neuromuscular tissue. Attack experiencing pain shock, its duration reaches 10-20 minutes. IN There are different types of stun guns in stores, they differ in appearance, efficiency and price. Choose the most suitable option will help our experts.

How to choose a stun gun

  1. Stun gun class. All stun guns are divided by hazard classes. The most powerful of those allowed on the territory of Russia are class 1 models. Their technical specifications are limited to 3 W and 90 kV. Less effective will be stun guns from the second class (power 2 W, voltage 70 kV), and devices from the third group can only psychologically affect the enemy.
  2. Kinds. In appearance, they are most often found stun guns, batons, flashlights, as well as simulations a mobile phone or a pack of cigarettes. Compact on the one hand appliances can be conveniently worn and hidden, and on the other hand with a baton You can further heat the bully on the head.
  3. Principle of operation. Stun guns differ in principle. actions. There are models that are only in contact with rival, but shooting devices are preferable. They able to hit a person from a distance of 4-5 m. Such devices equipped with special cartridges that can be separately to get.
  4. Power supply. All stun guns work from autonomous current source. It could be a battery or batteries. In the first case, a charger is required, and in Battery models should be replaced approximately once a year. current sources.

Our review includes the 6 best stun guns for self-defense. When selecting applicants, experts were guided by such criteria, as:

  1. impact effectiveness;
  2. cost;
  3. ease of use;
  4. expert opinion;
  5. consumer reviews.

Rating of the best stun guns

Nomination a place Name of product price
Top best stun guns 1 XS-800 Taser
2 Scepter X 19 500 rub.
3 Terminator 2 490 rub.
4 Scorpion-350-AC 13 400 rub.
5 TANDER “Thunder” CD. 111 9 600 rub.
6 MARCH Malvina 200-A 10 800 rub.

XS-800 Taser

Rating: 4.9

XS-800 Taser

One of the most popular in the world has high power. stun guns XS-800 Taser. Its alarming sound scares off dogs from afar. Due to a special device for amplification discharge the enemy receives a prolonged pain shock. Security the qualities of the rating winner appear at a distance of 4-5 m. this device does not have a negative impact on human health. The model has the shape of a pistol, but it does not resemble a combat weapons. Thanks to its compact size, the device can be worn in pocket or purse. Laser sight helps quickly aim the gun at the target and immediately neutralize the danger.

A sharp loud sound can also be an advantage of the device. is he attracts the attention of others, which often causes bullies retire.


  • efficiency;
  • acceptable price;
  • laser sight;
  • loud sharp sound.


  • not detected.

Scepter X

Rating: 4.8


A couple of years ago, the stun gun Scepter X was the best-selling model in Russia. Users and experts praised the quality instrument manufacturing, long uptime. Metal the case has a corrugated coating that allows reliable held in hand. The device is made in the form of a flashlight, while it can be used as a light source. With a length of 34 cm the stun gun resembles a baton rather, it can be called as minus and plus. Hide it in a handbag or pocket will not succeed, but you can hit an opponent in a contact bout with enough power.

The device effectively acts on drunk and aggressive people, on stray dogs. And the affordable price is additional attracting factor. The model deservedly takes second place in rating.


  • affordable price;
  • multifunctionality;
  • high-quality manufacturing;
  • uptime


  • large dimensions.


Rating: 4.7


High-tech stun gun is the Russian Terminator development. The model has the appearance of a baton with a length of 47.5 cm and weighing 0.5 kg. Large dimensions did not allow to beat competitors in the struggle for leadership in the ranking. Of course, the device may used not only as a source of electricity, but also as ordinary stick. But wearing such a device is quite problematic, he immediately striking not only potential opponents, but also police officers. The durability of the case is beyond doubt specialists, as well as high voltage on the electrodes (89 kV). IN the device uses a contact principle of operation, the minimum effect on an adult 3 s.

The stun gun is equipped with a built-in LED backlight, and for there is a fuse for protecting the owner from electric shock.


  • affordable price;
  • LED lights;
  • high power
  • rugged case.


  • large overall dimensions.


Rating: 4.6


A popular stun gun in our country has become a model Scorpio-350-AC. Development of the domestic company MARCH GROUP made in the form of a baton with a length of 35 cm. The presence of a laser a target designator allows you to accurately and quickly direct all the power electric charge in the enemy. The device relates to products 1 class, it produces a voltage of 90 kV, and the power is 3 watts. At a person’s discharge paralyzes for about 10 minutes. Shooter the stun gun hits the target at a distance of 4.5 m, and with contact The duel model can be used as a baton.

Users note that the electric baton is excellent scares away dogs, and thanks to a masking cover it easily stands out as ordinary umbrella. Law enforcement officers have no complaints about device, because the manufacturer encloses a copy of the certificate compliance.


  • laser target designator;
  • high efficiency;
  • masking cover.


  • uncomfortable to wear;
  • expensive cartridges.

TANDER “Thunder” CD. 111

Rating: 4.5


An excellent combination of such important qualities as price and the effectiveness of the Russian stun gun TANDER “Thunder” KD. 111. Power (3 W) and voltage (90 kV) models are enough for bringing to life the most violent amball. The device in the form of a gun perfectly established itself not only in contact confrontation, but also at a short distance. By clicking on trigger a person has a severe muscle spasm, comparable to electric shock in a household network. Striking electrodes with which the BTER cartridge is refueled, can hit the target from a distance of 5 m. However, the shape of the gun alarms the Interior Ministry, because of which with the owner can be tough cops.

To accurately point the device at the object, the manufacturer equipped product with a laser pointer. The stun gun is on sale. together with battery and charger.


  • compactness and lightness (0.34 kg);
  • overheat protection;
  • speed of action (1.5 s);
  • efficiency.


  • gun shape.

MARCH Malvina 200-A

Rating: 4.4


Short (211 mm), but very effective club MART Malvina 200-A will become a reliable helper for a defenseless woman in a hassle with an inadequate man. The model is a shooting a stun gun that can easily hide in a handbag. Soft the cover masks the device under a familiar umbrella, but the rugged case fiberglass able to withstand heavy blows to the head bully. The model is lightweight (260 g), which becomes an added advantage. Experts rated the discharge power (2-3 W) at voltage up to 90 kV.

The device comes with a charger, battery, case, as well as a copy of the ESH certificate. But you have to buy cartridges additionally.


  • compactness and lightness;
  • effective human exposure;
  • conveniently lies in a hand.


  • high price;
  • lack of cartridges;
  • frequent cases of failure.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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