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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Powder paint is becoming more popular every day in Painting workshops of Russian enterprises. Unlike traditional liquid spray polymer coating has the best resistance to atmospheric influences, fire safety, strength coating. The powder is applied to the part in a dry form, after which it melts under the influence of temperature, forming continuous film. After hardening it turns out beautiful and durable coating. To choose the right powder paint, experts recommend paying attention to the following points.

How to choose a powder paint

  1. Types of powder paints. Powder paints are different chemical composition. Each of them has its own advantages and limitations.
  2. Polyester paint compares favorably with UV resistance rays, atmospheric moisture and temperature changes. She is the best suitable for decorating facades, painting garden furniture, appliances, which are operated outdoors. By cons specialists include low dielectric performance.
  3. Epoxy polyester paint is recommended for protection against corrosion of metal structures that are operated inside premises. The material has a beautiful appearance, smooth gloss and resistance to water and oil products. However get matte coating when using low-temperature products is not seems possible.
  4. Epoxy paint is resistant to chemical exposure. The material has high dielectric properties. In this case, the coating burns out in the sun, it does not withstands extreme temperature extremes.
  5. Surface types. It is necessary to select powder paint taking into account the nature of the surface to be protected.
  6. The ideal option is a smooth base, which allows apply a wide range of paints and varnishes. It could be high gloss powder paint (up to 95%) or product with matte structure (7-10%).
  7. When a surface has welds, chips or sinks, then without For additional preparation, you can use shagreen paint. At hardening, it forms a coating resembling a peel an orange.
  8. If there are numerous and sufficient major defects, then in this case it is better to give preference powder paint with a “large shagreen leather” surface. But at the same time it should be noted that saving on the preparation of the foundation will have put up with high powder consumption.

We selected 6 best powder paint manufacturers in our review. The products of these brands are widely represented in the trading network of Russia. When allocating places in the ranking, the opinion of experts and reviews of domestic consumers.

Rating of the best manufacturers of powder paint

Nomination a place Name of product RATING
Rating of the best manufacturers of powder paint 1 Duxone 4.9
2 Arsonsisi 4.8
3 Akzo nobel 4.7
4 Micropul 4.6
5 Pulver 4.5
6 Euro Decor 4.4


Rating: 4.9


For the middle price segment in 1998 was created Duxone paint system. Experts note the fact that the company retained all the benefits of a family business. She has not entered into more large concerns, retaining their traditions. Manufacturer offers Russian consumers the whole range of paints and varnishes, which are made by modern technology. In the catalog you can find all compositions necessary for car body repair, starting with putties and finishing with varnish. For ease of use paint and varnish products of the brand are loved by both large car services and small workshops. Duxone becomes the winner of our rating.

Bodybuilders praise paint for high quality and acceptable prices. Materials dry quickly, forming a durable and durable coating.


  • high quality;
  • time-tested formulations;
  • modern technologies;
  • affordable prices.


  • not found.


Rating: 4.8


One of the largest manufacturers of powder paint is Arsonsisi company. The company has been operating since 1920, with an enviable holding constant leading positions in the pestilential market. Italians were in the forefront of those who mastered the production of powder paints (1972 g). The company keeps up to date, doing own research and development. Particular emphasis is placed on the study of the color characteristics of the paint material. Stable quality and color matching the RAL catalog allowed the manufacturer to take an honorable second place in our rating.

Users praise the quality of powder paint, resistance to moisture and temperature extremes. Of the disadvantages counterfeit appears on the domestic market products.


  • deep traditions;
  • modern technologies;
  • color matching to the RAL catalog;
  • resistance to weathering.


  • counterfeit products are found.

Akzo nobel

Rating: 4.7


Dutch company Akzo Nobel is international concern, whose plants are scattered around the world. Representative offices are available in 80 countries, consumer a wide selection of colors is offered. For the construction industry developed a series of materials “Architecture”, with its help windows, doors, railings and other metal elements are made out. Powder-coated AkzoNobel Collection Anodik with imitation anodizing. In this series there is paint with increased service life. The brand is on the third line our rating.

The advantages include a wide range of colors, decorative appearance of the coating. As for the shortcomings, then dissatisfaction is caused by weak anticorrosive abilities.


  • variety of colors;
  • decorative coatings;
  • dries quickly;
  • economical consumption.


  • high prices;
  • insufficient corrosion protection.


Rating: 4.6


Micropul, a young Turkish company, quickly gained popularity consumers through a visionary policy. The manufacturer relied on enterprising employees who come up with original recipes. Introducing in-house development on advanced equipment, the company manages to produce high quality paint. At the same time, the brand pays serious environmental attention, buying only high-quality European raw materials. Paints and varnishes do not contain harmful solvents, they fireproof, which reduces the cost of installing systems fire fighting.

The manufacturer stopped a step away from the prize three. In reviews users complain about the poor range of products in Russian stores.


  • original recipes;
  • modern equipment;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • fire safety.


  • modest assortment in stores.


Rating: 4.5


Another Turkish manufacturer of powder paint got into our rating. Pulver is well known in Europe and Russia, although she has been producing powder paint only since 1988. Thanks constantly updating technology and equipment the company quickly has taken a leading position in the market. In 1995, a certificate was obtained ISO 9001, and after 20 years the company received the GSB Master certificate. The range of colors is wide enough, it has a series architectural and automotive materials, household products technology and industry. Experts appreciated environmental friendliness and safety of paints and varnishes.

Users are unhappy with the consumption of powder paint, its corrosion resistance. But the affordable price is attractive factor.


  • affordable price;
  • modern technologies and equipment;
  • rich assortment;
  • environmental friendliness.


  • high consumption;
  • low corrosion resistance.

Euro Decor

Rating: 4.4


The leader in the market of powder paints in Russia is Domestic company Euro-Decor. The manufacturer wins hearts demanding consumers since 1995, Partner of the enterprise is a famous Italian supplier of EUROPOLVERI. In the catalog the brand has a wide range of paints and varnishes, which is made in accordance with the RAL catalog. Thanks to the developed dealer network you can buy paint both in Moscow and provincial cities. If before the manufacturer specialized on the release of powder coatings to protect metal, today in the assortment has low-temperature compounds for wood, plastic, MDF, etc.

The brand falls into our rating for color brightness, resistance to moisture developed dealer network. By cons, users include unstable quality.


  • a wide range of;
  • developed trading network;
  • resistance to moisture;
  • acceptable price.


  • unstable quality.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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