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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Athletes need sports nutrition to improve terrain your body and recharge with vigor. Buy similar products possible in online stores. We have selected the 7 best online markets which offer a wide range of sports nutrition at affordable priced and convenient delivery options.

Ratings of online sports nutrition stores

Nomination a place sports nutrition store rating
Rating of online sports nutrition stores 1 Doping.ru 5.0
2 privetatlet.ru 4.9
3 FitnessBar.ru 4.8
4 5lb.ru 4.7
5 bioman.ru 4.6
6 fit-health.ru 4.5


Store Rating: 5.0


The first place in the ranking is occupied by the Doping.ru trading platform, which has existed in our country for more than 15 years. Site directory made so that the search for a name takes a minimum amount of time. You can search for sports nutrition by company and other categories. There are sections with protein, a fat burner, glutamine, gainers, BCAA. When you hover over a picture Product information appears. Therefore, it is not necessary to constantly open the page to study the characteristics of the supplement. Online store offers a discount system that allows you to save upon reaching a specific amount.

Food delivery to the regions is carried out through transport company or mail. The price in this case is calculated individually. Delivery in the capital is 200 rubles (in within the MKAD). Muscovites can get the desired product through few hours after ordering. It’s acceptable to pay for a purchase receipt. The advantages of the market also include thoughtful interface and a large selection of food for athletes.


Store Rating: 4.9


HiAtlet is a modern online store that Offers sports nutrition from trusted brands. Range includes products Optimum, VPX, Twinlab, Dymatize. Users praise the convenient search with filters, the presence of permanent stocks and special offers. Some products can be purchased at a discount of 20 % On weekdays, online support is available. In the knowledge section there is Useful tips regarding sports nutrition. At registration until 13-00 the order will be delivered in Moscow on the same day. For other cities of the Russian Federation sending the order is carried out after prepayments.

For each purchase, the user gets a bonus. Their number Depends on the status of the client. Highest called Golden give when buying in the amount of 15,000 rubles. Initially to the user assigned the status of “Guest”. It assumes a 3% return upon first order. The pluses also include quick clearance order, many positive reviews, reliability and stability company.


Store Rating: 4.8


The FitnessBar company has many diplomas and diplomas. Her office located in St. Petersburg. The range includes food, equipment, clothes, souvenirs and key chains, ointments and bags. Is in the catalog amino acid mixtures, protein bars, fat burners and isotonic. Set daily for specific products significant discounts. For a certain amount, it is also guaranteed reduce the price by 5-15% Cumulative discounted system. If you make an order before 3 pm, the goods will be delivered at that same day. Pleased with the ability to track the parcel by code.

Of the advantages, it is worth noting the standard search bar with different filters – by composition, ingredients, manufacturers. There is a rating products in popularity, consumer reviews about products. You can pay in cash upon delivery within the city SPB Separate sections suggest viewing news in the field of bodybuilding and video projects of the company. There are reviews of too long delivery. In general, opinions about the store are positive.


Store Rating: 4.7


Continues the rating of the online store 5lb, which offers to their customers regular promotions and sales. Maximum amount the discount is 20%, while in other markets it is not exceeds 15%. On the resource you can find a blog with articles and a forum for discussions with interesting information. Free telephone service line for Muscovites. Within the capital, you can get an order that the same day, if you arrange it before 10-00. With the amount of 2000 rubles they will bring the parcel for free, otherwise you will have to give 200 rubles. You can pay for the goods by bank transfer or through online wallet. Filtering products is acceptable by price tag, packaging size and manufacturer. In the section “Discounted Products” there are mega-bargains.

The main advantages of the store include timely delivery and the best prices. There are negative reviews related to delayed courier. If sports nutrition comes with an unspecified expiration date, it will be successfully replaced with a new product. Generally The store’s reputation is good.


Store Rating: 4.6


Bioman was established in 1999. Today she is a sports nutrition provider from reputed brands. This is about Nutrabolics, Guam, BSN, Nutrex. The site directory is conveniently divided by categories. You can find a product by brand, rating and popularity. The discount section offers goods with a reduced cost of 10-15 %. Customers who can count on a 5% discount made a purchase of 5 thousand rubles. Periodically shop holds promotions and prize draws. Order any supplement through The site is available 24 hours a day. Phone calls are accepted on weekdays days until 10 pm. To register for delivery, do not register required.

The site compares favorably with ease of order and attractive design. Sports nutrition can be paid in any convenient way. At placing an order before 3 pm, it will be delivered at the same day. Reviews about the store are mostly approving. Adequate prices and fast delivery indicate seller reliability.


Store Rating: 4.5


The popular Fit health resource is famous for its intuitive interface, a decent selection of sports supplements. In stock amino acids, omega fats, gainers, fat burners. Product Section discounted constantly updated. In it you can find food for half price. On the main page at the top there is a search on the site, which allows you to quickly find the necessary product.

Free technical support works from 10-00 to 22-00 throughout Of Russia. Novice athletes can get expert advice specialist on any topic. Beginners are often interested in a site that it is necessary for weight gain or weight loss. Total in catalog over 2 thousand kinds of sports supplements. Buyers praise the fast delivery with a preliminary call and ease of processing of goods, convenient search and big discounts. All meals are certified quality. Delivery from 2000 rubles is free in Moscow. Meets information about the imposition of goods and services by store managers.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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