6 best cotton mattresses

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Wadded mattresses are in great consumer demand due to a number of advantages. All products are made from natural raw materials and promote healthy sleep. Some models are marked by certain flaws that are important to knock out before you buy. The best rating will help you make your choice sleeping accessories.

Criteria for choosing a cotton mattress

Before purchasing a cotton mattress, you should pay attention to following characteristics:

  1. The quality of the filler. It is important to read about its composition on the label. It must comply with GOST. Most practical filler is raw materials from ordinary wool with wool and natural fiber.
  2. Case. It should be made of durable material and have strong seams. It is better if the cover is made of calico, calico or polycotton.
  3. Customer reviews. Make sure the right choice will help feedback from consumers who have already purchased a particular model. Despite the declared life of the mattress, its duration in reality it may be different. This can be found in the reviews on Internet forums.
  4. Hypoallergenicity. When buying, you must consider the availability fiber allergen for people with immune diseases system.

We took into account these and other parameters in the ranking of the best cotton mattresses, dividing it into two categories – springless products and models with elastic elements.

Rating of the best cotton mattresses

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best springless mattresses 1 AlVitek Cotton 730 rub
2 Shveteks Cotton 800 rub
3 Valetex Comfort 2 980 rub.
4 Wadded mattress from the Ruson factory 650 rub
5 Wadded mattress from Omsk factory
The best spring cotton mattresses 1 Standard 202 Barro 3 800 rub.

The best springless mattresses

The advantages of springless products include uniform body support, comfort, low allergenicity and noiselessness. They withstand sufficient human weight and do not accumulate static electricity.

AlVitek Cotton

Rating: 4.8

AlViTek Cotton

The quality of the domestic brand model corresponds to GOST and current ideas about fashionable and comfortable sleeping accessories. The mattress consists of a cover and has a filler with a natural composition. The range includes an extensive size range almost under any sleeping place. There are models 55 cm by 145 cm, as well as overall products 200 cm long and 160 cm wide.

The model has an average degree of rigidity and good breathability. Its price is suitable for people with low and average income. Buyers trust brand with twenty experience in creating cotton products, they note the flexibility of the accessory and lack of allergy after use.


  • low price;
  • natural raw materials;
  • lack of allergies.


  • does not remember the position of the body;
  • no carrying handle;
  • may miss.

Shveteks Cotton

Rating: 4.7

Shveteks Cotton

The next ranking member is best suited as country option. It is produced by the Russian company Shveteks and packed with regenerated fiber. The coating is made of polycotton. The model is characterized by bright color schemes and strong seams, which do not dissolve over time. Stuffing evenly distributed around the perimeter of the mat, does not whip into pieces.

The price of the product averages 450 rubles. This is optimal. budget option for a country house. However, some buyers the product seemed solid and they left the mattress as fallback option.


  • high-quality seams;
  • cheap option;
  • brightness;
  • uniform packing from hypoallergenic raw materials.


  • hard.

Valetex Comfort

Rating: 4.6

Valetex Comfort

The Kofmort mattress from Valeteks is produced in Ivanovo. Behind for two decades, the company has received the recognition of many customers and established itself as a supplier of original and functional things to sleep. The model presented in the rating attracted attention. consumers vivid colors, practicality and unique design.

The surface of the product is very pleasant to touch, and so it is Remains even after several years of use. With time the filler does not slip into pieces, and the seams do not diverge. Model It supports the spinal column well and is allergic friendly. The price of the accessory is consistent with the level of quality.


  • height – 7 centimeters;
  • durability;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • safety;
  • uniform distribution of raw materials;
  • high-quality filler (multilayer cotton wool);
  • reasonable cost.


  • not found.

Wadded mattress from the Ruson factory

Rating: 4.5

Cotton mattress from Ruson factory

Factory “Ruson” also has an assortment of cotton models, which are advantageous in price and famous for their softness. Famous The company offers the perfect holiday option, suitable also for sanatoriums and recreation camps. As a filler used regenerated fiber – processing of sewing, cotton and woolen production. The model will last for several years thanks to durable cover, high-quality seams and uniform laying of raw materials.

In their reviews, customers note excellent compatibility. products with a bed base. They are delighted with elasticity and fluffy mattress that has no springs. The model holds well warm and very cheap.


  • low price;
  • high-quality case;
  • strong seams;
  • uniform thickness of the product.


  • the cover cannot be removed.

Wadded mattress from Omsk factory

Rating: 4.4

Omsk factory

Nonwoven fabric factory in Omsk rarely circumvents such ratings due to the fact that it can satisfy almost any buyer’s wishes. The company maintains its reputation on for 80 years. Its products are fully certified. Wadded mattress “Omsk factory” has a natural filler, which is free from particulate matter and dust. He drives into a case with using special equipment and provides favorable microclimate inside the product.

Comfort of use is achieved due to elasticity and softness mattress. Buyers note that over time, fiber does not accumulates odors, and the calico cover lasts quite a while. Price – from 4400 rubles.


  • fiber naturalness;
  • multi-colored options;
  • wearproof cover from coarse calico;
  • optimal height (seven centimeters);
  • affordability.


  • the cover is not removable.

The best spring cotton mattresses

Spring models are durable and have an orthopedic effect. The support of the human body is due to the work of metal spirals of different elasticity. These mattresses should be handled. very neat.

Standard 202 Barro

Rating: 4.8

Standard 202 Barro

The leader in the rating among spring cotton mattresses is the model “Standard 202” from the Belarusian company “Barro. Its tough the design consists of springs of a special shape and dense material with orthopedic properties. The product can withstand significant weight. person (120 kg per bed) and provides comfort and ease of use. The model is suitable for people with pathologies. musculoskeletal system.

The stylish design of the sleeping room deserves special attention. accessory and jacquard case. Buyers are delighted with a three-layer filler made of practical batting. They note that the mattress is easy to care for and affordable.


  • quality Bonnel springs;
  • removable cover;
  • withstands heavy loads;
  • ease of care.


  • only one side is intended for use.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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