6 best battery snow blowers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Snow blowers with batteries allow you to clear the area, without dragging a network cable. It increases mobility and speeds up the process. The presence of a built-in battery allows the use of it in conditions where there is no outlet with 220 V. Let’s find out which rechargeable snow blowers are considered the best by reviews buyers and characteristics that could highlight experts.

How to choose a snow blower with a battery

Going to the store to buy a snow blower with a battery, it is important to know the key parameters for choosing a snow plow equipment. Among them:

  1. Coverage Varies from 25 to 51 cm in electrical version that affects the cleaning speed and quantity passageways for clearing a certain area.
  2. Grip height. It happens from 15 to 30 cm. Depends on it, which snowdrift can be removed at a time “under the root” or cut in several layers.
  3. The presence of adjustment of the position of the gutter. Measured in degrees and can be from 120 to 260º. The ejection angle allows you to direct cleaned snow in the right direction so that then it does not interfere with the passage or departure of transport.
  4. Weight. Cordless versions of snow blowers do not have wheel drive – the operator needs to push them on their own, therefore, weight affects ease of transport and maneuverability. The range of options is 7-30 kg.
  5. Screw material. Snow blade can made of metal or plastic with rubber. First option stronger, but more expensive, and the second is cheaper, but the screw sometimes bursts when collision with a stone.
  6. Battery life. Depends on battery capacity (2-6 A / h) and current consumption by a snow blower. Time interval active work is from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Parameter It is selected depending on the area served. If you remove territory immediately failed, then continue to work only after recharging the battery or replacing it.
  7. Ejection range. The snow absorbed by the car flies on distance 1-8 m. How far the snow will be collected depends on it the mound and how large the area will be cleared territory.

Rating of the best battery snow blowers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Review of the best cordless snow blowers 1 Greenworks GD80STK4 with 4 A.h battery 29 210 rub.
2 Denzel EST-51Li 19 999 rub.
3 Greenworks GD40SB 2600607 with 4 A.h battery 18 490 rub.
4 STIGA ST 8051 AE 13 330 rub.
5 AL-KO SnowLine ST 4048 12 990 rub.
6 Greenworks G40SS30 2600807UB with 4 A.h battery 14 973 rub.

Review of the best cordless snow blowers

Now you know how to choose a snow blower with a battery and You can consider the most popular models. Perhaps among them you Find exactly what you need.

Greenworks GD80STK4 with 4 A.h battery

Rating: 4.9

Greenworks GD80STK4 with 4 Ah battery

In the first place is a product from the Greenworks brand. The model is equipped battery with a capacity of 4 A / h, which is installed in the upper body parts. One charge is enough to clean the site 250 m² if a layer of 50 mm lies on it. L-shaped handle has a soft pad, therefore, does not slip in the hands. Adjust the position ejection channel can be without bending thanks to the withdrawn lever. The ejection range is 6 m. The width and height of the snow blower captures 51×25 cm. It is equipped with rubberized wheels with a diameter 170 mm, and the weight of 15 kg allows you to deliver it to the place of cleaning in hand. Buyers in reviews like the battery here universal and suitable for other equipment of the same brand.

Our experts awarded the product first place in the review due to increased power. Judging by the reviews, the snow blower even copes with packed and wet snow. Considering compact dimensions equipment, the strength lurking in him makes him the leader of our review.


  • battery capacity is enough to clean an area of ​​250 m²;
  • comfortable grip;
  • weight 15 kg;
  • increased maneuverability.


  • noise level is 96 dB;
  • high price.

Denzel EST-51Li

Rating: 4.8

Denzel EST-51Li

In second place is the product from Denzel. Snow blower captures for one pass 510 mm wide and 210 high. It has a smooth shape. screws, and the gutter is regulated from the control panel by mechanical leverage. The electric motor is powered by a battery with capacity of 4 A / h and consumption is 40 V. The device weighs 20 kg and endowed with its own rubberized wheels. During transportation or storing the handle can be folded in half to reduce dimensions. Reviews show that the release is carried out on distance is 3-5 meters. If stones come across, then the auger with them copes without damage. Battery life is 30-40 minutes. The assembly at the apparatus is of high quality and laxity in design is not felt.

The chip of this snow blower with battery is the presence built-in headlights. It is attached to the handle and is adjustable in angle tilt. This is very handy when cleaning is carried out in winter on territory that does not have other lighting.


  • battery and charger included;
  • the battery case is edged with a rubber strip, prevent damage;
  • folding handle;
  • There is a separate carrying handle.


  • weight 20 kg harder to carry on long distance
  • the discharge trough sometimes has to be cleaned of adhering snow;
  • loses to the leader of the review in terms of grip height – 210 mm against 250 mm

Greenworks GD40SB 2600607 with 4 A.h battery

Rating: 4.7

Greenworks GD40SB 2600607

The Greenworks brand launches other battery models for snow removal. GD40SB is equipped with a 4 Ah battery, works which is enough for 30-40 minutes. Reviews show that during this time you can have time to clean all the tracks around the cottage or remove parking near the house. The ejection range here reaches 6 m, which will not require carrying a lot of snow manually. Auger made of mixtures of rubber and plastic, therefore better withstand collisions with stones. In one pass, the car cleans a strip of 51 cm with a height of 15 see. The lever on the main handle allows you to direct the snow stream in the right place without stopping the process.

This snow blower got into the review due to the softness of the work. Its not shakes like the rest of the car. After cleaning 250 m² there will be no hand coward from vibration. The third place the goods received, since loses to the previous two in terms of capture height, which is a total 150 mm.


  • emission range up to 6 m;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • cleans a width of 51 cm;
  • Equipped with battery and charging.


  • cuts off a layer of 15 cm at a time;
  • charging time is 2 hours.


Rating: 4.6


The model has dimensions 113x94x52 cm and clears a strip of 52×30 cm. The electric motor works with 82 dB sound, which is slightly quieter than competitors. The device is equipped with wheels with a diameter of 7 inches and is easy rides along paths or packed snow. Handle closed rubber pad, so the metal does not chill and is comfortable keep gloves on. The bell turning lever is displayed on the panel. The rotation of the screw is started by pressing the steel bracket. IN reviews owners share that a snow blower is easy to manage one by hand. It is also possible to lift the weight of 16 kg alone to carry it through deep snow or get out of the trunk. Already included there is a removable battery and charger, so buy nothing will have to.

In our opinion, the snow blower is the best, because it is capable of one times to absorb a snowdrift with a height of 30 cm. This greatly simplifies clearing process after heavy snowfall.


  • optimal weight 16 kg;
  • additional handle for transportation;
  • folding handle;
  • emission range 1-6 m.


  • the angle of rotation of the gutter is 180 degrees, which is less than other models;
  • The battery charges for 3 hours.

AL-KO SnowLine ST 4048

Rating: 4.5

AL-KO SnowLine ST 4048

The snow blower is endowed with a smooth screw and absorbs the volume at a time dimensions of 480×200 mm. Through the gutter, snow is directed to the side. The nozzle can be rotated 180 degrees. Model can be driven alternately with one or the other hand, since the gas clamp is here uniform for the entire length of the handle. Grip posts fold in two turning it into a very compact device, convenient for storage in the pantry.

We found the snow blower the best because of the lightest weight in categories, taking into account a working width of 48 cm. The device has a mass of 13 kg, therefore, best suited for transportation in the trunk cars to the cottage to clear the entrance in front of the gate, courtyard and other sites. Another feature of the product is full rubber. screw. This design maintains the integrity of the blades when collision with stones or ice. Reviews show that breaks an item is rare, so you don’t have to look for a service center or spend money on repairs after the warranty has expired.


  • throws snow at 6 m;
  • cleans a strip of 480 mm;
  • adjusting the position of the gutter from the control panel;
  • headlight lighting.


  • angle of rotation of the pipe 180 degrees;
  • thin tires on wheels;
  • can sometimes bounce.

Greenworks G40SS30 2600807UB with 4 A.h battery

Rating: 4.4


The review is completed by an electric snow blower. a shovel. The model is designed on a single bar without wheels, where on one side are two handles and a battery, and on the other a box with working width 300 mm. Reviews show that the height of the device takes up to 250 mm. Work on layers is allowed if the height of the snowdrifts 400-500 mm. But the equipment does not have a snow departure direction, therefore it is simply thrown to the side up to 3 m. The auger is made of rubber and plastic, which makes it optimal in terms of stiffness and flexibility. But due to low productivity and short time The snow blower is only suitable for cleaning the passage to wickets or street toilet.

We recommend this electric snow blower with battery for women. Its weight is 7 kg. Reviews show that work the battery lasts for 20 minutes, and during this time you can catch it clean all the necessary tracks in the courtyard of a private house or on cottage.


  • battery included;
  • copes with loose snow;
  • easily fits in the trunk of a car;
  • The battery is suitable for other equipment of this brand.


  • not suitable for clearing large parking lots;
  • no ejection control;
  • you can not disconnect the upper part from the bottom (connected by cable to corrugation);
  • captures only 300 mm in width.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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