6 best Austin roses

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

David Austin – a breeder with a world-famous name, all his dedicated life to flowers. Roses Austin, albeit informally, gardeners consider a separate class, calling them “English roses.” Under the same name they are mentioned in literary works. Their captivating beauty and magical aroma will not leave you indifferent no one. We ranked the best Austin roses, according to gardeners and breeders.

Rating of the best varieties of roses Austin

Nomination a place Name of product price
TOP 6 best Austin roses 1 Lady of shalott 350 rub
2 Golden celebration 1 250 rub.
3 Lady emma hamilton 890 rub
4 Graham thomas 390 rub
5 The mayflower 1 100 rub.
6 Mary rose 1 550 rub.

TOP 6 best Austin roses

Lady of shalott

Rating: 4.9

Lady of Shalott

The first place in the ranking is occupied by the best Austin roses resistance to frost. The plant is able to exist safely even at the latitude of St. Petersburg. The diameter of the bush reaches 1.5 meters, height – up to 1.8 m. Petals have a yellowish-orange color. The buds are oval, pointed from above, of a reddish hue. Lady of Shalott has a very long flowering period: it begins in mid-May and ends with the onset of the first frosts.

The flowers themselves are terry, medium sized, on average consisting of 40-45 petals, in shape they resemble peonies. The core is open, aroma – very rich and deep, containing notes pears, cloves and apples. Inflorescences consist of 4-7 buds. Middle the size of shiny leaves densely cover the stems.


  • resistance to powdery mildew and black spotting;

  • luxurious aroma;

  • high cold resistance;

  • extremely long flowering;


  • demanding of light: uncomfortable in the sun, tolerates only slight shading;

  • grows poorly in lowlands.

Golden celebration

Rating: 4.8

bush rose aostina Golden Celebration buy

The spherical coppery yellow flowers of this rose have impressive dimensions: their diameter reaches 16 cm. On closer inspection petals can be seen that on a bright yellow background there are numerous pink specks, which is why an unusual color. Terry buds, consisting of 55-75 petals, have spicy-fruity aroma. Golden Austin Sprawling Rose Bush Celebration grows to 150 cm in height for 3-4 years of life, width bush – about 120 cm.

The shoots are moderately prickly, drooping under the weight of the flowers. But possess good elasticity, allowing them to be fixed on arches and fences. The variety is frost-resistant, tolerates winter well average stripes of Russia in the presence of light shelter.


  • continuous flowering from early summer to autumn;

  • frost resistance.


  • poor resistance to black spotting.

Lady emma hamilton

Rating: 4.7

Lady Emma Hamilton

A neat erect bush reaches 120 cm in height and 100 cm wide. Young stems and leaves have a bronze hue, with age gradually turn green. Large double flowers in the opened form have a diameter of 11-12 cm and have a cup-shaped form, they abundantly cover the bush. Closed buds – dark red colors with orange splashes. The petals are orange, almost tangerine, bright. Strong aroma with fruity and citrus notes, its peak intensity occurs at 9-11 o’clock in the morning, then the smell gradually subsides.

One inflorescence consists of 3-6 buds. Flowering period begins from the beginning of June, ending by August. The plant is very winter-hardy, but sensitive to waterlogging of the soil, does not bloom for a long time in rainy periods.


  • high resistance to powdery mildew and spotting;

  • repeated flowering.


  • petals quickly fade in the sun, from orange to almost white.

  • the variety does not tolerate sunshine, prefers moderate lighting.

Graham thomas

Rating: 4.7

Graham Thomas

The rating would not be complete without a rose bred in 1983. The plant is very popular among gardeners because of the specific lemon-apricot hue of the petals. Flowering lasts all warm season: from mid-May until October. Terry revealed buds with a diameter of 10-12 cm under the influence of sunlight gradually fade, becoming soft pastel.

The bush has a width of 110 cm with a height of 120-130 cm. With age, the bottom it is not exposed, flowering continues on the tops of the shoots, and from below. Foliage – dark green, with a waxy sheen. Graham Grade Thomas is often planted next to gazebos, near the terraces of houses. At the design of the flower beds, it is advisable to place the center compositions, planting smaller flowers around: this rose is good It is combined with neighbors of blue, violet, white shades.


  • very long flowering;

  • good winter hardiness;

  • aroma containing notes of tea tree lasts until the onset of frost;


  • medium resistance to spotting and powdery mildew;

  • the plant does not tolerate periods of prolonged rain;

  • does not tolerate drought;

The mayflower

Rating: 4.7

The Mayflower

The variety stands apart among the other representatives of the rating of roses Austin: its small double flowers, measuring 6-8 cm in diameter, do not wilt. Petals have a rich pink shade, the middle of a fully opened bud is yellow. Period flowering begins in early June and continues until the beginning fall.

Branched dense bush of the plant is relatively small: 80-100 cm in height. In width, it reaches the same size. Leaves light green, cast with bronze, their color darkens over time, shine is muffled, the surface becomes almost dull. Flowers smell like pink oil. Gardeners Love The Mayflower For the fact that he is practically not susceptible to disease.


  • shade-tolerant;

  • almost never affected by disease.


  • the plant has an average winter hardiness, requires reliable shelters in the cold season;

  • some buds do not bloom to the end.

Mary rose

Rating: 4.6

Mary Rose

The bush is very neat, never looks untidy, even when very rare pruning. At the same time, it is highly branched, its stems elastic. Height – up to 150 cm, width – about 120 cm. Variety flowers Mary Rose – pale pink, terry, reach 8 cm in diameter. Their shape is very similar to peonies. Opened buds strip bright yellow core, outer petals gradually bend outward, in the sun fade, becoming whitish.

A fragrance of moderate intensity, with almond notes. Brushes contain 4-7 flowers. Flowering, like all Austin roses, long: starting in June, it ends by the end of September. This a rose requires careful shelter from frost.


  • ideal bush form: the plant is well suited for planting in the center of the composition;

  • continuous abundant flowering;


  • the variety has medium resistance to powdery mildew and spotting;

  • matte nondescript foliage;

  • petals of cut roses quickly crumble;

How to choose Austin roses

When purchasing seedlings of Austin roses, you need to be guided climatic features of the region in which they are planned landing: average rainfall, temperatures in winter time. Keep in mind that most Austin rose varieties constant care is required, in particular pruning. When the slightest signs of disease damage on individual shoots, their must be removed in a timely manner to prevent further Spread. Therefore, if it is planned to care for plants spend a limited amount of time, it’s better to prefer for example, neatly shaped Mary Rose or extremely mealy resistant dew and black spotting of The Mayflower.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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