5 Ways to Remove Resin Stains

Having discovered after going to the forest or walking in the city square on clothes stain from tar, do not panic and, especially, immediately throw away the dirty thing. The resin is quite difficult to remove – the adhesive sticks firmly into the fibers of the fabric and is not removed when washing with powder. But our experts know several ways allowing you to easily clean clothes from wood tar. The same means can remove traces of epoxy resin or bitumen. We will tell you about them now.

tar spots

General tar removal rules

Resin is a complex chemical structure, composed of which contains esters, acids and alcohols. Under normal conditions is in solid condition. In water, tar is not dissolve, so stains from them cannot be removed using ordinary washing.

The resin melts perfectly when heated above 1100C and in solvents. When cooled, it becomes brittle, easy crumbles. Knowing these properties, removing stains from the resin will not difficult.

You need to follow a few rules so that from tar no pollution left. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent accidental damage to the fabric of the product:

  1. Begin purification as soon as possible. Than before start rubbing the tar spot, the easier it will be from it get rid of.

  2. Do not wash uncured resin with a napkin or hand. It smeared on the surface or absorbed deep into the fibers of the fabric, which complicates the work of cleansing.

  3. Before removing the stain, you need to carefully, without rubbing the dirt into cloth, scrape off the knife with the main layer of resin. Can use spatula, blunt side of scissors, spoon or plastic card. Subtle matter can be damaged, so with them such actions do not recommend.

  4. Because after preliminary cleaning, the trace of resin is remains, it is necessary to use one to eliminate it from the means recommended by us. But before wiping off the pollution with clothes, determine the type of fabric and apply appropriate removal method. This will prevent damage to the product.

Resin is an extremely sticky substance, therefore sticks absolutely to everything. So you don’t have to wipe the sofa afterwards, carpet or other wardrobe items; remove it with a solid a surface (from a table or board) covered with an unnecessary rag.

When removing a small tar spot from clothing, a cleaning agent the product should be applied with a cotton swab. Large dirt should be cleaned from the edges to the center. This will prevent it. smearing over the surface of the tissue and an increase in cleanable area.

Do not wash the soiled product without preliminary cleaning. in the car – resin can stick to other things and ruin them.


The thing stained with resin before processing by improvised means we recommend wrapping in a plastic bag and placing in 1 hour freezer. Then you need to bring the thing into heat, wrinkle thoroughly and rub the stain between your fingers. The frozen resin will crumble, and its remnants can be easily removed dull side of a knife, a coin or a toothbrush.

Outerwear that cannot be placed in the freezer should wipe in the place of ice pollution or put on top of the bag with frozen berries, vegetables or meat (what is available in freezer). After 30-40 minutes try to scrape a dirty place with something sharp: a nail, a key, a coin, or rub your hands.

Freezing in the cold is good for instant removal. fresh resin. If you put ice on your just soiled clothes, then with a high probability the spot will leave in 15 minutes without any trace.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment

Since it is known that the resin melts when exposed to high temperature, then when cleaning clothes you can use the most A simple way to remove it is to iron it with an iron.

To do this, you need:

  1. put a few under the stain (on the wrong side of the product) napkins or a sheet of paper folded 2-3 times;

  2. put a couple more napkins and a thin one on the front side cotton fabric (you can use a handkerchief);

  3. iron with a heated iron, observing the recommended temperature conditions for this type of material;

  4. as the molten resin is absorbed, change wipes – how only traces of it will cease to remain on it, you can finish procedure;

  5. moisten the product with warm water and rub the stain with household soap;

  6. After an hour, wash it in the usual way.

Clothing made of material that cannot be ironed can substitute under a stream of air from a steam generator or hair dryer. Spot softens and can be cleaned neatly clean with a napkin.

Thermally remove only fresh resin. To to remove old spots, additional methods need to be applied cleansing.

Ways to remove old stains

Over time, the resin is firmly absorbed into the fibers of the fabric, therefore thermal exposure only helps partially remove pollution. After him, traces still remain. There are 5 ways to get rid of them.

Method 1. Ethyl Alcohol

Since the resin contains alcohols, it can be dissolved with using pharmacy ethyl alcohol or alcohol-containing liquids: vodka, toilet water or hairspray.

Alcohol must be applied to a napkin or cotton pad and put on 10-15 minutes to a tarry spot. After a while, clean up the pollution brush and wash the item in the usual way.

Alcohol is suitable for cleaning tar from natural and artificial fabrics, including dyed ones.

Method 2. Solvents

Organic stains can easily remove tar spots from clothing. solvents:

  1. kerosene;

  2. White Spirit;

  3. acetone;

  4. refined gasoline;

  5. turpentine;

  6. solvent 646.

Gasoline must be used special – purified from impurities. It is not sold at gas stations, but in household chemistry departments. Normal gasoline leaves stains, which are very hard to get rid of. Working process:

  1. wipe the contaminated area with a cotton pad dampened with solvent;

  2. wait about half an hour;

  3. rub the stained area with a clean cloth until it disappears trace;

  4. rinse under running water;

  5. wash with detergent on hands or in the car;

  6. to dry a thing in the fresh air.

Before removing stains with a solvent, it is necessary make sure that the material of which the thing is made is not go bad. First apply a cotton pad to the fabric. in an inconspicuous place. If the structure has not changed and on cotton wool If there are traces of paint, then with this tool you can safely take advantage of.

Solvents cannot remove traces of resin from color things and products from delicate fabrics.

Method 3. Solvent with laundry soap

Solvent with laundry soap

To remove tar from silk, wool or synthetic products should:

  1. soak a small piece of laundry soap in hot water (1/5 piece per 100 g of water);

  2. add to 1 tsp refined gasoline (kerosene or acetone) the same amount of soapy solution;

  3. apply the mixture to a dirty place;

  4. an hour later, rub the stain with a brush;

  5. wash a thing in a washing machine.

When working with aggressive agents with a pungent odor, you can’t forget about security measures. It is necessary to carry out cleansing actions in mask and tight rubber gloves with open window or the window.

Method 4. Starch paste

Old dried resin conifers with delicate clothes tissues will help to remove starch paste.

To prepare it you will need:

  1. starch (corn or potato);

  2. ammonia (ammonia);

  3. turpentine.

Mix all components in a 3: 2: 1 ratio in a separate bowl and apply slurry to the contaminated area for half an hour. Thereafter rub with a toothbrush until completely cleaned and rinse the thing in warm water.

Method 5. Stain remover Dr. Beckmann against grease and bitumen (Germany).

For lovers of picnics in the forest and people whose work is connected with using bitumen, shoe polish, epoxy, we recommend purchase a special stain remover against grease and bitumen.

The combination of solvents and surfactants (surfactants), contained in the composition, quickly dissolve stains of resin and remove them without a trace. Suitable for any kind of fabric, for white and colored things.

How to remove odors and stains from solvents

How to remove odor and stains from solvents

After applying solvents, a tar stain on clothing disappears, but a specific smell remains, stains may appear. Machine wash with good detergent and refill fabric softener, as well as drying the product in the fresh air most often helps to solve a problem.

But if the smell or stains on the fabric still remained, then for them To eliminate, you can use a mixture of soda and salt:

  1. mix the components in equal proportions;

  2. pour on the treated area;

  3. pour a small spoon on top with a teaspoon or pipette amount of warm water;

  4. rub the resulting gruel into the tissue;

  5. after 30-40 minutes, rub with a brush;

  6. wash a thing in the usual way.

After cleansing the trace of resin with a solvent on contaminated place you can also pour 5 drops of dishwashing liquid. Rub with a brush and leave for 1 hour. Without washing, send clothes to washing machine.

When washing in a machine, it is advisable to enable the function extra rinse.

Expert opinion

Removing tar spots from clothes is not so difficult if you know some secrets:

  1. having a knife and iron on hand, you can easily get rid of fresh pollution;

  2. to restore a decent appearance to clothes with an old spot will help solvents, alcohol-containing liquids or special stain removers.

It’s important to follow the rules for tar removal and choose the method suitable for this type of fabric. This will prevent spoilage. products.

When working with solvents, special care must be taken. caution: only treat stains on colored items after samples in an inconspicuous area and do not forget about your safety.

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