5 best skewers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

A set of skewers is a must if you like kebabs, picnics and everything related to these two things. Tasty, juicy meat cannot be cooked on aluminum glands, which are sold almost for a penny bunch. It is important to choose the right skewers so that they are not only reliable and functional, but also fit the situation.

We have compiled a ranking of the best sets of five participants. In it you You will find both simple options for a picnic on the weekend, and full handmade gift sets that can be handed to the boss, partner or comrade. You just have to choose.

How to choose the best set of skewers

The choice of skewers is an art. Of course, you can always buy simple flat skewers, so as not to worry about their safety. But then what kind of aesthetics and magic of cooking barbecue speech? High-quality skewers are the guarantee of your convenience cook, and the meat will turn out delicious. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the following selection criteria:

  1. Material. For a barbecue, you should buy tools from food grade stainless steel. Such skewers last longer, bring less harm, more convenient to use. Wooden mini skewers more suitable for serving finished meat.
  2. Take a closer look at the surface. Steel preferably was polished to a mirror shine. In this case the likelihood that the meat burns to the skewer is less, and it will be easier take off. It is important that there are no burrs or chips on the edges.
  3. Bending and thickness of the material. A good product should be in flexible to keep in shape when stringing and subsequent cooking meat. Too flexible skewers will bend, which is why barbecue can burn. The thickness of the blade must be at least 2 millimeter, not less. Ideally, if the skewer is angular, i.e. bent along, as if having a groove along the entire length.
  4. Lever. It should be comfortable so that you can without fear of holding onto it while cooking. Handles can be made of other material, which will reduce the likelihood of overheating. Also often craftsmen prefer to use pens to create unique design of a gift set of skewers.
  5. Pay attention to the shape of the blade. There are several shapes: flat, round, square and twisted. The first are the simplest and cheap, they allow you to fry meat on only two sides. But such skewers are easy to clean. Rounds turn better, but meat glides on them – this is not the best choice. Square ones are better, and pieces on them do not turn, evenly frying from all parties. Twisted skewers can lie on the grill as you like, meat on They hold very firmly and securely. But they cost more, and their harder to wash.
  6. Length. The length must be selected depending on Brazier sizes. Choose so that on each side of the barbecue there was at least 5-7 centimeters of free skewer left for exception of a pen. The optimal length is 60 centimeters – such skewers are suitable for almost any barbecue.
  7. Decide on the design. Yes, aesthetics are an important part. cooking kebabs, and it should be present in everything. The topics more if you choose a set as a gift. Take a closer look at the case for skewers – it can be made from various materials and originally decorated. Often craftsmen make carved pens that Looks great in the cooking process. Moreover, such pens very comfortable – they do not heat up and do not slip in the palms.

Based on these seven parameters, you can choose skewers to any occasion: for a picnic, as a gift, for an official event and etc. The best models for any occasion we have collected in our rating. You just have to familiarize yourself and choose the most suitable option.

Rating of the best sets of skewers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best sets of skewers 1 “The owner of the forest” for 6 people 12 790 rub.
2 Old Master BBQ Kebab set 2 A03016 8 190 rub.
3 Shampurchiki Lux 450 mm (6 pcs. In eco-leather case) 2 650 rub.
4 BergHoff 4490312 1 940 rub.
5 Gipfel 5931 622 rub

“The owner of the forest” for 6 people

Rating: 4.9

5 best skewers

And opens our rating handmade products created by a true master of his craft. Skewers “Master of the Forest” made of better steel, they are durable and reliable. Length – 60 centimeters: on they will fit enough meat to feed any person. The shape of the blade is twisted, so you can evenly fry kebab.

The handle is patterned, made of steel and processed in bronze. Inside there is a figure of the owner of the forest – a bear. This form allows she does not get too hot when cooking. Although wooden, perhaps I wouldn’t have warmed up at all and looked even better. Products with such a handle look just great on the grill, and on the wall in the form collectible item.

The case is made of genuine leather. It resembles a quiver for arrows. and is decorated with a picture of a bear. There is a buckle for which you can hook a small strap for easy carrying. Such skewers are not ashamed to give to a best friend or business partner – they deserve first place ranking.


  • Chic appearance: leather case, patterned handles.
  • Convenient handle shape.
  • Reliable and strong material.


  • Handles made of metal, can heat up.

Old Master BBQ Kebab set 2 A03016

Rating: 4.8


This handmade gift set is not inferior to the “Master” forests. “It contains six skewers with wooden handles, Placed in a great leather case. The skewers are angular in shape, they made of thick steel and never bent even under weight heavy pieces of meat. The length is quite large – 70 centimeters.

The handle is made of fine wood. She’s pretty fat fits comfortably in your hand and does not slip in the palm of your hand. Top decorated with a brass head of a boar cast from brass: it is because of it that the set got the name. Wooden handles work best when cooking barbecue – they do not melt, do not heat up, they are convenient Keep. It is only important to ensure that the tree does not come into contact with by fire.

The cover is made of genuine leather. Along the edge it is stitched strong yellow leather band that creates an unusual accent. The cover of the case contains a scorched picture with a wolf on the background of the moon, which diversifies the look of the kit. At the top there is a special pen for transfer. Such a cover will last for many years.


  • Strong wooden handle.
  • Beautiful and reliable case made of genuine leather.
  • Angular section.


  • Custom lengths (70 centimeters) may not be suitable for small barbecues.

Shampurchiki Lux 450 mm (6 pcs. In eco-leather case)

Rating: 4.7


Factory set of skewers from quality materials. Inside eco-leather case contains six skewers with carved handles and protective rings against overheating. Material – Stainless Steel high quality polished to a perfect shine. Thickness canvases of a flat section – 3 millimeters, so even the heaviest pieces of meat will not cause the product to bend. Total length – 67 centimeters, so that’s enough for any barbecue.

Handles are carved, wooden, made of natural beech. From overheating them is protected by special metal rings. Such the handle, despite the apparent smoothness, fits perfectly in any palm. It allows you not to worry that in the process of work the skewer will slip or even fall to the ground.

Fans of wildlife will be pleased that the cover is not made from ordinary leather, and eco-leather. Such material is almost impossible to distinguish from natural, but it is more environmentally friendly and convenient to use. Manufacturers dispensed with special decorations – only leather, brand name metal plaque and special pens for Carrying and hanging set.


  • Wooden beech handles with a protective temperature ring from metal.
  • Perfectly polished surface.
  • Strong case from an eco-friendly leather substitute.


  • The design may not seem so beautiful and solid.
  • Flat blade.

BergHoff 4490312

Rating: 4.5

BERGHOFF 4490312

So, gift sets with various features described, Now it’s time to move on to regular skewers for a great outing. The BergHoff set is just one of these: these are classic skewers flat section made from excellent stainless steel. In the set contains six skewers 68 centimeters long. Web thickness – required 2 millimeters so no need to worry that blade bend under the weight of meat.

There is no handle as such – it’s just a continuation of the blade with a small twist and a ring at the end. Such a pen will be strong bask if you place it close to the fire, so get along with her carefully.

BergHoff does not have a cover – skewers are delivered as is, therefore in As an expensive gift, they are unlikely to fit. Such devices suitable for those who value true Belgian quality and enjoy the reliability of the set.


  • Nothing more, only high-quality skewers come from Belgium.
  • Low price with excellent reliability.


  • Missing pronounced handle.
  • There is not at least some kind of case for storage and carrying.

Gipfel 5931

Rating: 4.4


Finally, closes the ranking of the best sets of skewers unpretentious option for those who do not cook a lot of barbecue. It is miniature stainless steel skewers with a length of only 45 centimeters. They are good suitable if you fry kebabs in a small company and prefer not to overeat meat. The blade is made with a corner section, therefore, despite the small thickness of the steel (about millimeter), it will not bend under the weight of the meat. In the set contains six skewers.

The handle of Gipfel, like that of BergHoff, is practically absent – this just a continuation of the blade with a spiral at the beginning. At the end there a large ring that heats less than the rest. we we recommend that you carefully handle such skewers in order to accidentally Do not burn your hands when grilling kebab.

I was glad that the set has some kind of one, but a cover for transportation. It is made of nylon, with nothing but a logo manufacturer, not decorated and has a poisonous blue color. Such a shade Allows you to not lose the cover in tall grass. On the front side There is a handle for carrying a set, which is quite convenient.


  • Corner profile of skewers – they definitely will not bend under weight meat.
  • There is a cover for transportation.
  • Low price for a set.


  • Very short skewers – a total of only 45 centimeters, suitable only for small barbecues.
  • There is no normal handle with overheating protection.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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