5 best rust paints

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

So that steel structures remain high for a long time durability, reliable corrosion protection is required. Best with paint copes with this task. The main problem when conducting paintwork becomes preparation of the metal base. It takes a lot of time and money to remove rust and old paints. Reduce the cost of preparatory operations allows paint on rust. Today, many effective paints and varnishes. Our customers will help you choose the best product. experts.

How to choose paint by rust

  1. Kinds. All paints and varnishes consist of the main substance, which is taken as the basis of classification.
  2. Epoxy paint is a two-component composition. It is suitable for coating metal parts that are are exposed to heat. But due to toxicity, the product is not Recommended for domestic use.
  3. Oily consists of a natural base (oil) and drying oil. It does not have anti-corrosion properties, therefore the scope application is limited to interior spaces.
  4. Alkyd is great for galvanized steel. It It has good adhesion, but is prone to fire.
  5. Acrylic enamel stands out for long-lasting protection metal from corrosion. She is not afraid of temperature changes, therefore experts recommend a product for dyeing systems heating.
  6. Hammer forms a rough coating. Name itself suggests that the paint layer is uneven, as if by the surfaces went with a hammer. But such a coating looks modern, moreover, it hides defects in the foundation.
  7. Three-component paint. To facilitate the work, associated with the removal of corrosion on old metal structures invented three-component paints. 3 in 1 material consists of rust converter, primer and finish enamel. Distinctive a feature of this paint is high adhesion. In addition, the material protects against rust, moisture, ultraviolet and temperature differences. Three-component paints differ versatility, they are suitable for both internal and external use.
  8. Features of the application of paint. To paintwork the coating remained strong and holistic for a long time, it is important prepare the base correctly. Even if applied three-component paint must remove loose rust, dust, dirt and grease. It is possible to apply paint and varnish material with using a brush, roller or spray gun. Air temperature should be a plus, few paints are allowed to be applied in the cold. At creating a multilayer coating is important to do the time interval after applying each coat specified by the manufacturer.

We have selected for review the top 5 rust paints. They are all wide presented in stores in Russia. When allocating places in the ranking the opinion of experts and reviews of domestic consumers.

Rating of the best paints for rust

Nomination a place Name of product price FOR 0.5 L
Rating of the best paints for rust 1 Hammerite for metal 645 rub.
2 Dufa retail metall 370 RUB
3 ALPINA 599 rub
4 Belinka enamel on rust 486 r
5 Euroclass with hammer effect 210 rub

Hammerite for metal and rust

Rating: 4.9


HAMMERITE metal paint has universal qualities. rust. It can be successfully used both inside buildings and outside. It is allowed to apply a paint coat on a metal surface or old paint. The product is made in accordance with formula 3 in 1, the composition has a corrosion inhibitor, primer and paint. Experts appreciated the wear resistance of the coating, It is not afraid of temperature changes and moisture. Sphere the application of the material is very wide, starting with living rooms and ending with industrial facilities.

Users note the ease of application, it can be a brush or spray gun. For beautiful glossy gloss and long-lasting protection the product becomes the winner of our rating. By cons you can attribute only high price.


  • universality of application;
  • ease of application;
  • durable protection;
  • beautiful appearance.


  • high price.

Dufa Retail Metall Rust

Rating: 4.8


Dufa Retail Metall rust designed to protect against corrosion of large structures. The product falls into the second Our rating line for the best combination of price and quality. The buyer is offered 9 color options. Material is applied direct to rust, thanks to which it is possible to save on preparation steel base for coating. Experts note high adhesion paints, quick drying time (2 hours before tack-off). Product Created according to the 3 in 1 technology, after drying an even semi-matt is formed coating. Resistant to sunlight, mechanical impacts.

Domestic users like ease of application paintwork material, durability and reasonable price. Dissatisfaction causes the fluidity of the paint when using a brush.


  • bright colours;
  • affordable price;
  • surface preparation is not required;
  • dries quickly.


  • fluidity.

Paint for metal and rust ALPINA

Rating: 4.7


Long-term protection of steel structures against corrosion allows ALPINA paint. It can be used for finishing works inside and out of buildings. Material combines properties antiseptics, primers, corrosion inhibitors. Applied paint product directly on the rust, forming a smooth decorative coating. Experts have included this product in our rating. for lack of smell and long service life. To work with the material traditional brushes and rollers can be used. To buyer different color schemes are offered.

In the reviews, the builders praise ALPINA for the lack of smell, economical consumption and three-component. Of the shortcomings noted high price, it is not always possible to find the desired color in stores.


  • dries quickly;
  • smooth coating;
  • lack of smell;
  • different application methods.


  • high price;
  • modest selection of flowers in stores.

Belinka enamel on rust

Rating: 4.6


Enamel on rust has high anti-corrosion properties Belinka. It can be applied on a steel base without preliminary priming. The material is intended for painting fences, doors, furniture and metalwork. Experts liked hiding power of the paint, ease of application, quick drying time (2 hours to tack). After curing, a strong protective coating is obtained. a film that is not afraid of moisture and ultraviolet rays. Glossy the surface of the coating is attractive.

Enamel stopped a step away from the prize three because of critical user reviews. They are unhappy with the high consumption. paint and varnish material and an unpleasant odor. To coating quality and color gamut no complaints.


  • good hiding power;
  • ease of application;
  • dries quickly;
  • beautiful and durable coating.


  • unpleasant odor;
  • high consumption.

Enamel decorative Euroclass with a hammer effect

Rating: 4.5


The most attractive price is decorative enamel Euroclass with hammer effect. Experts confirm modern A kind of coating that resembles coinage. Paint is good because hides base defects. Therefore, preparation before painting take a minimum of money and time. The advantages of the composition should be include high adhesion, the ability to stain at low temperature (up to -10 ° С). Enamel can be used for painting equipment in production halls. After hardening, coating becomes resistant to moisture, sun, oil and drops temperatures.

The product managed to get into our rating due to the affordable price and longevity. But hiding power leaves much to be desired. Users complain of sagging during vertical application.


  • affordable price;
  • hammer effect;
  • hides base defects;
  • can be applied at low temperatures.


  • poor hiding power;
  • fluidity.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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