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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

It’s necessary to get used to peeling vegetables with a knife, but even with possessing appropriate skills the process takes a lot time, often a lot of waste. Reduce the amount of cleanings help peelers. We bring to your attention the 5 best devices for cleaning vegetables and fruits that really able to save time in the kitchen and minimize the loss of useful fruits.

A few words about the right choice of a peeler

All tools for cleaning vegetables are divided into 2 main type:

  1. elongated like a knife, suitable for working round small fruits
  2. with perpendicularly located blades relative to the handle, the most convenient for peeling from elongated fruits – cucumbers, carrots. They are considered universal for processing. round vegetables are also suitable.

The second thing you should pay attention to is the fixation method. heads with blades. It can be motionless (such usually removes more peel) and rotating, which adjusts its position under the shape of the fetus, catching only a thin layer of the skin.

Another aspect of the choice is the material of the blade and its appearance. Ceramics last longer, easier to care for, but also fine sharpening problematic, such a tool is more difficult to cling to the peel, and indeed it is usually sharpened on one side. Much more functional than blades stainless steel – they are cheaper, sharpened on both sides. Cutting cloved surfaces better capture a thin skin of fruit and smooth tomatoes are more suitable for working with thick-skinned the fruits.

Rating of the best peelers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best peelers 1 Joseph Joseph Tri-Peeler 1 015 rub.
2 Five-in-One Peeler Decorator, Borner 390 rub
3 MOULINvilla Masterclass 199 rub
4 Bradex “Turbo 2”, with vegetable cutter function, length 18 cm 284 rub
5 Attribute Gadget “Fresh” 120 rub

Joseph Joseph Tri-Peeler

Rating: 4.9

Joseph Joseph Tri-Peeler

In the first place versatile peeler Joseph Joseph Tri-Peeler, with which you can remove the thin peel from vegetables and fruits, cut them into strips. The device on the nozzle has 3 workers surfaces, 2 of which are covered with a protective cover during operation to prevent cuts. On one of the corners there is a special a sharp-edged eye to remove the eyes of potatoes and other small defects. To turn the nozzle with blades, press on the center button on both sides and pull out the triangle, then insert the right side.

The design of the peeler is unpretentious: black handle and red holder. In the hand the product sits securely, but some housewives complain about the inconvenience of the instrument – to him, like to any another, you need to adapt, keep relatively cleaned surface almost at right angles. For thin peels should choose a blade with small cloves for thorough processing, for thick-skinned vegetables fit a thin cutting surface.

The average price of a universal peeler Joseph Joseph Tri-Peeler – 1200 rubles.


  • 2 cleaning surfaces and 1 cutting (straw);
  • Cut-proof design
  • Eyelet for cleaning defective surfaces and removing deep speckles;
  • Thin peeling.


  • It is necessary to adapt to cleaning;
  • High price.

Five-in-One Peeler Decorator, Borner

Rating: 4.8


On the second line of the rating is a universal peeler, which can be used to peel fruits and vegetables, and do decor – figuratively cut carrots, cucumbers and other fruits.

The Borner peeler has a double-sided sharp blade that can move in both directions – up and down, it is convenient for right-handed people and lefties. At the same time, it’s almost impossible to cut hands – at random the sliding block slides into a horizontal position and does not clings to the skin. At the end of the plastic handle there is a pointed feather. Them it is convenient to remove potato eyes, make cuts in cucumbers and carrots for making baskets, pick up the peel of an orange. Side of blades located eyelet that can be used to remove potato peephole and other deep defects, it is suitable for cutting grooves on vegetables and fruits. On the other hand there plastic rib to trim the thick orange peel before withdrawal. The hole in the base of the holder is a tool for Removing stalks on citrus fruits before cleaning.

If you apply a fantasy in the use of a peeler decorator “Five in one” from Borner, you can diversify the flow of already known fruits and vegetables, combining different cutting surfaces. Product price only 400 rubles.


  • Many options for cleaning vegetables and fruits;
  • Blades are not dull;
  • Safe use;
  • Convenient decoration without special tools;
  • Freedom of creativity thanks to 5 cutting surfaces.


  • Not defined.

MOULINvilla Masterclass

Rating: 4.8

MOULINvilla Masterclass

Functional and beautiful peeler MOULINvilla Masterclass made in the classic form: a double cleaning blade installed on a metal handle, it can rotate 3600 for convenient study of the rounded contours of vegetable and fruit fruits. Blades sharpened on both sides, respectively, movement on the peel can be directed up and down.

On the handle there is an eyelet for suspending the peeler MOULINvilla Masterclass.

The average price is 200 rubles.


  • It is convenient to hold the non-slip handle;
  • Rotating head;
  • Eyelet for tool hanging;
  • Double sharpening double-sided blade;
  • Low price.


  • No choice of blade type.

Bradex “Turbo 2”, with vegetable cutter function, length 18 cm

Rating: 4.7

Bradex Turbo 2

Tool for cleaning the oblong shape of fruits and vegetables Bradex “Turbo 2” is equipped with two cutting pairs of blades: with one double sides for cleaning, on the other – for cutting fruits straws. There are also ears on the lateral sides of the device: one rounded, the other triangular. They are suitable for removal potato eyes and for figured grooves, petals. The handle provides a suspension for the tool. The only conditional flaw is that the head does not rotate.

The average price is 280 rubles.


  • Multifunctional device for cleaning, decorating and cuts;
  • Convenient use, sits well in the hand;
  • Hanging eyelet.


  • The blade head does not rotate.

Attribute Gadget “Fresh”

Rating: 4.6

Attribute Gadget

Another classic peeler in Attribute Gadget ranking “Fresh” is equipped with a double sharp blade and one eyelet for removal potato eyes. The plastic handle is a nice touch, she reliably sits in a hand. It has a hole for hanging the tool. Attribute Gadget “Fresh” allows you to peel thinly but not the sharpest sharpening complicates the process of cleansing pachyderms vegetables, you have to make efforts to completely remove it.

The average price is only 100 rubles.


  • The usual peeler with the function of removing potato eyes;
  • Bright design;
  • Fine cleaning;
  • Comfortable shape.


  • Not sharp enough blades.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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