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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Whoever says anything, a compact auto-refrigerator is a truly useful device to solve many various tasks. With it, there is no difficulty in taking home frozen meat, cool a bottle of mineral water in summer heat, and keep foods fresh during multi-day forays into nature. However, the market is currently flooded with low-quality Chinese auto-refrigerators, and precisely they can do more harm than good – hardly anyone I want to stay alone with a dead battery in nature far from “civilization”. And this is the lesser of evils. It’s for this the reason you choose your refrigeration should be given the most careful Attention.

Which company car refrigerator

Unlike their “home” brothers, car refrigerators produces a huge variety of other brands. They specialize, usually in the manufacture of automotive products or camping equipment. Their products are rightfully considered the best and definitely deserves the attention of the buyer


Initially, this company was engaged in the production of tourist equipment and heating in the field, as well as all kinds of gas burners, cylinders and other, similar equipment. Expanding your production, manufacturer mastered the production of portable car refrigerators, which are rightfully considered one of the best.


A completely diverse vendor engaged in the release of different equipment – from household appliances to security systems and safes. Car refrigerators of this manufacturer are considered very popular and fully consistent “price quality”.


Far Eastern portable market company Electronics since 1991. High quality, huge range products, sane prices – these are three factors of popularity of this manufacturer among buyers


World famous manufacturer of branded car accessories and multimedia devices whose products enjoy a huge popular among fans of all kinds of auto improvements. Present in their arsenal and refrigerators. These portable devices are distinguished by excellent functionality and operational characteristics due to which they are used among buyers very popular.


Concern, famous all over the world for its trailers and houses on wheels. Has a full production cycle related accessories for them, including car refrigerators.

Rating of the best automobile refrigerators
options to consider when choosing car refrigerator, a great many. Here and the type of device and principle work, and its power source and temperature conditions, capacity of the main compartment, form factor and overall sizes. Together with the price, they determine the very functionality which is at the forefront when choosing a device like class.

Rating of the best car refrigerators

Nomination a place Name of product price
TOP car refrigerators 1 Waeco Coolfun CX30 4720 RUB.
2 Waeco Tropicool TC 35FL 25300 RUB.
3 Dometic Combicool RC-1200 27300 RUB.
4 Mystery MTH-40B 4610 RUB.
5 Mobicool G30 AC / DC 5790 RUB

The best car refrigerators

Waeco Coolfun CX30

Rating: 4.8

Waeco Coolfun CX30

A small auto-refrigerator that cannot be called overly functional and allowing to solve many different tasks. The topics However, with cooling drinks and keeping the temperature below air temperature at 17-18 degrees the device copes very not bad. The volume of the refrigerator is 29 liters, which is more than enough to solve a variety of problems. Additional benefits provides the ability to connect both to the on-board network car, and in a stationary network 220V. Besides cooling, the device does an excellent job of the heating function, allowing raise the temperature to 65 degrees.


  • Compact size, light weight;

  • High reliability;

  • Powered by a cigarette lighter or from a 220V network;

  • An opportunity not only to cool, but also to heat products;

  • Decent internal volume;


  • Hard plastic cases and handles;

  • Fairly high cost.

Waeco Tropicool TC 35FL

Rating: 4.7

Waeco Tropicool TC 35FL

A device designed to operate in the hottest conditions, as the manufacturer clearly indicates in its name. Is worth plug the device into the network – and the temperature drops almost instantly. The huge plus of this car refrigerator is that the vehicle’s on-board network can serve as a power source 12.24V or the standard 220V network. When opening the device automatically shuts off, saving energy and not to work idle. Management is carried out using touch panel, status indicators are also located there devices as well as temperature.


  • High power;

  • Excellent temperature retention even when completely turned off nutrition;

  • Removable mesh – partition dividing the refrigerator compartment into 2 compartment;

  • 12, 24 or 220V as a power source;

  • Convenient detachable lid;

  • Excellent thermoregulating functions;


  • Large dimensions;

  • High price;

Dometic Combicool RC-1200

Rating: 4.6

Dometic Combicool RC-1200

Absorbent refrigerator, featuring excellent functionality and the ability to diversify power supplies – in the absence of voltage, a regular gas the cylinder and the device works further! Capacity of the main compartment is 41 liters, which is more than enough for a long outings on the nature. The case of the device is made of stainless steel, which greatly increases the strength and heat resistance. At the height and power consumption: due to the lack of fans, this model not only “eats” a bit of electricity, but also virtually silent.


  • Capacious main compartment;

    Operating temperature 23-25 ​​degrees below temperature air;

  • Lack of fans and low power consumption and noiselessness Consequently;

  • The ability to work not only on electricity, but also on gas;

  • Ice shovel, included;


  • Large dimensions and weight;

  • High price;

Mystery MTH-40B

Rating: 4.5

Mystery MTH-40B

If you are looking for a compact car refrigerator that would not take a lot of space in the trunk and, if necessary, could easily be folded, this model is sure to be a great solution. Possessing all advantages of a traditional auto-refrigerator, device perfectly combines them with the functions of a thermal bag. Volume of it makes 40 liters, and the refrigerator works from a network of 12 volts. Such miniature negatively affected the heat resistance – 12-14 degrees – exactly so lowers the temperature given device.


  • Minimum weight, compact dimensions;
  • The volume of the main compartment is 40 liters;
  • Work from the standard “cigarette lighter”;
  • Low price;
  • Reliability and endurance;


  • Weak indicators of lowering the temperature;

  • Consumes a large amount of electricity;

Mobicool G30 AC / DC

Rating: 4.4

Mobicool G30 AC / DC

Compact yet powerful refrigerator that lowers the temperature is 18-20 degrees. Heat transfer is due to two fans integrated in the top cover. Works like from DC and AC power source it becomes calm both a standard outlet and a cigarette lighter your car. The capacity of the main compartment is 30 liters. An important feature of this auto-refrigerator is a USB port on a lid that allows you to charge portable electronics.


  • Excellent thermal insulation characteristics;

  • Low cost;

  • USB port on the lid of the refrigerator

  • Capacious main compartment;

  • Two powerful fans in the cover;


  • Fragile plastic housing;

  • High noise operation;

Which car refrigerator to choose

  1. Choosing a car refrigerator, many are guided the principle of maximum mobility of the case, as well as decent operational characteristics. A great solution for such situations – Mobicool G30 AC / DC. This refrigerator cools perfectly products even in the hottest weather.

  2. Those who regularly go outdoors should recommend a functional device that works both from electricity and gas. Combicool RC-1200 – Ideal for a similar situation. All you need to do is throw a bottle with gas in the trunk of your car;

  3. Those looking for the most functional device should pay attention to the Waeco Tropicool TC 35FL – a refrigerator that practically inferior in terms of its thermoregulatory parameters to your kitchen refrigerator!

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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